tagNovels and NovellasAlicia Ch. 15

Alicia Ch. 15

byAngelique Bouchette©

Warning! This story contains material of an adult nature and is intended for mature readers and for personal use only. No copyright infringement is intended.


Bull walked into the cellar, and an amused grin appeared on his face, as he observed Mike's minimal attire of lacy-topped stockings and garter belt. "I see Butch has been up to his old tricks!" he said, with a chortle.

"Fuck you!" Mike snarled, wincing with pain.

Bull ignored him, and walked over to the trembling Angelica. "You and I have some unfinished business, babe!" he growled, reaching out and grasping her left breast, and squeezing it, viciously.

"Aaaaauugghhhh!" Angelica cried out in pain, as he squeezed her nipple between his finger and thumb, then stretched it, almost beyond its elastic limit, before letting it go. Tears of pain glistened in her eyes, but she still stared back at him, defiantly, her head held high.

"You only came on to me in the Pink Flamingo, so you could find out where we had the hooker stashed, for the boyfriend here, didn't you, you conniving bitch?" He started applying pressure to her other nipple.

"Aaaiieee! Yes, yes!" she gasped, arching her back and writhing in agony. "Please stop!"

"I thought as much! Well, you owe me, bitch, you owe me big, and I'm gonna get what's owing to me!" he snarled, unbuckling his belt, and pulling down the zip of his denims. He pulled out his already semi-hard prick, swiftly jacking it into full erection, then stepped up close to her.

"No, please..." she pleaded, trying to pull away. To her surprise, he stepped around behind her, and began to pull apart her buttocks. "Ooooh, noooooh, pleeaasseeee!" she pleaded, desperately, trembling with fear.

"Leave her alone, you bastard!" Mike croaked, horrified.

"Don't worry, I ain't no arse bandit!" Bull chuckled. "I just like it from the rear!" He slid his shaft between her shapely ass cheeks, and swiftly located her fuck-hole. Then, firmly gripping her hips, he pulled her back onto his rampant cock.

"Aaaaugh!" Angelica gasped, as much from relief as anything else, as his penis slipped into her vagina. For a few moments, she'd imagined the powerful thug was going to rape her anus.

His hands came around, over the tops of her thighs, gripping the tender, inside flesh of her inner thighs, as he pulled himself deep into her vulva. "Yeah, nice and tight, just the way I like it!" he growled. He began to ease in and out of her clinging confines, whilst his fingertips drew apart the fleshy hood hiding her clitoris. Then began to play with her love button, swiftly teasing it into full, fat erectness.

"Mmmmmnn, auuuugghh!" She squirmed with pleasure, her terror temporarily forgotten, as she felt an orgasm rushing up from the depths of her belly.

Mike snarled and tugged at his shackles, in a jealous rage, as he watched the muscle-bound thug shagging his girlfriend. "You filthy bastard!" he choked, almost incoherent with fury. For some inexplicable reason, he had developed a massive hard-on again?

Angelica threw her head back, eyes tight shut, back arched, as she felt herself about to tumble over the edge, into a mind-blowing orgasm. "Oh, yes, yes, yes! Do it to me, do it to me!" she gasped, thrusting her hips back to meet each powerful lunge, now a prisoner of lust, as well as her physical restraints.

Suddenly, she orgasmed, and she started to buck and writhe on the end of his cock. "Oh Jesus, don't stop, don't stop!" she gasped, as her pussy spasmed, wildly about his pistoning gristle.

Bull grinned, and redoubled his efforts, his hands cupping and squeezing her taut breasts. "You are... some... hot bitch!" he panted.

Moments later, Bull climaxed, his hot feral load spurting deep into her womb, as he grunted with relief and pleasure. Her powerful cunt muscles didn't let up, contracting and relaxing, contracting and relaxing, until he was finally pumped dry, and his cock began to soften and shrivel.

With a reluctant sigh, Bull withdrew his soft, wet penis. "I hope you enjoyed that fucking, darling?" he murmured into her shell-like ear. "It might just be your last?" With that, he stepped back and pulled up his pants.

He fetched a jug of water, and gave them both a much needed drink and ignoring Mike's threats, before switching off the overhead light, and leaving them in total darkness, for the rest of the night. The girl could be heard quietly sobbing to herself, as he mounted the stone steps leading up into the main house.


Alicia, rolled over, and blinked up into the daylight, as her eyes gradually focused on the two men and the girl, standing alongside her bed. "Wha...?"

"Get out of bed, darling!" Arnie commanded, in a quiet, but firm, voice.

Alicia felt bloody awful. Her guts felt as if they were being squeezed in a vise. She needed a fix, badly. She struggled up into a sitting position, not bothering to cover her nakedness, and stared at the female, curiously. The stranger was a ravishing platinum blonde, and she was totally naked, with her wrists securely handcuffed behind her back. "Who...?" she began.

Arnie grasped a wrist and tugged her up, off the bed, and Bull threw the helpless blonde down onto it, before climbing astride her. The girl seemed to be in some sort of daze, and put up vertially no resistance.

For a brief moment, Alicia thought the muscular bodyguard was going to rape the girl, but, instead he unfastened one cuff, pulled her hands from behind her, slipped the connecting chain around behind one of the bars of the headboard, then recuffed her freed wrist. She was now chained to the headboard, her hands above her head.

"What's going on, Arnie? Who is she?" Alicia asked, bemused, her hands rubbing the hot, irritated skin of her upper arms. She felt like shit!

"I've bought you a little plaything, darling!" Arnie murmured, with a grin. "If you do a good job of making love to her, Arnie will give you your medicine!"

Alicia's eyes opened wide. "Please, Arnie, I need the stuff now!" she gasped, sensing the imminent onset of the shakes.

"After you've gone down on her, my precious! Now, get on with it!"

The blue-eyed blonde stared up at Alicia, wide-eyed, as the naked brunette hastily climbed astride her recumbent form.

Alicia had never made love to another woman before, but the sooner it was over, the sooner she would get her fix! She leant forward, her dark hair brushing the girl's large, naked boobs, before her lips encircled one of the pink crests.

"Aaahh!" The blonde gave a small gasp, and her nipple sprang to quivering attention.

Alicia grinned, and repeated the operation on the other nipple, before gripping both erect teats between her thumbs and forefingers, and rolling them, gently. She ran her tongue wetly down her cleavage, marveling at the firmness of the girl's large breasts, as she moved down over her ribcage, and over her trembling belly, pausing briefly to stick her tongue into the girl's large navel, her fingers still working their magic on the girl's tits.

The blonde's eyes were closed now, low moans coming from her slack lips.

Alicia moved down between her unresisting thighs, and the girl deliberately spread them further apart, giving her easier access. Her pubes were clean shaven, just like her own, suggesting that the girl was either a prostitute, like herself, or some sort of exotic dancer or model? Her pudenda was nicely padded, her skin smooth and pink.

Alicia eased the folds of flesh apart, and ran her pink tongue along the slit from bottom to top.

"Aaaagh!" The blonde's hips jerked, and Alicia smiled.

She eased the rapidly darkening outer labia apart, and leant forward to lick on the glistening, pink flower of her womanhood!


Alicia sucked the rapidly swelling clitoris into her mouth, squeezing it between her lips, as the girl writhed beneath her.

"Oh Jesus, yes, yes, yessss!" Angelica gasped, as she felt her orgasm approaching. "Don't stop, don't stop! Uuuuunnnggghhhh!" Once more, her body had become a slave to sensation! Her hips surged, as she climaxed, and a flood of girl-cum poured from her pussy.

Alicia lapped at the clear liquid, her heart pounding madly. She had never made another woman climax before, and it was making her feel very, very horny. She slipped her stiffened tongue into the now sopping love hole, and the girl moaned with renewed pleasure. "Nnnngaaaah!" Soon, she was cumming again, as she attained another orgasm.

Alicia finally raised her head, cum glistening on her lips and chin. "Enough?" she croaked. Arnie grinned and nodded. "Do I get my pills now, daddy?" she pleaded, in a little girl voice.

Arnie nodded again, and tossed her three of the pink tablets. She swallowed them quickly, then let out a shuddering gasp of relief. Her body was shaking, and she felt as if ants were crawling all over her flesh, but the effects would quickly dissipate, now she'd had her fix!

"I have another little present for you, my love!" Arnie murmured, with a smile, handing her what looked like a dildo, with various straps attached to it. "It's a strap-on dildo!" he explained.

She nodded. "So I see!" she replied.

"I want you to strap it on, and then fuck this bitch!"

Wordlessly, she took the pseudo cock from his hand, and strapped it about her hips, carefully positioning it over the entrance to her sex, then climbed back onto the bed, between the blonde's open thighs. "I'm sorry about this, honey, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it!" she murmured, as she forced the girl's knees upward and outward.

"Nooooh, please..." the girl gasped, wide-eyed with fright. "Nnnnnngghh!" She gritted her teeth, as the eight-inch Latex cock slithered its way into her sopping quim. It even had a pair of realistic, Latex balls, that slapped against the back of her thighs, as Alicia penetrated her fully.

Alicia began to piston in and out of the girls tight pussy, feeling the constricting effect of her vaginal muscles, as they contracted about the rubber invader. A small protrusion on the base of the cock, constantly rubbed against her clit, as she drove in and out, stimulating it, deliciously.

It gave her a tremendous feeling of power over the girl. "This must be how the man feels, when he's fucking me?" she decided, as she felt the old familiar feeling growing, in the base of her belly.

She thrust in, again and again, gripping the girl's buttocks, and pulling her onto her pseudo cock, each time she penetrated her. She arched her spine, her breasts aching and swollen, her prominent nipples like two diamond drill bits! Already, she was starting to feel the buzz of the drug, as it entered her bloodstream and fed her sexual frenzy.

"I'm cumming!" the girl screamed, as her hips started to buck, uncontrollably. "Aaaagghh!"

"Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus! Oooooooh!" Alicia gasped, as she climaxed herself, and her vagina went into a series of wild, pounding spasms. She collapsed on top of the blonde, the dildo still embedded inside her, until both their climaxes subsided, then she rolled off alongside her, panting, heavily, with a dreamy smile on her lips.

"Jesus, boss, now that's what I call two hot bitches!" Bull exclaimed, a huge tent in the front of his denims.

Arnie nodded, sweat glistening on his forehead. "Yeah! Take the blonde back to the cellar!" he ordered, mopping his brow on a handkerchief.

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