tagFetishAlice's Wonderland Ch. 04

Alice's Wonderland Ch. 04


Alice booted up her computer, plugged in her new webcam, and directed her web browser to a site that she had researched extensively the night before. She had a portable HDD filled with amateur pregnancy videos (along with many other more professional videos) but it had always been a secret wish of hers to one day contribute her own pregnant form to the community. She hadn't expected to be able to do this until she had gotten married and started a family of her own, but now that she seemed to be stuck with an eight month tummy she wasn't going to pass up on the opportunity to fulfill all of her carnal desires. Alice logged into her new account, spent a few minutes installing the drivers for her new camera, and then started a new session. She wasn't looking to make any money off of this until she had gotten some practice playing for an audience so she left the video chat open to the public.

For this occasion she had chosen to wear the tightest black shirt she owned that she could still fit over her expanded stomach. Her milk-filled tits rested comfortably on the shelf of her pregnant belly and were barely being constrained by her un-padded bra. She briefly entertained the notion that if she breathed too deeply the clasp would give out and her breasts would spill out, tearing her top and spraying milk everywhere. Her sex grew warm at the very thought of it.

In an example of perfect timing her first viewer logged in just as this mental image had gotten her all fired up. Seeing that someone had entered the session she quickly posed as seductively as she could. She really wanted to show off her new ample baby bump so she crawled onto her bed and propped herself up on her knees and one arm while her free hand slowly caressed her abundant cleavage and then migrated to her massive middle. The very thought of rubbing her belly in front of a complete stranger turned her on so much that she could feel her panties growing damp.


Her computer signaled that she had received a message from her audience. 'Take off your shirt' it said. She sat up, made as if to take off her top, showed just a little naked belly, and then stopped and shook her head.

"Be patient, the show is just beginning!" she said with her best bedroom voice and a wink for the camera.

Another visitor joined the chatroom, and thirty seconds later a third entered. Alice was thrilled to have a growing audience. She gracefully rolled over onto her back, her bellybutton reaching for the ceiling. Now she had both hands free and she took full advantage of this. In unison she brought her hands to the base of her stomach and cupped it, enjoying the seductively steep rise of mountainous flesh. The gently pulled her belly up while at the same time slowly pushing her belly out even further. The effect was tremendous: she easily gained another month of size in a matter of seconds. The pressure of her shirt trying to contain her expanding stomach was almost unbearable so she could only keep it pushed out for less than a minute before she gave up and let herself shrink back. Or at least she tried. Once again her belly refused to resume its previous shape. Alice fought back panic as she sat up and tried to tear off the shirt. Unfortunately it had become skin tight and she could not get enough slack anywhere to peel it off. She began to breathe more shallowly, finding that it helped reduce the incredible pressure. Still keeping up her seductress façade she glanced quickly around her room for anything that would help her. Her eyes fell upon a pair of scissors on her desk. Relieved, she sauntered over and grabbed them and then positioned herself back in front of the camera.

"Here's something you boys probably don't see every day!" she said as she brought the scissors to the base of her cleavage. "Here goes nothing!" She barely cut into the material but it was enough. The strained material exploded off of her, releasing her fecund belly and causing her tits to bounce around like crazy. "Oooo, that felt sooo good! Was that good for you?" she asked her anonymous audience. She looked down and admired her bare belly. " Aren't pregnant bellies super sexy? I just love mine! I rub it all the time and it feels soo good! Don't you wish you could rub my belly?"

With that she turned her back to the camera and walked over to her nightstand. She reached into the drawer and pulled out a large bottle of lubricant. She got back into the shot and sat down on the edge of her bed. Alice popped the top off and drizzled a copious amount of the lube all over her belly. "Oops!" she exclaimed innocently. "I spilled it aaaall over myself! Whatever shall I do?"

Her computer dinged several times to indicate that she her audience had some suggestions but she didn't bother looking away from herself. She knew exactly what they wanted because it was exactly what she wanted. She massaged the oil into her skin until it glistened. She had always loved how glossy creams and lubes always seemed to make pregnant bellies look even larger... which for her probably took her to full-term with twins. She was glorious to behold. There was only one thing wrong: in her excitement over her newly expanded middle she had forgotten all about her breasts. They were starting to ache from being pent up in such a tight bra and she desperately wanted to give them a massage. She reached back to unhook her bra. She barely touched it when her previous wish came true and her tits exploded out, sending her bra flying. Alice was a little disappointed that she didn't spray milk everywhere but she knew she could fix that. She began to massage her tender mammaries, relishing the sexual energy that coursed through her as her fingertips brushed against her erect nipples. She squeezed firmly and let out a deep sigh as torrents of thick milk sprayed everywhere.

Coated by milk Alice was succumbed to her incredible sexual appetite. She reached her right hand down past her belly and snuck it past the elastic of her tight yoga pants. The heat between her legs was incredible and her panties were beyond soaked. She began working both hands vigorously, one moving between her tits and her belly and the other grinding against her sex. She was so turned on that it took less than a minute before she came. Her back arched and milk sprayed up and then fell back, further covering her belly and getting into her mouth and hair. Her screams of ecstasy were so loud that, unbeknownst to her, the couple next-door was woken abruptly.

When her climax finally ended and she could move again she rolled over and walked to her computer. By the end of the session she had garnered over thirty visitors, all of whom were completely speechless.

"Thanks for watching guys, see ya tomorrow, same time, same channel!"

Responses flooded in as she logged out. She collapsed back onto her bed, an expression of total satisfaction on her face.

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