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Alice's Wonderland



Copyright Oggbashan December 2014

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.


Alice's Wonderland, or 'Eat Me; Drink Me'


The planet Sextiple was known throughout the galaxy as the place to go for gambling, entertainment, pleasure and unusual experiences. If you could afford it, Sextiple was the place to let your hair down.

It advertised itself as bigger and better than the historic US gambling town that most had forgotten.

I wasn't there for pleasure. My employers, a large pan-galactic business management company, had sent me to Sextiple as a senior accountant helping with their audits of the companies who ran Sextiple.

Unlike on many other planets I didn't have to worry about obscure accounting practices to avoid taxes. There was only one tax on Sextiple, a one per cent levy. The tax was collected at the Currency conversion points. Only Sextiple currency could be spent on the planet, and the one per cent was deducted when off-planet currency was exchanged.

It was a serious criminal offence to use any other currency, but why would you? The exchange rates, including the tax, were very good. Almost any planet's currency, once changed into Sextiple money, had a purchase power at least three times that of the original money.

The downside? You couldn't take Sextiple money off-planet. If you won big at poker, you could convert your winnings, or spend it on Sextiple for three times the fun.

Before I landed on Sextiple I had arranged for at least three-quarters of my wages to be paid off-planet. The quarter, paid in Sextiple currency, was more than I needed to live and enjoy myself within reasonable limits, particularly as my employment contract barred me from any gambling beyond lotteries.

Most of the residents on the planet were there temporarily, like me. It was a great place to work when you are young. Most contracts provided full board accommodation at no cost, two trips a year back to your home planet, and facilities for employees.

Anyone who worked for five years on Sextiple, whatever they did, would be able to save most of their earnings, unless they were seduced by the gambling opportunities. At the end of their contract they could return home with sufficient money in the bank to set themselves up for life.

Like many others I was buying a house on my home planet, and would have paid off the loan by the time my stay on Sextiple ended.

Meeting Alice

One of the common facilities offered to employees on Sextiple were staff clubs. They were meant to be only for employees of the particular contractor but that wasn't enforced or even observed. As long as you were a local employee wearing a staff tag, you could go to any staff club and enjoy the free food, free drink and free entertainment.

I, and many of my friends, had tried other staff clubs. The one we agreed was a disappointment had been the Prostitutes' Club. Off-duty, the last thing the Prostitutes wanted was sex. They might talk sometimes about unusual client requests, exchange information about clients to be avoided, but generally they were even more boring than my accountant colleagues.

One Wednesday evening my colleague Brian persuaded me to join him at the Entertainers' Club. His girlfriend Zoe was a serious actress, performing in drama. I had been told that most Entertainers weren't great company off stage, but surely they might be better company than my Accountants' Club where people spent too much time talking shop. The designation Entertainers included those who performed sex in public such as Pole and Lap Dancers.

When I entered the prospects looked much better. The people were all young, attractive, and animated. Some were still wearing their stage make up, because they had just finished a performance or would be starting one shortly. The big names, the headline acts, didn't go to the Entertainers' Club. They had their parties in their luxury hotel suites. Those there that evening were the bit players, the children's entertainers, the specialist performers including the sexual artistes.

In my formal accountant's pinstripe suiting I looked out of place. I had thought I could pretend to be an actor in a play. I couldn't continue that deception if anyone came close to me because my mandatory staff tag showed my employer and my status. I was labelled "Senior Accountant".

Some of the tags near me read "Ingénue"; "Dancer"; "Chorus Line" etc.

Zoe introduced me to her friend Helen. Helen was a tall raven haired woman dressed in a long white Greek dress held together with gold straps. Zoe introduced her as Helen of Troy. Helen's boyfriend was temporarily off-planet visiting his parents.

Helen explained that he was intending to gently break the news that he might become engaged to an actress. She was very willing to be with me for the evening, but as Brian and Zoe's friend, not a replacement for the absent boyfriend. We four shared a table. Brian and I danced with Helen and Zoe several times. I had an enjoyable evening.

Helen was a good companion for an evening. She seemed to like me too and suggested that Brian and Zoe bring me back another night.

They did. Several times. I had become almost a regular, with or without Brian and Zoe, even after Helen's boyfriend returned. We had enlarged our group of acquaintances in the Entertainers' Club. I could choose to dance with an increasing number of women who were part of the group of friends.

Several weeks later I was free on a Friday evening. I knew most of our friends wouldn't be there. They were regulars on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, a quiet time for entertainers because most entertainment was staged on Friday and Saturday nights.

Even though I expected to miss most of our friends I thought a few might be there. I didn't recognise anyone. They were a completely different set of people.

But one woman came straight towards me.

"You're a new face, aren't you?"

She lifted my tag.

"Graham Smythe, Senior Accountant? You are slumming, aren't you Graham?"

I looked at her tag. It said: 'Alice Wonderland, Pantomime and Fetish Artist'. She looked like it.

Alice was wearing the traditional Alice in Wonderland outfit of a full skirted blue dress with a white apron. The apron was large, the upper part covering her torso. It was frilled at the sides, had short cap sleeves, and the apron ties crossed her back before being tied behind her waist. Her blonde hair bounced on her apron covered shoulders. But she was no children's Alice. Her breasts strained against the bodice of her dress. Her legs were clad in white stockings but as she had walked towards me the white suspenders had been visible under her petticoats.

Her face looked lived in, world weary. The expression seemed to say 'OK, I'm Alice in Wonderland, but I've seen it all, done it all, and I'm bored of it'.

"Alice Wonderland?" I asked. "Is that your real name?"

"No, Graham, it's not. You couldn't say my real name. Human throats can't produce the right sounds."

"Human, Alice? You look human, a very attractive human."

"Thank you, Graham. I try. But appearances can be deceptive. Just like you. There must be something different under that suit for a Senior Accountant to come here. I'd like to find out how different?"

"Why not? Miss Alice, would you honour me with a dance?"

"I thought you'd never ask. That's why I came across to you."

Alice waved a hand vaguely.

"I've danced with most of those here at least once in the last year. They're OK, but they're too emotional, like most entertainers."

Alice snuggled against my chest. My arm went around her waist. She put both of her arms around me. Our faces were very close as we danced a slow number. I was very aware of Alice's breasts with erect nipples pressed hard against me. After the second dance Alice led me to an empty table. I sat down. She sat on my lap.

Alice stopped one of her passing friends called Moira. Moira was a redhead wearing a clinging green gown that showed an interesting cleavage. She asked Moira to get drinks for us -- the usual. Since drinks at all staff clubs are free, I didn't have to play the gentlemen and buy them. Drinks are provided by dispensing machines.

Moira returned with two drinks. She gave Alice a lurid green foaming concoction. Mine looked clear, like Vodka or Gin.

"Are you sure, Alice?" Moira asked. "He looks nice."

"Don't worry, Moira," Alice replied. "I think so too. He's not a customer. He's a potential friend."

"Don't drink too much of that," Moira said to me. "It can turn Alice into a monster."

Alice laughed. I wasn't too sure. Moira's warning sounded serious.

"A monster?" I asked after Moira had left.

"I did hint that I'm not human, Graham. The fetish part of my role can be monstrous. It depends on the customer's requirements and his imagination. Whatever he wants from Alice, that I can be, within limits. I'll never be a child-like Alice. But I can take him to whatever adult Wonderland he wants."

"That sounds interesting. Perhaps slightly frightening. What Wonderland do you want to be in, Alice? What would you choose?"

"Me, Graham? I never get to choose. I play roles for others and get paid very well for doing that."

"If you could choose?"

Alice looked at me carefully.

"Graham. Are you suggesting that I should take you to my Wonderland? Not yours, but mine?"

"Why not?"

"Because you might not like it. You would have to play the role to my direction, do what I want, be what I want you to be."

"And what's wrong with that? Most men want to please a woman..."

"Only if it gets the man what he wants, and that's usually sex."

"Sex is good. But giving a woman what she really wants can be rewarding for the man without necessarily demanding a price for it."

"If I believe you really mean it..."

Alice put her hand over my drink.

"Don't drink that. Leave it there."

"Can I ask why?"

"Yes. It produces enhanced emotions. It reduces your inhibitions and lets you express your fantasies. If you want to let me live in my Wonderland, you don't need that drink. We're going to my Wonderland, not yours."

"And my role is what? Knave of Hearts?"

"You'll find out. Come on."

Alice slid off my lap, revealing more suspenders and frilly white panties. She took me by the hand and walked up to Moira.

"Thank you, Moira," she said.

"For what?" Moira asked.

"For warning Graham. He hasn't had that drink. We're going to find out what two people can do without emotional stimulation."

"You don't always need drinks for that, Alice. Just wiggling your boobs can be devastating."

Moira shimmied her breasts. They swung delightfully under her clinging robe. My lower regions felt the effect of Moira's demonstration.

"I know, Moira, I know," Alice replied. "And yours are spectacular. Come on Graham, or Moira's dress will accidentally give you a view."

Moira laughed and turned her attention to a tall man dressed as a Roman soldier who had been watching her breasts with interest. As we left the club they were dancing together.

"It's not far to my place," Alice said. "Just around the block."

Her place was similar to mine. It was an anonymous apartment building of about twenty stories. Alice's unit was up a single flight of stairs.

We sat down in her living room.

"Graham, before we start I must make some things very clear to you."

"Yes, Alice," I said mock-meekly.

"I'm serious, Graham."

"OK, Alice," I replied. "I'm listening."

"I've told you that I'm not human. I'm not. That means several things. First, no matter what we do, there is no way you can make me pregnant. Second, you can't catch any sexual disease from me, and I can't catch anything from you. You can't even give me a cold. Nor can I give you one."

I nodded.

"So we don't need any protection if we do anything sexual. OK?"

"Yes, Alice."

"Third, what we might do could take a long time. Are you free this weekend?"

"Yes, Alice."

"Fourth, I'm a fetish performer and well paid for it. Within limits I can transform myself. I can't transform my clothes unless I am wearing adapted clothing that will move with me. So I'm going to strip. So are you."

We stripped each other, awkwardly at first but then we enjoyed doing it. Alice pushed me to sit on the settee and stood in front of me.

"Look at me, Graham," Alice ordered. "Breast size?"

As I watched her breasts shrank from the large firm mounds to smaller but firm ones with prominent nipples. They grew again to become large and floppy before returning to their original state.

"Wow," I said. "That is different."

"That was simple. This is more difficult. Height?"

Alice without her high heels was a couple of inches shorter than me. As I watched her legs lengthened and her body, retaining its proportions, widened to suit her increased height. She stopped at a height nearly half as tall again as I am. From my seated position I was looking way up past her breasts to see her face.

"I'm not happy shrinking, particularly as Alice in Wonderland," she said, "because I do not do children. I am always an adult in any scenario. But some people like an adult Tinkerbelle."

Alice shrank to what would have been about waist height if I had been standing. She was certainly adult. Her breasts were prominent, almost out of proportion, and her expression was salacious. She chuckled. That was a very adult chuckle.

"I usually wear a green dress with attached wings when I'm like this," she added. "And Tinkerbelle always rides her men."

Alice as Tinkerbelle jumped on to me. I felt her pussy brush across my erection. She stayed there for just a couple of seconds before climbing off and resuming her original size.

"I can be blonde, or brunette."

Alice's hair changed from shoulder length blonde to a glossy brunette bob.

"Or a red head."

Her red hair rivalled Moira's flowing locks. Her pubic hair changed to match.

"I can even pretend to be someone else..."

She became Moira's twin, an exact copy, but stark naked.

"Helen told me about you, Graham."

Alice changed into the Helen I knew as Helen of Troy. If Alice's nude version was a real representation of Helen, I envied her boyfriend. A few seconds later she was back as the Alice I had first seen.

"Which do you want, Graham?"

"That's not why I'm here," I replied. "I'm here to help you with YOUR choice. To go to YOUR Wonderland, not any that I might imagine."

"You're sure?"

"Yes, Alice. An accountant's imagination isn't supposed to be earth-shattering. Your Wonderland might be beyond my wildest dreams."

"And you're willing to let me use you to get there?"

"Yes, Alice."

"Thank you. Can we go to my bedroom?"

Entering Alice's Wonderland

I took her hand. The bed was four times the size of the largest normal double bed. It was covered with a white satin sheet and there were eight pillows piled against the head board.

Alice picked up a large bottle of baby oil.

"You need to be oiled. OK, Graham?"

"Yes, Alice."

"You can shower afterwards."

She asked me to lay down at the edge of the bed. I don't know how, but the oil was warm. She rubbed it all over my body, rolling me from side to side until I was completely covered. She plastered my hair flat.

She positioned herself leaning against the pillows.

"Have you ever read Alice in Wonderland?" she asked.

"Of course," I answered.

"There were two significant labels. 'Eat Me' and 'Drink Me'."

"Yes, Alice."

"We'll start with 'Eat Me'."

Alice pointed between her spread legs. I shuffled up the bed and lowered my head towards her pussy. Her hands reached down to direct me to the exact place. I extended my tongue and began to lick. Alice's hands contracted around my head as I began to arouse her. She pulled me closer. Her labia spread wider to allow my nose to follow my tongue and lips. Her taste and scent was unlike any woman I had ever enjoyed like this, not that there had been many. I was enjoying her and tried harder to please her.

After a few minutes I was aware of several odd deviations from normal pussy eating. Her outer lips had spread wider than I thought possible. My mouth and nose were deep between them. If I was as deep inside her pussy as I seemed to be, I should be suffocating. I wasn't. I was breathing normally, breathing in her delicious perfume, but I ought to be short of breath.

I assumed that Alice had made herself larger than normal, as she had done before. Her pussy was all I could see. Although I was aware of the satin sheet under me, and her hands behind my head, her pussy was swamping my senses.

"Graham, this won't hurt..." Alice's voice seemed far away.

Her hands moved down to grip my upper arms. From the first touch those hands seemed enormous. They grabbed not just my arms but the sides of my torso. They pulled me towards her. I might have squeaked as my head entered between her spread lips. If I did, the sound was lost inside her.

A tight band of pulsating muscle slid downwards past my nose, beyond my chin and slackened around my neck before clamping my arms tight against my body. I was still sliding inwards into a pink haze that was turning red and darker beyond. I could feel that Alice's hands were now holding my hips.

A third of me, my head and upper body, was inside Alice. How, I didn't know. How I could continue to breathe? I didn't know that either. I was just grateful that I could.

I began to realise that I was penetrating Alice far more than I ever could with a penis. The whole of me was being Alice's sex toy, an animated dildo. Could I make the encounter better for her? I tried wriggling my body. Her muscles reacted by clamping around me. I wriggled some more, trying to replicate the thrusts I would make if I had penetrated with an erection.

Alice's muscles matched my rhythm as I slid deeper, pushed by her hands on my lower legs. The red light that had been ahead of me was now behind me. My eyes were in complete darkness when I sensed my head passing through another band of Alice's muscles into a wider area. My head must be in her uterus. My feet were no longer touching the satin sheet. Alice's hands were holding them until she pushed them. They entered between her outer lips that slowly closed behind them. My whole body, except my free head, was being rhythmically squeezed as I wriggled.

Alice seemed to be reaching a crescendo. Her muscles clamped harder and the rate of contractions increased until I was flung around, still tightly held, as her body writhed frantically.

Her muscles relaxed slightly and slowed down before another orgasm built itself up, reached its peak and subsided again. I was doing what little I could to help arouse Alice but I was tiring. Using my whole body as a sexual tool was draining.

At last Alice seemed to have finished. I could feel the constriction around me slacken. There was a short period of just being contained before her muscles went into action again. This time they were starting to contract around my ankles and moving up my body in a wave. I was being pushed deeper into Alice. Once my shoulders had entered the wider area, the rest of me followed within a few seconds. I slithered down the curve of a warm slope to end curled in a ball at the bottom. I could feel the change as Alice stood up. I was a foetus inside her, somehow still breathing normally, but the passage I had entered by had closed behind me.

What was the last thing I had heard Alice say?

'Graham, this won't hurt...'

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