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Alexis Being A Smart Ass


"Not again", she said to herself. "I cannot believe this shit!" "I am spending yet ANOTHER New Years Eve alone." Although having been married for almost 11 years, Alexis had the WORSE luck in finding the right man. She had spent every New Years Eve alone since she married. Her EX husband, Todd, was always in a bad mood during the Holiday's and usually spent them hiding under the covers in their bed. She thought the divorce would give her the much needed opportunity to meet new people, experience new adventures and to find the companionship in a man that she never knew with her EX husband.

It didn't help much that she learned that recently, he had moved on to a new relationship and was doing all the things he never did with her. Dinner, movies, Christmas shopping, long drives were all things Alexis longed to do with him in the past. But he has somehow mustered up the energy to do those things with someone else now. She felt sorry for herself, but wished them well. She knew they were not a good match and even though he was good to his new girlfriend, if she were Alexis, he would not be so good.

Still she longed for the right an to come into her life. A man who was confident, educated and of course, sensuous. A man who could take charge of her and let her be the woman she wanted, needed to be. Alexis enjoyed her sensuality. She had plenty of time to discover who she was and how she wanted to express that image to others. She lacked confidence because she was totally ignored by her husband, the one man who said he loved her, for so many years. "Is that love?", she asked herself. She did not think it was. Fortunately, Alexis' question would be answered, soon.

He was tall. She liked them tall. He was easily 6'3" and had an athletic body. She liked him. Not at first, but then, he just grew on her. His smile, his voice, his scent, the way he walked, the way he looked at her. He made her smile. He made her feel good about herself. He believed in her. The fact that she was black and he was white meant nothing to either of them. They were friends. They liked each other and anyone who didn't understand their relationship, was just "shit out of luck" because they did not care. He would do anything for her and she for him.

They met at work. He owned the company and taught her the business very well. He said he could not do the work without her. She knew he could because he had done so for 10 years prior to meeting her. She loved him but would never admit it. She could not. At the time, he was still married to another. Alexis respected that fact but seeing them together everyday broke her heart. So she resigned from her position at the company and tried to get on with her life. Later, she learned that he too, had divorced.

It had been almost a full year since she had seen Ryan. She called him frequently because she missed him and she wanted to make sure he was okay. She learned he moved away after his divorce and was dating others. This too, broke her heart. But she was strong. She learned to deal with disappointments, thanks in part to her failed marriage. But still, she wanted him and had no idea how to tell him. She wrote anonymous posts, left messages but he never responded.

After the divorce, Alexis moved into her mother's home so she decided to sell items from her home that she would no longer need. She knew in his business, he was always looking for a good deal so she called him and asked if he would like to purchase the items from her. He agreed to do so. They arranged to meet at her storage unit to complete the transaction.

She arrived 10 minutes earlier than expected. She was nervous with anticipation of seeing him again. It had been so long. She hoped he would be pleased with seeing her again. Alexis thought to herself, "Please God, don't let me feel anything for this man. This is strictly business. He doesn't think of you in that way. Stop torturing yourself and get over him." But she could not. Seeing him again solidified that her feelings for him were true and undying. She felt pathetic.

Alexis showed him the items she was selling in the unit. He accidently brushed his hand against her butt. This reminded him of his threat to spank her last year if she went shopping with her first commission check. He said she needed to save to purchase a home for herself and her children. She shopped in hopes of having her ass spanked...smacked hard, by him. He never did. The transaction went smoothly. He purchased everything, almost as agreed and they arranged for the items to be delivered.

He thanked her and turned to get into his truck and leave. She was disappointed. She had missed another opportunity to let him know how she felt; how much she wanted...longed for him. She ached for him. She masturbated to the memory of his face, his body, his scent. Would she ever get over him?

As she turned to leave, she heard footsteps behind her. She turned just in time to see him approaching her, quickly. The surprised look on her face did not deter him. He grabbed her and pushed her against her truck. He kissed her long, deep and slow. He pushed his body against hers so she was wedged between him and her truck. She looked at him and he said, " I know... I read the posts, I got your messages, I know. She was relieved. He had known all along how she felt about him. He was just waiting for the opportunity to be able to get things right for them to be together.

But Alexis, being the BRAT that she is, asked, "what in the hell took you so long? Do you know what you put me through?" Ryan looked shocked, but did not miss a beat. He gently pulled her off her truck and escorted her back to the shed (storage unit), turned on the light and closed the door behind them.

"Excuse me young lady!" He said, rather sternly. "Are you questioning ME?"

"Uh...You are the only one in this shed who didn't ask the questions so , yeah I AM questioning you!"

And with that remark, he turned her around by the shoulders, sat himself on the sofa and pulled her across his lap...all in one swift, yet smooth motion. Alexis wore stretch leggings that day with a sweatshirt. He did not ask her to pull her pants down for him. He did that himself, easily. Alexis protested and could not believe what he was doing. Her protests fell on deaf ears. Ryan was not having it! He had already been through hell and back and he was not about to take shit from a woman that allegedly professed her love for him. If they were to be together, he would have to make their roles clear immediately. And with that being said, he promptly smacked her ass....HARD. So hard in fact that she not only SHUT UP...but gasped for air from the shock. Her copper tone ass was lit! Red hot and completely vulnerable to his discipline. "SMACK" He laid one across that ass again. By now, after only two spanks, Alexis knew...oh yeah...she knew that he meant what he said. He was not to be disrespected nor underestimated. She cried, sobbed and thought he would feel sorry for her. But of course, he did not. He spanked that ass with at least 20 more smacks before he let her up. He did not rub it in between smacks...he just took care of business and stood her up. She looked at him and he, her. He hugged and kissed her again. This time, she responded as she should. He loved her and she knew it. He asked what she was doing on New Years Eve. She smiled. Somehow, she realized that on that day, they would be just fine.

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