tagLoving WivesAlice's Awakening

Alice's Awakening


My current wife is quiet, reserved, and unwilling to share her favours with anyone but me. Lucky me, you might think. Well, maybe...

This tale is about my first wife, Alice. She was very different; horny as hell, with the best body I have ever had the privilege to share. Her breasts were large but firm, with pert nipples that stood erect when aroused (which seemed to be, most of the time). She had a perfect backside, slim legs as smooth as silk, topped off by an immaculately shaved pussy with pale pink lips and a rosebud that responded to the merest touch. Despite this, she was not the prettiest of women, and when dressed for work, or around the house, you wouldn't give her a second look. But, when she dressed up for a night out, she looked fantastic. Fully made up, with a sexy dress, her fantastic body drew attention from men wherever we went and I was the proudest, and most envied, guy in our social circle. For the first few years of our relationship, I made full and frequent use of my hot wifes shaven pussy and we enjoyed fantastic sex at every opportunity.

As our relationship developed though, I found myself getting bored with the usual sessions, and was finding excuses to escape her clutches, preferring the pub to homelife, and the demands that would be made on me. Discussing this with some acquaintances one night, I got some amazed responses, with just about every guy who knew my wife, amazed that I would ever get fed up with screwing her. Only one guy, Dan, who had only ever met my wife through work once, sympathised, saying that he had never found her particularly attractive. That really got to me, and I found myself arguing with him, saying that if he were ever lucky enough to see my wife naked, he would know she was irresistible. As we were both drunk at this stage, the argument got personal, and he insisted he would never be able to even get a hard on with anyone so ugly. At this, I found myself making a considerable wager with the guy that, not only would he get a hard on, but that he would fuck her on sight if ever he got the chance. Leaving the pub to go home, I thought - "that was a stupid bet, how will either of us win?"

I was about to find out.

The next day, at work, I couldn't get Dan's words out of my mind, and began to think of ways that I could win the bet.

I knew my wife would never consider having sex with another man, as we had discussed it on many occasions in the past. Alice had always said, If either of us had sex with another person, our relationship would be over. But, slowly, our sex life went off the boil and she realised that I was avoiding her. She had bought some sex toys online and was making full use of them whilst I was in the pub, so I knew that she was probably having second thoughts about monogamy.

On arriving home after work that day, having spent all day thinking of ways of getting Alice naked in front of Dan, I realised that I could not wait to get my gorgeous, sexy wife undressed and into bed. We had the best sex for ages, with wet patches left on the sofa, carpet, stairs and the bed covers, where she had gushing, spasmodic orgasms at every stopping point from the kitchen to the bedroom - fantastic, spontaneous sex, and I was exhilarated to have found her body exciting again. As I lay there, exhausted and replete, I began to wonder why the spice had suddenly come back to our sex life.

It was obvious of course - thinking of ways that I could get another man to take my wife had made me realise how desirable she was, and the images of another man fucking her perfect body had aroused me beyond anything I had felt before.

The next night, I knew what was to be done. I asked my wife if she wanted to join me in the pub, which she grudgingly agreed to. I asked her not to bother dressing up, as there would only be the usual crowd there, and we would only be an hour or two. We therefore arrived, dowdy and boring looking, for a drink with the same people who I had the discussion with, two nights previously. Dan was also there, chatting with a girl I had not seen before, a good looking, but very unsexy little thing, flat chested and a little overweight - the opposite to my wife, I thought. No wonder he thinks my wife unattractive - but we will soon see about that!

As the girls got chatting, I took Dan to one side and asked if he remembered our bet. Sure he did, he had been thinking about it, and was still convinced he could never get aroused Over Alice.

After a few drinks, we decided to go home, and my wife invited Dan and his girlfriend home for coffee. Once home, Alice chatted away with her new friend for a while, while Dan and I shared a beer or two. After a while, Alice took me to one side and said, "get rid of these two and join me in bed, I want a repeat of last night!"

She then started yawning, made excuses about an early start in the morning, and with a wink to me, went upstairs, leaving me with our two friends. The girl was by now very drunk, and was making passes at me every time her guys back was turned, but I had other thoughts on my mind.

I left them alone for a while, and went upstairs to speak to Alice, who I found spread across the bed in my favourite red basque and stockings. Containing myself, I whispered that I was having trouble getting rid of our friends, but would be back as soon as they had gone. Pausing at the door, I had a thought - "how would you like some role play?" I suggested. "Blindfold yourself, and I'll come in, tease you for a while, and then fuck you senseless. You could imagine it was somebody else if you like." When she giggled and agreed to the idea, I knew that she had thought of being unfaithful, but had not had the courage to go through with it. Going back downstairs, I found the girl passed out on the sofa, with Dan trying to get her pants off. Looking embarrassed, he made excuses to leave, saying something about carrying her to a taxi. "Leave her there", I said, "you can stay the night... now, about that bet."

I filled him in with the details - I would go in, start our role play, and he would watch. If he got a hard on, I would win half the amount agreed. If he decided he wanted to go further, I would win the whole amount, he would go back downstairs and fuck his sleeping girlfriend.

All agreed, we made some farewell noises, for the sake of Alice, opened and closed the front door, and fell silent. Creeping up the stairs together, I could hear his breathing getting heavy, at the clandestine expectation of what he might see behind the bedroom door. I quietly opened the door, and saw my wife spreadeagled and blindfolded on the sheets, looking like an expectant, and fully paid, whore. I nearly came in my pants myself - she looked sensational!

As I stopped at the door, I realised that Dan was looking over my shoulder with his mouth wide open. "Oh, fuck", he mouthed, as his eyes ran down her body, taking in her massive cleavage, slim waist and long shapely legs. Dan clearly had an enormous hard on, almost bursting from his pants, so I realised that the bet was all but won.

Alice wriggled and said, "oooh, who is that?"

"Your BBC," I replied, "here to fuck you in every hole and leave you covered in my cum, satisfied beyond your wildest dreams". "Thank fuck for that", she said, "my husband has lost interest lately, and I have been fucking myself with a dildo for weeks". What a cheeky cow!

Moving across to the bed, I noticed that her pants were soaked and her nipples were standing erect, easily visible through her basque. Stripping off, I picked up one of her sex toys and started stroking her body with it, watching her writhe with pleasure, as the vibrations tickled her intimate places. First her neck and the back of her ears, then her shoulders, and armpits, gradually moving to her breasts, making circles where her breasts spilled out of the basque, which had slipped, allowing her nipples, which she had lainted red with lipstick, to protrude. By now, she was gasping with barely controlled excitement, her breath coming in short heavy pants, her body writhing and convulsing as she tried to relieve herself. I moved the toy down her body gradually, stopping at her navel, to undo the lower half, so that her pussy could be exposed, but leaving on her stockings and garter belt. Pulling away the panties, I found myself mesmerised by her pussy, which was puffy and glowing by now, dripping with her juices, leaving a wet patch on the bedsheets. Alice had clearly been using her toys whilst waiting for me.

The vibrator toyed with the inside of her legs but stayed clear of the entrance to her heavenly pussy. This made her shout, "Kit, fuck me for gods sake, you arsehole!" I laughed at this, as it was her usual sign that she had had enough foreplay, and wanted to get to the main course. "OK bitch", I said, "turn over, so that I can take you from behind".

She turned over as commanded, and stuck her backside in the air, thrusting it at me and grinding it in my face. It was only then that I remembered Dan, who by this time, had dropped his pants and was pulling wildly at his enormous cock, his eyeballs out on stalks.

I looked on amazed, as he wanked himself off, veins standing out on his neck, his cock angry with the abuse that he was giving it. He was at least twice the size of me, not too thick, but very, very long. Another groan from my wife, followed by a whispered - "please Kit, fuck me, fuck me hard," shook me out of my stupor, and I started to move into position by straddling her hips, ready to run my cock back down her arse, before slipping into her pussy. Just then, I felt Dan's huge cock pushing under the cheeks of my arse. He was trying to join in, by shoving his cock underneath mine. Not being comfortable with a mans cock at my rear entrance, I pushed him back, but suddenly realised that I had won my bet, and this guy was not about to be stopped. I motioned him to move away and moved aside, telling Alice that I had cramp.

Mouthing to him to be slow and gentle, I spoke gently into my wifes ear that she was about to get the fucking of her life, as long as she kept on the blindfold. "Anything, she said, just stick it in, before I burst!" I waved Dan back in, watching him pushing his swollen glans into my wife's hot wet labia.

As soon he pushed the engorged head in, I saw Alice come violently, her body convulsing, and bucking, her labia twitching and excreting more fluid. I pulled Dan back and moved his hands to her breasts, expecting Alice to want no more.

How wrong I was. Alice moaned as Dans fingers kneaded her nipples, and she then took control, putting her hand underneath her, gently moving his glans back and forth across her moist clitoris, before guiding Dan's cock back inside of her. More controlled now, she pushed back to take his cock deeper, whilst Dan started humping her, each stroke taking him deeper and deeper, groaning at each thrust of his enormous cock, whilst his hands gently squeezed her breasts, white flesh contorted and spilling from his grasp, nipples smeared with lipstick as his fingers squeezed them. Every time he pulled Alice back, he drove his manhood a tiny bit deeper, until she was finally fully penetrated. Alice's nipples were now so huge that they stuck out angrily between his fingers, and her backside was red with the slapping of Dan's thighs.

I watched mesmerised, as Alice, my gorgeous wife, who I watched walk down the aisle in virginal white, not four years before, was unknowingly pounded by a strange guy, who only hours before had thought that this beautiful sensual creature could never turn him on.

His face now strained with exquisite pleasure, as he slowly penetrated her to the full length of his manhood, with Alice groaning and writhing in pleasure at each stroke.

"What had I done," I thought! I briefly considered pulling him off her and pushing him out of our house and our lives, but my wifes pleasure was clear to see, as their movements got more rapid and forceful, Dan now ramming into Alice with gritted teeth, trying not to make a noise, whilst she half gasped, half screamed as her orgasm grew. Dan seemed to be having a seizure as he gave one last forceful push, emptying his balls into Alice, who seemed to sense this and threw herself back against him, giving one final shriek as her orgasm engulfed her and she fell into a strained silence, shaking uncontrollably, her face contorted with painful pleasure.

Alice fell forward, exhausted, as Dan stood looking shocked at the violence of it all, his cock dripping with both his and Alice's juices.

Alice lapsed into post coital sleep, cum leaking from her, and still wearing her blindfold, oblivious to the fact that she had just been unfaithful to me.

When I came to my senses, I quietly slipped downstairs, leaving Dan to clean himself up and dress.

In the silence of the night, I looked down on Dan's girlfriend, still sleeping peacefully on the sofa, oblivious to the sexual carnage that had taken place just a few feet above her head. I looked into her face and was touched by how peaceful and beautiful she looked...she seemed so innocent, whereas I felt sordid, after all I had just experienced.

Little did I know, that this beautiful girl was one day to share my bed.

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by Anonymous

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by NVDiceGuy08/16/18

Wasn’t confusing

Obviously he got in a situation he wasn’t prepared for.

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by Anonymous07/18/18


'your current wife'?
that's a rather temporary way to describe what's supposed to be a forever union.
and yes, i know the quoted statistics... and the real numbers if you, say, spend even 1 day in college,more...

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by Anonymous07/17/18


Sounds as he eventually got his own back fucking back by fucking Dan's woman,further more I'm sure his wife realized it was was Dan's cock fucking her and not her husbands, and just enjoyed it not givingmore...

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by Impo_6407/13/18

What is missing?

What is missing? What happened to his first wife? She died or did she divorced him after discovering what a lousy husband she had married? 1*

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by Pokerman75707/13/18

Authors Comment

To 'Anonymous' - life isn't black and white.
He could be confused at the train of events and, like most people on this and other adult sites, was enjoying being a voyeur, watching a live porn shoot, butmore...

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