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Alien Cat-duction


*** Glow ***

The living room lit up bright orange. The glow flooded through the cottage's back windows as if the forest had burst into flame, and then, everything went dark again. It couldn't have been lightning – it had been silent and drawn out. I hurried out to the back step, but all I could see was the dark outline of pine boughs swaying lethargically in the evening breeze.

Because of the isolation out here, the possibility of fire always concerned me. The closest fire station was at Elk Lake, about half an hour away, and the phone service was sporadic. I rushed back inside to grab a coat and flashlight and then headed out to investigate. I hustled up the backyard slope towards the path in the forest. Clods of clay under the sparse, dry savannah that I like to call a lawn crunched under my boots. All around me, the wind-tossed trees huffed their long murmurs of nightly gossip. They certainly had something to talk about tonight.

I usually spent weekends out at the cottage to enjoy the quiet. As a divorced, middle-aged man with no relatives living near me, I savoured my solitude. Being in the city, surrounded by people and families, meant being constantly reminded of what was missing in my life. Being here in the seclusion of the backwoods meant returning to a natural state of detached peacefulness. I cohabited with the trees and birds and squirrels, but we kept our distance and owed nothing to each other.

Passing the wood shed, I noticed that its door was ajar. Animals were forever sneaking in there and making a mess. I peered into the dark interior but heard nothing. Shoving the door shut, I prepared to continue up to the ridgeline, but then I heard the log pile shift. I opened the door again and shone the flashlight inside. Suddenly, a small figure in a black jumpsuit and motorcycle helmet reared back from the beam, kicking logs into a minor avalanche onto the hut floor.

The motorcycle rider cowered on top of the pile in the back corner. He looked like a dirt biker, and I wondered if he had just totalled his bike over the ridge and stumbled down here in a daze. It must have been a helluva crash for the fireball to have lit up the cottage like that.

I crouched beside the wood pile to appear less menacing and held out my hand. The rider scuttled nervously on top of the logs. Then, after a while, he became still. I could see his chest moving as he breathed. He must really have been shaken up.

"Are you hurt?" I asked but got no reply. "Are you injured? Did you bang up your bike?" Still nothing.

Judging from the small five-foot frame, I figured that it was just a kid. The jumpsuit appeared to be made of thick leather or vinyl, although it didn't have the padded areas that you usually see on a dirt bike outfit. The helmet had a sleek shape, probably for aerodynamics, and the face shield was tinted so that I couldn't see inside.

"Let me take you to the cottage so I can help you." Like a moron, I started speaking loudly and slowly as if that would help him understand me better. But something worked, because he held his gloved hand out to me.

I hooked my arms under him and stood up. He was surprisingly light – definitely a kid. Maybe a girl. Whoever it was, he or she relented to my custody and hooked his or her arms around my neck.

As I carried the rider back down the slope, I could have sworn that, through the helmet, I could hear a raspy mumbling sound, like a low growling or heavy purring. I hoped that he didn't have a punctured lung or blocked airway. And something else puzzled me. There seemed to be a roll of material running up the rider's back. I could feel its soft bulge press into my arm. I wondered if it was just the zipper, but it felt too thick to be that.

At the cottage, I lowered the rider gently onto the living room couch. Then, kneeling beside him, I searched under the helmet for a chin strap, but before I could find it, he reached up and pressed a button. With a whiff of expelling air and the whir of a small motor, the neck drape retracted up and the helmet cracked open – pretty impressive. I lifted it off.

Well, it was definitely a girl, perhaps in her late teens, and a really beautiful one at that. The skin on her face was soft and unblemished. She had high cheekbones, a small mouth and large round eyes. Well, they looked round, but they also ... Oh my goodness! The pupils had vertical slits like a cat's eyes.

Then she shook her full head of auburn hair, and ... Yikes! ... poking up was a pair of tall, pointed ears – like a cat's. They had to be part of a costume. I reached my hand over. No, they were definitely real. She rubbed her head into my hand and meowed. Cripes! Was this a cat? A cat person?

She unzipped her jumpsuit to her stomach, allowing her small perky breasts to push apart the unfastened zipper and reveal a soft, innocent cleavage. She had normal pink skin on her chest – beautifully soft, flawless skin – but in her cleavage and down her centerline, there was a thin trail of downy, auburn mane.

She meowed again and pointed to one of her ears. If she were asking me a question, I didn't have a clue what she wanted. She reached into the front pocket of her suit and pulled out a small spongy object, like an earplug. She pushed it into one of my ears, then she meowed at me again. The earplug beeped, and I thought I heard the word 'interrogative'.

"Meow hur-r-r-r meow meow hur-r-r-r," she repeated.

"Beep. Interrogative. Second person subject. Imprisonment. Assistance. First person object," sounded in my head, but in her voice this time.

"Meow hur-r-r-r meow meow hur-r-r-r," she growled again.

"Beep. Are you capturing me or helping me?" There was a small time lag, but this time, it had really seemed like she had said the words herself.

"I'm helping you. Are you hurt?" I replied.

She smiled in relief and threw her arms around me, nuzzling her head under my chin. Her hair slid softly across my neck as she rubbed. The edge of her ear tickled in behind. I leaned back and almost pulled her off the couch.

"Who are you?" I asked. "What are you?"

"My name is Leosa." The beeping had stopped, and now, except for the out-of-sync movement of her lips, it seemed like she was speaking directly to me in English. She turned her head towards me, her nose almost touching mine. "What is your name?"


"Har-r-r-r-r-vey," she purred and then laughed. "That's a funny name to say. Leosa greets Har-r-r-r-vey." She licked across my mouth, rasping it with the little barbs on her tongue. She licked again and then again. Then she penetrated my lips with her tongue and explored my mouth. I was stunned, but by reflex, I licked back.

She reared back. "Your tongue is so soft!" she exclaimed. "Greet me again, Harvey."

I licked her mouth again, causing her to squeal. "Your tongue is wonderful. So slippery. It's like a little snail. I like greeting you," she said, smiling.

*** Ritual ***

She hugged me and then stood up. "I'm sorry. I haven't removed my enviro-suit yet," she said. "You must think me very rude." Her thick hair fell down her back past her shoulder blades.

She peeled the suit off her shoulders, allowing her two little teardrop breasts to spring free. Struggling to pull the suit off her arms, she wriggled, causing her breasts to jostle with her effort. Finally, she had the suit down to her waist. From my kneeling position, I stared at her in amazement. Her arms and the sides of her body were covered in a fine tan-coloured fur that was mottled with black spots.

"What are you waiting for?" she asked, pushing on the suit gathered at her waist.

"What do you mean?"

"You don't wear clothes inside, do you?" Bending forward, she slipped the suit down to her ankles and pulled it off her legs. Her breasts drooped under her chest. Whipping up behind her, a long, fuzzy, black tail curved and arched seemingly under her control. The mottled fur covered most of her body except for her face, neck, chest, groin and rear. It was as if she were wearing a one-piece, flesh swimsuit over a cat's body.

"Well, yeah," I replied.

She sneered at me. "Right," she scoffed as she stood back up. The thin mane that ran down her front ended in a patch over her vagina, but the lower part of her lips peeked into view just below it. "Come on. You're going to have to take off your clothes if we're gonna finish greeting." She kneeled down in front of me and peeled off my coat. Then she began to undo my shirt buttons.

"What are you?" I asked, still in shock.

"What do you mean, what am I?" She took off my shirt and got to work on my pants.

"Where do you come from?"

"Felis, of course." She undid my belt, button and fly. "What? Like you've never seen a Felisian before?"

"You're ... you're ... you're an alien?!"

She motioned for me to stand up. "Don't be rude. Gawd! Alien?! You say that like you've never ..." She yanked on my pants until she got them to my knees, then she stopped. Looking up at me, she said, "Have you ... Have you never seen someone from another planet before?"

I shook my head.

"Are you serious?!" she gasped. "Uh oh. Um ... what ... uh ... what do you call this planet?"


"Earth? Earth? Never heard of it. Earth? Shit!"

"So what's going on, Leosa? Did you crash? Are you hurt? Will others be looking for you?"

She finished pulling my pants off my feet. "Looking for me? Yeah, you could say that." She grabbed the waistband of my boxers and began to pull them down. "I ... uh ... I escaped."

"Hey!" I grabbed at my boxers. "What're you doing?"

"What?" She tugged against my hold. "I'm taking your clothes off," she replied nonchalantly.

"But then I'll be naked."

"Yeah." With a big yank, she slipped my boxers down to the floor and then off me. I quickly covered myself. Standing up, she smiled and shook her head. "Well how does your kind greet if you don't get naked?" she asked.

"We shake hands."

She cocked her head. "Show me."

I held out my hand. She grabbed it immediately and dragged me to the centre of the room. Then she pulled me down until we were both on all fours, facing each other. "Well we don't," she said. "Are you ready?"

"But I ...," I protested.

"Sh sh sh sh sh." She placed two fingers across my lips. Then she leaned towards my face and said calmly, "Are you ready?"

Looking directly into her face, I was struck again by how naturally beautiful she was – innocent and young and pure. "I guess so," I replied, almost in a whisper.

She stared into my eyes, our noses almost touching. "I am Leosa," she spoke in a ritual tone, "I am your indebted guest. I will do as you ask of me. I am obliged to you." I smiled at her formality.

"Harvey!" she reproved me. "This is a serious custom. Now you must say, 'I am Harvey'."

"I am Harvey," I repeated, and then, following her cues, I parroted, "I am your gracious host. I will give what you ask of me. I am obliged to you." I had barely gotten the last part out when she attacked my mouth. Her tongue rasped and probed my lips. I returned the gesture, and she reared back, giggling.

"I'm sorry," she chuckled, "but that tongue is so weird. Slimy slug."

"Hey!" I got back at her. "This is serious."

"All right, this is serious." Composing herself, she recommenced licking my mouth. Then she licked down my chin to my neck. I shivered from her rough, wet touch and tried to repeat her procedure. When I got to the base of her neck, she squealed and jerked to the side.

"Sorry, sorry," she apologized, "I'm just not used to it." She switched to smelling down the side of my body. I followed suit, but this part of the ritual was lost on me.

When she got to my hip, she moved around behind me. A few touches of the tip of her nose told me that she was at the least pleasant place to be sniffing. Then, I felt her hand reach between my legs, causing me to brace. She cradled my cock and balls loosely in her hand, juggling them lightly and giving my penis a light massage. "Don't move," she said from behind me, taking her time as she played. "You're displaying your trust." I was displaying enjoyment; it felt glorious.

She sniffed up the other side of my body, her tail sliding ticklishly over my back as she went. Then she positioned herself in front of me, her backside offered to my face. Her tail swayed seductively through the air. I stared at where it joined the body. It wriggled back and forth from the base of her spine so naturally that I almost wondered why I didn't have one myself.

Underneath the tail, her round little ass cheeks pushed towards me unguardedly. Between the soft curvy mounds, her pucker peeked into view, and in the gap between her legs, her lips looked plump and fleshy. I pretended to sniff around, occasionally touching my nose to her bottom to play the role. However, when I neared her vagina, I did sense a wonderfully musky aroma that excited me. Maybe there was something to this smelling after all.

Getting up on my knees, I placed my hand carefully on her groin, as she had done to me. I liked this part of the ritual. My fingertips combed into a wet patch of mane, and then my hand rested on her plump lips, which squished on contact. Her juices flowed out onto my hand. She expressed a low, extended growl.

She moved around to face me. She had a smirk on her lips. "Since you're the host,'" she explained, "you have to present first."

"What does that mean?"

She shoved my shoulder, sending me backwards. "On your back," she commanded.

She crawled between my legs, leaned down and then licked my sac. The barbed tongue made my balls jump and dance with her lapping. She licked along my cock, causing it to flop and wobble as she went. This ritual just kept getting better and better. I thought that she was going to lick my skin right off, but the sensation was erotic and dirty nonetheless. Soon my member was completely stiff.

Leosa stopped and sat back on her haunches. "I'm sorry," she said. "I didn't know you were in season."

I raised myself up on my elbows. "What do you mean?"

"Your penis. It's that time of the month when you mate."

"My erection? Oh heavens, it gets hard all the time. Well, not as much as when I was young, but it gets hard ... I don't know ... several times a day, I guess."

Her mouth agape, Leosa stared at it unblinkingly. Sneaking a hand between her thighs, she fingered herself discreetly. "Several times a day?!" she gasped. She used her free hand to run along my shaft, while she rubbed herself more noticeably with her other one. She closed her eyes and growled. Then she grabbed my wrists and pulled me up, her claws digging into my skin. "I have to present to you now," she said excitedly.

She flopped onto her back and flung her legs apart. Her tail slithered around on the floor beside her. As I crawled between her legs, she grabbed my head and forced it down to her groin. My nose buried into her wet mane. Its musty odour sent a thrill down my spine.

I wasn't sure what the correct procedure was, so I just made one long lick up her slit, my tongue pressing in on her tangy lips. She squirmed her hips and pulled down on my head, her claws penetrating my skin. "Oh my gawd! That tongue!" she cried. "It's so slippery!" I took it as a cue to keep licking.

I picked up the pace, licking along one lip and then the other, pushing between the two lips and then strumming them with my tongue. I worked my way up from bottom, nuzzling into the mane at the top. As I went, she bucked her hips and growled. Her thighs quivered. Her claws dug in.

When I arrived at her clit, she placed a hand on my forehead and pushed me away. "No, no," she puffed, "This is not part of the greeting. You have to ..."

I grabbed her hips and forced my head back down, burrowing into the mane, licking furiously at her clit. She bucked her hips frantically. "Oh gawd! Oh gawd!! OHHHH!!!" She skirled a loud throaty growl like a cougar in an attack. Juices seeped out all around my mouth. She squeezed my head between her thighs with amazing strength and then stretched out her body rigidly. "Oh gawd! Nnggghhh!!" Then, she went limp.

Getting up on my knees, I looked down on her exhausted body. She was panting noticeably. "Well that was certainly better than shaking hands," I said.

*** Ablutions ***

"I have to pee," she stated.

"Sure. The bathroom is through the hall."

"I don't want to take a bath. I want to pee," she insisted.

"Yeah, I know. The toilet is in the bathroom. It's ... Here, let me show you." Helping her up, I led her there.

Inside, she leaped into the bathtub and shuffled around uncomfortably. "Where's the litter?" she asked.

"Um, sorry no, the toilet's here. We use this," I explained, pointing to the bowl.

She cocked her head. "You get in that? You'll get wet."

I laughed. "No. You sit on it. On the seat. See." I sat down to show her, but she still looked puzzled. "All right, watch." I had to go anyways, so I reached down to hold my dick and began to urinate. When she heard the tinkling noise, she scampered over, peeking at me and the toilet from all sides. Then she reached between my legs and grabbed my penis out of my hand. It felt dirty to have her holding me while I was peeing, and I only hoped that I could finish before I got hard.

Finally, I stopped and, based on my firmness, not a minute too soon. "You need to shake it a couple of times to get the last drops off," I suggested naughtily.

She waggled my penis rapidly and then began squeezing down on it as if she were milking a teat. "Okay, okay, okay," I gasped, "I think you got it."

As I stood up, my hard-on flicked out in front of me, but Leosa's attention was on the bowl. She sniffed and stared inside. Reaching over, I pushed down on the flush handle. The swoosh of water caused her to leap back, but then she returned to inspect the flow.

I snickered to myself as I walked over to wash up. I guess that aliens aren't advanced in all technologies. Then I felt a tug on my hips. Spinning around, I encountered Leosa on her knees in front of me. "Let me wash you," she said and then began to lick my penis.

She grabbed the base of my cock and licked it all over. She was very thorough. Her licking was fast, and her barbed tongue stimulated every area of my skin.

"You're hard again," she observed, looking up at me. "I think you like the way Leosa washes you."

I nodded appreciatively, and she went at it again. My cock strained in her grip and got rock hard from her preening. I whimpered at the feeling.

"R-r-r-r-r," she purred. "I think you're clean now. Should I stop?" Her tail curved and swooped playfully in the air.

I shook my head meekly. She smiled and returned to her duty, licking and licking and licking. I wasn't going to last much longer. I placed my hands on the sides of her head and guided her mouth over my tip. Then I slid myself inside. It felt so warm and soothing that I nearly came right then.

She pulled off of me. "That's not cleaning," she said coyly. "Do you want Leosa to do that?"

"Please," I replied weakly.

She grinned and swallowed me again. Up and down, her head bobbed. Slowly and wetly. My knees began to buckle, and then everything gripped. I pulled out immediately. "OH-UH-OHHHH," I shuddered. Against her hold, I spurted. Gobs of cum shot out of my dick and landed on her fur and the floor. I pushed repeatedly into her grip until I was finished.

Leosa stared at me grimly. She huffed at me and then started cleaning the cum off her fur with her tongue. "Why did you pull away?" she asked. "Now you've made a mess."

I reached over her for some tissues. "Here, I'll get the floor," I said.

Leosa stopped preening in order to move over to the toilet. She perched herself uncertainly on the seat.

After swabbing up the last of my mess, I tossed the tissues out and stood up to leave, but before I could get very far, she grabbed my arm. "Don't go," she mewed.

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