tagBDSMAlgernon and the Ladies

Algernon and the Ladies


Algernon Aldrich Atkinson laughed good-naturedly at his wife's proposal.

"Of course, Cheramie, I've heard about this kinky law firm. It would be a good way to get submissive lawyers with dominant secretaries, and we wouldn't have to pay much...

...But it might not be financially feasible. Do you have clients lined up? You don't seem to have a business development committee.

Here at Warwick, Cocksackie & Spofford, we're doing great. Why leave? Marvelous patent trademark practice, and I already have two great dominant women in my life, well one and a half, You and my secretary, the transgender Peregrine!"

Alger chuckled. What would he do without them? Deb was a tantalizing redhead, who impaled Alger nightly with a strap-on that spanned two school rulers, and Peregrine was a six foot three half-black blonde with formidable tits, who took him over her knee for spankings during lunch hour.

Sometimes on weekends, Peregrine came to visit, and the ladies suspended Alger from the ceiling in his rec room, and took turns with switches, wooden spoons and horsewhips...

And Alger worshipped their bodies with his tongue when he got to see them in the nude!

Four breasts two asses, a vagina and a cock to lick, what more could Alger want?

Sitting here in his expansive corner office with golf trophies and knick-knacks from appreciative clients, Alger felt he could reason with Peregrine and Deb. They'd understand he was a submissive, but still much smarter than either of them, right?

Why leave a great firm. Alger had gone from associate to principal at Smithson, Benson, Monson & Yates, in eight short years before Warwick's group had recruited him with a sweet partnership offer.

Now he had managing partner status and two point five mil a year!

To leave all that-starting a new firm, no client list-he was bound by ethics not to take his clients...and unsure of funding? It was a terrible idea.

Being given "orders" by a dominatrix to lick boots, that's one thing, but this is the real world. He would have to reason with them.

"We understand, Alger." Cheramie said sweetly. "The law is your department. We're just silly little chickadees."

Peregrine smiled grimly. "Oh sure, morons, that's us."

Peregrine was a bit offended by all this as she was once called "LeTroy" and had been a point guard for the Celtics.

Despite the silicone in her T&A, Peregrine still had her cock and had just skull fucked Alger that morning, for a little relief.

"Cher, Peri, that's not what I meant." Alger was sensing a little danger.

"Let's discuss it in the conference room." Cheramie crooked a long blue nail at Alger, who got up, reluctantly, shaking his head about how persistent these ladies were.

"Great. I'll bring the statistics, and some graphs that the paralegals and our tax guys assembled when you brought me this crazy plan. There's a pointer in the-"

But Peregrine snatched the folder out of Alger's hand and dropped it in the wastebasket. "Yes, I'd forgotten the pointer"

Alger paled. What the hell did that mean?

The three exited Alger's office and went down the hall to the conference room.

Peregrine gently pushed Alger towards the long, rectangular table.

Cheramie smiled in that way that always made Alger weak in the knees. She walked up to the tall, silver haired litigator and reached down, unzipping Alger's fly.

"So, you seem a little frisky." Cher stroked Alger's penis with her soft fingers and Alger moaned, closing his eyes. It had been a while since he'd gotten attention down there.

About nineteen days ago, after an orgy they'd thrown, where poor Alger had only been allowed to give blowjobs and lick cunts, Cheramie had ordered him to jerk off in front of the laughing participants...

But she'd stipulated he use his left hand, and finish in ten minutes, and of course he couldn't, so she'd sent him sobbing off to bed, still very horny.

In seventeen years of being Alger's dominant, Cheramie had trained her husband not to touch his pecker without permission (except for bathing and urinal stuff) but even on the chastity honor system, Alger always suffered!

Now, the feeling of her rapid digits tickling his frenulum made Alger wild!

"Does that make you feel good, sweetheart? Cheramie asked in honeyed tones. Cheramie had grown up in Atlanta, Georgia, and although she'd moved to Buttermilk Falls when she was in 9th grade, she still had a powerfully seductive Southern accent.

"Y-yes, Cher. It's wonderful. Will you let me cum?" Alger asked hesitantly.

Ignoring the request, Cheramie asked "Do you like it when Mommy wanks your wee-wee?"

Sometimes Cher put Alger in diapers, and was very maternal, but in a rather strict, puritanical fashion.

Alger moaned. "Yes, Mommy..." His eyes were still closed, but then he opened them briefly. "You aren't going to bribe me with a little nookie, just to persuade me about this new firm nonsense are you?" It's serious business."

Warily, Alger saw Peregrine take a long wooden pointer from its position near the conference room chalkboard.

"Algie, do you remember when we were at the Hammerschmidt's fundraiser and I got so annoyed with you for referring to their housemaid using the N-word?"

"Honey" Alger whispered "Not in front of Peregrine. Peri might-"

"Don't interrupt. Just remember what happened."

Oh God, just like now, Cheramie had unzipped Alger's fly and then pulled his penis out, in front of the entire crowd of elegantly clad benefactors.

Then Cher had borrowed the host's leather belt and whipped Alger's cock as he'd screamed, before taking him out of the party by the ear, penis flailing out of his tuxedo pants, and dragging poor Alger home.

The Hammerschmidts never had us back" Alger said dolefully. "And Patrick Hammerschmidt has dropped me from his golf foursome."

Peri gritted her teeth, and Alger's stomach turned.

"I cannot abide racism, Mr. Atkinson."

Oh God, Alger thought dispiritedly

"Well, let's discuss the new firm now, dear." Cheramie pushed Alger, cock bobbing in closer to the table. The coldness of the mahogany made a peculiar contrast to his expensive trousers...

And Alger's bare penis was waggling from sexual desire, combined with humiliation.

"Cheramie the plan for the firm just isn't feasible. It's-"


Peregrine swung the pointer down hard on Alger's penis, slapping it into the table, and he screamed.

Peri swung again whacking the cock head, and Alger again howled.

"Don't worry, the pointer won't break." Peregrine said reassuringly. "It's made with reinforced steel. It just looks like it's wood."

"Algie be a good boy and keep your hands behind your back. Like I've trained you?" Cheramie kissed Alger's ear as he quivered, longing to touch his damaged organ, just to soothe the pain for a moment.

But Alger had been trained not to touch his penis without permission, unless he was peeing. It was almost hypnotically ingrained in him.

Peri, standing at the end of the long table, waved the pointer around theatrically.

"Go on, Mr. Atkinson, tell us why we can't split off into a new company" Peregrine gave Algie a broad ebony grin.

"That's right, darling" Cheramie smiled, giving Alger's neck a long smooch. " Oberlin Clairdyce, you know Obie? He's left being a law professor at Buttermilk State to work at our new firm. I know you think Obie is a wimp, but his Mistress isn't nearly as cruel as we are..."


Peri brought the pointer down again and again, obliterating the erection that had resurged when Cher had given Alger's neck the perfumed kiss.

Alger felt a tear rolling down his cheek. "I-good for Obie. I am not trying to be disrespectful of your ideas, Cher. And Peregrine, you don't have to react this way, I'm just reasoning with you."

WHACK! "Don't sass me, Mr. Atkinson."

Cheramie kissed Alger's ear again. Standing closer to her besieged husband, Cher stroked his back and reached down, to toy more with his damaged organ.

Alger's penis was already a veteran of paddlings, cigarette burns, and having suffered mousetraps, torture clamps, clothespins and other painful things locked on and then knocked off.

This caning was not helping much.

"You give us some good reasons about why the firm is a bad idea, and Peri and I will understand. Maybe we'll take you to the Buttermilk Arms hotel and have a sexy threesome because you are so damned smart."


"Or maybe we won't." Peregrine said as tears flowed from Alger's eyes.

"Don't be a meanie, Peri." Cheramie stroked Alger's dick again and it swelled.

Alger cleared his throat and began. He had to win this, he'd attended Princeton on a debating scholarship!

"Okay, Cher. Another argument against the new firm is location-"

WHACK! WHACK! The pointer came down twice, just as Cheramie jerked her hand away from stroking Algie's pud.

"Honey, Mr. Clairdyce has donated a building for us to use. The big one at Tobias and 39th Street."


"Got any more, Mr. Atkinson?"

Peri's voice was steel.

Again, Alger had to strain, grabbing his left wrist with his right hand behind his back to keep from protecting his penis, or exiting the conference room.

Through bleary eyes, Alger looked at Peregrine who was examining the tip of the pointer for blood marks.

Peri noticed Alger's anxious look and slashed his penis again.

"I don't like you looking at me, Mr. Atkinson. You have judgy eyebrows."

"That's right, darling." Cher said running the tip of her finger up and down Alger's stinging shaft. "Try to show a little respect. Anyway, what was your next problem?"

"Well, what lawyers will join us, and what business can they bring?"

"We are absorbing the environmental wing of Scrope, Mellish & Chowle, and that should carry quite a bit, and the banking sector of Telemachus and Treluce is also coming our way."

Peregrine swung the cruel pointer, and it landed hard on Alger's cock head, and he let go of his wrist, grabbed his cock and fell on the floor.

Cheramie looked down at her writhing husband and his wounded wee-wee. She lifted her six-inch heel and landed it hard on the base of his cock, grinding it into the hardwood floor.

The sweetness of Cher's voice filled the room.

"Darling, let go of your penis. You know that's not allowed, fondling it."

Alger grimaced as Cheramie's heel pushed harder.

"I'm not fondling it-I'm trying to rub the hurt out."

"Algie, Peregrine and I are just reasoning with you." It was as if she was cooing a newborn baby, if you didn't know the heel was now grinding into Algie's balls.

And yet, Alger was still quite aroused by the pain and humiliation.

"Maybe we should strip and bind you over the table and have Peri pound you with her dick-bareback. God knows what kind of diseases she has, no offense, hon-"

"None taken, Mrs. Atkinson." said Peregrine, laughing as she danced around with the pointer pretending she was fencing.

"Or, you could just sign the papers, Algie giving up your partnership, and then you get a little treat, agreed?"

"Yes ma'am."

As Algernon lay on the floor, signing his work of 24 years away, his wife rubbed her shoe gently against his stiffening cock until he spurted violently...

As Alger licked his used semen off Cher's shoe, she whispered to Peri "Now go see Vadnais Altier upstairs, he's got the client list. Vad's a big time scat queen. You know how to persuade him, eh?"

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