tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAlicia Keys' Enchanted Evening

Alicia Keys' Enchanted Evening


I'd been a major Alicia Keys fan since her debut CD. Living in New York City, I had ample opportunity to see her in concert, which I did at least two-dozen times. Tonight, she was playing on Long Island at the Nassau Coliseum, and I was front row, center. Right as I was getting ready to leave for the show, I saw her video for "My Boo" on MTV. It was at the beginning, when she's rolling around on her bed in a nightie. I dropped everything I was doing; I had to see this video.

Her mocha skin really turned me on. I'd heard she was a mix of Italian and African-American, and Jesus that was a beautiful blend. Between her sexy face, longing eyes, ample breasts and toned body, I could barely watch a music video without getting a hardon. It was even more difficult for me at her concerts, when her attire got a lot skimpier and her cleavage gleaned with performance-induced sweat. As the video ended, I got up from my recliner and repositioned my erection, which was firmer than MTV usually creates.

I got to the Coliseum about a half-hour early. Alicia took the stage right on time, wearing her skimpiest outfit yet: a push-up top exposing her entire belly and a loose-fitting short skirt. Her performance was very energetic, and before long her breasts were shining, not to mention overflowing from the tight top. To get a breather, Alicia turned her piano bench toward the audience for a few minutes of chat. The bench sat almost right in front of me. She took a seat.

She wasn't wearing panties. As she sat, her legs uncrossed, I immediately saw her lips. The hardon came so fast I almost passed out due to lack of blood to the brain. Looking at her vagina, standing almost right in front of her, I started rubbing myself through my tight jeans. As my erection became more and more obvious, it also become obvious Alicia was staring at me, and not in the eyes. My mind was racing a million miles a minute, but she never took her eyes off me.

The professional Alicia is, she didn't make this known to everybody else. She calmly chatted up the crowd, though never moving her stare. I began to see her hand inching down toward her skirt. She wouldn't possibly do this, would she? She moved her legs a bit farther apart, her pussy lips opening just a little more. I knew she was going to finger herself, right there in front of 20,000 fans. But, just then, background music started playing and Alicia came to her senses, standing up and moving her bench back to the piano.

At the end of the night, a security guard came up to me and said Alicia was inviting me backstage. I followed him to the back, and excitedly entered Alicia's dressing room. It was obvious she wasn't happy. She sat on a couch, reapplying makeup, while about a dozen band members and entourage personnel crowded the room. When she turned her eyes to me, they lit up a bit. Mine did, as well, upon seeing her shiny cleavage and tight belly up close and personal.

"Do you have a place around here?" she asked.

Normally, I would have been tongue-tied at this moment, but the earlier concert experience made it pretty clear something was going to happen tonight. "I rented a room at the Marriott for the night," I replied. "It's right across the lot."

By the time Alicia and I entered our room, my hardon had returned full-strength. As soon as I closed the door, Alicia leaned back against it. I pushed my manhood against her mound and we desperately kissed. I couldn't believe how turned on she was. I kept grinding against her most sensitive area, making her gasp so loudly I was sure the neighbors would be knocking any minute. She was breathing very heavily, sometimes interrupting a deep kiss to emit a short squeal of ecstasy.

She laid back on the bed with her knees bent over the edge and her feet on the floor. I pushed her skirt back as she spread her legs wide open. She was so wet that the insides of her thighs were slick. I slipped one finger inside her, which created a sensation so strong she pushed back onto the bed, almost sliding my finger out. I had to laugh. One finger and she's already about to orgasm?

I moved up a bit, to her belly. I kissed in circles around her pierced navel, then in a straight line down to her fully shaved pussy. The bottom of my lower lip and my chin were wet when I pulled back. She was begging for more, despite being afraid of the incredible sensations she was feeling. All at once, I slipped three fingers into her soaked pussy. She gasped at first. I didn't pull back. "Oh my God, Oh my God, OH MY GOD!" she screamed over and over. I caressed her lovingly, stretching her warm pussy out as her escalating moisture made prunes of my thick fingertips.

Her vagina was pulsating, literally pulsating around my fingers. I took them out and used both hands to spread her vagina wide open. Her engorged clit stuck straight out, begging for some attention. I put my index finger right on top of it and started rubbing back and forth firmly and quickly. Her body shook as she clenched two nearby pillows, quickly putting one over her mouth. I licked her clit like a thirsty dog, lapping it hungrily. As she got wetter and wetter, I could taste her juices all over my tongue. Each of her folds tickled the tip of it as she squirmed around in ecstasy.

I'm not sure if she had orgasmed yet or not. She hadn't been able to put more than 3 words together since we started and the desperate moaning was nonstop. But, as she became more and more frantic with passion, I stopped myself.





That was all she could muster.

Her pussy was so swollen and red that I decided to give it a rest before actually penetrating. As she caught her breath, I removed her tight top to reveal two gorgeous B-cup breasts. Her areolas were dark and small, with large and hard nipples. I palmed both breasts, the hard nipples scratching at the inside of both my palms. Letting go, I licked around the perimeter of each areola, and then flicked each nipple with the tip of my moist tongue. As they grew harder yet, I took each one into my mouth, sucking like a nursing baby.

While I was doing this, Alicia unzipped my jeans and put her hand through my still-buttoned fly, grabbing my 8-inch cock. I got up off the bed, letting her hand slide off me, and unbuttoned myself. As I pulled my pants and boxers down, my erection swung free. She sat up and then kneeled down on the floor, once again grabbing the shaft in an erotically forceful way. She gently jerked it as she took the fully engorged head into her mouth.

She didn't suck at first. Rather, she pushed the shaft upward, letting the head rest against my stomach. She licked the underbelly from sack to head, focusing on the bottom of the head with short, hard licks. I immediately began dripping pre-cum, which she quickly licked off the tip of my head with a single tongue flick. She took about half the shaft in her mouth, jerking the base off. She moved up and down quickly, her tongue caressing every inch of shaft.

She let my cock slide out and then took my balls into her hand. She leaned her head back and let them drop into her mouth, tickling her tonsils. Her tongue gently fondled each of them, often sticking it between them and letting them roll naturally around it. As I lifted them out, she tightened her lips on the bottom of the sack, slowly letting it slip, bit by bit, from her moist lips.

She lay down on the bed again. She spread her legs wide open, revealing her still-swollen vagina. As I moved my face in, I could see her ready lips quivering, desperate for my warm tongue. I took her left lip in my mouth and gently pulled at it, letting it loose seconds later with a light "snap." I did the same to her right lip, stretching out her tense opening. I pulled back and lined my penis up as she used both hands to spread it wide for entry. I teased her with the head for a minute, rubbing against her clit. Then, all at once, surged inside.

The initial penetration was difficult, her mound being so red and swollen from what already transpired. But, as my cock slid deeper and deeper, her body soon relaxed enough to handle the load. It was so warm inside her, it almost felt like stepping to a steamy bath. Her velvety constriction pulled at the tender skin, allowing me to feel sensation on every inch of myself with each thrust. She still had the pillow over her mouth to muffle her gasps and frequent cries. As I repositioned myself, I pushed her legs back and pushed my groin closer to her vagina, moving to short and hard thrusts that shook the bed and knocked the headboard into the wall.

I slid out, savoring the sensation of her tight pussy releasing me inch by inch. We both had the same thing in mind. Very wobbly, she eventually got on her hands and knees, bracing her arms against the flimsy headboard. As I got behind her for doggy-style, I pushed my head between her thighs once more, sticking my entire tongue deep into her. She involuntarily smashed the headboard into the wall once more and growled a long, intense moan. I grabbed my shaft and pushed the head inside her once again, thrusting with all my strength. My balls slapped against her each time, and I didn't let up a bit even as I noticed cracks starting to form on the wall. As I pounded away, she begged for more between gasps and guttural squeals of pleasure.

I knew I was about to cum, and so was she. In fact, as her body tensed around me and she tilted her head down, lost in the middle of a deep moan, I knew she was seconds away from orgasm. She shoved herself back into me, pushing every last bit of my dick inside. She kept grinding her butt into my groin, almost wishing to become part of my body. Her wet warmth tickled my tense cock as she writhed in the throes of pleasure, breathlessly crying out in sustained orgasm. The second came immediately after, almost an extension of her first. She let her head and chest sink down onto the bed in exhaustion from the release, leaving only her ass in the air.

I slid out and started jerking myself as she rolled over onto her back, her belly rising and falling quickly, glistening with moisture. After only a few seconds, it thickened in my hand, veins bulging from all sides, as I began to explode. Though I was aiming for her tits, the streams overshot. Quickly, cum was seeping from her upper torso down onto her neck, then rolling toward the bed on both sides. After the fifth or sixth stream, the coffee-colored skin of her neck was splattered with dripping cum.

My legs were weak from the massive release, so I was less than excited when I heard a knock at the hotel room door. I didn't even bother to put anything on to answer, as I stumbled toward the knocking. Opening the door, I saw a big, unruly mob who we'd kept awake for the last couple of hours. Alicia, too spent to do anything, watched me getting snatched from the doorway and disappearing among the frenzied mass.

We never met again. But, on the bright side, my next-door-neighbor got a free New York Times subscription...

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