tagInterracial LoveAlicia's Personal Trainer Ch. 03

Alicia's Personal Trainer Ch. 03


The knock came to David's door quicker than he expected. There were three firm knocks that echoed of the walls of his corner office. David leaned back into his chair and adjusted his tie. He brashly said, "Come in." Tyrone walked into the room dressed in some ratty, warehouse garb and drenched in sweat.

"Lock the door behind you and sit down," David barked. Tyrone obliged.

David grabbed his laptop and spun it around to face Tyrone. It was the video recording of Alicia getting penetrated by both black studs, her cries of joyful passion faintly heard.

David sternly said, "This wasn't what we talked about."

"Things just got out of hand really fast," Tyrone said.

"You were just supposed to find her at the gym and bring her to your place. Have your fun with her and then send her home. That was what we agreed," David said.

"We didn't make her do anything she didn't want to, man," Tyrone replied slyly. "She was all about it."

"That was not what I asked for!"

"You wanted to see your wife fuck a black guy and you got two," Tyrone said. "You should both consider yourselves lucky."

David jumped out of his chair and charged toward Tyrone. Tyrone shot up from his chair and rushed to meet David. The two collided as they both raised their fists at each other. Tyrone looked down at David, clearing him by a foot easily.

"Try it. It'll be the second time I've embarrassed you this week," Tyrone said. "Boss."

"You are never to see her again. Find a new gym," David demanded.

"Because I am a gentleman," Tyrone said "I will not break you in half right now but I will stay true to our agreement. It was a one-time deal. You got what you wanted and I got what I wanted."

Tyrone confidently smirked and cracked a smile as he exited David's office. David followed him out and locked the door behind him. He sat back down at his desk and rotated the laptop back to face him. He watched on and could feel the blood rush to his penis. He opened a drawer and pulled out a bottle of lubrication and a Fleshlight. He watched on and masturbated, stroking his mediocre pecker as these huge black cocks pounded his wife before his very eyes. He came within seconds. Great, he thought: a new record.


Alicia hurried into the gym. The girl at the front quickly swiped her membership card but as far as Alicia was concerned, the girl was moving like molasses. She walked onto the main exercise floor. She reached into her sports bra and lifted the girls practically to her chin. Her cleavage could have been etched in marble as her breasts peaked over the top of her sports bra. Her spandex leggings hugged her thick and shapely legs. She looked down and checked herself out to make sure everything looked good.

She walked calmly through the floor, scouting every machine along the way and staring at the reflections of the men in the free weight mirror. The place was basically empty save for a few people here in there. It didn't take her long to come to a sad realization. Her Alpha was nowhere to be found. She had hoped with it being the same time of day a week later she stood a good chance of just casually running into him again but alas she was not lucky. She really wasn't even in the mood for a work out. A nice trip to the steam room sounded nice so Alicia made her way into the locker room.

She opened up her locker and reached in. Out she pulled a towel and laid it on the bench next to her. She lifted her sports top over her head. She rubbed her heaving breasts and felt her nipples. They were still hard from her earlier pending excitement. Alicia grabbed the waistband of her leggings and pulled down. She wiggled and worked them to her ankles and stepped out of them revealing her voluptuous physique. After she tossed her clothes in her locker, she wrapped her towel around herself. It was a relatively short towel, revealing just the lower cheeks of her ass and most of her breasts. She figured if she hurried into the steam room no one would see her. So off Alicia scurried.

Stopping cold at the entrance she took notice of the sign: Under Maintenance. She could have screamed. Everything was against her. No work out. No steam bath. And worst of all no Tyrone. Her eyes shifted to the Men's steam room. She looked around at the bare hallway and locker room entrances. Not a soul. She made her way as quickly as possible to the Men's steam room, bouncing all along the way doing her best to keep her boobs from popping out of her towel. Alicia peaked inside. The steam was thick but it seemed completely empty so in she crept.

Alicia squinted as she walked in and waved the steam from her face. As she made her way farther into the room a dark figure became visible.

"Can you pour some water on those coals? I was about to do it myself, man, but I was already drifting off to sleep."

Her heart stopped. It was Tyrone. Alicia stepped towards him. His body became all the more visible as she moved in. Tyrone sat there, his towel pulled open exposing his brawny, black physique. A small towel rested on his eyes, his head arches back. Alicia looked down his shoulders, to his chest and to his abs until her sight met with his penis. She admired it as it dangling flaccidly between his legs; a thick, meaty treat just waiting for her. She scooped some water and poured it over the coals.

"Thanks," Tyrone said.

"Anything else I can do for you... T," Alicia said demurely.

Tyrone pulled the small towel from his eyes and looked at Alicia's heavenly full figure. Her brunette hair flowed down her shoulders and back in waves. Alicia opened up her towel as Tyrone took in the sight of Alicia's light brown skin, ample breasts and wide hips. She moved in for the kill. Tyrone sat up straight as Alicia slowly straddled his body, her arms around his neck and her legs bent, knees resting on the bench. Tyrone ran his hands up the back of her legs and achieved a firm hold on her buttocks. Alicia pressed her forehead against his.

She whispered, "I was hoping I would find you. I couldn't stay away another day."

"Alicia, we can't. No, we shouldn't," Tyrone softly spoke.

Alicia shushed him. "No, we have to. I need to feel it again." She leaned in and kissed him.

Tyrone replied, "No, you don't understand."

Tyrone struggled a bit and resisted her temptation. He grabbed her arms and held her away from him. Her eyes stared passionately into his. Her creamy skin felt good against his. It was futile. Alicia leaned back and reached down between his legs. She could feel he was already semi-erect and began stroking him gently. Tyrone caressed her ass and pulled her hips toward his. Her hand worked his cock into her pussy and she pressed her hips down on his. She clenched her teeth and her eyes watered as her vagina adapted to his girth. There were small thrusts at first. Alicia relaxed her body and sunk her ass low. Tyrone held onto her cheeks and pulled her into him. She rocked her body as Tyrone squeezed harder and pounded into her.

"Oh god, Tyrone. Fuck it! Fuck me! Harder baby!"

Tyrone slammed into Alicia. He bounced her on his dick. Alicia could feel each and every inch slide in and out of her with some slight resistance. Just a week out, she thought, and Tyrone was making her feel like a virgin all over again. The sound of their slapping bodies echoed in the room.

"Take it Alicia, take all of me..." Tyrone said.

Alicia dug her nails into his back and he continued to beat up her pussy. Tyrone's cock made her vagina tremble as the tip of it poked and prodded deeply into her womanhood. A familiar passion came over her. She bit his shoulder in hopes to muffle her first scream. Tyrone continued to hold her up with one hand on her ass and reached with the other to yank her hair. Her head tilted and her eyes rolled back. She let out a faint high pitched moan.

"Oh my god! Tyrone, make it hurt baby! Make me cum," Alicia belted out.

Their bodies motioned faster and faster. Alicia buckled first. Her body gave way to her orgasm and shook fiercely. As her orgasm emitted from deep within her and continued to assault her senses, Tyrone continued hammering away at a faster pace. Her vaginal walls contracted and squeezed his cock out. Tyrone's erect shaft rested against her pussy lips. Alicia gasped and fought to catch her breath. She slapped his pecks, Tyrone released his hold on her and slowly she rose to her feet only to wobble a bit and fall softly to the ground.

Tyrone stood up and looked down on Alicia who was lying on her side. He knelt down behind her and reached, squeezing her heaving bosom as she took long deep breaths. She turned her upper torso slightly to look back at him. He played with her nipple as he used his other hand to push her legs forward and exposed her backside to him. Alicia grasped his hand and interlocked her fingers into his. He reached down and stroked his cock for a bit. Finally, he inserted himself in from the back. Their hands rested on her lower abdomen. He pressed down on her and drove his cock deep into her. He breasts bounced with every thrust he made. Alicia turned back onto her side completely and grabbed the back of her calves lifting her knees closer to her chest and exposing more of herself to him. Tyrone took advantage and leaned forward, plunging deeper into her.

"Oh my god, Tyrone you're so deep," Alicia cried, "Please, don't stop. Don't Stop!"

Tyrone lied down directly behind her and reached down. He lifted her leg in the air and continued his assault on her body, supporting her leg by holding on behind her knee. He reached over her and squeezed her breast in his bulky hand. His other hand worked its way up and squeezed her throat. He softly choked her. As he clenched his fingers tighter, her groans were stifled. This only made her cum quicker. He bit down on her earlobe. Tyrone released his hold on her tit and reached under her hip. Tyrone used two fingers and played with Alicia's clit, rubbing it vigorously. Her body ached with pleasure and began to spasm.

"Whoa, oh my god! Tyrone! Please, I want you to cum with me. Cum with me!"

He increased his pace. Alicia's body arched back as she pressed her ass into him, hoping to take him as deep as he could go.

"OH, Shit! Fuck me with that black dick! God, I'm cumming," Alicia screamed.

Finally, she let out a guttural moan and convulsed. Tyrone continued pumping into her until, with one last firm thrust, he unloaded entirely inside of her. As Alicia came down from her peak, she could feel the warmth of Tyrone's semen inside of her. She smiled and rolled over onto her back. Tyrone stroked his cock and gathered the mixture of their juices on his fingers. He placed them into her mouth and she licked them clean.

"Goddamn... you are... amazing," Alicia said panting.

"You brought the heat too, baby," Tyrone replied.

She rolled over to face him. Her hand glided across his sweaty chest. Gracefully, she ran her hand along his torso feeling every ripple and every muscle. Tyrone wrapped his arm around her and held her tighter.

"You are a much better workout than Zumba," Alicia said sarcastically. "And so much more fun."

Alicia began kissing his chest. Her hand worked its way down and felt for his limp penis. She gave it a few forceful tugs and could feel the blow rush back to it. His cock was still soaked in their combined juices. She continued to stroke him off. Lower, and lower down his body she kissed. She began sopping and worshiping his manhood and he rested his hands behind his head and closed his eyes pleasantly.


By the time Alicia arrived home it was dark. As she pulled into the driveway she saw David's car. David had to have been home for a while now. She exited and walked inside. She passed a mirror on her way into the hallway and took a moment to look at herself. Her cheeks were flush red and her hair was a damp mess. She reeked of sweaty sex and she knew it. Not like David would remember what that smelled like anyway.

She walked into the bedroom and heard the shower running. She crept in quietly hoping he wouldn't hear her so she wouldn't be bothered to talk to him.

"Baby, is that you," asked David.

"Yeah I'm home. Hurry up I worked up a sweat at the gym," she replied.

"Well, why don't you come in and join me. I'll clean you up," David asked in an attempt at being suave.

"No thanks, just need to shower. Let me know when you're done," Alicia said.

Alicia walked back to the living room. She saw the lap top on the couch and opened it up. She figured she would get some browsing done while she waited. However, when the laptop finally kicked on her eyes grew wide and she froze in shock. On the laptop, staring back at her was a paused image of Tyrone fucking her silly on his bed.

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