Alice Manipulated Ch. 08


He rests his hands in front of him on the desk as he sits. "Yes, as I was saying, you are the young teenager with the guilt complex that Lani wants me to help fix and..."

"Excuse me sir," Alice interrupts. I actually turned 21 a few months ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry; it's just that you looked...."

"Like I'm much younger than you expected?" she interjects. "What, a young teenager or something? That's what I get all the time and I'm sick of it. One day someone will get my age right. I am 21."

"Well I apologise for that young lady, but I could swear you don't look anywhere near your age. Is that part of your problem?"

"I don't think I have a problem at all, but Lani insists I have so I am here to please her, not myself," she says haughtily.

He's listening but skilfully surveying the shape she's in and the way her pussy package bulges out in the raunchy tight lycra micro mini shorts. It doesn't just bulge out; the thin material digs into her shorts and creates a magnificent deep cameltoe down the centre of her sweep spot. The outline is dramatised more by the way Alice sits back in the big chair with her feet unable to touch the floor. The lycra accentuates the contours of her pussy indicating fat outer labia and a fairly wide clitoris descending an inch and a half into the inverted gap called the cameltoe. He gulps and likes what he sees.

"So," he continues, "you have no problem at all yet it seems to me that you get upset very easily if someone mistakes your age. I imagine every woman would like to think a man thinks they are younger than they really are. Age is such a thing with women, much more than it is with men."

"I suppose so but this is different," she retorts. "I'm not 40 wishing someone thinks I'm in my early 20s. Maybe one day I won't mind that but right now I am a bit sensitive about it. It gets tiring you know."

"May I suggest then young lady you don't exhibit yourself like the way you dress coming here. Your hair in pigtails, that excuse for shorts, all the bare skin and the hot pink colours for example. At the front door I thought she was sending me her daughter like my next door neighbour did the other day but at least she wore a skirt even if it was about 10 inches above her knees it's something you more expect from contemporary young ladies today. So yes, in that outfit I did take you for a completely different age group.

Alice shrugs her shoulders almost contemptuously. "Sir, I'll have you know my hair has been in pigtails since I was eight and that's how my Uncle Bernie liked me and I got used to it. Besides, I've seen lots of models older than me in pigtails."

"Well perhaps they were just trying to look like teenagers like in glamour magazines and things like that. Certainly any sensible person can tell a 30 year- old glamour model can't shed about 12 years off their face. Now in your case you have a very young looking face; I hate to use the word baby face but that's what the term is. When you add that clothing to someone of your looks and build of course people will mistake you for being younger."

Alice is defiant. It's not her idea to see this man and he's annoying her with his pedantic picking of her appearance. "Look sir, I dress like this because coming here tonight is only because Lani insists and for reasons she thinks are only associated with my modelling work for her. I dress this way in things I do for her business so whatever you need to ask about my work or my attitude thing you can see me as you like. I don't care really."

He leans back and twiddles a pen between his index fingers. "Ah, so this is not your street wear at all, it's the way you like to dress for her clients?"

"Sir you are trying to put words into my mouth. I dress how she asks me to and this outfit was given to me to wear for one client who wanted me to dress like his daughter. It's a fantasy thing, that's all. All the things I'm allowed to keep, including the sexy underwear. It's one of the extra benefits apart from getting paid."

"Hmm, so they give you sexy underwear to keep, you are a lucky girl."

"So what!" she spurts. "That's my private privilege."

"Yes of course, well I think we should get down to why you are here young lady. But first I must get some of your data to put on file, your height, weight, your ID picture and so on. I keep all of my clients on file to compare data in any subsequent consultation. Now please stand up while I get a picture of your face."

Alice does as she's asked since it's a simple request to cross reference identities. He reaches into his drawer and brings out a digital camera and snaps a face profile front on and to the side. "Thanks young lady, now step against the wall here while I note your height. That's right, back against the wall eyes straight ahead. Nice. Now hold that. Ooops, I've dropped the tape measure. I'm getting clumsy."

He kneels down to pick it up and his face is directly level with her thighs just inches away from the tight package at the top of her shapely legs. His pulse races at what seems an extravagant display on such a tiny cute figure. The sheer tightness of the body moulded micro shorts design is made precisely for Alice's own personal measurements and promotes her natural curves, peaks and valleys in the vital area of her crotch. In essence it puts her pussy right out in front in a third dimensional sense. He whistles softly to himself and struggles to regather his composure.

"Er, yes, now let's see. Now where was I? Oh yes, checking it out; I mean checking out your height. Yes. Let's see now. Ah, four feet 10 inches exactly. Now let's get your weight right. Just step on the scales over here but take those joggers off and your outer wear, just your shirt and shorts to get the exact weight without the additions. You can put them back on straight away once I get the weight checked."

Alice baulks. "Wait a minute sir I came here for a discussion about things Lani told you about, not to get undressed. I can't see why this is necessary."

"Oh my, you are stroppy today. My previous client was more cooperative than you."

"She folds her arms in defiance and spontaneously crosses her legs, making her near perfect triangle even more perfect as it sits in pride of place at the front of her thighs. "Well, I am not your previous client, that girl, I am me and I'm not doing it. It's ridiculous. What excuse did you use for her to strip off? I can't see any reason but to see what's underneath. All you men are the same."

Her barrage takes him by surprise. Not just little but a little bit of fight in her attitude. "Ahem. Dear Alice, you are over reacting and this seems a long term stress factor relating to your state of mind and why you are here in the first place. It's my professional duty to accurately record all the details about you. It's a private file. No one else sees it but me. You are required to follow my instructions so we can proceed."

"No, I won't do it. Just weigh me with everything on. What's the difference? I'm not obese or starving myself skinny. How do I know you'll stop there and next thing ask me to take it all off?"

He laughs. "Young lady, I can't believe I'm hearing this. I'm here to help you, not to manipulate you in any way. And you of all people, you, doing the kind of work for your friend's clients that involve you getting undressed for strangers and jiggling your nude body in front of them, to even think I would want you to do this for my own pleasure. It's absurd."

Alice hedges slightly confused that she's been too difficult just because she didn't want to do the visit in the first place. "I wish Lani were here," she mutters. "You are not a real doctor and getting down to my underpants is a bit rich isn't it? I mean, you are a hypnotist, not a medical doctor and where are your diplomas on the wall, I can't see any?"

Dr Dalliance is getting tired of her blocking him. "Young lady, my diplomas are on the way. I've only just arrived here a week ago and there are trunk loads of gear yet to arrive. I'm doing this as a favour for your friend Lani. I don't have to put up with your silly objections. Girls at the beach wear just as much as I'm asking you to keep on while I weigh you. It's only the outer garments to come off for a few minutes. Surely you have underwear?"

He hopes he hasn't pushed the envelope too far or she might just walk out and such a sexy young miss would be a missed opportunity to practice his specialty. He decides to take a risk. He steps behind his desk and puts one hand on the telephone. "Perhaps I should ring your friend Lani and advise her you are being very difficult and that you blame her for you being here, that you didn't want to come. Let's hear what she has to say."

He pauses long enough to get her reaction, which is swift. "No! Wait. Don't tell Lani, she will be very cross with me if you tell her that. All right, I will take off my joggers, shirt and shorts but that's all only to get weighed. Then I'll get dressed straight away again."

"Now that's much better, see it's quite simple." He watches her take off her pink joggers and raises his eyebrows when she unbuttons her diamond shaped shirt to reveal a completely flat chest bar two very perky fat nipples sitting on upraised areolas. Her suntanned skin still radiant from the moisturising oils in it makes her look quite resplendent. She apologises for taking so long to get her shorts down as they are so tight. He watches with bated breath. "Don't rush, no need to panic about this. No one else is waiting to see me."

She turns her back to him and eventually wriggles them down over her hips and one leg at a time steps out of them, revealing her well rounded and very firm suntanned bare arse hugging the G-string cord into the crack of her fleshy cheeks. He marvels at the way her tight butt sits up high and so much so he imagines if she were lying naked on her tummy her pussy would be sitting up quite provocatively from between her legs or even better, if she's bending over it would stand out like the front cover of a magazine and so easy to get into.

She turns to face him but their eyes don't meet. His gaze goes straight to her loins to see her outrageously sexy white silk g-string underwear. It's so sheer it's virtually see-through and not quite as wide as a cigarette packet. No wonder she objected to talking off her shorts, he thinks, this makes his day.

The daring garment barely covers her clitoris at the top and the bottom end of her vagina below. It's the most eye-popping thing he's seen for a while and even better than the flesh coloured butterfly thong his previous patient wore. He swallows as the sudden excitement makes his mouth water. He's glad he chose this profession rather than follow his father's career into aged care. He gulps again as she straightens up and her entire frontal view makes him wish she worked for him, not someone else. The best thing he could have done, he does, but not realising until then how to get around Alice.

He praises her on having a beautiful womanly figure. Alice is a real sucker for that, for so many years being at odds about lacking more obvious adult measurements.

"My word Alice you look in great shape. That's one of the nicest young figures I've seen in a long time for a woman your age."

"Really, sir? You're not just saying that are you? I know I look tweeny-like and that's crazy I know, so it's good to hear someone refer to me as a woman."

"Well I must say you look stunning. And so brown all over."

"But you think me having no tits spoils me don't you, sir?"

"Oh my goodness, no. In my line of work I counsel people men and women, boys and girls and it's amazing how many people have a hang-up about something to do with their body. A man's penis is too small, he's afraid to confront women; a woman's breasts are too large she should have surgery to make them smaller; a teenage boy thinks his voice sounds too feminine; a teenage girl is so fixated about her school teacher she has orgasms in bed thinking of him. Goodness, I could go on."

"Yes but about my tits, or lack of them. Doesn't that make me less feminine?"

"Alice, just go back to when you were a real tweeny, in your nine to 12 years. Didn't you ever look at yourself in the mirror and think you looked real feminine, real sexy?"

"Yes, every girl that age does I'm sure."

"Well, what's the difference? You still have those young feminine characteristics today and guess what? If you look something like that in the body now as you did then, why would you be any less feminine?"

"I guess not but I've only got these big nipples."

"Exactly! Either way you can't lose. Now those killer nipples really set you apart from your earlier years. Look at them; they're broader at the base than the thickness of my pencil here and sitting up so pointy on those swollen areolas. Are they always like that?"

"Yes sir. They just grew that way. "

"Well good on you. Now let's get on with it anyway. Hop on the scales so I can read your weight in that window between your feet.

He kneels behind Alice as she stands on the scales and aligns his face to her remarkably well formed upright buttocks. Naked young flesh so smooth, oiled and brown. His erection strains in his pants. From where he kneels looking between her slightly parted legs he can see the g-string cord than runs between her cheeks where it joins the tiny silk material cover and the fat bulge from underneath is pumping up his blood pressure.

He scribbles down the details and takes a further look at the magic of her bare arse, young, pure, replicating the age of innocence. He stays kneeling as she turns around to step off the scales, affording him a brief but very gratifying close up look at an obviously bare pussy straining against the fragile thin silk.

He overbalances as he gets up and Alice knows he's been sneaking a good look. "There, you can get dressed now," he says guiltily. That wasn't so bad was it?" From his point of view it was certainly better than he expected.

"No sir. I didn't mean to be rude," she apologises.

"Alice we need to get to the root of any problem you might have. Your friend Lani says you feel guilty about doing sexy jobs for big money to help your guardian uncle but he would be angry if he knew what you were doing. She also told me she cares a lot about you and wants to be closer but doesn't want you to feel guilty about that either. Now my job is to help you eradicate any such fears so it doesn't affect your health, your home life or your work."

She hears him but is not really listening because she knows she doesn't have that problem. That's a fear Lani tries to put in her mind to test her out. She will go along with the hypnotherapist just for the record and to keep sweet with Lani.

He asks her to stand up. "Alice I'm going to try to induce you into a deep sleep to take away your doubts. Now I must advise that it doesn't work on every person, but usually it does. My last patient was really good, she went out like a light and that makes my job easier as this is a mind over matter thing. You can't be fighting it. It's about being relaxed. Are you ready?"

She shrugs her shoulders. "Guess so," she replies. He pulls the mobile examination bed to the centre of the room. "Good, then step over here and lie down on this sheet with your head on the pillow and I'll just take your boots off for you. I need you to totally relax and listen to me, listen very, very closely and let's see if I can induce you into a deep sleep."

She lies back and lifts her head up, resting on her elbows. "You're not going to hypnotise me to do silly things like cackle like a chook or moo like a cow. I saw that on TV and the people looked silly. Don't make me do crazy things."

"Alice, you can trust me. You'll only do things that are helpful, not things you would never want to do at any time of your life. Besides, there's no audience to laugh at you. This is a private sitting. It's just the two of us in my residence. No one can interrupt. The doors are locked. You are fully dressed and you need my help. We are going to have a conversation once I know you are induced into a deep sleep so you feel nothing but only hear my voice. Here we go.

"Alice, look at this pocket watch as I swing it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. You hear nothing not a sound and you are safe. Nothing can harm you. You are invincible, you are protected. You feel wonderful. You are on a magic carpet ride. You hear only my voice. You feel totally relaxed, totally reassured like never before. You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy, very, very, sleepy. Your eyes feel so heavy you can't open them.

"Ah, so calm, so safe. Never before have you ever felt so relaxed, so comfortable, so safe, so willing to please. You are getting more and sleepier, my voice is sounding far away. But you can hear me. Never so much have you felt so calm, so trusting, so free, so willing to please. You are a good girl, proud of your looks. Everyone admires you. It makes you feel good. So sleepy. So sleepy. Must sleep now. So calm, so tired.

The pocket watch is ticking as it swings back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth" Alice seems to be in wonderland. But he must test to be sure she's under his total control in deep sleep mode. "Alice you feel so calm, so happy so willing to please. So relaxed. You are so tired. Yawn. Yes, go ahead and yawn nice and big. That's the girl. So sleepy, you are floating away so sleepy, deep sleep, very deep sleep. You hear only my voice now. Nothing else matters. My voice will command you and you will only answer back when I say. Now sleep, sleep, and sleep. You will stay in deep sleep, very deep sleep, and you will not remember anything when you wake up. Not a thing. The only thing you will remember is me asking you to lay your head on the pillow.

"When you wake you will ask me what the time is." It's his way of confirming she was fully hypnotised and won't remember a thing.

"Alice you are back in school and teacher wants you to sing Mary has a little lamb. Go ahead and you sing the nursery rhythm."

She sings softly: "Mary has a little lamb, its fleece is white as snow, and everywhere that Mary goes the lamb is sure to go. He followed her to school one day..."

"Very good Alice," he interjects. "Very good. Now sit back behind your desk so teacher knows you are listening and rub your pussy over your pants to make yourself feel happy while teacher watches you."

Her right hand goes to the deep dint in her paper thin lycra tights and three fingers start to slide up and down the crevice for close to 10 minutes until he can see it's getting very damp in there. Her left hand tries to squeeze under the leg of her shorts but it's too tight so instead she squeezes the fat shape while the other hand keeps fingering along the increasingly wet patch. He lets her continue a bit longer while he engages her in talk to make her mind wander in parallel with her working fingers.

Teacher asks who's your hero, who is it you will do anything to please?

"My Uncle Bernie, my foster daddy"

"Where's Uncle Bernie now?"

"He's away, a long way away. I miss him"

"Do you love him?

"I love him more than anything."

"Do you undress for him?"

"Sometimes. When he wants me"

"Do you play with your pussy a lot, like now?"

"Yes. It makes me feel good."

"How old are you now?"

"I don't know. I will have to think which birthday."

"Are you 21 now?"

"Sometimes I am and sometimes I'm not."

"Has Uncle Bernie kissed your little pussy yet?"

"Yes, I like it."

"Do you like his cock?"

"I love it. I love riding his big cock."

"When do you get his cock?"

"When I become his big girl."

"What does that mean?"

"Whatever he wants."

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