tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlice Adventures Ch. 02: Rat Race

Alice Adventures Ch. 02: Rat Race


Many thanks for the relentlessly helpful editor Destodes777.


~ 2 rat race ~

Alice looked up and saw that the uncouth rabbit had left through the door. He had left it open with the key still sticking it its lock. Beyond the door, she saw a lush landscape, as if it led to the outside world. The sun was shining on a meadow beside a lake in front of a forest. Her curiosity was triggered, she should have been deep underground instead after sliding that long through the rabbit hole. After fastening her handkerchief as deft as possible around her, Alice walked to the door to have a better look outside.

Alice was acutely aware of some of that raunchy semen still dripping from her, so she decided to wash in the lake. She walked through the meadow that was littered with field flowers to the water and tiptoed into it. The water of the lake felt pleasantly cool around her feet. Alice did a step forward to make it easier for her to wash, she was surprised by how deep the water was, it already came to her knees. Was it because she was so little that the shore was so uneven and steep?

Before Alice had the chance to clean herself, she saw something flashing through the water at high speed. Alice was startled by it, could something bite her ankles? She tried to turn herself around to step in the direction of the shore again, but lost her footing on the uneven ground and fell flat into the water. Now the girl was slowly floating further away from the bank. Her tutors did not consider swimming a necessary skill for a young lady, so the only thing she tried was reaching down with her feet to stand on the bottom under her. It resulted in her gulping water and her trying to cough it out again.

Things started to look grim for Alice, she waved her arms around but could not make herself move closer to the shore again. She almost inhaled another gulp of water during her actions. Then something grabbed her arm and dragged her upwards. Alice's body was pulled up till her shoulder was clear of the water. Still, she could not accurately see what or who did that. Then her other arm was grabbed too, and she was pulled forwards towards the other shore.

Alice was building some speed and could see two brown bodies pulling her onwards. Water flowed pleasantly along her body as she was pulled onwards by her rescuers. During this ordeal, Alice somehow had lost her cloth again. She crawled up the shore and saw two naked and wet rats climbing up along her. One was longer than the other, but the smaller one had more prominent ears and nostrils.

Most girls would not have liked to see these wet rats. Admittedly, rats scavenged through piles of garbage, but Alice had a friend who held three rats in a cage. Alice found it fun to watch those creatures play with each other and with things you could give them. Once Alice had seen the rats fight for a carrot she had put into their cage, they chased each other around their space for the award.

"Have you seen my handkerchief?" Alice asked politely. The rats looked around, while another two of them rose from the lake. One with a black face and one with almost white fur.

"Where did you lose it?" The question came from blackface.

"I had it on me before I fell into the water."

The white rat now ran in a half circle and plunged into the water again.

"Why did you bring it? Is it for a nest?" asked long-ear.

Alice sat in the grass shivering a bit in the cold wind. After being in the water, she wanted to have something around her.

"I want to wear it as clothes."

The rat looked curiously at her.

"Why? You look fine without it. Through you look a bit cold without our fur."

Alice felt goosebumps over her skin, both from the cold and those inquisitive eyes of the rats. These rats around her were at least very clean after their swimming, and they had helped her out of the water without her even asking for it.

With some splashing, the white rat came out of the water again, dragging Alice's cloth with its mouth. Grateful Alice took it from him and started to fasten it around her body. It didn't seem to help much this time. The wet towel stuck to her skin revealing her curves as if it wasn't there and the cold even worsened.

"Come, run around with us a bit, that will help you better than that wet cloth," said the longer rat. It looked not directly at Alice's face. Alice looked down at herself and saw her darker nipples poking out through the cloth. Her whole breasts looked different than usual, pointing forwards further and even a bit upwards.

"Yeah, let's run. Who will be the fastest?" yelled blackface. Immediately the whole group of rats started to move around. "Let us run around that tree and back. Come on, run with us."

Alice was pulled along by their enthusiasm and ran with them towards the tree. The rats all ran on four legs and pulled in front of her quickly, except they had slowed down significantly by the time they rounded the tree. Somehow this sprint soon exhausted them. On their way back, Alice passed a few of them. Only the biggest rat was still in front. Her breasts were less of an annoyance during the run that Alice had feared, but her cloth ultimately gave up and started to unfurl from her. She halted to try to amend it and before the could run again most of the rats were past her.

"I won, I won," shouted the biggest rat. "I can pick a prize." Alice was still panting from her running. However, that didn't last long. All this running had indeed helped her to get rid of the cold.

"I want to hug the lady." said the rat while moving towards Alice.

The rat had won the race so Alice could not complain too much and hugged the rat closely. The fur of the rat also felt marvelous against her body. Her nipples rubbing against the hair felt so good that Alice was hesitant to let the rat go again. After a while, she sat down feeling hot and antsy. Alice currently thanked for the fresh wind on her body.

"You could have won easily." said blackface. "If only you would have run without that stupid cloth around you."

"It didn't help in any way," said the white rat that fetched it from the water. "I could still see your fanny any time during the run. Can I too have a prize, for fetching it out of the water for you?"

Before Alice knew she was snuggling all the rats around, the ones she suspected to be male and the females alike. They all felt so good against her glowing skin that Alice was a bit disappointed after she hugged the last rat.

After that, the rats seemed content to lay lazily in the grass.

"Have you seen a white rabbit in clothes running through here?" asked Alice to long ear, the presumably female, rat.

Alice didn't want to keep talking about things that would immediately return to a discussion of her body.

"Does he hold a watch?" asked blackhead instead of long ear.

"Yes. The rabbit does."

"Does he wear a blue jacket?" asked the big rat.


"And does he run in circles all the time?" asked white rat.

"How do you know that?" asked Alice dumbfounded.

"Well, he is doing that right now."

Alice sat up quickly and saw where the rats were looking. Near the forest, the rabbit was being his usual self and ran around nervously.

"Oh, I have to catch up with him. Thanks again for saving me, still I have to go."

Alice could not bring herself to run away without hugging all the rats again. After that, she turned to where the rabbit had been. Nevertheless, she could not see him.

"Bye," said Alice with a wave, and walked quickly towards the forest. She was walking just slowly enough not to show her lower parts too much to her new friends.

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by bierce09/17/18

Great takeoff

I really enjoy your approach to the Alice story. Please share more.


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