tagNonHumanAlien Attack

Alien Attack

byThe Spy©

The alien was horrible, disgustingly ugly. It was tall, about 7 feet, with large eyes, a large mouth full of sharp teeth, and may tentacles that had sucker-like cups attached. It stood upright on two legs like a man, and, Lindsay noticed, from the way it was looking at her, that wasn't the only thing it had in common with a man.

Horrified, Lindsay could only stare as the green alien approached. She finally turned to run but it was too late. Two of the creature's tentacles reached out and grabbed her, yanking her backwards into it's body. She froze in shock when she felt two tentacles slide over her breasts, and another between her legs. She was wearing only a thin, nylon nightgown with nothing underneath. The tentacle between her legs began to rub back and forth over her vagina, then the tip began to explore every fold and crevice, rubbing and sliding over her flesh. The other two tentacles began to rub her nipples, making them erect as she became aroused. Delicious sensations began to spread over her body, and she moaned. She felt a large, hot bulge against her back as the creature also became aroused.

Suddenly, she was turned around and pushed to her knees. Her nightgown was ripped away, but she was transfixed by the sight of the creature's penis, which was directly in front of her face. It was long, perhaps 12 inches, and thick; it was also covered with little raised nubs that she knew would create a wonderful friction when she was entered.

One tentacle continued to rub her vagina, while another pushed her head forward. She eagerly opened her mouth and began to suck, swirling her tongue in a circular motion. She sucked harder, bobbing her head up and down, while the alien kept a tentacle firmly on her head. She stopped suddenly and teasingly licked the tip of its penis, lapping gently like a cat. A drop of liquid appeared on the tip of its penis, and she eagerly licked that up too. She began to suck again when the alien suddenly pushed its penis deeper into her mouth, rubbing against the roof of her mouth. The feel of her moist tongue and soft mouth made the creature moan, and it grasped her head and rubbed it's penis deeper, pumping it's hips so that it could feel the roof of her mouth with each stroke. She moaned too as the tip of the tentacle between her legs suddenly entered her, rubbing the sides of her vaginal wall and sliding in and out.

The alien pulled out of her mouth and drew her to a standing position. Its large, ugly eyes gleamed in its horrific face as it's mouth suddenly opened and a large, long tongue snaked out. It dipped to her neck and slowly went up towards her mouth, leaving a wet trail in its wake. Linday was panting, and gasped when the alien's tongue entered her mouth and rubbed against hers. She eagerly sucked at the creature's tongue and slid her own tongue against it, moaning again when it entered her mouth deeply and withdrew, entered and withdrew. She copied its movements, heedless of the creature's sharp teeth, kissing it deeply.

The alien's tongue then began to work it's way down her neck again to her chest and then her breasts, where it licked her nipples and surrounding skin. The alien's tongue then circled her right breast and again went to her nipple, rubbing back and forth over it. Meanwhile, a tentacle was caressing and squeezing her left breast, while many more tentacles slid over her silky back, thighs, buttocks, and stomach. The alien pushed her back onto her bed and spread her legs wide open, then gently spread her vagina open and lowered its head. The long tongue snaked out again and flicked over her flesh, warm and moist and slightly rough. It slowly explored every fold and crevice, then found her clitoris. The alien's tongue rubbed gently, first slow, then faster until Lindsay cried out, shuddering. Two tentacles slid up to her breasts and the suction-like cups she had noticed earlier attached to her nipples and began to suckle. Another tentacle went down to her clitoris and also began to suckle, and Lindsay almost went out of her mind with pleasure, moaning and crying out.

The alien then withdrew and pulled her naked body lower on the bed, spreading her legs even wider, then slowly entering her anus. Lindsay's eyes flew open in shock and surprise, and she started to struggle. Tentacles rose up to hold her down as the creature began to pump its penis in and out of her tight anus. Each pump pushed it deeper and deeper until finally all of the creature's 12 inches was sliding in and out of her. She began to feel a delicious friction, heightened by the nubs on its penis. The alien began to pump faster and deeper, and she cried out with every stroke, her firm breasts bouncing and jiggling with every move. The alien suddenly pulled out and flipped her up in the air so quickly she gasped. Now the alien was lying down and she was on top. Tentacles positioned her and lowered her onto the large, thick penis. She gasped again with pleasure as it entered her tight vagina, and began to pump her hips back and forth, feeling the penis slide in and out. Two tentacles began to suck her breasts again, and she began crying out, rocking back and forth faster and faster. Again, without removing it's penis from her, the alien flipped her over onto her back again and began to thrust, fondling her bare breasts. Lindsay continued to moan and then cry out, louder and louder, as she began to cum. Then the alien began to cum also and thrust into her deeply, holding it's penis there as she felt very very unusually hot semen spurt deep inside her. It only made her orgasm stronger and finally she came, screaming in pleasure.

The End.

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