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I have been in love with physics since my first exposure to it, it is my religion, it is my life. I love believing that each and every interaction can, on some level, be explained by a mathematical formula, even if that formula needs a little bit of statistical uncertainty for lubrication.

It was my second year of grad school, and, as much as I loved my school work, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so I also have my distractions. This particular day, the day that would start me on a path which would eventually shatter my world view and shake the rest of my beliefs to the core, this particular day, I was lounging on the couch, watching an Ancient Aliens marathon on the history channel.

A bug eyed dude with crazy hair was suggesting that the similarities in all the world's religions may have been the result of visitations from an alien race in our distant past. Of course that's at once absurd and then strangely plausible as the circumstantial evidence is laid out.

My buddy, fellow grad student and physics explorer, Jenny, was spending this lazy Sunday with me, indulging her own methods of distraction. As she lit up another joint, I asked, "What do you think? Are they out there?"

"Of course, how could they not be?" was her immediate reply. "I had a dream about an alien climbing into bed with me one night. He was green and all wet and slimy, covered in mucus, and he had seven tentacles that were long and thick as cucumber," she said as she squeezed her thighs together and squirmed moving her legs back and forth against each other.

Jenny always got a little horny when she smoked weed and I could tell she was getting pretty high as she put her hands between her legs and squeezed with her thighs rubbing the crotch of her jean shorts.

"Wait a minute!" I said. "You are telling me you had a dream in which you let a slime covered alien penetrate you with his tentacles?"

"He immobilized me with mind control! I couldn't fight back!" Jenny exclaimed as we both broke out into hysterical laughter.

We laughed about that just a little longer than it deserved. I don't know if it was because I was getting a second hand buzz or whether it was because of the sexual tension in the room. Jenny is smokin' hot. Well, at least in a nerdy girl kind of way.

She has long dark hair that falls in loose curls when she lets it down from her default pony tail and she wears some nerdy black glasses that betray her intelligent side. The glasses are an interesting counterpoint to her amazing boobs.

They aren't so big that she has a hard time hiding them underneath a sweatshirt but in the spring, when T-shirts come out, there are some days when I have a hard time looking at anything else. Jenny has a habit of wearing what's comfortable and that sometimes means low cut and tight. The cleavage at her neckline and the perfect curves her breasts make as they resist the pull of gravity are like magnets for my eyes.

Today was the first warm day of spring and not only had the T-shirts come out but Jenny had on some cut off jean shorts that made her legs look like they were a mile long. These shorts must have been her favorite pair because they were nicely worn in and a little frayed. The low rise of the waistline stopped just below the place where her slender waist gave way to the curve around her taught hips.

As hot as she was, I had never managed to get her attention, at least not in that way. We have known each other since we were kids so I guess I'm just part of the day to day scenery to her at this point, particularly since we've been room mates in this apartment for the last two semesters.

Money is tight when you are a grad student, even with the lab assistant position. Since we have been friends for so long, it only made sense to split living expenses. Moving in together sounded like a great idea at first and I thought it might lead to some opportunities.

Reality is never the same as fantasy though, and our living arrangement turned into more of a living hell for me than a Shangri-La. Jenny looks innocent but she is a bit of a slut. Don't get me wrong, I love slutty girls. The sluttier the better as far as I'm concerned. It makes me feel like I might have a chance, normally.

In this case, though, Jenny was out of my reach. It's not that I'm a bad looking guy. I eat right and even run sometimes when I'm thinking over particularly complex ideas. The physical exertion and rhythm helps me relax and focus my thoughts. The problem is, Jenny just doesn't see me as boyfriend material. I'm her study partner and hang out buddy.

The worst part was that now, I had to see the losers Jenny chose to bring home with her. For example, there was that cretin, Jim, from the wrestling team. They met at a party and had apparently had a lively discussion about whether the WWF was a real wrestling federation and how fake, or not, the wrestling was.

Apparently, there was an offer to show some wrestling moves if there were only a soft surface available. Why Jenny offered her bed is beyond me. Maybe it was because he worked out a lot and he had a ripped six pack.

I was sitting on this very couch as they walked through the door making a bee-line for Jenny's room. The only greeting I got was when he demeaningly said,"Hey Sport," and they disappeared behind her door.

The sounds she made that night were intoxicating. I watch my fair share of porn but to hear someone you know, in the flesh, just on the other side of the wall, is different. I could tell she was having some very pleasurable sensations but her moans were, at the same time, sounding like she was so frustrated. Like she wanted to trip the circuit but just couldn't quite get it to blow.

I know the feeling. I rubbed myself raw that night out of desperation. I know, I know, creepy invasion of privacy getting off on her sexual encounter but she shouldn't have been so loud if she didn't want me listening. It's not like she didn't give me shit the morning after her best friend Beth and I hooked up. I know she had listened in when Beth and I blew off some steam after finals.

Sitting on the couch with her looking like she did had me just about to make another feeble attempt to get in her pants. I was about to paw at her sexy bare leg as she stretched out on the couch when Jenny yelled.

"Look!... Isn't that Professor Bailey?" as she pointed excitedly at the TV.

Sure enough, on the screen was a picture of Dr. Bailey. He looked younger but there was no mistaking his intensity. The episode playing was all about an academic expedition to Peru. A research team was sent to the Inca ruins at Machu Picchu to help decipher some carvings and try to understand how the stones of the rock wall masonry there had been cut so precisely with the ancient tools available at the time of its construction.

The episode was very interesting and included a legend about a supposed "star gate" carved in the rock near lake Titicaca. What a name! The legend was that an ancient Inca priest possessed a key that would open the portal of the gods.

The episode went on to say that the research team had been run off the site under suspicion of unauthorized removal of artifacts. The allegations were never proven but the lead researcher had been under investigation ever since.

Dr. Bailey must have been part of the research team when he was a graduate student in archaeology. Now, he taught intro to world history to auditoriums of bored undergrads but, years before, he was obviously part of this expedition to Peru and possibly wrapped up in the scandal. Maybe that was how he ended up here teaching such a low level class.

Jenny looked at me with a positively devious smile and said, "Let's break into Dr. Bailey's office and find out what he had to do with that research trip!"

"Are you fucking insane! How strong is that stuff you're smoking?"

Jenny looked at me with pleading eyes and said,"I'm sooo bored right now. You know the archaeology department shares space in the physics building and Dr Bailey's office is just down the hall from the physics lab! Don't you have a key or something since you work as a lab assistant?"

It was even easier than Jenny knew because that building and the labs were only locked at the outside door and lots of people had a key card. Students and staff both kept late hours on projects and security was basically non-existent past that automated door. Still, we could be caught by some random person in an area that we really had no business poking around in.

Jenny saw the wheels turning in my head and added, "Don't worry, if old man Bailey catches us. I'll just offer to suck his cock and all will be forgiven"

Of course, I had already decided I was in. Any excuse to sneak around in the dark with Jenny would easily over rule all the logical thoughts I might have urging more caution.

Being after eight on the Sunday evening before spring break, the campus was eerily deserted. We easily gained entrance to the building and walked down the stairs to the basement and into the darkened corridor. Most of the lights were off but the glow from the florescent fixture in the stairwell gave enough light to make our way.

Jenny was glued to my side as we crept down the hall. I was trying to act cool but my head was exploding with fireworks as her breast pressed against my arm. I let my arm hang down to my side and gently placed my hand on her exposed thigh as we walked further pressing our bodies together and against the wall.

There was an intoxicating mix of adrenaline and hormones coursing through my veins. The fear of being discovered had my senses on full gain and Jenny's proximity gave those senses a fine source of stimulation.

The office door had a large rippled glass pane with, "Dr. Bailey, Archaeology" painted in block letters. I tried the knob to the wooden door. It was unlocked and opened with a creaking groan.

Inside, the light from a computer monitor illuminated the room with a faint glow. It looked a lot like you would expect a profs office to look. There was a large wooden desk surrounded by bookshelves. I wondered out loud, "What are we even looking for?"

Jenny tip toed into the room even though there was nobody around but me. She whispered, "I don't know but look at all those pictures and objects on the shelves. They all look Central American to me. There has to be a connection."

One of the frames on the wall held a newspaper article. Jenny read and paraphrased for me, "This article is about the expedition! It seems that the leader of the expedition, a prominent scientist, did take an artifact but that the university had arranged with the Peruvian government for it to be removed and brought back."

The article goes on to say that this scientist believed that the artifact was the, Key of Aramu Muru. Although he spent years trying to prove that this artifact predated the Incan empire and was in fact related to the legend of the gate of the God's, he was never able to produce irrefutable evidence.

Jenny then gasped,"His career took a nose dive after this failure but his protege, Milton Bailey, continues to research the mysterious artifact."

"I knew it!" Jenny exclaimed.

"Congratulations Inspector Gadget," I taunted, "Now let's get out of here before you get me in real trouble."

We turned to leave, but as we were headed for the door, Jenny noticed a case that she hadn't seen on the way in. It was almost hidden behind the door but when we turned back toward the exit we could see a three foot tall display case.

The top and some of the sides of the case was glass and the lower half had several shallow drawers. In the top glass partition there was a stone object resting on a stand. The object had an unusual shape to it and a weathered grey granite exterior.

The shape of the object was mostly flat and round, a little smaller in diameter than a dinner plate but about an inch thick. It also had a prominent feature on top and bottom, a raised ridge that looked like a cucumber that had been sliced in half lengthwise with half the cucumber glued to the top of the plate and the other half directly below.

There was a small plaque on the case that read, "Machu Picchu - 1987"

Jenny's face lit up like she had just found gold, "Do you think this is the artifact?" She tore into the drawers and started riffling through the documents she found. There were pictures of the expedition, page after page of notes, and strangely, something that looked like an x-Ray negative.

She found lots of pictures included images of the younger Dr. Bailey and one even showed him standing by the same discredited scientist, both of them holding the object that now rested before us in the case. Jenny was scouring the pictures for clues but my interest was drawn to the strange x-Ray.

"Jenny, look at this," I said as I traced the outline on the x-ray, "It's the object, but there seems to be internal structure." I couldn't believe my eyes but the x-ray clearly showed what looked like intricately formed internal patterns in solid carved rock.

"What's even more startling is, I think I recognize these patterns!" I said. "Have you ever heard of a scientist named Nikola Tesla?"

"Is he that mad scientist that fought with Edison and claimed he heard transmissions from Mars?" Jenny asked.

The pattern in the x-Ray clearly showed a helical coil that must have taken up most of the strange cylindrical ridge protruding from the top and bottom of the plate. At each end of the coil was a more substantial donut shaped terminal.

The x-ray also showed what looked like thin alternating layers in the plate section and pathways throughout the object that looked a lot like the printed circuits you would find in any modern piece of electronics.

I knew what it was from my fringe physics research, "There is some type of Tesla coil embedded in this rock!" The words barely squeezed through my tightened throat.

Jenny scowled at me in disbelief. "What?...Who?...Why?" Jenny stammered.

"I don't know but I think I can find out," I said. "Tesla theorized that it could be possible to transmit power without wires. He wanted to set up transmitting stations around the globe to send out energy through the air by electromagnetic transmission. He wanted to send out power, wirelessly, similar to what we do now with thick copper power lines."

I believe the coil inside this artifact is a receiving device for transmitted power. All I have to do is set up a Tesla transmitter with the right frequency and the artifact should be able to power up.

"Can you do that?" Jenny asked.

"Watch me!" I said.

I have been making Tesla coils since I was a kid in the garage. It was a pretty simple matter for me to throw some components together in the physics lab. The only problem was choosing the right frequency. For this to work, I had to know the resonant frequency of the coil and terminal arrangement in the artifact.

Jenny was no slouch when it came to physics. She grabbed the artifact, made a few measurements with a nearby caliper, and compared these to the x-Ray. Jenny was much better with theoretical math than me and it wasn't long before she blurted out, "97.2 Megahertz.

That should get us close enough."

The transmitter required one component that wasn't already laying around but to get a transmission frequency that matched, we had to wind our own secondary coil anyway. It was fun to get hands on with Jenny, even if my hands were wrapping wire on a hollow core and not touching Jenny's body.

We finished the transmitter in less than an hour and all that was left was to turn it on. Jenny placed the artifact on the workbench next to the small Tesla transmitter we had built and I started to turn the dial on the power supply.

We felt like a couple of mad scientists as the power supply came to life with blinking lights and the needle on the output meter rose. Slowly, a low hum grew louder in the transmitter as more and more power was projected toward the artifact.

At first, nothing happened. We checked the connections from the power supply to the transmitter and I started to consider how to check the transmitting frequency when we heard first one quick crack and then another snap.

When we looked at the artifact, each end of the protruding ridge had separated from the body by a small fraction of an inch. In the gap that was revealed, we could see a faint blue glow. It pulsed very slowly, first on one end and a moment later on the other end. The effect was that there appeared to be some sort of signal traveling forward and then back between each end.

We watched in amazement as the glow continued to get ever so slightly brighter and the period between pulses started to get noticeably shorter. We must have watched for five minutes or more before Jenny said,"What do you think it's doing?"

"I have no idea but it seems to be gaining strength. Maybe we should watch it for a little while longer."

Jenny looked at me a little annoyed and asked,"How long do you think it will take?"

"Just a rough estimate but, judging from the way the pauses are getting shorter, I would guess we should see something more in fifteen minutes."

Jenny looked at me as she bit her lip and swayed back and forth for a minute. She finally said, "You want to play truth or dare while we wait?"

It was a childish suggestion but I hoped it indicated that Jenny wasn't quite as cold toward me as I thought. My mind and libido silently screamed, "Yes!" I turned to her and asked, "Aren't you afraid I will just dare you to take off your T-shirt and show me your tits?"

Jenny said, "Like this?" and quickly pulled the bottom of her T-shirt up over her head. She wasn't wearing a bra and her breasts bounced breathtakingly as she dropped her shirt on the workbench.

I'm sure my jaw dropped obscenely and my mind went into overload. I blurted out, "Jenny! What if someone comes in!"

She reached across the workbench to grab her T-shirt as she said, "Do you want to me to put it back on?"

I was momentarily hypnotized by the sway of her breasts as she leaned over the bench but I quickly recovered and said, "No, no, please don't put it back on!" It was pretty unlikely anyone would walk in on us at this hour of the night anyway.

She seemed amused at the desperation in my voice as I pleaded with her to leave her shirt off. Jenny looked at me and said, "OK then, take yours off too."

Of course I had no problem with that. As I jerked off my shirt, I started the game proper, "Truth or Dare?"

"Truth this time," Jenny said with a smirk.

"What was Jim doing to you to make you squeal with joy like that?"

Jenny looked at me confused for a minute and then said, "You mean Jim the wrestler? You were listening?" Jenny blushed for a minute before she continued, "That dweeb was so drunk he barely got it in me before he blew his load, rolled over, and went to sleep! What an Asshole. I had to break out the magic wand and take care of business myself."

This time it was my turn to look confused, "Magic wand?"

"Vibrator," Jenny scoffed.

So how about you and Beth?" Jenny shot back.

"Beth is sweet and she has huge tits but she just wasn't doing it for me. I couldn't seem to cum even with her riding me like a bucking bronco."

"Bullshit! I heard you two maniacs through the wall too!" Jenny retorted.

"Well, after a minute with Beth, I started fantasizing about you in your bed, just on the other side of the wall. I wondered if you were jacking off as hard as I did when you were with Jim. The thought of you stroking your pussy is what got me off."

All this talk seemed to give Jenny an idea because she suddenly blurted out,"Truth or Dare?"

"It's not your turn!" I protested. I just told you about me and Beth.

"But I didn't say you could go for truth," Jenny quipped.

"OK, we will both do dare this time but I get to dare you first. Take off those shorts."

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