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Alicia Is Hot


Alicia was hot. Tiny beads of perspiration trickled down her near naked body and rested on the waistband of her small white linen wrap. It was so damn hot she had decided not to even bother to wear anything to cover those ample 32DD breasts of hers and together they hung proudly from her perfect size 12 frame.

A slight breeze created by the rotation of the fan in her room only seemed to circulate the hot air back in towards her.

The ice cream she held in her hand was melting fast and a droplet fell from the side of the cone landing square on the top of one nipple instantly hardening it.

She scraped her middle finger upwards from below the nipple and felt momentary resistance from the dainty rose peak as her finger slide over the area to rub off the ice cream. She enjoyed the sensation so much so, that she retraced the journey with the same finger several more times thus making her nipple sticky.

She then lifted the breast with her left hand and brought it up as close to her mouth as possible, then stuck her tongue out as far as she could and swirled the area clean.

The tactile feeling of her rough tongue grazing against her swelling, hardened nipple made her shift restlessly in the cane chair. She dipped her forefinger into her dripping cone, swooped up a small amount of ice cream, and applied it to her other nipple: she then manhandled her adjacent breast, held the ice cream in the other hand and repeated the action.

"That looks like fun."

She looked up to see a tanned male roughly in his mid thirties wearing a towel around his waist ogling her breasts with a comical grin on his face.

He licked his lips and raised his eyes to meet hers.

Alicia, not being shy or particularly guarded in her sensuality rose from where she sat and approached the man standing in her doorway.

She made no effort to cover herself as she sauntered towards him and he in turn took the opportunity to hone in on every inch of her beautiful body as she approached.

His eyes returned to her bare breasts.

They were full and cylindrical. He knew they would be firm and heavy in his palms were he to reach out and touch them.

His body, already responding to the sight of her, took in her long shapely legs, which he could observe from toe to thigh. "Was she wearing anything under that tiny tight fitting wrap?" he thought to himself as his gaze raked over her body stopping momentarily to envisage the sight of her warm welcoming pussy.

Alicia noticing his arousal swirled the tip of her tongue around the top of the ice cream while fixing her eyes on his, she then bit down hard on the cone.

He watched her tilt her head slightly.

"Want some", she teased knowing the words would drip of wanton promiscuity.

A slow predatory smile was born on his lips and his eyes dilated.

"Wanting to play games, are you?" he thought inwardly, 'Ok! Let's play."

He walked forward a number of steps and closed the door behind him.

His fingers went deftly to the knotted ends of his towel quickly loosening the knot. The towel slipped off easily and fell to the floor.

Alicia tried to remain in control of the game she had started but it was becoming clear to her that she was losing that control fast: in addition to this, her body language was now giving away its secrets. Desire, flowed through her veins and flooded the junction between her legs.

He took the soggy cone from her fingers, casually tossing it over his shoulder; his eyes, intent on hers; he took hold of her hand and began to suck each finger bathing it clean with his own saliva.

Alicia stomach knotted at the erotic contact. She could feel his tongue flick against the pad of each finger as he continued his assault on her senses. Her mind wandered to thoughts of that same tongue dancing against her clit and sliding back and forth along the walls of her pussy. Her sex muscles immediately contracted and the wetness between her legs increased.

She took a step in towards him, placing her arms about his neck, causing her breasts to come into direct contact with his lower chest.

The closeness of the position afforded the male open access to her more intimate regions and he took full advantage running his hands up the back of her upper thighs and under the wrap. He pulled her closer and inserted his reaching fingertips deeper between her legs: the absence of any underwear, the first thing to grab his attention and the slippery mucus coating her arse and pussy, the second.

She was already aroused enough to take the full length of him.

The man took Alicia by the hand and led her to the bed in the centre of the room. It was an old four-poster double bed. He removed the wrap from her body and tore the thing into quarters.

"Get on the bed."

She did as he commanded.

"Raise you arms above your head."

Again, she complied.

He tied her arms to the upper bedposts.

"Now, spread your legs", he told her.

He grabbed one ankle and tied it to the bedpost then tied the other ankle to its counterpart.

She watched as his eyes slid up over her open, exposed body: up her long legs to view the fleshy pillows of her femininity, which still glistened with her dew, then further up over her flat belly to rest on her now heaving breasts. His gaze travelled upwards to take in her facial features and the long brown hair, which lay loosely across the pillows. God he wanted this woman.

Alicia was completely at his mercy and she knew it.

She watched him walk away from her and wondered where he was going. He came back almost instantaneously with a scarf, which he then proceeded to wrap over her eyes a few times thus heightening all of her other senses.

She heard him move around to the side of the bed.

In total darkness, she felt his hand gently caress her breast. Her pussy contracted strongly acknowledging his touch. She groaned and tried to turn her body towards him wanting more. She felt his mouth close over the tip of her right breast and she arched her back. His tongue teased her rigid nipple and when he bit her playfully tugging and pulling at her with his front teeth and she thought she would go mad. He repeated the act on her other breast and was rewarded with a low growl signally both pleasure and impatience.

Her hips began circling and jerking upwards as if following a primal rhythm on their own volition. The pulsating ache within the walls of her vagina was overpowering.

The male climbed on the bed and nestled himself comfortably between her open thighs. The smell of her arousal wafted up filling his nostrils. He spread her pussy lips apart with his two thumbs and Alicia shifted in place wildly. When she settled, he began to taste her.

She groaned as she turned her head to the side and again tried to raise her body seeking the release that he promised with every sweep of his tongue. Pressure built up within her and her face and vaginal muscles began to contort.

"Harder, lick harder, faster" she rasped. "Oh God..."

The male flicked his tongue over her at in increased speed acutely aware how close she was to completion. He inserted two fingers into her pussy and concentrated on tiny fast movements to her clit whilst repeatedly thrusting his fingers in and out of her.

"Oh god... please no more... please...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh God."

Her body contorted as if atrophied and she screamed her release.

He allowed her a few seconds to calm down.

"Open your mouth for me."

It was a request not an order.

She felt him lean over her and a hard object nudged at her lips. She was aware of what he was asking of her and parted her lips enough for him to push gently through and invade her oral cavity.

The male felt the soft tissue lining within her mouth as he entered through her lips. His cock slide in along the length of her tongue and the slippery flesh massaged him as he filled her. She closed her lips around him and sucked causing a vacuum effect around his entire manhood.

"Damn!" he murmured through gritted teeth as the sensual pleasure of her mouth took a hold of him. His hips thrust forward involuntarily causing his cock to scrape against her top teeth causing him to slow his movements and adjust his angle of penetration. He felt her tongue move a fraction beneath his cock causing more welcoming friction but he withdrew a little to look at her.

It was just so damn arousing to see his cock stationary within the sultry pink lips of this woman.

There she lay naked, tied to a four-poster bed, blindfolded with his large cock in her mouth, and loving it. He almost came just at the very sight of her.

As a sign of further encouragement, Alicia drew on him again.

He needed no further encouragement. He smiled down at her and thrust into her willing mouth a number of times then, as he was about to come, he switched ends and lowered himself onto her body, thrusting hard and fast into her pussy.

The heat inside her was scorching. It was as if she had a very high fever.

She clenched her pelvic area and her tight muscles clasped his cock with every stroke he delivered into her.

He grimaced and thrusts harder deeper into her making her feel him with every plunge. He grunted and moved faster: much faster. The fire in his stomach, the sensation in his balls, the feel of internal heat around his cock and the smell of her beneath him all came together as his body exploded within her.

They lay together afterwards, both breathing rapidly both completely satisfied.

The male removed the blindfold from his wife and she turned to him and said jokingly, "with that amount of testosterone inside me at the moment, the baby will definitely be a boy".

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