Alice's Discipline


"That's a good girl," mom said, pausing in her spanking of me to fondle my red hot ass. "Show us how much you love your auntie's panties.

Hearing my very own mom talk dirty to me like that made me fuck my clit all the harder and faster into her thigh.

"Ummmm, such a naughty little hottie," one of the other women said, "trying to fuck her mommy like that."

"Yeah, sweetie," mom said, "you can fuck mommy all you want." And with that she gave up spanking and fondling my ass be began planting cool, sexy kisses all over my burning, reddened flesh. And to my further shock she began to finger my dripping pussy while kissing my ass.

By now I was frantic, writhing like a maniac, fucking my mom's thigh and moaning into auntie's crotch as I ate her panties out. Auntie was moaning to, and tugging on her huge nipples. And pretty soon we both came.

After I came down from my high, mom had me sit up on her lap facing her. With my thighs straddling hers, the slick, milky feel of her nylons nylon stockings and her creamy upper thigh flesh against my the insides of my own thighs was oh, so delightful.

"I love you so much, sweetie," she said kissing me on the side of my face. Then, before I knew what was happening she was kissing me on the lips. Feeling mom's full, wet lips on mine made me tingle all over. But when her tongue slipped in between my lips I felt jolts of incredible excitement like I've never felt before. Every cell in my body became suddenly more alive. My nipples ached and throbbed, and my cunt practically gurgled with electric need. My own mom was sex kissing me!

Mom had her arms around me holding me in close to her so that my erect nipples touched the tips of her bra cones. As her tongue wriggled around inside of my mouth sending incredible waves of excitement throughout my whole being, she rubbed the tips of her bra cones side-to-side against my nipples, teasing them and driving me completely wild.

While this was going on Aunt Flora began fondling and lightly slapping my ass cheeks that were still flushed and stinging from mom's spanking.

My own hands had taken on a life of their own, first embracing mom when she began kissing me, and then when she began rubbing her tits against my nipples I began to fondle her huge bra cones.

Unable to control myself I was fucking my hips back and forth trying to fuck my erect clit against mom's tummy while my thighs rubbed back and forth on her stockings and leg flesh. Then I shifted my position so I could rub my slobbering cunt directly on top of one of her thighs.

Mom reached a hand down to tease my throbbing clit even while I rubbed my swollen pussy lips all over her nylon-enshrouded leg.

"That's it baby," mom said, pulling away from the French kiss and whispering in my ear. "Fuck me with your cunt. Show mommie what a woman you are now."

The other three women and aunt Flora continued talking dirty, saying things like "Yessss! Sweetie, fuck your mommy, fuck your mommy! Mother-daughter sex! So fucking hot!"

The other three women and auntie continued talking dirty like that as mom resumed face fucking me while teasing my clit. I quickly came, but needed a lot more I was so fucking fried I didn't think I'd ever come down off that sexual high.

Mom hugged me close as I shuddered my orgasm, then she said, "would my little sweetie like to suck on mommie's titties?"

"Sure," I said with a giggle.

She tongue kissed me heavily again, and said, "then take my bra off."

With trembling fingers I reached around to undo her bra strap while she licked up and down my throat.

I tossed her bra aside and began playing with her hug boobs, totally fascinated at the way the milky flesh rippled and wriggled in my hands. Then I buried my face into her cleavage and began kissing. "Ummmm," I moaned, unable to get enough of her mountainous appendages.

"Lay back down on my lap now, dear." Mom helped to arrange me like she wanted, my head cradled in her lap, and my lower body laying across auntie's lap.

I looked up from mom's lap to see her huge boobs looming just above my face, taking up my entire field of vision. The inch-long nipples, all red and swollen, stuck out from the fleshy mounds like weapons.

Then mom wriggled her chest side-to-side making her luscious tits shimmer and vibrate. With one hand she stroked my head while her other hand fondled my aching, apricot-sized tits. She lowered her tits to rub them back and forth across my face teasingly while giggling. Then finally, she fed one of her erotic nipples to my hungry mouth and I greedily sucked it in while both my hands reached up to fondle her twin peaks.

Auntie, meanwhile, fondled my ass and stroked my cunt while the other three women continued to masturbate and talk dirty.

And I was in pervert heaven, fondling and sucking on mom's tits while she fondled mine, and auntie fingered me and fondled my ass.

It wasn't long before I was writhing in ecstasy. And then I came on auntie's hand. Mom and auntie then both licked and sucked my juices off of auntie's—which turned me on all over again even though I'd just cum.

Then mom smiled at me. "Did my little sweetie enjoy sucking on mommy's titties?"


"Mommy loved it too. All women love to have their titties sucked. Would you like to have mommy suck yours off just to see how good it feels?


I sat facing mom again with my knees straddling her thighs, then instead of sitting on her thighs I raised myself up so I was standing on my knees, my body close to hers and my little titties right in her face. While fondling my ass, mom blew her hot, damp breath against my nipples making them throb and sending goose bumps all over my body. Then she began flicking her tongue against my nips teasing them this way and that. Her hands left my ass and began fondling my tits while she licked and kissed them. I responded by playing with her gorgeous melons while moaning "Ohhhh, mommy, mommy, mommy."

Auntie, turning sideways towards me on the coach, rubbed her hard-on nipples against my arm while playing with my ass with one hand, and her other hand reached down my front to play with my pussy while mom licked, sucked, tongue-flicked, and fondled my titties.

I was moaning and squirming now, reaching new heights.

"Now that you know how good it feels to have your titties sucked," mom said, "how about aunt Flora? Don't you think she might like to have her titties sucked on too?"

I giggled and looked at aunti Flora who was licking her lips and cupping her breasts as if holding them out in offering to me.

"See how nice and big aunt Flora's tits are?" Mom said as she fondled Aunt Flora's jugs herself. "Even bigger than mommy's. Wouldn't you love to play with them?"

Smiling at me, Aunt Flora guided my hands to her huge cantaloupes and I needed no more encouragement. My greedy hands played with them and fondled them while I was still sitting on mom's lap. Meanwhile, mom rubbed my cunt with one hand while teasing my tits with the other. Then they had me lay my head down on Auntie's lap so I could nurse on her the same way I had nursed on Mom. Mom shifted her position so she could snuggle her face up between by legs. First kissing my thighs and fondling my ass, she then lifted my legs up over her shoulders and buried her face into my pussy.

I shuddered all over with pleasure. The first time in my life anyone had kissed and licked my pussy—and to think it was my own mom! It was just so fucking kinky I couldn't believe it. I tingled all over, every square inch of my skin, every pore.

And so there we were, mom eating me out and fondling my ass while I sucked on Auntie's tits and Auntie toyed with my little apricots.

Meanwhile the other three women were really freaking out saying things like "mother-daughter sex, too fucking hot," "group incest, fucking wild," while fingering themselves so hard I could hear their pussies squishing clear across the room.

This whole scene was just so fucking hot, my own mom eating me out while I sucked auntie's titties, and the other three women masturbating to the action. It didn't take long before I was thrashing into another orgasm.

Then mom said, "Was it fun when you munched on your auntie's wet panties a little while ago when I was spanking you?"

"Yeah," I giggled.

"Well then, since you love wet panties so much, why don't you take mine off?"

"Sure, I giggled."

"Then stand up a moment," mom said.

Mom stood up with me and took me in a strong embrace smothering my face with her boobs, then she tilted my face up and pressed her lips to mine, tonguing me out, tasting her sister's cunt juices in my mouth.

We fondled each other's tits while face-fucking, and aunt flora fondled my ass and cunt.

Mom removed her mouth from mine and licking my earlobes said, "before you take my panties off, tease me, kiss my panties, and munch on them like you did auntie's."

"Yes, mommy," I said and then began kissing and licking my way down her body starting with her neck and working my way down to her legs—all the while running my hands up and down her wonderful, voluptuous body.

As I worked on mom, aunt Flora continued to fondle me. The other three women had removed their shoes while watching and now began to rub their feet all over my body. My legs, my tits, my ass, my cunt, and everything in between was being fondled either by auntie's hands or the feet of the other women.

I was on my knees now, and nuzzled my face between mom's luscious thighs kissing and licking, and fondling. Glancing up I could see mom playing with her own tits, tugging on her huge swollen nipples, pulling them this way and that. Seeing mom lick her lips and masturbate her own tits because of what I was doing to her made my engorged pussy gush all the more.

I stuck my head up under her skirt to see how friggin' wet her panties were—which made me feel all the hotter and kinkier. As my hands worked their way up the backs of her thighs and up under her skirt so I could fondle her ass, I inhaled her wetness, her womanliness. It all made me feel more womanly as well—and increased my horniness.

I became intoxicated, drugged, from the tangy aroma of her arousal. My cunt just throbbed and felt all swollen and puffy from all the action it had just enjoyed. My little titties also tingled and cried out for attention—which auntie attended to as she got down on the floor right behind me, pressed her own huge tits against my back and reached around to tease my nipples as I kissed and licked the insides of mom's upper thighs.

Then I nuzzled my face into mom's crotch rubbing my face in her wet panties. I inhaled her steamy horniness letting it engulf my whole body, my entire being, my soul.

Mom began to moan, "yessss! Yesssss! Baby, oh yessss, my baby girllllll!"

The sound of mom's sexy voice drove all restraint from me. I kissed her crotch all over while playing with her ass, I licked her cunt and clit through her panties. And then I just mashed my face into her pussy and gobbled away.

And while I ate away on mom's panties, Auntie Flora sat behind me, her warm thighs squeezing against me while she rubbed her huge tits and erect nipples back and forth across my back and reached around to play with my own tits.

One of the other women had worked her foot underneath me so she could diddle by pussy.

With my head up under mom's skirt and my face buried in her steaming, soaked panties I was in another universe totally disconnected from the reality of this world. And, yet, I could still hear the sound, however muffled, of mom moaning in pleasure and the other three women talking dirty, mumbling their chant of "mother-daughter sex, mother-daughter sex," and "yessss, yessss, fuck yes!" as they masturbated. Hearing the muffled sound of mom moaning as she fucked her crotch into my face added to my feeling of other-worldliness as I humped my own cunt on someone's foot.

Then, as mom came and I felt her gush of wetness against my face through her panties, it drove me over the edge and I came all over that teasing foot.

As I came down of my high, I pulled mom's panties down and had her step out of them. Then I began rubbing them over my face, relishing the wetness and inhaling her sex smell (and the orgasm I'd just given her), and it made me get horny all over again.

One of the other women snatched mom's panties out of my hands and began rubbing them on her own face, while mumbling, "mommie's panties so wet from cuming on daughter's face, so fucking hot!"

As the other three women took turns sniffing, kissing, and licking mom's panties while talking dirty about mother-daughter sex, mom said to me, "since auntie was so nice to play with your titties while you ate me out through my panties, why don't you show her how much you appreciated it?

Before I could answer, aunt Flora was standing right before my face while mom circled around behind me.

I'm still on my knees looking up at auntie. She smiled at me. I fondled her legs, running my hands up and down the backs of her thighs, luxuriating in the lush feel of her nylons, then I ran my hands up under her tiny latex skirt to fondle her ample ass.

Mom, down on her knees now, wrapped her body around mine, her steamy hot, dribbling pussy pressed against my butt, and her gorgeous tits pressed firmly against my back. She circled her arms around my torso to grab my tits.

Grasping auntie's ass firmly, I pressed my face into the crotch of her skirt and kissed and licked, and inhaled.

"That's it, sweetie," mom said as she fondled my tits. "Make aunt Flora feel real good."

And as I worked on auntie, mom continued fondling my tits and talking dirty and breathing heavily into my ear while fucking her cunt against my butt. I could feel her huge clit growing hard again as it tried to press into the crack between my cheeks.

While this was going on, one of the other women got on her knees behind mom and began rubbing her crotch against mom's ass while reaching her arms around both mom and I to tease my pussy.

Another woman got behind aunt Flora and pressing her body against her, began fondling her tits while the third woman stood beside Aunt Flora and French kissed her while also helping to fondler her.

I began kissing and licking the insides of auntie's thighs then nuzzled my face up under her skirt and rubbed my nose on her soaked panties until I felt crazy high again. Then I pressed my mouth onto her panty-covered cunt and munched on them while mom rubbed her huge tits and erect nipples against my back while teasing my own little erect buds between her thumbs and forefingers while fucking her hot cunt against my ass.

"That's it sweetie," mom said, "munch on auntie's panties."

With my hands on aunt Flora's ass and my face mashed into her crotch I munched away and sucked her off through her steamy panties while my nose rubbed her hard-on clit poking out through her wet panties.

Aunt Flora moaned while fucking her crotch hard into my face. And with two other women kissing her and fondling her while she watched the other woman fucking her cunt into mom's ass, and mom fucking her cunt into mine it didn't take auntie long before she quivered all over and gushed her orgasm into her already soaked panties.

As soon as auntie had finished quivering her orgasm into her panties, and I had removed her panties, she traded places with one of the other women. Mom remained glued to my body so she could instruct me and talk dirty to me while I gave each of the other three women the same treatment.

After we were all pantyless mom said, "since you've been such a good girl, it's time for your reward. Please stand with me."

When I stood up, all five of the other women gathered around me and began fondling me and kissing me all over. While two women kissed my face and took turns tonguing my mouth out, two other women kissed and sucked my titties while another got down on her knees before me. Kissing and fondling my legs she worked her way up between my thighs until she was working on my pussy.

Before I could explode in another orgasm, the women all changed places and started all over again. I quickly lost track of who was doing what to me where. Hands, lips, tongues, tits, and cunts seemed to be all over every part of my body.

I began to thrash and moan. My knees wanted to buckle, but the other women held me upright as they all continued munching on me.

Finally I exploded in the biggest, most mind-blowing orgasm I've ever had.

After they let me rest for awhile, we all started in again, everybody doing things with everybody else. They taught me how to eat pussy without having their panties in the way—and I found I really loved it. The silky feel of warm wetness on my tongue as I inserted it between each woman's fat, swollen lips was exquisite, and the thrill of sucking off another woman's clit was mind-blowing—especially when I did my mom's, just because of the kinkiness.

And, so went my initiation into lesbian sex—with kinky incest to boot. Needless to say, I became instantly addicted to both.

Well, that was then. Ever since that night Mom and I get together with auntie and their three friends at least once a week.

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