tagTransgender & CrossdressersAlice has a Playmate

Alice has a Playmate


Now that Mistress was settled in their new home and was sure that Alice knew the proper way to dress, She had him start to practice his walking. As he went across the house Mistress noticed the padded panties gave nice shape to the rear of his skirt. "Back straight and one foot in front of the other elbows to your sides." Mistress barked, Alice turned and straighten up. Mistress liked the effect where he had heels on it made his falsies strain against the sheer blouse and gave more shape to his ass.

After a few laps around the house Mistress noted with satisfaction the natural sway of his hips and ass that came from the way she had him walking. "Now sit!" She said. Alice found a chair and sat down, Mistress rolled her eyes, "Alice lower yourself into the chair, don't plop yourself into it, it isn't lady like." Alice stood and lowered herself into the chair.

"I know the way we have you dressed is advertising, but don't spread your legs like that. Ladies cross their ankles and try to keep their knees together." Mistress said. She had him repeat the walk sit and stand until She was satisfied with his movements. "What a lovely little slut you are." Mistress decided it was time to make Alice Her gurl. She removed a cock cage from Her desk and had Alice stand. She fit it in place and was satisfied that it was small enough and snug enough before She clicked the lock shut. making sure that Alice would no longer be able to touch and abuse his clitty, before sliding his panties back into place. "Now my slut, you are a gurl, no more cock for you." She said. "The only cocks you will see will be in your mouth or entering that boi pussy of yours, or servicing me."

Mistress decided with the new king bed in place and Her's and Alice's clothing hung in the walk-in closets it was time for Her to find them a roommate. She had searched several sites and had made some connections and weeded the field down. She had gone out with Don a few times and felt he would be a good fit for both of them. "Alice dress in your sluttiest best, we will be having company tonight."

Alice did his makeup and brushed his wig, choose a black, white and blue patterned short dress and a pair of black heels. The dress barely covered his ass, his breasts filled the front of the dress nicely. He walked into the living room and turned slowly. Mistress checked him up and down, made a few adjustments and nodded her approval. She had changed as well and was wearing a nice clingy black outfit and heels.

The doorbell rang and Mistress told Alice to answer it. He led Don into the living room. Don smiled at Alice and nodded, then kissed Mistress full on the mouth, slow and lingering as She held him close and ran Her hands over his ass. The door bell rang again and Alice went to the door. It was a delivery from the local Chinese place, dinner that Mistress had ordered. Alice took it to the kitchen, placing in serving dishes, and put it on the table. Mistress brought Don in by the hand and they all sat and ate. After dinner and small talk Mistress and Don left the table as Alice cleaned up the table and did the dishes.

He could hear Don and Mistress in the hot tub so he went into the bedroom and stood waiting at the foot of the bed. Clad only in towels Mistress and Don joined him. Mistress went to the dresser and returned with a collar which She locked around Alice neck. She then took a three foot piece of light chain secured to the foot of the bed and locked that to the collar. "Alice this is your place, at the foot of the bed where you will serve us both.", Mistress said, as Mistress and Don joined him on the bed. Don and Mistress chatted for a few and Don leaned into kiss Her as Alice watched the two embrace. Mistress motioned to Alice and he crawled up to Don, reaching under the towel he slid his hand up Don's thigh and curled his fingers around Don's cock. Don pulled the towel aside and Alice leaned forward and licked the head of his cock. Don put one hand on the back of Alice's head and pushed him down further on his cock letting the head slid between Alice's lips. Alice slid Don's cock into his mouth further as he slowly worked his way up and down almost gagging on the size as it swelled under his ministrations. He worked Don's cock bringing him to his fullest size and almost to the brink of orgasm. Mistress watched and when she decided he was hard enough She motioned Alice to back off. As Alice set back Mistress looked at Don and said "Fuck me so my slut can watch and learn how a lady takes a cock."

Don ran his hand over Mistress pussy noting it was all wet from watching Alice suck him. As he positioned himself over her Mistress guided his cock into Her waiting pussy. Mistress arched her back and rubbed her clit, "That's it Don nice and slow, slide that big cock in me." as She moaned. Don slid his cock in and out slowly at first then speeding up a bit, his balls slapping her ass. Mistress shuddered as her first orgasm overtook her. She clawed at Dons ass and back as he continued to stroke his cock in and out. Mistress stopped him for a moment and got on Her hands and knees. As Don positioned himself Mistress told Alice to get under Her.

Alice slid under and watched as Don mounted Mistress. He reached his head up and tongued Don's cock and balls as he pumped his cock in and out of Her. The rhythm picked up as Don fucked Mistress for all he was worth, Mistress shuddered again and yelled, "Cum in me now you fucker fill my fucking pussy with cum!" Don picked up speed then suddenly rammed all the way in holding Mistress's ass tight, Mistress felt his cock spurt his hot seed inside Her as he finished. Don's spent cock slid slowly out of Her as he turned to sit on the edge of the bed. Mistress rolled over and motioned to Alice to crawl between Her legs, "Clean my cunt slut!", She said to Alice as she pushed Her cunt into his face. Alice greedily licked at Her, cleaning out all of the cum Don had deposited mixed with the sweet nectar of his Mistress.. The workings of his tongue over her pussy and clit causing Her to cum again filling Alice's mouth with the sweet taste of his Mistress. Alice swallowed, eager not to miss a drop, his clitty swollen in its cage.

Mistress sat back and lit a cigarette as She said, "Don't forget to clean Don." Alice moved over and started licking the juices from his cock. As he did Don's cock slowly stiffened and Alice proceeded to cup his balls and work his lips up and down the length of it until no traces of cum remained, however bringing it as big and hard as before. Mistress noticing this said, "Stop! Alice and get on your hands and knees!" Mistress lifted the back of his dress and pulled the G-string down baring his ass. She took a bottle of lube and drizzled some on Alice's boi cunt , then used more to lube up Don's cock. "As we discussed before Don this is about sharing both me and my slut with you. Consider Alice's boi pussy virgin area as all he has ever taken is my dildo there."

As Don knelt behind him Mistress guided his cock to Alice's opening. Alice gasped a bit as the head began to penetrate. Mistress added a bit more lube as Don rocked back and forth slowly working more and more of his cock into Alice's boi pussy. She heard a sharp intake of Alice's breath as Don penetrated fully, his balls slapping against Alice's ass and balls.. Mistress looked at Alice's cage and saw that his cltty was tight against the bars. Don ramming harder and faster, Alice moaned and pushed back, Don's balls slapping against his , riding him much like he had my Mistress, Alice's tight boi pussy grasping Don's cock firmly as Alice's moans increased. Alice shuddered and felt cum dripping from his clitty as Don filled his ass with his hot cum.

"Good cum slut." Mistress cooed as Alice collapsed and caught his breath. She guided him to the foot of the bed and as he curled up She covered him with a blanket. She crawled into bed, Don beside Her. "Good night my little family." Mistress said before turning off the light. Her last though before falling asleep was that this was going to work out well having Don live-in to take care of Her and Her slut.

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by dacoach4412/05/18

Well done!

So nice, the slut is so obedient. I kinda wonder how Mistress trained her slave. But it was exciting, and had my gay cock almost leaking..

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