tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlice Manipulated Ch. 08

Alice Manipulated Ch. 08


Alice, the sexy little pretty 21 year-old with a body that looks half her age, is fast being recognised as the star recruit for raunchy business couple Bernard and Lani. Their lucrative Companions' Corner 'hire a fantasy model' service and the weekly nude modelling classes called Artists at Work has Alice the Number 1 pin-up girl of their followers aged from 26 to 69.

They know they are on a good thing with this naive young lady, an adult model who from back and front simply doesn't look anywhere near what is says on her driver's licence. Her cute perkiness quickly makes her the membership favourite for the Monday night art classes. When the opportunist business couple advise their members that Alice is modelling next, the roll-up is never less than 50 paying customers at $100 a time whereas other models can't attract more than 25 a session.

They put this down to Alice's remarkably innocent looks and size, her captivating baby face and cute Asian-like frame with sensuous appeal backed by her adult know-how. She measures just 30 inches around her flat chest, 18 inches around her waist and 32 at the hips. She stands only 4 feet 10 inches in bare feet with long blonde pigtails she's always styled since she was eight. Her buttocks are tight and well rounded. The cheeks sit up sensuously high and provocatively so as if her tail end is the best end to kiss her.

She lacks worldly experience in sex but her most redeeming feature is her innate ability to stimulate the erotic imagination of all those who meet her. Although her breasts didn't grow past upraised puffy areolas, her nipples make up the difference. They are more than pencil thickness wide at the base and rise cone-like to chunky pencil thickness width at their perky points. It makes her youthful flat chest somehow more exciting to some admirers than larger breasts.

At 20 her fears were realised that she will never be any different and it took her own doctor, her only employer, to make her understand as a then virgin she is really no different to more fully developed women her age where it counts.

Yes he agreed, her pussy looks very small and yes rather strangely, no hair grows around her pubic bone but the good news she found thanks to her doctor's generous consideration in physically testing her, is that her relatively short vagina opening is 100% 21 years ready for anything that comes. (Chapters 1 and 2). His 'show and go' method in arousing her properly produced the same well lubricated result other females enjoy as vaginas naturally and most willingly expand internally in length and width for what they love most -- a man's cock. Since then it makes Alice feel more like a woman, rather than the girl her guardian uncle fears he is losing. Mothers hate to lose their sons to another woman and fathers hate to lose their daughters to another man. Such are the bonds of love.

It is now three months later and while her uncle is overseas for several months Alice is having a beano earning big money through Bernard and Lani's business, their star recruit enjoying the fact her small size sexiness turns art lovers on. The major concern for Bernard and Lani though in running their erotic empire business, is always making sure Alice has her proof of age on hand as she is easily mistaken as being much younger.

Lani, who is bi, lusts to one day enjoy Alice herself in a threesome with her older partner, but first she wants to make sure her young recruit doesn't feel guilty at how she is making money to buy much needed things for her dear uncle. He raised her responsibly since she was eight and Alice loves him tenderly.

The couple book Alice at their expense to see a new in town hypnotherapist mid-week so he can put positive thoughts in her mind about herself and not feel any guilt over allowing her cute sexiness to be her means of getting ahead in life. He's been given her background as a naive young lady extremely sexy when aroused but possibly with a hidden hang-up about acting like an adult while using her very youthful dimensions as a perceived erotic turn-on.

But it's Monday night now and it's Alice's turn to model for Lani's Artists at Work classes in the big hall she rents out. She arrives to find Lani and Bernard in their office with the news she attracts a record membership turnout of 63 art followers nominating erotica as their preferred hobby.

"Alice you are amazing. We never had these roll-ups until you turned up the first time and really stunned them with your natural beauty and innocent looks," says Bernard.

"What do you have in mind for me tonight?"

"Well Alice over the past visits we've done all the favourite types of poses our audience likes to paint, draw or photograph you so tonight we are going to try something different. We will do a fantasy scenario and I've analysed the responses to a question I sent out all our members for tonight asking them to request their preferred fantasy scenario. Then I go on the majority opinion.

"Lucky for you, too, is that you are still wearing your blonde hair in those cute pigtails as that is the majority hairstyle request. Instead of being nude this time in static poses most want you as a skimpily dressed school student with a well endowed person, perhaps as the head of the school.

"The first pose session will see you sitting on a chair wearing just your school hat, your shirt unbuttoned and open, your school tie hanging loosely around your neck, your black school boots and socks on and your panties drawn down to your left ankle as though you have lifted them away from one leg but not the other. When you go out on the stage you will see we have arranged the audience in a semi-circle way but going back several rows so their drawing boards or camera tripods can be set up with a direct view for every person.

"Of course we had the usual draw from the hat for seating positions and this time we've got 22 women in the audience when we used to get only three or four originally. It seems you must turn the ladies on like you do to me."

"Gee Lani I hope I don't disappoint them. That's an awful lot of people out there," says Alice.

"Don't you worry dear, you always deliver and that's why they come. You are like a little sex magnet it seems. Most people have secret fantasies and for some, the way you look can bring some of them to life in a harmless way. The best sex is in the mind of course so all those people out there; goodness we have them all ages but most over 45, and whatever they imagine is their own private thoughts may not be shared by others, yet many could be similarly turned on by the same things."

Bernard, the veteran of his industry, joins in. "The fantasy we create is merely the prop for their imaginations and I guess the schoolgirl fantasy is one of the oldest themes in the book. The fact is you can't go to jail for what you're thinking or for the look in your eye. Those were the same words from a hit song of the mid 1950s when I not even a teenager but I remember the song. American pop quartet called the Four Lads did lots of hits at that time and this one, 'Standing on the corner watching all the girls go by' used those words. How true for what we do tonight, eh?"

Alice is tickled pink that Bernard can remember that far back so well in his life. "What's position two then?"

"Ah, this is where it gets more interesting. It's another 20-minute segment in the same position exactly but in this segment you are viewed arousing yourself in any way you wish. Perhaps getting quite wet I imagine. This is where we introduce the teacher or maybe you prefer it be the headmaster himself who comes to your shoulder with a big erection having caught you in the act playing with yourself. His job is to watch you until he is satisfied you are absolutely and genuinely aroused and he turns your face towards him and tells you to wet him too."

"I gobble him in front of everyone?"

"Yes, it is a fantasy don't forget. It's not really happening as a teacher and student but the two of you acting makes it look that way. Of course you have to put your mouth around it but no one expects you to make him cum."

"So what do I do for the final pose?"

"I wondered when you'd ask that," smiles Lani. "It continues from the end of the second session with our five-minute breaks between as usual. This time session though you both interact by talking aloud as if it's happening in the deserted classroom. The idea is to make the act of you sucking him more realistic in the setting intended so he talks to you like the headmaster and you talk to him as the schoolgirl. Do you have any problems with that?"

"No Lani, it could be worse. I hope I don't end up having intercourse do I?"

"Heavens no, the man is one of our own members and again it's a draw from the hat who it is so I don't know myself just yet as to his name, his age or what sort of cock he will present to you. Don't forget you are only acting. It's just teasing stuff you know, like Hollywood actors kiss and roll about but they don't get properly aroused -- I think."

"Well, how soon will I know what I'm expected to be up against?"

"It just so happens I'm going out there in a minute to address the members who should mostly be in their seats by now waiting for the show to start. Everyone has a number given as they arrived tonight and the person with that number is offered the chance to go on stage for session two and three.

"Of course I brief the members first as to what the whole scenario is based on tonight and if the person whose number is drawn from the hat doesn't want to do it, I will do a second draw until I get the volunteer. No doubt they won't be a shy person. You know, some men don't want others to know if they have a small penis so it could take several draws.

"I imagine if any lucky person rejects the idea for that reason they could always argue they are here to put you on canvass, art board or film and to enjoy watching you rather than be up there on stage as part of the event."

Alice seems happy with the arrangements and can live with the overt exposure of her body and sexual passion since she's getting $1000 for the two-hour engagement which includes 60 minutes on stage and the other hour pre-event and post event office time. Lani and Bernard reaped a total of $6300 at the door with a charge of $100 per person -- every single one happy to pay that much to see erotic Alice, their tiny favourite sit through a fantasy session.

Lani leaves to address her members, most of them now seated, while Bernard helps Alice change into her stage outfit. When the curtain is open she will be seated on the chair facing the audience but first Bernard must make her figure is spruced up with baby oil all over, including her face, so that she glistens under the powerful overhead stage lights. He loves this job as it gives him reason to run his oily hands over her pussy and big bud nipples.

In her wide brim felt school hat, open shirt, school tie loose around her neck, shoes and socks with panties draped around one ankle she looks sensational as the overhead stage lights beam down on her, her tanned skin gleaming.

It is almost show time and Lani comes backstage as Alice takes her position to let her know who the fantasy headmaster is. "Are you set dear," she says leaning into Alice's ear. "Yes, I suppose so, who is the man, the headmaster?"

"You will like this Alice, it's our newest member just joined tonight when one of our oldest members told him about you. Anyway his name's Brodie, he's 40, he's got twin daughters at high school and he used to play bass guitar in the local rock band The Devil You Know. He's quite well known it seems and very poplar and hey, he's a real fitness fanatic with a hunk of a body. He says he hopes he doesn't give you a fright when you see the size of it. Bit cocky, eh?"

"It's okay Lani, I'll handle it. I hope."

"Sweetie, I asked him if his wife knows he's here tonight. He says he told her he's only coming along to get turned on for her so when he gets home tonight it will be all fun and games at their house."

Bernard signals all is ready and the curtain goes up as Lani moves to a seat on the side to watch her young star strut her stuff. The audience gasps as the overhead stage lights beam down on the erotic sight of Alice smeared in oil and shiny from the reflection, her school boots nearly three feet apart, her hands behind her neck as her head tilts away from the audience.

A minute ticks by and she doesn't move. It's perfect for those actually painting her. Then, as if in slow motion, her outstretched hands ever so gradually descend down the sides of her shoulders. They reach her immature breasts as they move around and around the nipples, her only signs of breasts.

Her head remains tilted back as her fingers twig her thick nipples until they stand erect slightly bigger than the size of a rubber on the tip of a school pencil. Her hands very slowly slide in unison down each side of her body to her hips and then on upraised hands her fingertips trace lines in the soaking oil all over her flat stomach. Someone groans in the audience.

Lani is horrified. Alice is going too far too soon. She's supposed to be just holding her sensuous pose for the first session and touching herself in the second session so the elected school master enters to catch her in the act.

Finally, Alice lifts her head up and faces the artists, her mouth half open, her tongue resting just outside her moist lips. Her left hand gently slides its way over her hairless pubic area to reach her pussy while she uses the right hand to stroke up and down her school tie as though it's a penis before sucking the end of it and then flicking the tie over her shoulder. All her movements are extremely slow to give the audience time to size up the directions she's taking.

Her right hand slowly points back and as she lifts her bare bum off the seat, she tilts her body to the left and stretches her right hand under the tight cheeks of her fleshy bum to dig into her vagina. As Alice gets both hands on to her pussy from underneath and from the front she lets out a very audible sigh that's not faked. "Aaaaah."

She does it again and again while her left hand fingers play vividly with an erect clitoris her right hand fingers dance joyfully inside her wet vagina, her bum tilted on its side. She commences an orchestrated fast fingering dual masturbation technique from back and front, the arousal of her senses getting the better of her as she keeps singing "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! with ever-rising passion, sounds and pitch in her voice.

It's 15 minutes into the session and the 'headmaster' realises he's not supposed to come on stage until the second half of the second session and that's another 20 minutes away. He realises Alice has forgotten the drill but his role is to get out there once she is touching herself. Instead, he stands mesmerised by her sounds and her erotic imagery while he clutches his rock hard erection and takes deep breaths while Alice works herself into a vibrant orgasm.

She's on the edge of the seat, barely capable of staying there, her face seems more agonised than happy as she cums with a loud drawn out cry "oooooooooohhhh!" followed by the loud sounds of her trying to recover from her frenetic breathing. Lani's pussy is soaking wet watching. "God that was a big one," she mutters half under her breath as Alice removes her right hand from under her legs and sucks her fingers as her left hand keeps squeezing her fat labia about while the body tremors graduate to sensitive ripples and then the feeling of total contentment. Bernard signals for Brodie to 'get out there' now Alice has brought the show into a one act play instead of a three-part series.

The whole audience is stunned momentarily by Alice's unexpected display of uninhibited masturbation and breaks into enthusiastic applause and then a second round as big Brodie steps forward with his rock hard phallus, moving up quietly behind her to place his massive missile on her shoulder.

His voice booms loudly, "Student Alice, I am disgusted. Catching you masturbating in the classroom I am shocked. Look at you, half your clothes missing. I must discipline you immediately."

"Oh sir, I am sorry I couldn't help myself," she laments loudly as a stir goes through the audience. "Please don't punish me. When I go to high school I must have good behaviour reports."

"Then you should know that when the time comes to pleasure yourself like schoolgirls like you do, you keep that kind of thing in your own bedroom. But I'll still punish you for forcing me to witness this shocking classroom incident. If you show you can take my discipline I'll make sure you get a good behaviour report at the end of your final term before the school promotes you."

"Oh thank you sir. I promise to be good," Alice cries out.

Brodie swings her head around facing his massive erection. "You've wet your fingers in your pussy girl, now wet my cock in your mouth and no backchat while you do it." The audience laughs at his remark as Alice swings about on her bare cheeks to look at his cock.

"Oh sir, it's huge. I've never ever seen one this big. I can't fit that in my mouth."

Lani is impressed yet again. It is like a real stage play with two amateur actors sounding like stage veterans.

"Student Alice, just do it! Open your mouth and suck. Get it around those cute lips of yours and slide it in and out. That's what you do. Hell, haven't you learnt yet how to do this? You should know by now."

"I'm sorry sir. Don't be mad at me. I will try now."

The audience, every man and woman, is tickled pink by their acting, many of them nudging each other in approval. Alice holds one hand around his edifice resembling a space shuttle on the launching pad at Cape Canaveral. Her tiny hand can hardly go around it but the sheer masculinity of it excites her deeply. The audience applauds again as she holds it upright and starts licking the long underside length to the tip where she runs her tongue across the head of his penis and repeats the same technique before engorging the spearhead fullness into her mouth, forcing her lips wide apart.

Her right hand cradles his tight balls while she rubs her left hand loosely up and down the length of his shaft. Brodie groans loudly feeling her hot lips gripping tightly around his tip and changing direction to increase the angle and pleasure. It's as good as he gets from three females working in unison where he comes from. Alice is obsessed with big cocks despite her petite size ever since her own doctor demonstrated she can enjoy normal sex, because once turned on properly, Mother Nature makes the corridor of her pussy love shack wider for larger furniture.

She's thoroughly enjoying this experience. She swings her head around with his knob clenched deep between her lips, almost gagging her throat, but slobbering up and down, then around and around, then removing the shaft from her mouth and holding it up as if to show it off to the audience. Her movements are slow and deliberate, then fast and furious at the business end of his pride and joy.

Lani's told her no one expects anyone to cum in these artist posing sequences but she's already cum strongly from masturbating in front of so many people and knowing in her mind how it must affect their minds watching her. That they may be trying to sketch her is a mere detail. She decides she must make headmaster Brodie cum and see what he's made of.

She's always turned on by the thoughts of a man spurting cum on to a girl's face and she wants his best effort real bad. After more than 10 minutes exploring every inch of his manhood and rubbing the shaft across her face every so often, sucking his testicles in their tension tight scrotum, she senses he is close to being read to blow. His increasingly loud groan give him away as he looks down over the top of her school hat submitting to the headmaster's punishment.

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