tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlice Needed The Grades

Alice Needed The Grades


My pretty wife Lee was gone for 10 Days to Florida. She bowls every year in the National women's tournament, and this year the trip all the way from Oregon was too much for me to go with her.

So I chose to stay behind.

For those of you who haven't read my stories, I am 58, on a good day I can pass for younger. I am just over 6', and a rock solid 220 pounds, with just the beginnings of the middle-aged spread. I work as a Massage Therapist, and teach classes at a local college.

During the time Lee was gone, I busied myself around the house, since my home practice was slow.

I had a whole week of boring classes, these are the ones where we work with textbooks, and do the testing. I was sitting in my office after class one evening, when there was a soft knock on the door. It was Alice, one of my students. She had been doing what I could best describe as poorly, and since she was just a few weeks away from taking her certification tests, I was a little worried. I was having doubts that she would pass.

Alice had never attended any of my more risqué classes, in these we deal with errors in draping and touch that can get one in difficulty quickly with the wrong client. In this class, there are many moments of nudity, demonstrations of proper and improper touch, and long discussions of the issues of sexuality that often seem to crop up. With some clients, it is possible to cross that certain line accidentally, and end up with one's name in the papers.

With others, there are no boundaries, this takes skill to be able to read the client and "know" where the limits are.

Alice had none of those skills. She seemed conservative, even during the hands on classes, she always wore loose baggy clothing, her hair pulled into a tight bun. It was almost like she went to great lengths to make herself unattractive.

She asked to speak to me, and stammered something about knowing she was going to fail the class. Tears welled up in her eyes as she spoke, and she went on about how she was nervous and frightened, and how her parents were very strict with her.

I mentioned that her test scores were enough to pass, but that she was still very weak in her hands on skills, when she blurted out "Will you teach me?"

I thought that was what I had been trying to do, and told her so. She said the problem was all of the other students there, she just couldn't relax and concentrate. She thought that in a private setting with just the two of us, perhaps she could "relax" and do a better job.

I give private lessons, so I said sure, still not completely up on what she had in mind.

Alice came by my home office that evening, baggy clothes, hair pulled back in a bun.

Since I was to be the model, I stepped into my office while she washed up. I stripped nude and hopped on the table, with just a medium towel over my fanny. Alice came in, got some oil, and started on my feet. In short order, she finished my feet and calves, and started to move to my back. Just like in class, she would not go above the knees. I told her she needed to work my thighs, so she tentatively began to work them. Her hands were surprisingly nice, she flowed the muscle groups nicely, as I explained the names of each group, and the directions her hands should go.

But she never got even close to the towel. So I told her to lay the drape aside, baring one cheek, and work on the glutes. She did as instructed, then stepped to the other side and repeated the motions. Once her fingers even dipped slightly into the cleft between my cheeks, then she was working up my sides. I could sense her gaining confidence, and I was feeling the beginnings of an erection! I tried to keep myself under control, unsure of her reaction. This was always the problem in class, the younger male students would almost always become aroused, and she would just blush and stop.

She didn't stop this time, and went ahead and finished up my back and shoulders. No problems there, she knew that area well.

Then it was time to turn over. Grasping the towel, I rolled to my back. I glanced at her, and noticed she had let her hair down, it flowed softly over her shoulders. Then I saw she had changed to soft jeans and a T-shirt, and it was obvious she was bra-less!

Interested now, I showed her how to do the circular motions around the abdomen, at first she went just to the navel, I instructed her to sweep lower and lower, until at the bottom of each stroke she was just barely bumping the end of my erection.

Then she switched to my legs. In short order, I was showing her how to sweep up the front of the leg to the groin and away, when she bumped the towel and the end of my penis slipped out. I told her to take the towel, pull it over my penis, and push it aside using the towel, then just tuck the towel under it. She did as instructed, then repeated the process on the other side. I decided to test her, so when she turned away, I flipped my penis over to the other side so it would again be in proximity to her hands. This is one thing we discuss in one of our classes, men will often do this to make it obvious they want the touch.

She realized, of course, but showed no reaction. Again, as she was doing the sweeps, my penis popped out again. This time she didn't stop, and even slid her hand under my penis as she worked.

"I have no boundaries" I told her, another thing we discuss in class. Men will often at this point make some kind of hint or encouraging comment to let the therapist know that further touch is all right.

She was blushing furiously, but I also detected her breath coming in short gasps. I realized she was getting excited.

Here she was looking at the end of my full erection, actually touching it each sweep of her hands, when to date she would stop in class at the first hint of a sexual response.

"I am going to have to be able to deal with this, aren't I" she said. "Yes, most likely" I answered.

At that, she grasped my penis firmly, pushed it back under the towel, but she didn't let go. She stood there for a few seconds, then began to stroke me. The sensation was wonderful, I glanced at her breasts through the T-shirt, her nipples were firm and pressing against the cloth as she slowly stroked me. In short order, I felt the climax building, and released with a gush.

Alice gripped me firmly as I finished, then took another towel and cleaned me up.

"I never did that before except with my Husband," she said. "How did I do?".

I smiled at her and said, "Just fine, but be sure you don't do that when you take the exams!"

Alice giggled, and I looked her up and down in appreciation. She noted my look, and took a breath that lifted her breasts more into my view. I was lying there naked, and I reached out and touched her breast, feeling the softness and weight. Her eyes went smoky looking and she reached out and grasped the beginnings of another erection. She reached down with her right hand and tripped the catch on her jeans, and said "This will just be between us, OK?"

"OK," I answered...

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