tagGroup SexAli and Lara's Double-Ended Fun

Ali and Lara's Double-Ended Fun


After a while Ali said, "Mmm, Andy, remember you lost, so I get to choose the toy to use next time!"

I smiled, and said, "As long as its not within the next 10 minutes, I am all yours - what's your choice?"

A few days ago Ali and I, along with her best friend, had shared an amazing sexual experience. I looked back on that night smiling, the feelings we had were fantastic, and Ali and Lara had really got into each other. So much so that Ali had surprised me. I had lost a bet early on that evening, and had almost forgotten this when she reminded me she would be choosing a toy for another night of pleasure. Ali's surprise was her desire not to use a toy on me but to share one with Lara.... as long as I was there to watch and participate when the time was right.

Ali rang to confirm the time, and we shared a joke and a memory of the last time we were out together. It was only a few days ago but seemed a lifetime, and things had definitely changed between us. That night Ali had take a little more control of our games, and in doing so had chosen when and how I came and had enjoyed her friend Lara for the first time. Tonight we were meeting again, but this time starting at Ali's and Lara would join us from the beginning. Before we parted last time Ali had told me which toy she had chosen to use this time, and it surprised me as I had thought she would select something to tease me. In a way it was, but only in the way she and Lara might use it! In setting up this evening, all three of us agreed that it seemed to work when one was in control, was taking some lead in making sure boundaries were stretched but enjoyment was at the forefront. Tonight, despite the selection of toy being Ali's, after that it was down to me to make sure we tried our best to enjoy each other. My instructions had started with what to wear....

My two companions looked stunning as we hugged and kissed, Lara and I had arrived almost at the same time outside Ali's place. I could see that my instructions had been followed, or at least it seemed so. Ali and Lara had only been allowed to select a dress, hold-up stockings and heels. Ali had selected a strappy dress in black silk, hugging her hips and ending halfway to her knees. The sheer black seamed nylon covering her legs highlighted their slim firm curves, the lacy band of the hold-up top just visible below the hem of her short dress as she walked. She wore tightly fitted, heeled black leather boots to her knees. She was aroused, and although her nipples were barely visible through the silk of her dress I was sure she had complied. The straps held the dress just above the top of her breasts, but were loose enough to see a little of her fine firm flesh.

Lara was more obvious, and being taller and a little curvier than Ali, she had chosen a shimmering black, low cut sleeveless dress, the plunging neckline emphasising her cleavage and leaving little to the imagination. Her fantastic breasts were clearly aroused and visible under the small triangles of fabric the dress afforded her. Her black and white hooped hold-ups ended just above her knees, leaving plenty of firm thigh flesh on display before the hem of her dress covered at least some of her modesty. Her heeled ankle boots in shiny black leather were adding at least 4 inches to her height. I drew in my breath and let out a low whistle as these fantastic women paraded in front of me. Ali led us through to her open plan dining and cooking area, and I got to watch two gorgeous women sit down with me. What had I done to deserve such luck? Who knows, but the laughter and giggling as the ladies caught up was relaxing, and we sorted out drinks and settled in next to each other.

"Did you get my instructions and gift?", I asked as we sipped our wine, aware of the sexual tension already mounting in the apartment. Both my sexy companions nodded in agreement, giggling as they did.

"And are they in place...?"

The ladies nodded again, holding hands as they did so. I had sent them each a toy, which they had just affirmed was in place. Ali's eyes were shining as she explained she had taken a little while to work it out, but yes, she had the toy firmly in place. Lara squeezed her hand as she nodded in agreement. It felt nice was their verdict, a little stimulating but not too much, and for Lara this was good as she had travelled here and having a crash was not part of the plan! I smiled, the two horny ladies had confessed to the feel of the toy being quite exquisite and already starting to turn them on. The present they had worked out was a wishbone like device with a thickish curving end that slid into their vagina and rested on the g-spot, with a wider, flatter end staying outside their pussy and resting up through their widespread labia and onto the hood of their clit. Both ends were ridged to aid stimulation... and my two friends were sat next to me, to each other, with these firmly in place for our meal. Now for some fun...

I reached into my coat and handed each one a controller, a device that turned these gently stimulating toys into humming, vibrating, throbbing machines that would bring them crying to an orgasm.

"You each have the controller to the other ones toy.... Using the toy, and any other way you feel like, the first one of you to cum loses and has to bring the winner and me to an orgasm in the way we choose, and continue as we instruct for the rest of the night..."

Ali reacted first and hit the button, making Lara jump. She was quick to respond, and the two women squirmed as the toys began their work. They watched each other at first, but soon they were trying to avoid eye contact, playing with the settings to arouse the other even as the toy inside their sopping pussy was pulsating to the rhythm dictated by the other. The vibrators are extremely powerful, but also very quiet . I watched the vision of the two sexy women getting more and more aroused and trying not to be.

Ali reached over and fondled Lara's full breasts through the barely there fabric of her dress, trying hard to distract herself from the feelings building up. Lara's nipples showed through the fabric, hard points of flesh pushing at the dress, displaying her arousal. Ali tugged on each one in turn, desperately concentrating on anything but the insistent thrumming over her clit and inside her pussy. The silky covered nipples grew longer and harder under her constant tugging, distracting Lara, arousing her as the toy inside her pussy worked its magic.

Lara was the first to raise her eyes, and I could see frantic thoughts were going through her mind as she glared at me as Ali clearly turned up the pulse rate. Despite her increasing arousal, Lara made a desperate but brief attempt to play with Ali, reaching forward to stroke her thighs, lifting the hem of her skirt before slumping back into her seat. The throbbing vibrations got more intense, the second level having short, sharp pulses to keep the wearer on her toes. I watched Ali's expression settle into one of satisfaction and fascination as she sat back, one hand on her controller and the other on Lara's breasts, ready to enjoy Lara's show.

Lara tried to breath deeply, tried to sit absolutely still on the sofa even as Ali's hands wandered over her body. It was already clear that Lara had lost control, and it was now only a matter of time. She was hardly changing anything for Ali at all, and Ali was riding out the waves of vibrations from the toy wedged firmly in her cunt. The wide flat paddle inside Lara hit perfectly on her G-spot, while the outside paddle was buzzing rhythmically against her clit. Lara's hips were shifting ever so slightly in her seat, and I saw her hands clenched together in her lap, the controller wedged between them but not being used at all. Her breathing began to get faster, her chest heaving with the effort of not crying out. Her eyes pleaded with Ali, almost knowing she could not prevent this vibrator-induced orgasm . Ali was amused at the discomfort yet obvious pleasure Lara was enduring, but she knew she would win as she reached out a hand again to tease her friend as Lara fought the sensations, trying hard not to cum.

Ali played the switch again, and the two paddles sprung to yet more arousing life both inside Lara's pussy and on her clit. She gasped out loud, her hand flying to her lap as she sat hard in her seat, clamping her thighs together as the sensations started her juices flowing and an orgasm building. She slumped slightly, the buzzing of the two paddles bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

"God, Ali, please..." Lara suddenly gasped out, though she didn't seem sure what she was asking for. "Please, not now, nooooo.... oooh, aargh, nnnrgh!"

Lara sat as upright as she could in her chair, her hand locked in with Ali's. Her eyes kept closing and I could hear her whimpering now. We watched as she felt the walls of her pussy tightening, closing more firmly around the object inside her, enhancing the sensations against her G spot. The paddle against her clit was merciless, and the throbbing there was never ending, a tidal wave of powerful sensations washing over her. Ali tugged hard on each nipple through the flimsy fabric, then knowing Lara could not, and would not resist, she moved the fabric aside and bared her magnificent pale flesh. Lara's nipples were solid bullets of pleasure, her areola raised around them, puffy with excitement. Her pussy was soaking, the juices flowing freely around the embedded toy, out past her engorged lips and were pooling between her thighs on the seat of the chair. I saw Ali hit the full power button on the control for Lara's vibe, and she slumped slightly. Her thighs moved around on the chair as the vibrations caused her to lose all control of her feelings. Lara's mouth parted and her gaze went unfocused as the orgasm built with blinding speed. Her pussy exploded, and she bit her lip, closed her eyes and gave up caring, having lost the struggle for control over her body. Ali's eyes were watching Lara as her hand went around her friends waist, pulling their bodies closer together as Lara's orgasms swept over her helpless body.

Even as Lara was slumping into her friend's arms, Ali was smiling. Her toy was clearly still buzzing but Lara had not managed to arouse her in the same way. She was triumphant and knowing she now had some control over how she and I were to get off, Ali leant over and grinned, saying, "My choice eh.... now slide out my toy and finish me with your mouth..."

Lara slowly moved out of Ali's arms and knelt between her legs. Pushing the short hem up to reveal her shaven pussy, the toy visible outside, vibrating over her now aroused clit. Lara leant in and I had to move to watch her work on her friends pussy. She wasted no time, sliding the toy out of her wet, glistening flesh and sinking her full mouth onto the waiting gash between her widespread thighs. Ali groaned, moaning loudly as Lara's expert tongue and lips went to work. Lara was working her tongue up and down Ali's ever widening cunt lips, the flesh pulsating with pleasure as her juices flowed onto Lara's tongue. At the top of each stroke now Lara slowed down and licked the bud of flesh that peeked out, Ali's clit was sensitive and she jerked each time her friends tongue swept over her flesh. Lara stabbed her tongue in between the wide gash of red flesh that Ali's pussy was turning into, juices flowing uncontrollably as she grabbed her friends hair and pushed her head harder into her steaming flesh. Finally the spearing of her pussy could go on no longer, and Ali raised her hips as her thighs clenched around Lara's head. Still her friend worked her tongue as Ali yelled out, "Yes, yes, goddd,, nnngh... aaarrrgh" and came, thrusting forward, gripping Lara as her muscles spasmed around her. Ali's head rolled as she yelled, and her juices filled Lara's mouth as she finally came down from the high.

Lara was released from between Ali's thighs, and she worked her way up the disheveled dress to kiss her friend fully on the lips, dripping Ali's own juices into her mouth. Ali responded hungrily, and they finally hugged, clenched, stroked and fondled each other until I made a small noise. Ali looked up, looked back at Lara and said, "Oh yes, you have to pleasure Andy too... and this is how..."

Lara smiled as she heard Ali's whispered words, and I watched as she turned around and stood up. Her magnificent breasts displayed almost lewdly outside her dress. She came over to me and almost ripped off my shirt. Undoing my trousers as we kissed I felt her hands roam around my ass even as I was undressed. Ali joined in and I found myself naked very quickly, my solid cock trapped between me and Lara, pushed against her belly inside her flimsy dress. I felt a hand reach in and saw Ali snaking in to tease it yet more, though it needed little encouragement. Lara let my mouth go, Ali fastened on to it as Lara's hand replaced Ali's around my hard cock. I felt Lara's hands stroke my ass, teasing my perineum and the tight ring of my anus as she stroked the hard, engorged head of my cock. Finally she led me over to the couch where the two of them had so recently brought each other to an orgasm.

As Lara stroked my purple flesh and started to lick her way down my body Ali slipped off her dress, leaving her with those gorgeous boots and hold-ups only. She looked stunning, and my cock twitched at the sight, drawing it ever nearer to an orgasm. Ali lay down and I was asked to straddle her, my cock sliding between her fantastic tits as Lara worked the flesh up and down. I let them get on with it, reaching to fondle Lara's full breasts before she dipped her head to lick the precum from the end of my cock even as it slid between her friends tits. Ali pushed her flesh around my hard, engorged cock as Lara sucked just the tip inside her mouth. She ate the precum as it slid from my aroused flesh, then kissed Ali on the lips, sharing my taste in an erotic, unprompted act. I could not hold not much longer. Trying to take my mind off my approaching orgasm I reached behind me to sink a finger into the silky folds of Ali's well used cunt, rewarded by a gasp of pleasure from the face in front of me. But Lara was having none of this, and sucked more of my cock into her mouth. I could not control this, and I started to tense. Sensing my impending orgasm, Lara eased her mouth off my cock and moved its purple head back. I shouted as I came, spurt after spurt of my cum pulsing out of the end of my stiff cock, the head shooting its streams of cum onto Ali's tits. Her nipples were covered as Lara pointed my shooting member to make sure both of Ali's aroused orbs were coated with my sticky white fluid. Finally she milked the last of my cum and I breathed out again - god that was fantastic.

But Lara was not finished, she eased me out of the way and began to suck Ali's tits into her mouth, licking the fresh cum from her friends firm tits, sliding her glistening red lips around each one, sucking in my milky white cum as she went. The act of cleaning those gorgeous breasts of my cum was so sensuous, so erotic I was already beginning to think of more sex. Ali was in heaven, her best friend's mouth full of her own breast, my cum and an aroused nipple that was hard again. Lara finished her attentions on Ali's breasts, sank on to Ali's prostrate form and covered Ali's lips with her own, sharing a long, full sensuous kiss and no doubt some of my own juices.

I caught Ali's eye, and she smiled and said, "Now.... that toy I said we would use.... Lara, you are mine darling, and you better be prepared for the ride of your life". Ali stood up and I went to help her take Lara's dress off. I slid down and unzipped Ali's boots, one by one, taking them off her firm calves and stroking her nylon covered flesh as I watched her and Lara kiss hungrily. Their hands were already busy even as I took off Lara's boots, revealing the delicate feet of both my friends as they played above me. Finally Ali undid Lara's dress and it fell, pooling around her feet for me to remove. The two friends mashed their breasts together, nipples heated against nipples, the firm flesh crushed between them as they kissed ever more urgently. I was already aroused and getting harder as they broke off and Ali pushed Lara onto her back on the bed.

I passed her the toy she asked for, and she kept it hidden from Lara until I went around and sat astride Lara's torso, playing with those magnificent breasts. I rolled the full breast around, stroking, kneading and playing with each one in turn. Even as I toyed with her nipples, my cock getting harder and waving around in between her glorious tits Ali began to slide the end of her fifteen inch long, gently curving glass dildo between Lara's pussy lips. Lara's eyes widened at the intrusion of the hard monster, then gasped in pleasure as the head popped in and Ali worked the smooth glass cock into her dripping folds. Lara was groaning now as the glass invader was mercilessly worked further and further into Lara's cunt. Ali was enjoying this, and I turned to watch her teasing the clit of her friend as she eased the glass cock in and out, each thrust a little deeper than before. Every so often Ali would stop, rotate the cock and was rewarded with moans from Lara as the hard ribbed toy revolved inside her. Lara was playing with my cock and groaning in ecstasy, her eyes shut as she lay back and enjoyed Ali's work. Ali was playing with Lara's now exposed clit, toying with the nub of flesh as it stood a little proud of the hood above the gash that was her pussy, split in two by the hard, glass monster dildo. I watched as she slipped a finger into the dripping juices coming from Lara's cunt and licked her fingers clean, time and again savouring her friends sweet nectar. Lara's engorged, red labia were spread around the glass intruder, a solid shaft piercing her pink lips, lips dripping in pussy juice as it was worked in and out, deeper and deeper. Ali's fingers worked on her friends most sensitive parts as she brought her closer to a second orgasm.

I moved off Lara, knowing where Ali was about to go. Even as Ali worked the glass cock in and out of Lara's now glistening cunt I moved around and started to toy with Ali's labia, spreading them wider, sinking one, then two fingers deep inside her, reaching for her g-spot and enjoying the fluid sensations as her juices flowed around my fingers. The noise in the bedroom now as just the sounds of penetrating objects squishing in and out of wet, willing pussies and the moans slowly but surely coming from the lips of their owners. At last Ali felt she was ready. Stilling my hand and easing away from me she worked her way towards Lara. Sliding her right leg under Lara's left she moved her pussy towards the other end of the glass cock, a double ended pleasure toy that she was about to use. She worked the tip in between her wide open cunt lips and eased forwards, her right leg under Lara's, her left above effectively scissoring her friend. Lara watched, eyes wide open as her friend impaled herself on the same toy that was wedged so completely inside her own cunt. Ali and Lara locked eyes, and I just watched as Ali worked the glass cock into her sopping wet pussy. The joy as her cunt lips were spread wide by the invading object was plain, but it seemed most important that she was doing this with and to Lara than on her own.

Ali slid forward, backward, forward again, working the glass into her flowing cunt, her labia spread around it, the shaft glistening every time it appeared from between those engorged lips. Finally she worked it all the way in and I watched as the two pussies came closer and closer together. There was a twin gasp as their pussies met, and a shudder from Ali as her dream was realised. She worked back and forward, rubbing her clit against Lara's, using her cunt muscles to work the glass cock in and out of her friend even as it worked in and out of her. The women were lost, I was no longer there as far as they were concerned. Just the two of them, Lara now lifting her hips and thrusting back at Ali, forcing the dildo back into Ali, finding the end of her love tube, filling her completely with a solid, unyielding length of hard, fat, smooth glass. The shape of each end of the toy was wider, emulating a man's cock head and this was reaching deep into the two women as they started to get more and more worked up. Faster and faster they began to properly fuck each other.

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