tagBDSMAlex's Blissful Surrender Ch. 1

Alex's Blissful Surrender Ch. 1


Alex turned to the North in the shower as she began to shave her pussy. It was Master's instruction that she should always face his direction when she removed the fine blonde hairs from her sex. Facing North was a very good thing. It meant she was away on her quarterly business trip, and Master was only forty-five miles away. She showered, then dried off in the steamy bathroom. A thrill went through her as she stepped into the white lace thong which she was only allowed to wear in his presence. A garment that could only be removed by his hands. It had been too damn long since she felt his touch. And much too long since she was immersed in his erotic sensual world.

The heavy traffic began to thin as she got further away from the sprawling city. She breathed deep and tried to take in the beauty of the rolling Piedmont, but her excitement increased exponentially with every mile. She secretly wished she could throw her arms around him and kiss his lips with all the passion locked in her soul. But he had his ways, and would surely torture her with feigned indifference. She would comply with his wishes. That was what attracted her in the first place. Her giving of herself totally without regard to her needs while serving his every whim. Her sweet surrender was rewarded with more pleasure than she thought humanly possible. She found herself becoming wet as if the secret spot between her legs already knew what was in store.

Her breath quickened as she pulled into his drive. She could see him waiting on the porch reading a book. He did not look up as she approached. She knocked on the screen door.

"Come in, pet," he said.

"Hello Master, I've missed you almost more than I can bear."

"You have five minutes to freshen up and relax, then I want you to strip down to your panties, sit cross-legged on the floor with your hands palm up on your knees. You'll find a blindfold on the coffee table. Put it on. Do not speak. Just nod if you understand."

Alex nodded, and went inside. She could barely contain her excitement. After a trip to the bathroom, she slowly stripped in the den, neatly folding each article of clothing and placing it on the coffee table. She slipped the blindfold over her long blonde hair. For some reason she always loved the serenity of sightlessness from a silk scarf or his homemade blindfold. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Alex could feel the plushness of the carpet against her bare ass. Her excitement had already soaked the silky fabric of her thong, and she hoped he wouldn't notice. But he seemed to notice everything, and remember every little detail about her. It felt much longer than five minutes as she sat and waited. Finally she heard the door open, close, then the deadbolt being shut.

"You are the very essence of beauty, my pet," he said as he circled her.

She kept her eyes closed as he touched her face lightly. It was as though he was deprived of sight too, and seeing her through touching. A finger slid across her lips then pushed slightly inside. Alex opened her mouth enough to let the finger enter. She sucked on it.

"Always the hungry one for your Master. Touch your nipples and I may just give you a taste of something better."

Alex traced her fingers around her already hard nipples. She pulled them slightly, feeling a twinge between her legs. It was not what she wanted, but strangely exciting to have him watch her. He kneeled down in front of her. A warm hand touched her bare silky thigh and moved slowly up her leg. The tip of his fingernail scratched almost imperceptibly against her dampened thong.

"You are wet, my dear, and I have barely touched you. Well, a promise is a promise. You may taste my cock. Only once though, slowly in then slowly out," he said.

She first felt his hands on her cheeks guiding her. His hot hard cock parted her lips and she savored the manly taste as it slid down to the back of her throat. Master slowly withdrew as she gave the head a reluctant last lick and waited for another test. If only he'd let her please him. Or better still, drive it deep inside her aching wet pussy.

"Very good, pet," he said, "Now if you can take the clamps full force on your nipples without uttering a sound I'll permit to you suck me for a minute."

Her heart skipped a beat at the very mention of the clips. Her nipples were large, about the size of the last joint of Master's little finger, and extremely sensitive. Alex had cried out the first time he placed them there, and then he didn't even have the tension screw all the way out. But the taste of his cock was fresh in her mouth and she wanted more. No matter what the cost. The cold clamps were now centered at both nipples. Without warning he released both and they clamped down hard on her pink tips. Searing pain mixed with odd pleasure radiated from her nipples and spread down to her throbbing clit. She screamed, but only in her mind. She had won her reward.

"Ok, pet, you have one minute."

Master stretched out on the floor. Alex positioned herself between his legs and licked slowly over his balls and cock. She took him deeply in her insatiable mouth sucking down his thick shaft while gently cupping his tight balls. Master's hands tangled in her fine blonde mane guiding her up and down as she squeezed her pussy wishing he would cum and let her hold her prize in her mouth till he was rejuvenated. And then she'd ride his cock till his orgasm exploded inside her tightness.

"Time's up," he said, guiding her off by her hair.

Without warning he freed the clips from her nipples causing her to yelp.

"We have an issue to discuss now, pet. Not a very pleasant one at all. You may speak freely now, " he said.

"What it wrong?" she asked with a puzzled look.

"Well, for one thing, I need some satisfaction," he said.

"I would do anything to please you. I thought you knew that, Sir."

"I know you would, but there is something else. Last Saturday when you were in Charlotte you were to call me that night. You did not. And for that you must be punished," he said.

"But Sir, I explained all that. There were meetings all day, and a corporate function that night. Attendance was mandatory. It was after 12 before I got back to my room, and I had an early flight the next day."

"I waited up for you to call. For all I knew, you could have been dead in some alleyway. It only takes a minute to call. If you were tired, I would have understood. I know how hard you work, but you'll have to put a little more effort into us, or I will release you. Is that what you want?"

"No Master! No, you are right. I await my punishment as your humble slave," she said with a quiver in her voice.

"Well, your punishment can wait till I'm satisfied. I will give you a choice. You may decide our pleasure, and let me decide the punishment, or I will decide the pleasure and you pick your punishment."

"Oh, sweet Master, I will accept both your punishment and your pleasure. You are too kind, and I don't deserve any special consideration," she said.

"Very well, I will decide your punishment, but tell me your pleasure. I'm not asking, I insist you tell me now."

"I...I want you in my ass, Sir," she said.

Master smiled at her request. She was a virgin there, and he had been slowly guiding her in that direction even tho he could have demanded that she take him there at any time. She loved his finger there while he ate her, and was getting accustomed to the smaller vibrator. He wanted to plant a seed of desire for such a intimate act so that when she was ready, she would truly crave it, and it appeared his plan had worked.

"I do believe you are ready for that, but now is not the time. Choose another."

"Then take me from behind, Master. Hard and fast."

Alex got on all fours and lowered her chest to the floor. Her pink shaven sex was dripping with desire. Master grabbed her hips and lowered them slightly. At last she felt the glans part her open lips. She could hear the wetness as he took his hard cock in his fist and rubbed it back and forth over the opening to her hard knob, only permitting the head to enter.

"Please, my Liege, I implore you, fuck me now before I cum," she moaned.

She felt his hand smack the ivory cheeks of her tight ass leaving a handprint. He grabbed a handful of hair, causing her head to rise.

"Tell me what you want, slave," he growled.

"I want my Master's cock. Please, Sir."

"And where do you want my cock, slave?"

"In my... in your pussy, Sir."

"I thought you wanted it in your tight virgin ass?"

"Sir, anywhere to please you. But if you don't stop rubbing your cock on my pussy, I'm going to cum," she said.

With a virile thrust he entered her tight wet pussy. She braced herself by digging her fingers into the carpet and held white-knuckled as he pushed deep inside her with every stroke. Alex pushed back, taking him as deeply as possible. His warm hands were firmly on her waist as he pulled her onto his rock hard cock. He smacked his open hand hard against her ass cheeks.

"Tell me what you want," he said.

"I want your cock, Sir," she panted.

He pulled all the way out, grabbed his cock in his hand and rubbed it once up and down her hungry pussy. Her hands flailed against the floor as she tried to slow the impending orgasm.

"Please, Sir, may I cum?"

"No," he said, "You have such a hair trigger on your orgasms, pet. You shall not come before I do. So I guess the only alternative is to have you suck me."

"Yes, Sir, just tell me where you want me," she said.

"Here," he said, lying on his back, "Get on top in a sixty-nine."

He sighed as her mouth slid slowly down his throbbing cock. She took him deeply in her throat then slowly sucked as she worked it all the way out to lick his thick mushroom glans sweet with pre-cum. Slowly, she sucked him with a steady rhythm and pressure. Making his tongue as wide as possible, he licked up her juice feeling her shudder with pleasure. Caressing her heart- shaped ass, he rolled his hips to match her movements. He wet a middle finger inside her and placed it against her asshole. It entered slowly, driven by the motion of her hips.

Feeling the first twinges of his approaching orgasm, he began to lick up her sweet swollen pink lips to her throbbing clit. A duet of dueling moans filled the room as they both were driven over the edge together. Her juice ran down his chin as his pumped his seed against her tongue. She swallowed all of his delicious nectar while his tongue milked the seemingly endless contractions from her precious pussy.

"Ok, my precious one, I have to prepare for your punishment. I want you to go change into your black corset and leather heels. Join me in the basement when you are done. And don't forget to wear your matching collar."

"Yes, Master," she said.

Alex nervously began to snap the black leather corset on. It was so tight she found it uncomfortable to wear for more than a few hours at a time. But she had to admit, she did look and feel very sexy with it on. Master had never really punished her before. He had spanked her a few times but that was far too erotic to be called punishment. Well, there was the one time she got five minutes of corner time for not asking permission to cum. And why the basement? He always seemed to be working down there in his free time, but she had never been down there.

She slowly opened the door to the basement. She could hear music. Master was playing a CD of chanting from The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos. The stairs were very dark with only a faint glow of light at the bottom. She carefully made her way down in her stiletto high heels. Master had the walls covered in stone siding. On each wall were silver oil sconces producing all of the light in the room. Alex almost freaked when she saw Master. He was wearing a black leather mask that fit his whole head with only the mouth and eyes cut away.

"What's the matter pet? You don't like my mask? Well, I don't like your disobedience. My dungeon is not completed yet. But I did create this interesting toy," he said.

He pointed at two heavy chains that were suspended over a beam in the ceiling then back down to a hand driven winch. Master walked over to a table and returned with cuffs.

"These are suspension cuffs, pet. They will attach to the chains with the O- rings, and you'll have the foam covered wooden dowel in the center to hold on to," Master said.

"Sir, I don't like heights and do not wish to be suspended from the ceiling. You told me in the beginning I'd always have the final say on anything we did," she said.

"Don't look so scared, pet. All I will do is raise your arms up over your head. I promise your feet will stay on the floor."

"Well, ok," she said sounding unsure.

Master blindfolded her then secured her wrists to the chains. He began turning the winch. Her arms slowly rose till almost fully extended.

"Spread your legs for the spreader bar," he said.

She complied and felt him tighten a leather restraint around her ankle. Then he tied a second one around her other ankle. Between the two, her legs could not close nor could they spread further.

"You look very lovely and very helpless, my pet. How do you feel?"

"I feel very vulnerable, Sir and a little scared."

He kissed her gently on her lips. His fingers cupped her naked sex. He smiled at her wetness. She may have been frightened, but also excited. He slid his middle finger deep into her molten pool of pleasure. Then he withdrew it, and had her suck it clean. She felt something against her face.

"This, my dear, is a riding crop. It is no friend of yours. Since your infraction was minor, I will reserve it for later, and today use the flogger on your lovely ass. But I want you to be introduced to the crop so your thinking will be a little more clearer when it comes to obeying your Master."

Without any warning he brought the tip down hard onto the fleshy part of her thigh twice. She screamed from the pain and the surprise. He grabbed her chin.

"Scream again and I'll fill your mouth with a ball gag. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, you caught me off guard."

"Now for your flogging. Since I'm doing this for your own good, I expect you to thank me each time the leather kisses your ass," he said.

At first he barely dropped the 24 strands of suede on her ass. After ten or so, he began hitting a little harder. At 20 he stopped and inspected his work. Her ass was a little pink in spots but not enough to curtail any fun later. Her sex was almost dripping with need. He heard her moan as he filled her with two fingers. Then he went back to his methodical flogging. She pressed her bottom back to meet the strokes as if it were a cock. His lashes became harder, flushing her ass into a pink-striped target. She was drifting off into subspace. He stopped before she became too sore for any more fun this visit. He got on his knees and kissed her ass as he flicked his finger over her clit. He knew she was already on the edge of orgasm. Sure enough within 30 seconds she was moaning.

"May I cum, Sir?" she asked.

"Yes princess, cum loud for your Master."

* * * * *

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