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Alien Capture


The Commander of the ship stared grimly out the window before turning to her crew, "No surrender. Do you hear me? I don't care what they offer you when they come on board." And come on board they would. The Starshine, her pride and joy, her ship for the past 10 years, was trapped in the tractor beam of the Hendar. There was going to be no escape for them, and it was better to die than to become one of their slaves as far as she was concerned.

The Hendar and the Humans had been having war for years now, some stupid ignorant Ambassador had insulted one of the Hendar's royal family members which started the conflict. Later, an Earth ship would accidentally fire on a Hendar Ambassadorial Party Fleet, thinking that it was a war fleet. The death of the Hendar Ambassador meant that there could be no more room for compromise on the part of the Hendar; a proud species, they had chosen to accept the apology for the insult (the Senator was now one of the Royal Family member's slaves) but they could not accept the death of their Ambassador. It was outright war.

For years now, the advanced technology of the Hendar meant that they won almost every battle; fortunately for Humans, the Hendar didn't seem intent on wiping them out, but they didn't allow Humans into their territory either. Right now, Commander Renee and her crew onboard the Starshine were in what was supposed to be an unoccupied system. She cursed the scouts that had reported the wrong information and caused this situation for her and her people. There was no way out of the situation, they were going to die or become slaves.

In their battle armor, she and her crew of 10 men and 8 women waited with their guns aimed at the loading doors. All of them were grim-faced. If captured, the men would be sent straight to the mines where they would have to dig up the precious Brignium Ore that Humans still hadn't figured out how to use but which powered almost all of the Hendar advanced weaponry. The women were all attractive enough to be put on the auctioning block as body slaves, all of them were well-shaped and muscular, the preferred type of human body-slave by the men of the Hendar nobility.

Renee's mouth twisted into a sneer as the doors began to open. Perhaps it wouldn't have bothered her so much if the Hendar hadn't had such a close resemblance to furry animals.


A few hours later, Renee woke up, slightly dazed and rather cold. As her mind slowly started to come together, she tried to remember what on earth had happened... the doors had opened and she and her crew had started firing immediately... right into a blanket of smoke and fog. It had rolled into the room and clung to them, clogging their lungs... she remembered yelling at her crew not to breath just before she dropped down.

Opening her eyes, she realized that she was chained by a shock leash in a large room, filled with other people who were all also wearing leashes. And all of them were female and completely naked; the entire female portion of her crew was here, some of them weeping quietly. Renee felt like weeping herself, their bold stand hadn't been worth anything, they'd been captured incredibly easily. Well, at least it had been easily, she didn't like to think what their fate would be if they'd killed any Hendar before being captured. Given the choice though, she thought she'd rather be dead.

The door on the side opened and all the women in the room pressed themselves against the walls in an attempt to get away from the aliens that were walking in. Renee curled herself into a ball in an attempt to hide her large breasts and toned body, as she watched the male aliens walking around the room. They were in full body armor, and she felt very disoriented. Their faces were mostly flat, but they had a small almost muzzle and sharp pointed teeth at the front of their mouths. Everything about them was shaggy and hairy and she could still see the resemblance to earth's mammals that she'd noticed when she'd seen pictures of them, but there was also something very human about them that was disturbing to her. They were built along many of the same lines, and it was very strange to see those hairy faces and almost muzzles on top of those humanoid bodies.

Licking her dry lips she watched as the two aliens picked out one of the girls and dragged her leash from the wall. The girl screamed and tried to fight, but the Hendar just pressed a button on her collar and it sent an electrical shock through the clamps that were applied to her nipples and clit. Gasping, the girl sobbed as her nipples and clit turned red and seemed to swell a little, Renee shuddered. It looked very painful, but she could understand the girl's struggles. The two Hendar laughed and talked in their language, a strange tongue that sounded like a Spanish-Russian-Gaelic mix. As they stripped off their body armor Renee gasped softly. They were covered with soft short golden fur, almost as if it was just a very hairy man, and they both had extremely long wide cocks that were pointing out in front of them. All along their dicks were strange bulges, almost as if they had little marbles implanted along their surfaces.

The girl in front of them gasped and sobbed, but her feeble struggles were weak and they didn't even bother to press the trigger on her collar again. One of them held her down and played with her breasts as the other one spread her legs and began to push his strangely shaped cock into her. Screaming, the girl struggled a little more and the one playing with her breasts pinched her nipples, making her shriek. Her cries quieted to sobs as the one between her legs buried himself in her and then began pumping steadily. As the entire room watched in silence, all of them trying to look away but finding themselves unable to, the girl began to moan. In pleasure.

Renee was disgusted, the girl was being raped basically but now she seemed like she was enjoying it. The expression on her face still said that she didn't want to be there, but she was actually starting to move her body back against the Hendar. By the time the girl started to cum, she was clutching at the Hendar on top of her, screaming ecstacy. As the alien on top of her grunted and thrust hard, Renee found that she was finally so disgusted with her fellow human that she could look away.

The girl started softly crying again as she was chained back onto the wall, and now all the women shrank back in terror as the second Hendar alien began to walk around the room, his face set in a fierce grin. With that strange cock bobbing in front of him, it would have been almost comical looking if it wasn't for the total seriousness of the situation. Not one of them women in there wanted to repeat the humiliation of cumming on this enemy's cock as she was raped.

When the alien stopped in front of Renee and reached for her leash, she screamed and kicked out at him. Immediately he grabbed her leash and pressed the trigger on her collar, and she screamed again as electricity jolted through her nipples and clit, making them feel swollen and painful. Weeping, she tried again to kick out, this time at his groin. Shaking his head the alien pressed the trigger again and she felt like her throat muscles were going to tear out as she screamed at the pain. Looking down at herself as he dragged her to the center of the room she could see her angry red nipples and how swollen they were against the clamps, causing her even more pain.

Sobbing now, she was held upright by the first Hendar as the one who had chosen her lay on the ground. Holding his dick upright, he grinned and said something to the first Hendar who placed one of her legs on each side of the alien's body. Something inside her rebelled, bad enough that they were going to rape her, but to make her actually cooperate and participate!

She started struggling again.

This time the pain was so bad that she was writhing on top of the Hendar, who just laughed and pressed her squirming body down onto his dick. She screamed her frustration and defeat as his strange cock pressed in odd places against the inside of her body. It felt far too pleasurable, especially after the pain that had just been jolted through some of her most sensitive organs. The bulges on his cock rubbed her exquisitely, sending strange sensations through her body. No wonder the other girl had started to enjoy herself so much... it was both strange and wonderful, despite the aching pains that were throbbing in her nipples and clit.

The alien put his hands on her waist and started lifting her up and down on his dick, and she whimpered at the sensation of those tiny bulges massaging the inside of her pussy. Although she fought it, she found herself becoming more and more overcome by the intensity of it. Before she knew it, she was bouncing up and down on him of her own volition as her breasts heaved and jiggled on her chest, her hands running through the silky softness of the fur on his chest. It was absolute heaven, and she threw back her head to wail her impending orgasm as it crashed over her like a tidal wave.

Right in the middle of her orgasm the Hendar hit the trigger on her collar again and the pain exploded through her, heightening the pleasures until she couldn't tell which was which and she fainted on top of him.


That night, Renee awoke to find herself watching the Hendar dress himself. Seeing that she was awake, he smiled at her and held out a short silky gown to her. Putting it on silently, she looked around this new room. It seemed to be his.

Seeing herself in a reflective surface, her hand went to the new collar that was on her neck. It still had a trigger, but it was black with a silver heart in the front, strange script written on it.

"That means that you're mine now." the strange voice made her gasp and turn around, it had spoken in Earth but with a strange accent. The Hendar stood smiling at her with the look of someone who smiles at a prized possession, "You belong to me."

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I would love it if you spent a little more time and expanded this story. I think this is a wonderful beginning and it has so much potential! Please keep writing!

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