tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlice Manipulated Ch. 14

Alice Manipulated Ch. 14


When you're 21, in the prime of your life, you're female with a sensuous baby face and cute girlie figure naughty men are bound to notice you. And then there are some really naughty men who are absolute bounders for lust and enjoy tying a sexy young woman up so she's certainly bound to let them have their way with her.

In this down and dirty non violent episode the impish yet irresistible younger than Springtime looking Alice finds herself in the hands of a junk yard dealer whose main companion in life is his big guard dog Max.

Alice is told by the erotic modelling agency Companion's Corner that from time to time they get some odd customers and she's bound to come across an odd bod sooner or later. Business operators Bernard and Lani tell her they screen them carefully to make sure they're just sexually deprived, not sexually depraved for the model's safety.

Nonetheless tiny Alice is in for a taunting when she makes ties with the man they call Junkyard Johnny who runs a car wrecking yard just off the highway on the outskirts of town. Just getting there for her appointment at the end of the day was scary enough. After knocking off work from her day receptionist job at the doctor's surgery it's a further ten miles past her own foster guardian's log cabin where she lives. And even that address is not part of normal suburbia.

So she knows it's out in the sticks off the main highway. Alice drives past the place so she knows how to find it easier because it's going to be just on dark when she arrives for her early evening appointment. She's to ring ahead so he can let her in because to get to the house she must go through piles and piles of car wrecks through a large yard patrolled by guard dogs.

Alice gets home to get ready and rings Lani at the agency. "I just drove out there Lani so I'll find it in the dark, and it's real spooky. Are you sure this guy is all right? I mean is it safe for me?"

Lani's not surprised at her call. It's her third model who's rang back once they know where the place is but each time there's no problem and they all got a hefty tip. Sometimes when a randy man gives a young woman a big tip he's sometimes inclined to also give her the kind of tip she can used in her bank account.

"Don't worry Alice, this guy is okay and despite his looks and his surroundings he's clean. He knows he's got to be shower clean too, for when you arrive otherwise we wouldn't let you go there. Angela, Jessica and Ashleigh were spooked like you at first but he was okay; just that he's out there at that lonely place at night with his big dog Max for company. The man is big and burly and you'd take him a hillbilly kind of way, a bit like those mountain men in the film Deliverance."

"Oh that's just great, I saw that film and they were real spooky and horrible. Are you sure he's not a weirdo?"

"Yes darling, the local cops know him but not from breaking the law; he used to be in a bikie gang years ago but become a born-again Christian and changed his ways. He took over the car wrecking yard and is sort of like a model citizen these days.

"A re-born Christian is he? Oh halleluiah that's all I need; I hope he doesn't want me out there just to moralise about the sins of sex and vulnerable young women like me."

"He's okay Alice, as I said Bernard went right into it even checking with the local cops and while he looks rather offbeat he's pretty harmless. He's just a poor old prick now in his mid forties that never married and gets by with some occasional company of our models doing fantasy tricks for him.

"But you said he's a born-again Christian, is he into sex with strangers?"

"Alice pet, there are all kinds out there who believe in God, it's just that some of the religious ones are also religious about other things they believe in outside the church. Some of these religious people are very involved in sex whether it's mainstream, ritualistic or just plain kinky.

"Angela told me he's not the bit romantic type and sure doesn't look it but let's face it, in our fantasy model hire business we're not exactly into romance anyway as our clients want more than fluttering eyelashes and a kiss on the cheek."

"Okay Lani, I got it; but what's this about dogs? Big dogs frighten me, especially those junkyard dogs. I'd hate to get bitten by one," she says defensively.

Lani laughs. "I've seen his dog he calls Max. Don't worry, he can tell friend from foe, he's a trained guard dog, a German Shepherd retired from active police patrols, and could be quite savage if you were breaking into the place or stealing but Junkyard Jonny's trained him real well to like young women not scare them. He's guaranteed to lick you, not bite you. The other girls say he's a real pussycat when he goes in at night."

"What? He lets a big guard dog into his house?"

"Yes, don't forget Max is his company, he just sits and watches what he does, you know how some dogs sit there eagerly watching something panting with their tongue hanging out wagging their tail."

"Yes Lani I know what you mean, there's one a guy ties up outside the bottle shop where I go and this guy who owns him works there. Every time I walk to the door to go inside he gets up and wags his tail panting at me.

"Well there you go Alice, even a dog can tell you're sexy. I tell you, they're not dumb animals."

Alice gets off the phone feeling better about going to Junkyard Johnny's place since other fantasy models gave him the thumbs up (not fingers!) So as she motors out for her appointment she's got this description in mind of a man in his mid forties, a big man that looks a cross between a mountain man from the scary outdoor adventure film Deliverance and a bikie from Hell's Angels with tattoos on his broad arms and shoulders, a man who's never married and not likely to, definitely heterosexual and rapt in nice looking young women and he's a born again Christian. Hardly marriage material!

Lani's instructed her to go out dressed as a schoolgirl to give him a surprise since the man never had any children and he might appreciate something different to the airline hostess, nurse and secretary fantasy models.

Alice arrives in her school hat, navy pleated school tunic; tie with its fake emblem over her neat white cotton blouse and short white socks and basic black shoes. She carries a school bag to make it seem more natural and she's been told to hand him the teacher's report card made up by Lani for some spicy exam results.

At just four feet ten inches tall she's short and the bikie-looking Junkyard Johnny is a towering six feet six inches tall and built like a Mack truck. Despite being 21 she looks like a real schoolgirl. Her small size and trim overall size 10 body gives the impression she's just starting high school rather than supposing to be in her last year. Not looking her age means she always carries her age ID for legal reasons to protect the agency even though some clients don't bat an eyelid. Alice never wears a bra because there's basically little to cover up.

She's one of those young women who developed very late and her tits amount to big puffy mounds standing out about two inches from her chest on wide areolas. They look like their growing but they've grown about as far as they can go; at least the nipples are above average in thickness and stand up poignantly so they always appear erect. They're small, but delightfully provocative.

Amazingly for her, what was her nightmare admission to men – being of the extra tiny tits brigade - has so far proved to turn the men on all the more and she's forever wondering why. Lani and Bernard said it's because the predominantly older men she meets in Companion's Corner fantasy modelling work more readily see her as being like their young daughter still growing up and yet she's really hot in the cot as a tiny 21 year-old so they can pretend all they like.

Junkyard Johnny's received Alice's phone call from her car that she's just five minutes drive time away so when she pulls up she finds this mountain of a man waiting at the big double padlocked gates for her. A big German Shepherd dog stands beside him.

The schoolgirl gets out of the car and advances to the gate cautiously once she sees the size of the dog. "He won't bite ya, I've told him to behave as you're here on a friendly visit. He's a smart dog, he knows," the burly man calls out; just call him Max, that's his name."

"Hi Max," she calls out nervously never trusting any big dog.

"Here hold your hand out and let him lick ya and get a taste of yer scent so he knows yer okay," he suggests and Alice, ever compliant, does it while big Max licks the open palm of her hand and sends a little shiver along her spine.

"I've never been licked by a dog before; it tickled, she says. "I don't normally go near dogs in case they bite. Look at his teeth, and that huge tongue!"

"Yep just on eight inches long end to end and just on three inches across, sort of like puttin' out the pink carpet not the red carpet for visitors," he jokes. "He's a real pussycat when he gets to know ya."

Alice shudders but big Max just wags his tail twice as fast knowing in his dog-gone mind that Alice is here to please his master. He's seen it all before and even an Alpha dog can be voyeuristic as long as he's only looking.

"I hope he doesn't try anything too personal, I don't want to get scratched or bitten by any dog," Alice says trying to sound less subservient.

The man mountain laughs hoarsely at the thought. "Don't worry you won't see him doin' that," knowing that women get embarrassed if a dog gets his sniffer too close for their comfort.

"Hey lady, this is a smart dog, aren't ya Max?" he says talking to both of them in one breath. "He's got yer scent from yer hand and he's already summed you up. He knows yer here to give me a good time and he's smart, he just waits and watches because he's a trained guard dog, that's what he does, he watches what I do and makes sure everything's okay. His job's to protect me but I'm sure he likes yer looks already. See how he's waggin' his tail and hangin' his tongue out. He's talkin' to ya. That's how dogs talk."

"Good boy Max," she says more approvingly this time, hoping he stays a good boy.

They get to the house and he pushes the door open and steps in ahead of her. "Now let's go look at yer in the light," the hulk says. Alice follows him and Max, wagging his tail, follows behind Alice's cute tail.

Once the beefy one sees her under the full light of his big living room with her baby face and pigtails, tiny hands and no boobs sticking out, he frowns. "You're a schoolgirl eh? Well I don't mind if yer one of those senior high girls 18 years so yer legal coming out here for some frisky fun. And that's good service coming here without getting changed from school; that's a new one. Yer agency didn't tell me they employ high school girls."

"Well mister, I'm really 21, not 18 and thought I'd wear the school uniform. I was told you never married and had no daughter so I'm your senior high student daughter coming home from school for more lessons, homework and you putting me through an exam; well something like that."

He walks around her, studying her closely. "Yer a little spunk all right and not bad lookin' I'll grant you that but more like yer in junior high judgin' by the size of ya. "

"Well sir, I'm 21 actually."

"Yeah, so ya say but pull my other leg, it laughs too," he replies, feeling the shape of her bum over her tunic. "Ya got a cute arse by the feel of it but so do most girls after 10, so I reckon yer 18 at best if yer lucky just lookin' at yer. I'm not sure about this, I'm a God fearin' man and don't wanna break the law just for some tension relief."

"I can't help it, you should believe me, I was born looking very young."

The big man laughs hoarsely again. "Now yer a comedian. I like that line, I was born lookin' very young. That takes the cake. Well little lady schoolgirl I was born lookin' very young too and look at me now."

"Yeah but you didn't grow tits and mine were pretty slow to get going and didn't come to much," Alice fires back. "Anyway my driver's licence shows I'm 21 that's all that matters."

"Ah, gettin' a bit upset by the look on yer face, cutie?

"I get sick and tired of men not believing my age. It's not my fault I was small all along and a late bloomer."

"Well maybe you're 18 I'll have to take yer word for it."

"I'm 21, not 18, I keep telling you so what the heck, you think what you want; I was told you're sort of religious and might be a bit funny about me looking pretty young and still in my school uniform in case it goes against your religious beliefs. What I mean is your church might not like me coming here at night, a schoolgirl tempting a grown man alone in his house after dark."

"Well little cutie, let me think about that. The Good Lord makes us look at temptation just as much as the devil does and they have these arm wrestles like I used to when I was in a bikie gang. Sometimes yer win, sometimes yer lose, but I only sin when I'm doin' somethin' to hurt somebody and I don't go around crackin' bones anymore."

"That's nice to know at least you're a gentleman now," she says looking at the huge muscles in his upper arms. "But isn't having sex with a schoolgirl being hypocritical? "

"Ah, so that's what yer thinkin'. Well little lovely it depends on what ya think sex is. Yer see, if I touch ya sexy body that's not sex, it's showin' affection. Now if I happen to go further, like kissin' you somewhere that's givin' ya love, and if I go further inside yer like, that's not sex, it's blissful fulfilment and showin' that two souls can meet in a heavenly way – sort of like love thy neighbour as our God would want us to be like. Can't see anything hypocritical about that. Now even the devil and our Lord would agree that it's not a sin to give a pretty young thing like what I see here some affection, to show you some love and to make yer feel fulfilled."

"No I suppose not," she agrees, shaking her head in how the ex-bikie cum junk yard dealer sees all sex as saintly.

"What's your measurements kid?" he asks feeling her body over her school clothes.

"Last time they were 30a-18-33."

"You're a slim piece with a nice shaped arse and pretty face too, so for a schoolgirl yer comin' across to me as a hot dish. And I bet under that school uniform ya got a hot arse like those Asian girls," he says as he feels her butt again but under the tunic this time. "Oh yeah, that feels nice and tight and well rounded. You schoolgirls sure have sexy backsides, no wonder men gawk at them."

"Do you still live with your parents, kid?"

"Just my guardian Uncle Bernie but he's overseas at the moment. He raised me on his own from when I was eight."

"How interestin' then; uncle and daughter together on their own all that time. How many times did yer sleep with him?"

"Several times mister junkman but only after I turned 18."

"So he really went for it, like I wanna go for it?"

"Probably. I don't know what you've got in mind; all I get told is you didn't marry nor have a daughter so it would brighten your life to imagine you're with a schoolgirl and she's to do whatever you want."

"Listen little Alice, just lookin' at yer I don't have to imagine anything. What I see is what I got and what's this school yer goin' to? What's that emblem on yer school hat there and take the stupid thing off in the house anyway."

She hands him the broad rim straw hat. "Eros Educational College for Girls," he read aloud. "I've never heard of it."

"Well mister, it's because the school is really right here in your house. My education is done here, not in the classroom somewhere else. Lani my boss she's the principal and she's made out a report card I've got to give to you."

"Let me have a look at that," he says snatching it out of her hand and only half convinced she's not half as old as she makes out.

"It says here yr easily distracted by the sight of a man's penis and need more discipline at home bein' very cheeky, especially in the backside. It says here yer got to be taught a few lessons...that's me then, I've got to get yer straightened out."

"Yes sir, whatever."

"Well it also says here to do my own checks. Just lookin' at yer it looks to me yer a learner - got any hair on your pussy yet?"

"No sir, it's clean and smooth like it always was. I keep it that way."

"Humph," he growls. "Not surprised judgin' by the size of ya. I still don't believe what yer say but I still like the look of yer. I know you drove a car here but lots of kids these days are drivin' their folk's cars when they shouldn't."

"Well I can show you my licence if you want," she says, but he waves her away not wanting to spoil the momentum. "I know I'm little but don't forget you're pretty big for a man; you almost look twice the size of me so it makes me look smaller than I am. I'm only four feet ten tall."

"Yair, and I'm six feet six inches but I'm more than six inches somewhere else," he laughs hoarsely again. He unbuttons her blouse and pulls it open exposing her big puffy pointers but a basically flat chest behind them.

"Geezus cripes," he mutters, looking at her big pink nipples, erect from constantly rubbing against the starched blouse. He looks into her innocent-like baby face. "Just as I thought. Girls in primary school have tits like this, they're more the size of golf balls but lookin' better than a golf ball the way those nipples stick out. Seniors have bigger tits than this"

"Well mister, like you said yourself, what you see is what you get with me. The other men liked sucking on them; it's a nice mouthful you'll see. I think they all pretended I was in primary school because pretending I was younger made it more taboo like and exciting for them."

He picks her up in his big muscled arms and puts his rugged face right up close to hers. "And not just yer baby boobs my girl, yer downright small all over aren't ya so how tight's yer pussy?"

"It's tight but I can handle you."

"So you've had a few big ones eh? How big then and I wanna know how many men have fucked ya bein' a schoolgirl," he says plonking her down on his bed. "Was the teacher one of them?"

She lies on her back looking ever so inviting and innocent, her blouse open and her big pink puffy pointers standing up sexily. "Well just six men since I turned 18, but no teacher yet, that's supposed to be you teaching me a lesson. The others were around 50 or a bit older."

"So yer into older men – you, a schoolgirl?"

"No mister, they're into me. Are you going to give me something to think about or am I here just for a talk?"

"Listen kid, I'm gonna give it to yer good and proper, that's what I got ya here for so you can roll all those 21 years of yours into a big bang at Johnny's junkyard. Me mate Max knows how I can pummel a pussy don't ya Max?" he says in a more steely voice turning to look at his dog sitting back watching them. Max wags his tail and makes a low groaning noise of approval as if he's heard it and seen it all before.

He gives his dog the thumbs up sign and runs his hands down each side of Alice's tunic and moves them to the inside of her thighs making her flinch at the sudden touch on her erogenous zones there. He doesn't go to her vagina area but instead he runs his broad hand flat across her lower abdomen over her clothes and then down between her legs but over her tunic pushed into her crotch. He moves his flat palm backwards and forwards and it feels good. At first she thinks he doesn't know how to turn her on until she realises after a short while he's turning her on by not going straight to the spot.

"Mmm, nice mister, sure beats being in class when my teacher at home gives me a hand," she quips in her fine cut wit. "Keep going, it's good." As soon as he hears her giving instructions he stops. "Why did you stop, I was enjoying that."

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