Alice Manipulated Ch. 02


"Oh daddy you say the cutest things but I am so shy I don't know what to do. How can I please my daddy? Please help me."

"Just come a bit closer and put your knees either side of my head. I know this is new to you Alice but I want to kiss you where you have never been kissed before to show my love for you."

"That sounds so exciting. Please give it to me; I am yours now more than ever."

If he only knew the doctor had done this several times, she thinks to herself between acting out her virgin-like game. "Is this right now daddy," she pouts as she put both knees right up against each side of his grey hair to let him pull her pants aside to push his eager tongue into her impatient sweet spot.

The old man is now really enjoying his nubile princess; his hands gripping her small bottom pulling her tighter towards him as he moves his tongue up each side of her outer lips, then runs his tongue between the inner and outer lips before sliding it up and down the centre, flicking her clitoris wildly and forcing a soft growling moan at first, then be becoming louder and more urgent as his tongue lashes around her now fully aroused pussy.

This is heaven to both of them. A young girl is having it off with a much older man. A man of 50 is sexing a girl just out of her teens. Alice's minute size compared to his huge bulk makes their coupling seem taboo-like. He sucks her clit into his mouth and draws on her button as hard as he can. He tries to suck her vagina lips into his mouth and succeeds by twisting about to get a grip on their wetness and roam his tongue all over them while they are between his lips.

His young adopted daughter is groaning louder and louder. He wants to fuck her more than ever. This is his little angel, pushing her pussy into his face. It is now so wet and with his erection fully restored he can't wait to consume her totally.

"Alice you are so womanly, so sexy, so delicious, I want to be inside you," he confesses as he gets his big hands around her hips and quite easily picks her up and moves her back towards his broad thighs.

The comparison of hers to his is like comparing a walking cane thickness to the flat side of a fence paling. She sees his fully rejuvenated erection thrusting upwards and takes her panties off to hover over his monument sized hardness, then, looking him in the eye with sweet innocence, gives a playful sigh as she guides her wet honey pot on to his shaft and slowly, ever so slowly, pushes down.

"Oh daddy, look, it's going into me. Your big cock is going inside me, I can feel it filling me up already," she squeals with delight.

Uncle Bernie is beside himself. This is something he planned for years and suddenly it is happening when he didn't plan it to happen so soon, so perfectly. His adopted 21 year-old daughter, small as she is like a kid, is taking his entire eight inches to the hilt.

He stares at this erotic sight, his huge member disappearing between the open thighs of his little precious. He is now in Alice up to his balls. He can't possibly get any closer than this. It's the position so favoured by females who like the deepest penetration possible and who like to control the fuck, twisting, leaning back and forth,around and around and up and down slow and then fast to get maximum enjoyment. She is in control of the big man again and knowing this makes her shudder with greater excitement.

Alice is steaming with pure passion. "Daddy you are so big inside me, I can't get away from you. You are filling me. I feel so helpless I have to have more. So tight, so hard, so hot!" He runts, unable to take his eyes off her young looking face, seeing the fulfilment in her eyes, her head swinging back and forth as she twists against his big organ.

"I can't help myself daddy, I just love your big cock, I want to worship it as my own toy so it's just for me. I want to be your only one; to ride you like this just feels sooo goood. Cum inside me daddy, shoot inside me, give me your heat, fill me more. Oh please do it!"

Uncle Bernie has found utopia. Other men have this pleasure, not him, but now he is having it. He grunts louder and louder as her natural blonde pigtails swirl about her shoulders. She is hot!

She wants to bring him on knowing his erection will stay hard and come back. He doesn't know why it will. She wants to push the boundaries of their relationship and has worked out how to do it, to make him lose self-control. She desperately wants him to let his load go inside her and at the same time wants it all over her face. But she must get it because to her, her adopted daddy's cum is the closest thing that exists between them in purity and closeness.

With his erection swelling her vagina and pushed deep inside her, Alice playfully leans forward, placing her hands side by side on his broad hairy chest, her face an expression of juvenile innocence as she looks him in the eyes, her tongue circling around her lips. Then she purrs teasingly: "Daddy likes to fuck his young daughter doesn't he"

She stays in that position, only leaning closer to his perspiring face as her messages hit home. Her sensuality is alarmingly close. His past flashes before his eyes in one instant. She jerks her pussy around his totally immersed big tool and whispers loudly the words she knows will make him lose self-control and ejaculate like a firestorm inside her. "I am young and delicious aren't I daddy? Look how your big cock swells my little pussy so wide.

"You've always wanted me, haven't you daddy? I am helpless daddy. I am your little girl and you own my sweet young body don't you? daddy, look at me, look at what I'm doing daddy. Think about me daddy. Go on, pretend!"

Suddenly Alice felt a great whoosh as her love tunnel felt the full impact of his mighty ejaculation. Six separate spasms creamed her deep inside. She knew if she teased him about his fantasies he would lose control and blow. Big bad Bernie lay under her, groaning, possibly more in disbelief at her audacity and the way she brought him to a climax. Thoughts of her puritan upbringing, how satin smooth she looked at 11 and how she looks at 21 as though time had stood still. Her perfectly honeyed words buzzed inside his head. The queen bee has landed on top of him and he must work for her.

Alice giggles to herself. Knowing that the tablet she put in his drink will keep his in erection and sperm capacity strong for at least another hour. She figures he is so hot for her he will do her maybe a few more times before morning while the induced supercharged sexual energy stays in his system.

She knows there will be many nights like this provided she makes his nightcap and pops the pill in. She has taken her baby doll top off and lies back completely nude under the soft glow of the reading light at the bedside.

He lies silent, savouring this moment and maybe what is ahead. Alice is talkative, excited, and anticipating wonderful thing between them in the many times ahead.

She had been sex starved for too long, and so had her uncle. He is her only father now. Since eight she loved him only this was a different kind of love Years of deep respect and affection had boiled over now into an orgy of self expression, the release of sexual restraint, the desire to be loved like never before and with the very man who had given her the natural non sexual love she needed throughout her young years. Now she's 21, he can catch up.

"Daddy, do you know what turns me on most, and maybe what all women love to see in a man?"

"I would not know come to think of it, good looks maybe," he answered as he regained his composure. Being younger, Alice recovered quickly from the torrid session but at 50, her guardian needed more time. His heart kept beating at a faster than normal rate.

"No daddy. I think what excites a woman more than anything is the sight of a man's penis going into her vagina." For a moment she almost gave the game away about how she was thrilled at seeing the doctor put his big member inside her. "Daddy, the first time was with you," she lied. "Just seeing your great thick one slowly sliding into me, and the way you made my small pussy yawn so wide to get you in was like -- wow!

Uncle Bernie remembered reading somewhere about a genuine sex survey of 1000 people when couples were asked to look at a beautiful woman on her back with a good looking man inserting his penis into her, to determine which aspect of the image excited them most instantly and most erotically. He was surprised to read that most men looked first at the woman's face to see her emotional response while most women looked directly at the penis sliding into the vagina. There must be something symbolic about it, he mused now, and his own young daughter is saying that watching his cock go inside her was tremendously sexy.

"You are very horny tonight Alice, I never expected this, nothing quite like this."

"What did you expect daddy Bernie?"

"Well, I must say I wanted you in my arms and wanted to carry you to my bedroom and undress you and kiss you all over."

"Oooh, that's sounds naughty daddy. I wouldn't mind that. You never did kiss me anywhere when I was very young, and I know from what I heard at school that some girls did get that."

" Not from me they didn't" came a mocked gruffly retort. They both laughed.

He had never expected his little darling to be so explicit in talking like this but put it down to the way he was gentle with her, yet lustful in the way he performed once inside They lay side by side, her small hand spreads across his chest, one leg laying over the top of his broad thighs. He liked the casual interaction of her closeness.

Alice wants to make the most of the moment, to probe his inner thoughts for all the years they were locked away from her. Now 21 she expects him to be open wih her. She also wants to tease him about fantasies she is sure he has held inside over many years.

"Daddy, this is incest isn't it? What we are doing now. I mean, even though you are not my original father you adopted me when I was a kid and became my father in every respect."

"He gave her hand a squeeze and moved his other hand across her big puffy nipples, caressing them and making them stiff and even more upstanding. She was still hot, he thought. In the glow of the small light Alice sees his cock is sitting back three quarters to full erection, leaning back against his tummy and almost reaching his navel. It looks like an alligator coming up the riverbank.

"Daddy please tell me about incest. How does it start and why is it so common? Is it wrong?"

"Sugar, all these questions. I am not an expert but it could be in the case of daughters with their daddy that as young girls start to develop they experience strange feelings of sexuality and suddenly want to be like older girls already developed. Some young girls have beautiful smooth figures and they like to flaunt their naturally good looks. When they are 18 they can indulge in their own fantasies. Mind you Alice, this is only my opinion. I am a 50 year-old man who never had his own children.

"Did I ever flaunt myself in front of you?"

"No, but you will remember every night I read the scriptures to you at your bedside, you always lay there naked in front of me and you liked to do that and I liked to see you like that. But we did not do anything. I regarded all that as a very wholesome experience that you could lay yourself before me and you trusted me. That was beautiful."

"So daddy, incest must be a natural part of growing up for many girls?"

"Maybe, maybe not. But once a girl is 18 she is old enough to be educated by her parents at home. Sometimes her daddy does that by himself, mainly so she can learn how to suck her boyfriend's cock properly to please him better."

"You know, there are many daddies out there who think it's symbolic for the daughter to have their father inside them as the first cock they experience, but of course, before 18 it's taboo. Anyway, to some people keeping it in the family seems safer than having their teenage daughters in high school or at campus trying it out with any Tom, Dick or Harry because parents know that a girl's first sex is about lust, not love.

"Gee daddy, but what about their mommies? Is it only fathers who love their daughters like that?"

"Honey, I don't know but yes, a lot of mothers join in to see that the father is doing it right and not just enjoying himself for the sake of it. Some mothers like to kiss their daughters down there when they get to the right age and maybe that's why there are so many young women in society today who are bi-sexual."

"What do you mean exactly, daddy? Like those two school girls who wanted me to experiment with them?"

"Er that might be different I don't know but once a girl is 18 and gets a taste of lovemaking from another woman and often it starts with incest, the daughter can discover for herself she can enjoy both men and women. They call themselves bi."

"Daddy, how do I know I'm not bi?"

"Well precious you don't or you would not be asking me. Maybe if you had a stepmother now who was my partner in life she would probably like to educate you like I am but from a female's point of view."

"Well daddy, looks like I am going to miss out then, eh?"

"Yes, being straight."

"Daddy I made you come inside me as soon as I said you wanted me when I was 11. You couldn't help yourself so it must have meant been something to you."

"Well chicken, I did watch you grow up didn't I, and I did give you the proper fatherly love you needed as a child. That's doing the right thing."

"But daddy, what if, just what if, back then I came into your bedroom at night undressed and hopped into bed with you, and put my hand on your big cock?"

"Well, sweetheart, you didn't did you?"

"No but I wish I had now. Just supposing though daddy, I had done that and you woke up and found me beside you quite nude, what would you have done?" She was not just teasing him but testing him out. She felt a sexy urge to be naughty and push the conversation to the limit.

"Er, I suppose I would have told you to go back to your room and don't be so naughty."

"Oh come on daddy, tell the truth. I know how you used to look at me all those years. I think my daddy gets very turned on by my cute little figure. And what if I refused to go back to my room and instead, I put my hand on your cock and was rubbing it up and down."

"Oh hell Alice, no man could resist that. I guess under those circumstances I might have let you do it. But no sex. No sir." Alice looked disappointed. "Well daddy if you would not have had sex with me then just tell me if it would have been good."

"No Alice, I will not answer that question. You are being a bit cheeky with me now, a bit demanding. You have never spoken to me like this before and I can't believe I keep getting rock hard erections the longer you stay around me."

"Daddy, you are a naughty man, you are ignoring my question. I want to know would it have been good, not did you do anything!"

"Oh Alice, just looking at you, your very same shape and size, you hardly seemed to have changed since then.. I can't believe you are 21."

"Daddy, you are still avoiding the question! Would you have enjoyed me then like you have tonight? I want to know!"

She has him cornered and has her hands on his balls. He hopes she doesn't get cranky and squeeze them the wrong way. He opens up at last. "Sweetie, of course. You are still that same little girl now, only more grown up."

She ran her small hands across his chest and across his face, looking at him closely. "Well daddy. I have a confession to make. I told the girls at school that you were very big and strong and used to carry little me into your bed at night and lick me all over."

"You what?"

"I didn't want to be the odd one out so I told lies about us. Things that never happened but I made them up because of my small size, the others would not think anyone would want me for sex."

He is now sitting up and looks at his rigid cock. He can't understand why it is so hard so often. Must be Alice doing this to me, he thinks. "Alice, love comes before sex. You received lots of love from me, and now you are enjoying the fruits of sex with me since you are old enough."

"Chicken what other sort of things did you tell your school girl friends?

"Well, just that you had a very big cock and you taught me how to play with it and make it go over my face. and one night you put it in me and we made love for hours."

"Oh Alice, surely they didn't believe that. They must have known you made it up"

"No daddy, I was very convincing. Two of my girl friends, both 17, wanted me to ask them around to our place to watch movies and even sleep over just to see what you were like. I think they were a bit jealous and that made me glad. Anyway I couldn't let them come here as they would have soon found out I was telling lies.

"I wanted them to always think there was a big cock that loved my pussy and I could have it whenever I wanted."

Alice is hornier than ever, at last with her guardian father beside her naked and with a giant erection while she was in the nude beside him. She wished those girls were sleeping over now and saw it.

"Daddy I've got an idea. I told the girls at school three years ago that you licked me all over and made me come in my sleep. Let's do that now. I'll pretend I am asleep and you have slipped into my bed beside me intending to ravish me. Now don't forget daddy, I am pretending to be that school girl you so carefully protected and so innocent, sleeping with no clothes on never suspecting her daddy wanted to lift the bed sheets.

"Daddy, this is my fantasy too, let's enjoy it together and I'll even pretend that Sally and Wendy have crept to the door and see everything."

Alice feigns falling into an exhausted deep sleep as he lays her on her tummy and commences to lick both of her feet. She wriggles, never having experienced real eroticism. He then slowly starts running his tongue up the back of her satin smooth legs right to the base of her well-rounded supple arse. He then licks the back of the other leg all the way down to her ankle.

She loves this and finds it hard to make out she is asleep. She imagines her girlfriends are secretly watching them. He is now licking all around her neck, behind her ears, nibbling the ear lobes, poking his tongue into both of them and then moving down her back along her spine with long flat licks of his full tongue. She imagines her girlfriends are already touching themselves as they see this unfold.

All this time his erection stands firm. His tongue seems to have amazing energy as he slips it into the crevice of her cheeks and just as Alice starts panting in anticipation of his tongue finding her treasure chest he lifts one leg up and swings it over his broad shoulders and turns her on her side.

Old Bernie then runs his tongue all around her spotless anus and right along the underneath of her legs as he has her turned almost upside down. Alice keeps sighing as if she's having a wonderful romantic dream, a gentle smile on her face. He lies her on her back and sucks her nipples, soft at first, then nibbling the solid puffy points and drawing them with strong sucking actions into his mouth where his tongue dances around each erect nipple

His tongue traces a straight line down to her navel where it probes and moves on to reach the swollen sized mound of Venus leading to her hairless genitals. He moves her legs apart and positions himself for the feast. But not before he draws his mouth close to her ears and whispers cajolingly, "Sleep my little one, stay asleep for your daddy is here to make you into a woman." He then moves his mouth to her slightly parted lips and kisses her gently, running his tongue from one side of her mouth to the other. He feels her shudder, her mouth quivering but she continues to appear in deep sleep.

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