tagIncest/TabooAlien Abduction Pt. 02

Alien Abduction Pt. 02


The alien, Zeta Four, was terrified of termination for he and his crèche. On the previous trip to this disgusting mud hole of world, on the orders of the head of the Science Council, Alpha One, he took three specimens for experimentation. His equivalent of an abdomen turned as he recalled the disgusting mating rituals.

In his haste to be rid of the filthy creatures, he had not only failed to fully wipe the memories of the older male after the repairs to his heart organ were completed, he did not remove all evidence of the mating ritual from the female and the younger male.

Now they were returning to observe the creatures again. Alpha One requested he and his ship because they were familiar with the creatures. He trembled as he prayed his neglect had not ruined the experiment.


The days following their abduction were torture for the Abbouds. They shared memories of the abduction and then waking up 3 hours later sitting in their car in the driveway. Try as they might, they could not recall what happened during those lost hours.

However, at night each of them had strange dreams. John Abboud dreamt of his wife and son having sex while he stood helpless. They were like wild animals in rut. Howling, fucking then rejoining and fucking more. Even in his sleep, the bile rose as he dreamed of them engaging in the even more disgusting anal sex.

Samantha and Jamal had a shared dream of them having sex. They recalled animalistic growls, nips and bites on their bodies, the feel of penetrating and being penetrated. In their separate rooms, they awakened sweating and aroused. They also recalled a phrase. A phrase that swam into their minds: She is impregnated.

During the daylight hours, the tension between father and son grew. In the days prior to the Abduction, the relationship was respectful. Now the unintentional hormonal imbalance caused them to snap at each other at each real or imagined slight. Zeta Four's failure to properly readjust their hormones left them in a quasi primitive state. Father and son were unconsciously competing for the same female. They figuratively seemed to circle each other and compete for Samantha's attention. They were like the old bull and the young bull competing for the attention of a female.

Sam was ashamed of herself for enjoying the attention and competition. She dressed more provocatively, drawing the attention of both males to her. She found reasons to brush against first one then the other, encouraging their competition. She was in a constant state of arousal. Her pussy was so wet she had to change her underwear several times a day.

Then a late night incident caused her to make an appointment to see her gynecologist. She and John had late night sex. In the past, before the Abduction, these trysts were satisfying if not sating. Now they only whetted her appetite. This night she tried to suck him to get him hard again. She had this incredible urge to feel a cock in her ass.

John was outraged at her forwardness and disgusted at her suggestion of anal sex. He screamed, calling her a whore. Crying, she stumbled naked from their bedroom, heading to the bathroom in the hall. Simultaneously, Jamal was leaving the bathroom, having gone there to clean up after jerking off to the sounds of his parents having sex.

Mother and son faced each other down a few feet of the hallway. The scent of their pheromones permeated the tight confines of the hall. Sam wiped the tears from her eyes and smiled at her son. She was naked but felt no shame. She felt her pussy moistening at the sight of his trim muscular body. Her eyes moved down to the significant bulge in his boxers. Her nose twitched as the primordial mating instinct was aroused. She licked her lips as a transient memory of the feel of his cock in her mouth shot through her mind.

Jamal saw his mother's eyes fix on his crotch. He reached down and pulled his cock out. He wanted her to see it. He wanted her to know that he could quench the burning she felt between her legs. He slowly stroked as his eyes roamed over her lush body. He caught her eye and looked down at her glistening slit. He smiled as she ran a finger into her dripping hole.

Mother and son stood barely 5 feet apart masturbating, their eyes glowing with lust. The aroma of their arousal filled the narrow hall. They suppressed their lustful moans, realizing that John lay not another 5 feet away. A few steps and he would catch them. The illicitness of their act increased their arousal. A need to be seen, be watched drove them. Sam placed one hand against the wall and spread her legs.

She wanted her son to see her opening, to see it cream for him, for his tongue, for his cock. She took hard gasping breaths as the images drove her. Her breasts ached with her need. Her nipples were distended and painful. She looked at her son, pleading for him to take her. Take her here, in this hall. Take her now!

Jamal took a few steps forward. He was close enough to reach out and grasp her breast. He grasped her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. His lips pulled back in a snarl as she groaned from his rough touch. His other hand flew up and down his cock.

Sam let out a silent scream as her son painfully pulled on her sensitive nipple. Her hips pumped against her fingers as the pain/pleasure suffused her body. She needed him in her. Her hole ached for his cock's invasion.

Then she felt the scalding hot splash of her son's seed against her belly. It drove her, causing her to spontaneously orgasm. She felt her juices stream down her thighs as she undulated against her probing fingers. Her head dropped to her chest as her orgasm wracked her body. Her hips pumped out as the second blast of her son's steaming seed splashed against her pussy and hand. She felt blasts hit her thighs and feet.

"Sam! What the hell is taking you so long?"

Jamal took a step back toward his room. He watched his mother rub his sperm over her pussy and thighs. Perspiration poured from their bodies. The look on her face was sheer animalistic carnal lust.

"I'm coming, dear," she said smiling at Jamal. She licked her fingers, running her tongue between each finger savoring the taste. Then she stepped into the bathroom.

Jamal stood just inside his bedroom door. From his vantage point, he watched his mother squat on the toilet. Their eyes held each other as she began to piss. His cock harden again as he heard and saw the strong yellow stream of piss splashing in the toilet. His mother stood without drying her pussy. Her thighs gleamed with wetness as she walked seductively toward her marriage bed. As she turned to enter her bedroom, she turned, looked down the hall at her son, ran a finger through her dripping pussy lips and licked it. Growling deep in his throat, he turned, went to his bed, leaving the door open and dropped off to sleep.


A few mornings later, Samantha Abboud sat on the examination table in the doctor's examination room. She wore only the foam green paper examination gown. The paper felt rough against her sensitive nipples, causing them to swell. She was still wet from the examination. They doctor needed no lubricant for her vaginal exam. In fact, he had to keep dapping at it with a towel to stop her from dripping on the paper cover the table.

"That can't be doctor! I take my pill religiously every day."

Dr. Weinberg smiled indulgently at his patient. Every woman knew there was an infinitesimal chance of pregnancy. The studies said three chances in a thousand.

"Mrs. Abboud, The Pill does not afford 100% protection against pregnancy. There is always a small chance a woman can conceive."

"But...but what will I tell my husband?"

Dr. Weinberg smiled indulgently. "Tell him he is going to be a father."


"WHAT?" John's scream echoed through the kitchen. He felt betrayed. Sam had just told him she was pregnant.

Out where he lay by the kidney shaped pool, Jamal sat up. His father's explosive shriek caused his adrenalin to pump, his heart rate increase. His eyes drew back in a squint and he scanned the fence-enclosed yard. What the hell, thought, surprised by his instinctive response.

Still he stood and padded barefoot toward the kitchen. His father's broad back was an exclamation point of outrage. Looks like he has lost some weight, he thought. His mother sat facing him. Her face was an unemotional mask. A slight smile tugged at her lips when she saw him slide the patio door back and step into the kitchen.

"Hey guys! What's going on?" His eyes swept over his mother's body. The sleeveless print dress accented her mocha skin, seemingly making it glow. Her thighs looked warm and inviting.There was something different about her. He noticed it weeks back.

"Get out, Jamal! You have nothing to do with this."

"I'm pregnant," Sam said quietly, smiling at her son.

"Wow! Congrats, guys!" For some reason, pride swelled in his chest. His eyes surveyed his mom, from the enigmatic smile, across the softness of her exposed cleavage in the vee neck of the dress to her abdomen where life was growing. As she sat, her summer dress rode up on her thighs, exposing their muscular brownness. She was exquisitely beautiful. He knew she would grow more so over the months of her pregnancy.

"Damn it, Jamal! I said get out." John wheeled and faced his son. He felt an anger he could not explain. His son was an intruder. He shielded Samantha from him with his body.

"John stop! What is wrong with you?" Sam jumped from her perch on the stool and stepped between her husband and his son. She shivered as her behind brushed against her son's thigh.

Confusion showed on John's face. What was wrong with me? He took a step back. He ran the back of his hand over his face as though clearing some obstruction from his vision.

"I...I'm sorry," he mumbled. He looked at the concerned look on his wife's face. "We...uh...we can talk about this later." John stumbled down the hall and into the Media Room. He stepped to the bar and poured himself a large brandy. He swallowed it in one gulp and poured another. What in the hell is going on?

Sam stood with her back to her son, watching her husband retreat to the Media Room. She stepped back, her ass barely brushing Jamal's thighs. She expected John to be upset. For years, he resisted them having another child. However, his aggressive posture toward their son was inexplicable. She turned to face her son. Mere inches separated them. The nipples of her breasts touched his bare chest. They could feel their breaths on each other's face. The atmosphere was electric.

"Are you upset also," She asked softly.

"No, I am actually proud and happy."

"For your father and I?" Her eyebrow raised slightly. Her breathing increased. His proximity caused arousal. She felt a moistness between her legs. Her nostrils flared as his scent filled them.

Jamal's hand came up. He placed the palm of his hand with the finger pointing up over his mother's abdomen. Sam's hand came up, covered her son's hand and pressed it lightly into her belly.

"For you, the baby and the baby's father." They stood like that for a moment. Neither understanding nor commenting on his rephrasing of her statement.


The saucer settled noiselessly into the yard and above the pool. It emitted a soft bluish glow as it hovered. From the seeming featurelessness of the dull grey metal hull, a ramp appeared. It extended across the pool to the sliding patio door.

Alpha One strode confidently down the ramp. The Science Council's award for innovative experimentation hung around his grey spindly neck. He proudly wore it everywhere to the envious consternation of his fellow council members. His presentation on the capture, mating and breeding of the specimens was received well. Some of the more squeamish had violent gastric upsets at the sickening visuals of the mating ritual.

Zeta Four lagged behind his superior. He alone knew that some elements of the experiment had not gone as planned. He hoped for himself and his crèche mates that his oversights were not obvious.

Alpha Four tapped lightly on the screen of his device, turning off the primitive alarm and opening the door. The sickening smell of cold raw meat in the large refrigeration unit assaulted his olfactory orifice. The pungent smell of rotting vegetation wafted up from the small circular container near the door. He glanced back at Zeta Four who was also suffering through the disgusting smells. These creatures were disgustingly primitive animals.

"They are above us," he said looking at the screen on his ever present multi purpose device. They stumbled a little, unfamiliar with the multi-level wooden slats that led to the upper level. The first entrance was the younger male. He lay on a horizontal surface without any covering on his body. The appendage he used in the female stood rigid and erect.

"Hmmm, Zeta Four when we left them, that appendage was in a similar position. Do you think that might be its permanent state?"

Zeta Four was at once humbled and frightened that his opinion was asked. To him it said his stature had risen due the assistance he provided with the first part of the experiment. He was frightened because he suspected the permanent increase in hormonal level might be causing the rigidity in the long cylindrical organ. He still found it incredible that it fit into the female's three orifices.

"I suspect so, Great One. Although further experimentation and perhaps, a comparison to the older male might give you more data."

Alpha One eyed the pilot suspiciously. His caste was bred to be adept at operating and navigating the spacecraft. To have such insights into data collection and use was unusual.

"Hmmm, yes, yes, just as I thought! In addition, the male hormone is unusually high and his sperm levels are off the chart. It suggests he is now more aggressive than he was before the experiment started. Also, he will be an excellent candidate for other breedings.

Zeta Four nearly swallowed his equivalent of a tongue. He had inadvertently displayed more knowledge of scientific experimentation then was wise. He also knew that the permanent increase in the male hormone caused an increased need to breed. The increased need to breed caused an increase in the sperm levels. After breeding, which these animals did often, the sperm levels decreased. Then the cycle repeated itself. This male was an aggressive breeding machine.

"Very well! Let's check on the other subjects."

The aliens moved out of Jamal's room and down the hall to where John and Samantha slept. John lay under a sheet, facing the wall away from Samantha. Sam lay on top of the sheet, her finger moved slowly up and down her aching slit.

"The female hormones are more numerous and complex. Even now, she is aroused."

Zeta Four turned away in disgust as Alpha One tapped on the screen of his device. The creature periodically took her finger out of her breeding slit and inserted it in her feeding orifice. She licked it then reinserted it in the breeding orifice.

"Yes, yes," he mused, "she is pregnant. Notice the two large round appendages on her chest are swollen. See how they lay on either side of her chest. She is beginning to produce some kind of fluid in them." Alpha One suppressed nausea as the hormonal stench filled the air.

In his excitement, Alpha One turned to the pilot and grasped his shoulder. "She is pregnant and the baby is growing within her. Based on our limited knowledge of their physiology, I estimate 8 more of their moon cycles to delivery."

Zeta Four pointed at the disgustingly round shape of the female. His olfactory orifice crinkled as a disgustingly pungent stench filled the room. "Why is she slamming those two digits so hard into her breeding slit? I thought only the males appendage went there."

The Aliens were invisible to the Abbouds. They watched as Sam slammed her fingers hard into her needy hole. Her mouth was open in a silent scream.

"This is an unexpected aberration." Alpha One frantically checked his notes. There was nothing about the female simulating breeding using her fingers. Was this an oversight on his part?

"Adjust the hormone levels on the older male. The repairs to the heart organ have made him suitable for breeding"

"Do you think it's possible she could be impregnated while she is pregnant," Zeta Four inquired obsequiously. He suspected that she could not. However, he had already shown more knowledge of the experiment than was safe.


John Abboud awoke with a hard on. His hand trailed to his rigid meat and stroked it slowly. He could feel the warmth of his wife's body next to him. The slight rhythmic motion caused her body to slide against his back.

There was an unmistakable aroma in the air. An intoxicating aroma. He rolled to his back. In the dim light, he could see her hand moving between her legs.

Culturally, it disgusted him that his wife masturbated herself. Though raised in the permissive American culture, his Middle Eastern heritage caused him to view women as necessary to further the family line as opposed to equal partners. The fact that she needed to pleasure herself was an affront to his manhood. Still, the depravity of it aroused him.

He rolled over and ran his hand over her belly. He could almost feel the increased fullness. He stroked up to Samantha's full breasts. They felt fuller. Also her scent seemed different. His nose involuntarily twitched, scenting the increased hormonal level of a pregnant woman. The aroma also confused him. She was pregnant but he did not feel instinctual pride at having sired an offspring.

Sam trembled at her husband's touch. Her constant arousal was interfering with her sleep. She covered his hand with hers. She flinched as he roughly squeezed her sensitive nipples. He pulled hard on them causing her eyes to widen at the pain. Her hips pumped up and down involuntarily.

John roughly forced Sam's legs apart with his legs. He growled deep in his throat as her pushed forward. He howled when he felt his cock enveloped by her tight wetness. He began to thrust violently in and out of her.

Sam wrapped her legs around her husband's back as pounded her. She snarled as she felt him take her. At an instinctual level, she wanted to fuck, to feel in man in her, to control and be controlled by the sex act. Men might be stronger but she knew was in charge. At an intellectual level, the doctor told her that she would experience some mood swings as her hormone levels increase.

"Fuck me, John, fuck me hard! I need to feel you deep in my pussy!"

John was confused. Samantha had never spoke like this before. It was at once arousing and intimidating. He redoubled his efforts. He felt the familiar tingle in his balls.

Sam felt her husband swell in her. No, she thought, not now! Not so quick! Then she felt his seed splash against her cervix.

"Zeta Four, something is amiss."

"Great One?" Zeta Four recalled the breeding of the younger male and this female on their ship weeks back. It seemed to last longer. The two primitives seemed to enjoy it more.

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