tagIncest/TabooAlice Ch. 07

Alice Ch. 07


Almost a page of the first version of this story mysteriously vanished. Apologies. Here's the way it should be...


Alice slept for almost half an hour in his arms, and then started stirring. Her eyelids with their dark lashes fluttered and opened, and then she slowly turned and looked at him. She smiled warmly, in a way that showed that they'd shared a secret.

"Hi," she said.

"Hi beautiful," he said softly.

She stretched, closed her eyes, and made an "Mmmmm" sound.

"Well, I feel relaxed," she announced matter-of-factly, and then slowly got up, completely nude, unselfconsciously revealing her beautiful medium-small breasts and the dark-haired triangle of her cunt. She added, with an ironic smile, "I think we can turn off Star Wars now. It's served its purpose."

With the remote she killed the tv, just as they were gearing up for the final battle on the Death Star.

He couldn't help but laugh, as he realized that she was maybe a little more devious than he knew sometimes.

"I'll be right back," she said, as she sauntered off to the bathroom, with a seemingly un-selfconscious but entrancing swivel of her hips. One of his friends kept saying he liked women's behinds, and that always slightly puzzled him until now. He still liked other parts of a woman better, but he could really begin to see the attraction.

He was happy that he'd successfully gone down on her. Her four orgasms, one after the other, were beyond what he had imagined. And he realized that there was a good chance that now they might move on to other things. Even though they'd had sex three times already, he realized that he finally might be getting very close to losing his virginity.

Then a sinking realization came over him. He had no condoms. It hadn't even crossed his mind until now. How could he have not have thought of it? And the thought of even a small chance of getting Alice, who was not at all related to him, but was in a sense his stepsister, pregnant, made him sick with worry.

"Vat is wrong, Dieter?" Alice said in a faux German-accent, as she sauntered back into the room, now in her short bathrobe and carrying a bottle of body lotion.

"Nothing, mein Liebchen," he said, in a not-as-good German accent, although he still felt and looked gloomy. Charlie had black curly hair, a black turtle neck and black jeans on, plus two days growth of bristle on his chin, and so he looked slightly like the Mike Meyers character from the skit Sprockets. They'd been joking about that just a couple of hours ago, but it almost felt like a day ago. Then he said in his regular voice, "It's only that I was unprepared for this weekend. I didn't buy any 'protection.'"

"So," she said, continuing with her German accent and getting an even more mischievous look and squinting her eyes, "You presumed that you were going to get to put your Sausage Wurst, your Schwanz, into a beautiful pussy like this?"

And then she put down the lotion, opened her robe and pointed at the triangle of her cunt that not that long ago he had been worshipping with his mouth and hands. She looked at him mock-accusingly, as he longingly glanced at her pussy.

"Vell," he said, trying to keep up with her humor, "I may have made eine Grosse mistake." But he still felt crestfallen, and knew it was written on his face.

She laughed, and to his surprise closed her robe, hiding her treasures, tied it tightly, and then walked over to him, and smiled.

She put her hand on his arm and said in her normal voice, "It's okay. I'm on the pill."

"Oh," was all he could manage, and to his surprise he still felt worried. Now that there was seemingly almost nothing in the way, he felt new concern, as he wondered what exactly he was supposed to do when making love to Alice, or, as she called it to him, "just having a good fuck."

"If I'm reading you right, Charlie," she said, continuing in her sensitive, normal voice, "you're wondering again about what exactly to do, or even 'how exactly will it go in?'."

"Yeah, I guess. I know: it's stupid."

She kissed him on the lips tenderly, and said, "There are too many real and sad things in the world to worry about. But you don't need to worry about this, especially after what you just did for me. I want you just to relax, let go, and have fun."

Then she got a more sexy look, and said again in her German-accented voice, but this time more quietly, "It vill be good for you, I think, probably very good. And not just for your body, but for your mind even more."

He still didn't know where to start, and somehow even felt shy again about even getting undressed.

His shyness was something with which she was intimately familiar, and she found it both annoying and charming. But having just had some amazing orgasms because of him, and having anticipated that he might be this way, she had already put her mind to getting around it.

"Charlie," she said, in her normal voice, "Just forget about sex for a while. I got out the lotion because I just want to give you a nice back massage. Just take off your Dieter turtle neck. You can leave your jeans on."

That did sound nice, and he smiled.

"Come on, let me take off your turtleneck," she said, and she pulled it slowly off. And then he lay face down on their soft nest of the pad, sheets, and blankets in the living room, scootching over a soft pillow for his head.

She warmed the lotion in her hands, and then massaged his back for ten minutes, sitting lightly on his butt. He said, "Mmmmmm," in a sensual way a few times, partly in imitation of the way she said it, to show how much he was enjoying her fingers and hands firmly but gently rubbing him.

He was well and truly relaxed, and his worry was gone, by the time she said, "Now for the leg massage, I just need to slip your pants off. We'll keep your underwear on." And turning over and wrestling a little with his jeans, they came off. His cock was stirring and beginning to get hard, but it was still hidden in his white underwear.

Alice's leg and foot massage as he lay again on his stomach was indeed lovely and sensual, and he was getting simultaneously more relaxed and more turned on.

"Okay," she said, in her matter-of-fact voice, "now it's time for the chest massage. Turn over."

He turned over smiling, and saw that at some point during the back massage Alice had dropped her robe and was completely nude again, and, looking at her breasts and pussy, Charlie very soon had a complete hard-on in his underwear. But Alice still pretended to be matter-of-fact and business-like about the massage.

But when she noticed how obviously he was looking her over, she said, almost innocently, "What? You act liked you've never seen me naked before. Just lie back, relax, and get your massage."

As she leaned forward to massage his chest, her breasts hung down over him in a way that made them seem larger than he'd ever seen them before. And as she massaged with a back and forth motion, her breasts also giggled back and forth too in a way that was amazing. He suddenly wanted to put his mouth on one of her nipples. And even knowing it would look funny, his started comically mimicking the motion of her boobs, with his mouth slightly open.

She smiled, and said, "Uh-uh. Not yet."

Then, to massage lower down and rub his tummy, she sat down lightly with her legs spread, with her cunt right over his rock hard cock. He could feel her heat and wetness, even through his underwear, and he breathed more heavily and had to keep himself from moaning slightly.

"What? Is there something that feels good to you?" She said, smiling, with mock innocence. He smiled and nodded, and she said, "Let's just get these off."

As he lifted himself up, she slipped off his underwear, and his six inch penis with its light purple head flopped onto his belly. She resumed her position slightly higher up, with her legs spread over him without touching him.

She then said in her matter-of-fact voice, "I forgot to tell you. I'm going to show you a really good magic trick." He knew this was one of Alice's jokes, but for a second he actually wondered what it might be.

Then she gently took hold of his cock and lifted it up until it was touching the opening of her vagina, as she had her legs spread right over him. He could see now why some people called it a bearded clam, because it looked a little like that. He stared at his rock hard cock as it touched her spread cunt.

"Now you see it," she said in a deeper and more sensual voice. And then she slowly and steadily impaled herself on his cock. He watched in amazement as inch by inch it disappeared inside of her pussy lips and spread mounds until she completely swallowed it up. He was engulfed, surrounded, and held by a very warm and wet Alice cunt, and the feelings were beyond what he had imagined.

"And now you don't," she said.

He gasped.

She leaned forward until her breasts were lightly touching his chest and lightly kissed him on the lips.

"Now you are inside of me," she said quietly, looking right into his eyes. And then she slowly and gently moved, and he could feel himself moving inside of her warm and firm vagina.

She then kissed him lightly again, and then said in a mock innocent voice as she kept up her slow motions, "What do you think of my pussy?"

"Oh....Alice," in a whisper, was all he could manage.

"I thought you'd like my pussy," Alice said. "She's so soft. She's so warm. And she's so wet."

"Meow!" she said suddenly, and she started moving more quickly.

After a little while, she said in almost her regular voice, "You're kind of thick." She was breathing more heavily now, "and so it makes for a nice fit. It's very hard and strong. Like your feelings for me. And now I have them all the way inside of me." Her face had what he thought of as her horny look as she moved up and down, and she seemed to be really enjoying herself.

She kept moving silently for another couple of minutes. And Charlie was still amazed at the sensations of being inside Alice. He was surrounded gently, wetly, and firmly by the very warm and wet core of her as she was moving up and down. He couldn't describe it, but the feelings were beyond hand or even mouth. Soon he could feel his cum rising to join Alice, and his face showed it.

Alice saw this and started moving even faster, and then she said quietly: "Show me how much you love me."

He couldn't keep it in, and groaned as his face and dick simultaneously showed his raw lust for Alice's cunt, as spurts of sperm squirted inside of her. Alice kept moving, but more slowly, while watching him, and whispering, "yes.....yes.....yes," until it was all done.

She went more and more slowly for a few more seconds, and then she stopped. She paused above him for a minute as he breathed heavily. When it seemed like he was getting his breath, she slowly and gently lay down on top him, relaxing her whole body across him. Her weight on him was delicious as he breathed, even though she squished him a little. Her breasts were pressed against his chest, and he could still feel that his gradually softening cock was still inside her, which felt good.

"Well," she whispered in his ear, "You're no longer a virgin. Was it a disappointment?"

"Oh my god," he breathed, his voice sounding a little funny because she was on top of him, "I had no idea. Wow."

"I think you mean: 'Oh my goddess,' but I get what you're saying. I'm glad you're not the kind who thinks: 'Is that all there is?' I didn't think you were, but it's good to know." She paused, and lifted her head so that she could look him in the eyes, and then said with an ironic smile, "Your expression when I did my 'magic trick' was priceless."

"I bet," he laughed and tried to breathe at the same time.

"It was almost as good as your expression when you had your petite mort," she said.

"My what?" he said, laughing and looking confused.

"Your 'petite mort,' or little death, is the French term for orgasm. It kind of fits, I think."

He couldn't say anything, but gently laughed at how weird and smart and sexy Alice was.

After another minute, she slowly separated herself from him, and then got up, and said, "You just lie there and recover. I'm going to take a bath, and then make us some dinner."

"Is it that late already?" He felt confused about the time, what with the curtains closed, the sex, and the pot brownies, which were now wearing off.

"No, it's just early afternoon," she said, "But we seem to have skipped lunch. And by the time I take a bath, do dishes, and make us some food it'll be almost dinner time."

"Don't worry about the dishes," he said, "I'll do those." He felt very happy and relaxed, but was still breathing slightly heavily, lying there nude with his wet and slowly shrinking dick on his belly.

"Thanks sweetie," she smiled genuinely, glancing down at him, "That's one of your best qualities. You're generous, both in bed and out of it," and then she sauntered off toward the bath. As he watched her go he, he knew that she could feel his eyes on her, and wondered if she was swiveling her hips and heart-shaped butt a little extra for him.

While Alice took a bath, Charlie got up, put his robe on, and did then dishes.

And then they switched, and Charlie took a shower while Alice cooked.

As Alice said, when all was said and done it was late afternoon before their meal was close to being ready. Charlie sat at the open bar at the kitchen next to the open-plan dining and living room in the mid-century modern house their parents owned, within which they were having their affair. Charlie happily watched Alice cook, especially since she seemed happy and confident in the kitchen. She had dressed herself in a old-fashioned long red gown without sleeves that showed a bit of cleavage. She looked almost like a lady from a Renaissance painting, and Alice caught him looking at her with admiration, and smiled back at him, enjoying it. She was enjoying looking at him too, because not only was he truly bristly now, and really looking quite handsome, but he looked more relaxed and confident than maybe she'd ever seen him.

She was making them a big salad with a homemade dressing, along with a vegetable quiche that was already in the oven and making good smells. As she finished the dressing, she wanted him to taste it, and came over with a big bite on a fork.

"Close your eyes and open your mouth," she said, and just before he shut his eyes he saw Alice approaching with one hand holding a fork with a speared cherry tomato and large piece of lettuce drenched in dressing, with the other hand held underneath it to catch drips.

She let him wait for a surprisingly long time. It was only several seconds, but he realized that she was playing another of her little games.

"I'm ready," he said, keeping his eyes closed.

"But are you desperate for it yet?" Alice said, in her slightly sexy voice.

"Um, I don't know about desperate," he laughed, "but I am really hungry and that looked pretty good."

"Try to anticipate what it will be like having your mouth around this luscious bit of salad, worshipping it with your tongue and mouth."

He started giggling at her weird sexual innuendo.

"Okay," he managed to say as he laughed, "enough! I'm desperate for it. End my suffering, sweet Alice."

"Here it comes," she whispered, and then gently put the fork in his mouth, and said in his ear, "Now start chewing and see what you've got."

He did, and it turned out be an amazing and somewhat strong salad dressing, with hints of fresh ginger, soy sauce, olive oil, crushed garlic, balsamic vinegar, and mysterious spices and herbs he couldn't name. And when the little tomato in his mouth exploded as he bit down it was surprisingly sweet and tart at the same time. The salad also had freshly grated bits of parmigiano on it, which added another rich note.

After he swallowed he opened up his eyes, and said, "Wow. I think that's the best salad I've ever tasted in my life. That was amazing."

Alice beamed, and said, "It is good, isn't it? But it's possible that something that happened to you earlier is spinning everything in an even more positive direction. Nothing wrong in that," she added, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

Back in the kitchen, Alice held up a bottle of wine to Charlie, and said, "Do you think Mom and Dad will be mad if we opened this bottle of Kendall Jackson Merlot?"

"I doubt it," he said, thinking it over. "It's just the regular kind that they like. They're so high on your job right now that I think they'd be fine about it. Although we could always buy another one tomorrow if you want, before they get home."

"Ah, to be upper-middle class," Alice said with a sigh, "and have Kendall Jackson be just your 'regular kind of wine.' Well," she added, looking up at him as she handed him first the bottle, and then the opener, "as long as we're living with them we get to be upper-middle class too."

Since he'd never experienced any other kind of life yet, Alice's musings that came from her years of a much less lavish life in college were mostly lost on him. But he suddenly realized that unless he got a really good job right out college, he wouldn't be living in the casual and yet luxurious style in which his parents lived, and which he'd just taken for granted all of his life.

"Pour each of us glasses, Charlie. It probably won't be quite as amazing as my salad, but I bet it's going to be a lovely and complex wine. It probably doesn't quite 'pair' with the dinner," she added with a smile, "but who cares?"

As they brought the food to the table, Alice saw that Charlie had set it nicely with cloth napkins, and had put some candles out that he now lit.

"Very nice," Alice said in her sly way, as she placed the quiche on a hot pad, "you're giving me candles and wine with dinner, Charlie. What are your intensions for me? Not honorable, I hope," and she smiled mischievously.

"Well," he said, honestly, "at the moment I'm so hungry I'm mainly thinking about the food. But, you do actually look delicious in that dress."

"I do, don't I?" she said, glancing down at her cleavage, before slicing them each big pieces of veggie quiche and putting them on their plates. "I have to admit I save this dress for special occasions. But this qualifies."

She sat down at the side of the table, next to where he was sitting, at her insistence, at the head. And then she said, "Can we do Quaker grace?"

Alice was Jewish if she was anything, but she liked to take small parts of different religions and blend them together into her own weird melange of beliefs that were uniquely her own.

"What's that?" he said, hoping they weren't about to have some weird religious moment that would break the mood. Charlie was devout atheist, if that even made sense, and he was beginning to realize it probably didn't. But to humor Alice he tried to be an agnostic, and to be at least open to experiencing the impossible-to-prove "mysteries" of life and the universe, as she called them.

"It's simple," she said. "Some Quakers just hold hands and close their eyes silently before a meal. Nothing is said, for if I understand it right god is both very distant, and, at the same time very present for them. The divine isn't some old man in the sky, but instead the good in each person, especially the good that helps other people. And so, as they just hold hands, they feel thankful for the people who are with them, and for their good food. And then they feel the good energies of life flowing between them."

This was typical of Alice's nutty, and yet as far as he could tell, essentially harmless ideas about life and religion. He had to admit that some of her ideas seemed more true to him than they used to, but mainly he tried to just humor her. And at this moment as they held hands and closed their eyes, he realized that even this was part of what he loved about Alice, because her search for the deeper meanings in life was always positive and life-affirming. And he definitely could feel the good in her, and he could smell the good in the food that she'd made for them. To his astonishment, he began to feel an emotional moment coming on, when suddenly she squeezed his hands.

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