tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAlice Accepts The Terms

Alice Accepts The Terms


I was lazing in bed that following morning having what seemed a very nice dream, I was stretched out naked like I'd gone to bed and my thoughts were of the previous night when I'd taken Alice and started her on the road to being a slut. I remembered the last thing I'd said to her and smiled at the thought of it and let myself become absorbed in the cock stiffening thought of Alice's wet mouth on my cock.

I felt my dick twitch and stiffen and I smiled to myself as I envisaged her sucking me and it felt so real, so real in fact it felt like my cock was actually being sucked.

My eyes sprang open and I lifted my head, "Oh fuck you dirty little slut," I said as I looked at the short dark hair on the back of Alice's head as it bobbed up and down my dick. I reached down and grabbed as much of her hair as possible and pulled her head off my cock and turned her forcibly so she had to look at me. "You made a good choice you little slut, I'll take your greediness as a sign of acceptance shall I?" I said to her.

"Yes," she answered.

"You're going to be sucking and fucking a lot of my cock Alice do you understand?" I asked her.

"Yes," she answered.

"Well carry on then slut," I told her pushing her back down towards my swollen dick, I kept my head raised until I felt her wet lips engulf my helmet and I watched her head lower as she took as much of my thick dick as possible. I then laid back and enjoyed the next ten minutes it took for me to erupt in her pretty little mouth.

"Well done," I praised her as she swallowed down nearly all of my come and cleaned the rest from my cock and balls just like I'd shown her last night; Alice seemed to be a fast leaner. "Now make me hard again using only your mouth and I suggest you get your pussy ready because as soon as I'm hard you're going to be bouncing on my dick do you understand me Alice?"

"Yes," she said and immediately turned her attention back to my semi stiff cock and she sucked it into her mouth and almost instantly I began to stiffen, something eighteen year old mouths obviously do to you. She then shuffled her position and tugged her knickers off with one hand and reached under herself with her right hand and began to finger and fiddle her clit readying herself for some morning sex.

Alice's young mouth soon had me stiff and she'd only had about three or four minutes of time working her own cunt but that wasn't my concern, "Up on my cock slut, take your top and bra off I want to see your tits bouncing while you ride me," I told her.

She left my cock and stood by the bed and peeled off her loose t-shirt and freed her wonderful tits from the bra she'd put on, she looked fucking fantastic. She then climbed on me slinging her right leg over me and she lifted herself so she was over my cock, from the position she had adopted I knew I wouldn't be able to see me filling her tight little cunt as she would be leaning forwards a little.

"I said ride me slut, that means I want you up on your feet and bouncing on my cock with your legs open, I want to see me filling your tight little cunt, now get up and ride me properly," I told her.

"Yes, sorry," she said as she instantly repositioned herself and now she was in the position I liked with the view I craved. Her willingness and unprompted apology registered in me as it alerted to me her submissive side and keenness to please me.

She lowered herself until her cunt lips rested on the top of my helmet and she leant back in order to place her hands on my thighs thus thrusting her legs a bit wider and giving me a better view, but more importantly it opened her hole and she lowered herself and I smiled as I watched her cunt lips part exposing her gorgeous little clit.

I was mesmerised by how far her little hole was being stretched and I watched her cunt lips stretch over my helmet and I'd of watched it all day if her grimace and loud shout hadn't woke me.

"Urrrggghh ahhhhh, shhhhhiiiit," she shouted as she stopped and panted a moment catching her breath as the entrance and most sensitive point of her pussy got used to being so stuffed and stretched. "It's so big Ali, I can't," she panted.

"Yes you can and yes you will Alice, now I'm waiting," I said to her and after a moment's hesitation she braced herself by gripping my thighs even tighter as she began lowering herself further onto my cock. I loved laying back listening to her cries of pain through gritted teeth and closed eyes as she lowered her tight hole further down my cock.

Once my bulbous helmet was inside she opened her eyes and looked down at her spread cunt lips no longer hiding her young sensitive clit due to her being so full of my shaft, "Oh gooood," she grunted through her teeth as it dawned on her that she still had about four inches of my girth to fit inside of her.

"All of it slut, don't stop till that pussy is full to the brim," I said with a smile on my face.

Now the biggest bit of my cock was in the slightly smaller shaft filled her easier but no less intensely as her cunt lips were pushed up inside her almost as she lowered herself until she couldn't any further. "Shhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttt!" she squealed at the top of her voice and again opened her eyes and stared in amazement at her obscenely full pussy.

"Now ride me, up and down up and down until I say stop," I said to her holding her gaze and smiling at the glazed over look in them, she looked like she could barely focus.

She hoisted herself up and as she did her pussy lips came back out like stuck firmly to the side of my veiny cock and I smiled to myself knowing she was absolutely crammed full. After about three or four minutes her pussy had created enough lubrication and although her lips were still lodged firmly round my cock she was beginning to glide up and down me with a little more speed and fluidity; which in turn was speeding up the process for her first orgasm.

That came after about six minutes when she closed her eyes and dropped herself down me and stopped and threw her knees together and began to let out a high pitched wail, "Did I say stop slut?" I asked.

"Shit, sorry, oh god, shit , shit, ohhhhhhhh," she wailed but opened her legs and tried to hoist herself up my cock mid orgasm and I watched and smiled as her arms shook along with her knees and again as she pulled up until her cunt was almost off me and stretched at its widest point by my helmet she exploded and came hard and noisily.

"Drop," I shouted and she instantly dropped and greased my shaft with her come and set about riding me harder than before now that she'd came.

Just then my phone bleeped beside me, I reached over and opened the message from Fiona which read;

"Can I come home now owner?"

I text her straight back;

"Yes come home but don't come up I've have a young slut up her full of cock."

I dropped the phone back down and carried on enjoying Alice's excellent efforts as she rode me like a seasoned slut now.

Fiona couldn't of been far away when she text, probably sat in the car like a dumb obedient whore because less than ten minutes after the text Alice stopped mid stroke and her eyes sprang open at the sound of the door opening and slamming shut.

"Oh fuck its mum," she said and went to push herself off.

"Don't you fucking dare slut else I'll shout her up here right now, get on your back you silly bitch," I said pushing her off me. Once she was down on her back I lifted her legs and pushed them back towards her and held the by the ankles so that her cunt was closed up. I was going t fill her up good and pound her making sure she screamed the fucking house down so that Fiona could hear her.

I pushed my cock at her hole and from the position I was holding her my helmet just bounced back unable to get access, I opened her legs until her pussy lips parted just enough for me to force my dick inside her, it was tight as hell and my god did she scream and shout unable to stifle her groans and squeals.

Once I was in I pulled her feet back together and made sure she knew her cunt was brimmed again and then I began to pull in and out, "Oh fuck Alice your pussy is tight," I gasped as like this it felt like it was having the life sucked from it. I fucked her hard and deep making sure that my bollocks slapped against her arse cheeks every time, not that you could hear this though as Alice's screams were loud and would definitely be heard by Fiona.

She came twice before I filled her with my sperm and once I'd emptied myself in her she scurried of silently to her room.

I lay on the bed for a moment just thinking about what my next move could be, Fiona was already well under my control and Alice was a work in progress, if I was to carry on being able to use them both eventually they would have to know about each other. I came to the conclusion that I would probably be easier for me to tell Fiona first that I was fucking Alice as she would protest but she was my whore and I'd set her straight. If I was to drop the bombshell on Alice that her mother was my whore and had been for a couple of years that might be all to much and hamper me advancing Alice in my mission to have her as my whore also.

I jumped up off the bed and slipped mu boxers on and headed downstairs thinking that there was no time like the present to let Fiona know.

Fiona was sat on the sofa still wearing her slutty outfit that I sent her out in last night, she looked slightly embarrassed after obviously hearing me fucking some bird but if I wasn't mistaken I was sure I could see a bit of anger and maybe even jealousy. I looked at her and said "Why the fuck aren't you naked you whore?"

She looked up at me with them big stupid brown eyes and said, "I wasn't sure if Alice would be here," she said.

"Well she is here as a matter of fact but she's asleep so we won't be disturbed , strip," I told her.

She instantly shed her slutty outfit and was soon naked in front of me, I reached out and pulled her nipples and twisted them how she likes until they were erect. I then lowered my hand between her legs and felt her cunt, it wasn't any wetter than normal and certainly didn't seem like it'd been spunked in or fucked.

"Did you get any cock last night whore?" I asked slipping two fingers in her hole.

"No owner, I didn't there wasn't any at the hotel to fuck," she said and looked down as if she'd been naughty.

"You must be gagging then, get your lips round my cock," I told her.

Fiona was passed the stage of arguing almost six or seven months ago, she now just did as I asked and even though she knew I'd had my dick buried in some slut's cunt less than ten minutes ago she dropped to her knees and pulled down my boxers freeing my sticky cock. I saw her look at my dick and her face grimaced a little at its smell and sticky look. Little did she know that it was her daughter's cunt juice all crusted on my cock as she raised her head up and opened her mouth from beneath and engulfed my dirty cock.

"Oh yeah, you can't beat an experienced mouth that's for sure," I said as she clamped her mouth round my tool and began working me hard. Its at this point with her on her knees and vulnerable that I took her head and held it at the back and controlled the pace in which her mouth sucked my cock, but that wasn't the only reason I held her. "Maybe one day you can teach that slut of a daughter of yours to suck better."

"Ummpphhh," she tried to say and looked up at me looking panicked.

"I mean she knows how to fuck for a youngster I'm sure your heard her squealing from down here?" I said laughing as she again tried to pull off my cock and her panicked eyes looked up at me in horror as she knew that she was cleaning her daughter's cunt off me. I rammed my dick down her throat seven or eight times until she gagged and I pushed her off as she coughed and spat on the carpet.

"You bastard," she spat.

I grabbed her again and rammed my meat back down her throat over and over until she gagged and couldn't breathe until I pushed her off again so she could catch her breath. She didn't say anything this time and I pulled her up and led her to the dining room table and pushed her forwards over it and lifted her left leg up on to the side.

I pushed my cock at her dry arsehole and with a hard push it gave way and my cock filled her bottom, and Fiona groaned accepting what was to come. "Now that slut upstairs has been fucking her best friends boyfriend," I said as I began fucking her anally. "Now I found out about it and I have to say maybe she's a lot like you Fiona, a fucking slag who wants to be a whore," I said driving my cock in her bum deep.

"Nooo," she cried.

"I gave her an ultimatum just like you had the chance you whore, my silence if she woke me up sucking my dick; guess what the little slut chose? Like her mother she chose my cock," I said fucking her quicker now. "Now I'm going to be fucking Alice for a while, until I decide that the time is right she finds out about us and you then we carry on as normal is that understood you whore?" I told her as she began to squirm as orgasm overcame her.

Before she could answer she came hard on my cock, her anal passage tightened round my cock and I felt between her folds and slid three fingers in to her now leaking hole, her juice covered my fingers and ran over my hand as she came like a train, just like she always did buried full of my cock.

Once her orgasm had subsided she breathlessly answered me, "I understand owner, I understand," she said.

"Correct answer, now how would you like your arse filling with come?" I asked slamming her hard.

She panted and moaned but managed to say, "Yes owner fill my bum with your come please."

"Because you asked so nicely whore," I grunted as I drove my cock up her for the last time and shot my second load of the morning deep in to Fiona's rectum. Once I'd become almost soft I let my cock fall from her sticky anus and with hesitation she turned and bent at the waist to clean my cock. "Alice doesn't know I've told you and you will mention anything to her is that understood whore?" I told the back of her bobbing head as she cleaned me.

"Ummph ummpph," she muffled not removing her mouth from me.

"I'll take that as a yes whore, there is going to be one new addition to your rules whore, when I'm upstairs fucking your daughter you will get naked and stand outside the door listen, not only will you listen whore but you'll finger you cunt and arse, and you'll video it and send it me," I told her as she expertly sucked my nuts and then stood up and looked me in the eye.

"Yes owner," she answered.

"Correct answer whore," I said and headed back upstairs.

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