Alice Manipulated Ch. 08


Brodie considers himself quite a stud with his big dick and his ability to take lots of sucking in his own living room when the TV goes off, lasting 40 minutes at a time before he shoots his facials amid squeals of delight. This time, however, it's Alice in charge, not his doting wife making it all possible, and Alice is definitely in control. She concentrates on the head of his penis, pressing her full lips tighter around the most sensitive underside of the glans and bobbing her head up and down faster and faster. He's always loved the feeling of soft female hands like hers over every part of his huge toy as eager lips tug the head of his penis, hands feeling his tight balls and caressing up and down the shaft simultaneously with ever-increasing speed. He prays that female instincts never tire of the natural desire to worship an erect penis.

No one seems to be paining, sketching or filming. They are locked on to Alice's somewhat frenzied oral assault on the headmaster's macho cock. They can hear his groans getting louder and louder and everyone leans forward to see the inevitable. With a loud "Arrrrrrrgh" and a shudder, he grabs it from her grip and lays it vertically up her chin in his usual style just in time to let go a white stream of cum that lands with a splat on top of her school hat, followed by pulsating splooges that cover her forehead, nose, cheeks, her upper lip and chin. Big cocks, big balls, big egos certainly produce big cumshots.

He pokes the head of his cock into her mouth, resting it on her bottom teeth so the final four jerking contractions plant a gooey white mat on her tongue. This is his usual style of doing it, first the face then inside the mouth. He's lucky to have enough to go around.

Baby-faced Alice is covered in his cum and it's more than she could hope for as much as she loves the sensation. Lani and Bernard rise from their chairs and applaud loudly, followed by most of the audience rising to its feet amid enthusiastic applause and calls "bravo bravo. More! More!"

For a few minutes it's pandemonium until Brodie is heard calling out to the audience to be quiet. Finally they can hear him shout out his final unrehearsed lines. "Student Alice, you took my punishment so well I am giving you a triple A report. I'm sure you'll come top of your class."

The audience roars, there is much backslapping and more applause. It takes Lani a few minutes to gather herself and get to Alice with cum dripping all down her face as if she's been in a snowstorm.

"My God Alice, what a beautiful sight. You were magnificent and what a finish! It's something none of us ever expected." She calls for hush, wrapping her arm around Alice, and asks for three cheers for Alice who stands there semi-naked but smiling and still wiping cum away from her eyes and sucking it constantly from her fingers.

Half an hour later everyone has gone away happy. Alice returns to their office to take off the school attire, shower and get dressed in her street clothes and enjoy coffee and toasted sandwiches with the business owners."You know you didn't have to go that far sweetheart," Lani says between sips of coffee. Her spunky young charge laughs.

"When I saw that sea of faces watching me my mind went right back to when I first met you and Bernard in the crowded cafe. You asked if I've ever had an orgasm in a public place and then Bernard seduced me so cleverly. How could I ever forget that?

"He made me cum and even got me to make him cum in the back booth while the place was so packed out. I can remember him saying to shut my eyes tight and imagine a crowd was gathering around watching me being forced to cum under the table. Did I cum all right? I sure did! I couldn't believe he could do that in a busy cafe."(chapter 2)

"Ah, that's because you were literally in the hands of a master seducer, my dear lover Bernard. Alice have you ever wondered why a 30 year-old woman is living with a 61 year-old man? I'll tell you.

"It's because he's an incredibly good lover. He leaves men half his age for dead in his knowledge of a woman's anatomy, how to please her in sex, how to understand the way a woman thinks and he's so kind. And how many men take the trouble to really understand a woman's sexuality? Heavens, many women don't know enough about their internal workings when it comes to sex. I bet many don't know how to give themself a real orgasm beyond their clit. That's why my Bernard is very special to me. He knows. And even if he had a small cock, which he hasn't, he'd know where to put it and make up for size.

She leans closer to Alice and whispers something in her ear that makes the girl nod understandingly.

"B ernard, Lani wants me to agree to something I've never done and I need your permission."

He looks curiously at her. "Yes, what is it?

"Will you let me join you and Lani in what the French call a ménage a trios?"

"Ah, a sexy threesome we say here. It sounds terribly exciting for a man of my age and description," he jokes in his fading English accent. "Are you sure that's what you want my dear as I'm about three times your age or is this just something you feel you must do just to please my hot partner here? She's always so horny and she's wanted you from day one."

Lani frowns at Bernard but Alice pats her on the knee. "No Bernard, it's something I want to do. You're so masterful in your old erotic ways and know how to turn a woman on. What you did to me in that cafe was unbelievable and I still can't believe it happened with so many people around.

"I'd only met you for the first time just outside the cafe. Oh my God."

"In that case my dear I'll give my permission to allow myself to indulge all my erotic fantasies in one wicked night of debauchery with my lovely partner Lani and a spunky young miss that looks like she's still growing up. You know, you will make me feel like a dirty old man, you'd better bring along your proof of age card my dear."

They laugh. "I think I'm going to get this most of my life, this proof of age stuff, "laments Alice.

"Well dear," he says, "This is the age we live in. We must protect the innocent, I mean the real innocent. We say you look innocent but there are different kinds of innocence. There are really nasty people out there who don't care or even stop to think of the psychological harm they can do to immature minds by promoting sex as fashionable to very young people. Just look at the fashion and games industries and even the sections of the music industry in portraying cult images to young minds. Some of it's over the top but maybe I sound old fashioned in this era where sex sells but methinks it gets out of hand."

Alice is so impressed with Bernard's sincerity. "Well, I think that's wonderful of you but what about me? Here I am, a young woman dressing up or really undressing on stage as a half naked school girl doing something naughty."

"Ah yes, but as you know we're all adults. No one is under the age of 26. Adults have their fantasies as long as it doesn't involve those under 18. I know in some parts of the world like Singapore the age of sexual consent is 16 but here and in most countries it's 18 or else. Under 18 makes them victims, not participants in strict morality. But Alice, you're 21 so you can please yourself just like you just pleased all those people tonight.

"Yes I understand that Bernard," Alice replies, "but I am stuck with my small size and a figure more like I'm immature in development. How do I live with that? Am I a freak? After all, I'm a young woman and they're not going to grow now."

Lani puts her arm around Alice, sensing she is getting upset about her girlish looking body again. "Look Alice, let me tell you something. I know for a fact there are 18 to 20 year-old models in various countries of the world who do erotic art, fashion work, nude modelling and even porn on the very strength of them being in demand because although they are adults, they are undeveloped in their breasts and epitomise the youthful embodiment of innocence by looking younger than they actually are. You are just like them. Nature made you tiny. Don't be ashamed or afraid of it.

"Look, one day you will have children just like any other woman. Breast feeding is not essential but having a pussy is and your little pussy can accommodate a man. Tell me I'm right.

"Yes," she replies somewhat surly.

"Now the question begs. Can you imagine my dear big dong Bernard here wanting to fill your desires? Can you fit him into your life to put it another way?"

"Alice brightens up quickly. "Yes I can fit him in I'm sure. He reminds me of my own big Uncle Bernie of similar name but he's 51 and Bernard says he's 61 yet they both look younger than their age."

"Ah, see Alice," quips the old man. "You look younger than your real age so we are in the same boat.

"Yes, but..."

"No buts. It's settled. Tell me though; you call him your big uncle. Is he, you know?"

"Yes, he's got a big one. You are both pretty much the same. It seems I attract older men with big cocks. But I've lived with Uncle Bernie as my guardian since he raised me from eight years of age and it wasn't until I turned 21 just three months ago that he actually let me feel it and then have sex with me. It was his 21st birthday present actually after I told him what I most wanted and he really made me wait for it."

"Now that is a very patient man with such a sweet thing like you to look after," chirps Lani. "I bet you miss him."

"Oh I do ever so much now we started sleeping together once I turned 21. He always chased me out of his room because I must admit I was a bit of a little devil prancing around and wanting to make out he's my boyfriend. I never had a boyfriend so for years dear Uncle Bernie was my boyfriend when I'd go to bed on my own and touch myself like young girls do."

"Bernard tops up their coffee mugs."Anyway very soon we can all get together and have a night of complete debauchery with our naughty little devil Alice and there'll be no more talk about you not looking your age."

The older couple remind her she's just done a good job at that and to get her mind off looking too young to be true.

"Let me ask you a question Alice, Bernard says with a sound of sincerity. "Has anything you've ever done through us ever made anyone unhappy or hurt?"

"Heavens no, it's quite the opposite. Look at tonight when everyone was cheering and going home happy."

"See Alice, you made them happy. You make people happy."

"But my uncle Bernie wouldn't approve. He could be angry if he knew. I love him so much I don't want to hurt his feelings."

Lani steps in and brings the issue to a head. "Alice we are sending you to see this man on Wednesday this week. He's a hypnotherapist who can turn your negatives into positive thinking. They help people with emotional problems and it's just a case of mind over matter stuff.

"Look Bernard and I love you working with us. You are really the sexiest young woman I've ever met and I've met a lot of people. See, there you are, no tits, tiny figure, little pussy, pretty face, short and small tight bum and what do I see? I see a sexy young woman. You are attractive Alice, in fact you are hot. Now start believing in yourself. Get rid of those self doubts and let other people judge you rather than you judge yourself. Life is not about turning everyone on that we see. It's about bonding with those we can trust and whose company we can enjoy. Shitheads go get stuffed I say.

"Anyway, promise me you will keep this man's phone number and ring him for an appointment on Wednesday. I've met him and you don't have to do anything but turn up at his door. I'll give him your background to make it easy for him and you. It saves a lot of time there."

She nods. "All right, I'll do it for you Lani."

"No Alice, you'll do it for you. And when you do, I'll be more proud of you."

"But he's a hypnotist Lani, I've seen them on TV and they put people under and make them look silly doing things they don't know they are doing like men kissing men, putting their shoes on the wrong feet and taking their shirts off like it's a heat wave. The audience laughs at them."

Bernard and Lani hold her hand. "Alice, the people you see on TV are entertainers. It's meant to be fun and sometimes they pick stooges from the audience who are not really hypnotised but make out they are just for the show to look good. Yes, many hypnotists can make people do things they don't know they are doing, but this man is a hypnotherapist. He uses those skills for medical or educational purposes."

"How did you come to know him? Did you go to him yourself?"

"No, it wasn't that. A friend of mine from another state recommended him as he's just moved here and that lady happens to be an old girlfriend of his. She was putting in a good word for him since he's setting up practice soon as he's not quite fully accredited yet. He's got to get his final papers and diploma stuff to make it all official but meanwhile she says he is willing to help any friends for free as it's all good top-up practice for him before he gets officially accredited."

"So I won't have to pay?" But if he's free, how good is he? Can he really use hypnosis like you say?"

"Good question. The answer is yes. He told me he is treating his next door neighbour's daughter who's sitting for final college exams soon and can't relax. She has a sleeping disorder and she needs a good pass to get a good job soon. Anyway he put her under his spell or whatever they call it and bingo, an hour or whatever later she's come good and now sleeps like a top at night.

"Well so he says, but you have to trust some people. She's got a final visit to take her all the way through the treatment but it seems he knows what he's doing so you'll be in good hands."

"Okay Lani, I'll definitely go to see him on that recommendation."

"Now that's better and here's your cheque for $1000 to bank in your lunch hour tomorrow. You know, so far we have paid you just over $18,000 so you are building quite a nice bank account with that sexy little body. Like I said, be positive about it and now you'd better go home it's nearly nine o'clock."

They kiss and she gives Bernard a peck on the cheek and heads home. Bernard turns to Lani and quips, "why is it that sexy girls give you a kiss on the lips while I just get a peck on the cheek?"

"Because my dear old man I am sexier looking than you!"

The next day Alice banks her cheque in her lunch hour and, from her reception desk while the doctor is busy with a patient and no one is waiting, she rings the hypnotherapist for a consultation after work the next day.

The doctor closes his clinic at 4pm on the Wednesday as there are no more appointments, allowing Alice an early mark, so instead of waiting around, she decides to duck home to change out of her reception uniform which has the clinic name on it. Since her visit is only for a discussion anyway, she decides to put on for the second time only the saucy underwear given to herby Lani to keep after her Companions Corner assignment the previous weekend.

She's washed and ironed everything so she's now got a new selection of daringly delicious panties, thongs and the tiniest of silk g-string pussy covers. The one she selects and hasn't worn before is the imported label from Thailand being a fragile looking white silk in a size 6 suited to her tweeny size shape. She looks in the mirror and it even turns her on the way the flimsy semi- transparent silk snuggles into her short but fat pussy.

It doesn't hide much and is so small it goes just goes across the top of her clitoris, leaving her entire pubic area bare. As always Alice has covered her area down there in the penetrating oils Lani gave her so she always looks shiny and scrumptious.

She wouldn't wear the garment if she thought it involved undressing in front of a stranger except her own doctor but since it's only for a discussion with him she can wear whatever she fancies. Looking through her wardrobe she decides to wear for the second time only the hot pink lycra micro mini shorts specially designed for her after Lani's models manager Manuel took her measurements in preparation for her Companions' Corner modelling assignment.

When she walked out of Lani's beauty parlour that day after being pampered and dressed for the occasion with her 'faraway parents' Bruce and Beverley, the body hugging thing between her legs seemed to catch everyone's eyes.

Looking into the mirror she knows why. It sits so low on her pelvic bone there are only mere inches of depth in them as the elasticised top runs a mere fraction above her pubic bone and the leg section is level with the bottom of her short length pussy. It's more like beach wear than street gear as the lycra is typically clinging to the skin, so tight, so thin and ever so revealing.

However, there are very few places she can wear such an outfit and when she drives to the hypnotherapists' address just an hour before nightfall, she won't have to parade it in front of anyone. She loves the outfit as it's so cheeky and it fits her so well it's a shame she can't' put it on going to the supermarket but figures that maybe one day she should do that for fun. She feels relaxed wearing it to him because he's a professional and Lani has briefed him on what kind of work she does for them and how she often dresses for occasions. He may as well see her as she's supposed to be for them.

She picks out her diamond shaped soft pink satin button up shirt that's identical on the back, allowing lots of bare flesh on her sides and a six-inch gap to the top of her shrunken-like shorts. The all-over tan given to her for her Saturday night Companions' Corner jaunt with Bruce and Beverley will stay good for another week, making her entire body face to toes radiant in a complexion slightly darker than her normal lightly tanned look.

She puts on her matching hot pink joggers and short pink socks, clips her pet slave bracelet to her left ankle, straightens up her gold chain necklace and adjusts her twin pigtails to look tidier. She then brushes her teeth and applies her satin look pink gloss to her full lips before jumping into her little Toyota for the 25-minute drive to the hypnotherapist to be there by 5.30 pm.

The address is smack in the middle of a middle class suburb and it's a private house with a security gate doorbell alongside a wide iron gate driveway that hides a timber two-storey house set well back from the road but very close to the neighbouring house.

A small metal sign near the letterbox reads Dr JG Dalliance. She rings the bell and sees the pedestrian gate swing open long enough for her to get inside quickly. Alice strides up a wide pathway flanked by cropped hedges until she reaches the front door of the house some 200 feet from the front gate.

Another bell, another short wait, and then it opens and a solid built tall bearded man about 40 years of age appears smiling at her. "You must be Alice," he welcomes, looking past her shoulder to see if anyone is with her. "I'm doctor Dalliance, your friend Lani was in touch with me most concerned about you. Please follow me."

She simply nods and follows the man who seems twice her height but is really 6 feet 3 inches tall. He leads her into a massively large study with bookshelves on one wall and at the farthest wall a huge home entertainment system capped by a 12 feet wide by 6 feet high screen. Various artefacts are dotted about the place making it more cosy but business-like.

The room is so spacious even his extra width office desk seems dwarfed. A long leather couch is against one wall and two matching leather single seater recliners are set at angles towards his desk. A clinic style examination type bench on wheels is in a corner with a pillow and sheets on it, reminding Alice of the one at her doctor's consulting rooms. She spots a set of scales is against the wall near the large lounge. "Please be seated," he says gesturing to one of the seats in front of his desk. The seat is so plush that her small build requires her to sit well back and her feet don't touch the floor.

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