tagNonHumanAlien Chronicles Ch. 1

Alien Chronicles Ch. 1

byTherapy Patient©

Chapter 1: Nicole's Entry to the Project

"Just what do you think you're doing?" the girl yelled as she was strapped to a side of the oval room by invisible bonds. She gently slid up the wall of the room till she was halfway to the ceiling. The figures clothed from head to toe in white were formless and were unable to be seen through their robes.

"Now, now, Nicole," came a male's voice from nowhere and everywhere. "You are being given a great opportunity, why must you be so rash?" Nicole lifted her head.

"Rash?" she screamed. "I'll show you rash! My father owns the biggest bank in the city! He'll kill you if you hurt me and he will find me!" She jerked against her transparent bondages and her busty chest swayed back and forth in her tattered clothing as she did so.

"I think we're going to have to do this the hard way for you," the voice responded to her ranting. Suddenly a door slid open at the other end of the room and all the little creatures dressed in white moved out of the room and in walked a man. He was about seven feet tall and completely naked. His body wasn't overly muscular but looked well defined and strong. His hair was long down to the middle of his back and his face was shaven clean. His eyes were a pure blue. Nicole stared, saliva dripping from her mouth. Her large nipples poking at her flimsy tank top and a dark spot formed at the crotch of her short, tight shorts. Then she saw his penis and sucked in a deep breath and a gasp. It was seven and a half inches, but she estimated that it would grow another couple inches by the time it was rock hard.

The man looked up at her and she slid down the wall so that she was right in front of him. He raised his hand her clothing melted off of her and was absorbed by the floor. Her breasts were large and full and firm. Her dark nipples were hard and there was moisture at her crotch. He looked her up and down. "You will do," he stated simply.

"'I'll do?'" she said, her voice and her look becoming quite defiant. "Look, I don't care how fucking hot you are or how big your fucking dick is! (This of course was a lie) Nobody talks to me like that, I've got a body to die for. Men love fucking me! I'm their dreams come true! So don't you dare talk to me like that!" She finished and her face was read with rage. The man sighed.

"I knew we would have to this the hard way," he said with a sad sigh. "I was really looking forward to enjoying your body, but..." He left the end hang open and with that he grew and changed and dissolved and rebirthed himself into a hideous black form with tentacles and thousands of eyes and mouths and the attributes of both sexes, two of each, on his body.

Nicole screamed. Then it came toward her and slid a tentacle over her hair and down her neck and across her breasts squeezing them. They bulged around some more tentacles that started to squeeze her massive breasts. To her own surprise, Nicole moaned. She was enjoying this hideous thing roving her body, squeezing her tits and, when the thing stuck a whole tentacle into her vagina she gasped and let herself go to ecstasy.

The thing got nine inches of the tentacle into Nicole before she realized that it was the things dick. "Oooooh," she moaned. "I hope I get a good hard fuck with that." At this statement the creature slowed to a stop and all of it's eyes just blinked at her. It seemed unsure as if to go on. To help it make up it's mind, Nicole arched her back, pressing her breasts against the things tentacles and moaned loudly. Suddenly, without warning, the thing started slamming it's massive penis into her.

"Oh my fucking God!" she screamed at the top of her lungs. It was ramming twelve inches, a foot! of dick into her nice, tight little cunt. It hurt a little and she cried, but then she got used to it and the pleasure she got was unreal. Her cunt was so wet that the thing was having no trouble sliding into her and it was coated with her lubrication. Nicole's breasts were being squeezed so hard she thought they were going to pop. But she liked the pain of it.

"More, God, more! Oh Fuck me so much harder!" she wailed and the creature complied. "Do you like my sweet pussy?" she asked it and it muttered a muffled 'yes'. "Do you like my big, fat tits? I do." Suddenly she realized that her hands were free and she was rubbing her ample chest. She squeezed and pinched and screamed and moaned and then it hit her. She had the biggest orgasm of her entire life screaming at the top of her lungs. It was pure bliss as nothing but erotic pleasure rolled through her body, and she felt something hot and slick being pumped into her cunt and all over her chest and face, she opened her mouth to taste it and it was sweeter than anything she had ever had before.

She opened her eyes and she was alone. She was covered with the slick red stuff that she had previously tasted and was dripping out of her twat. She sighed remembering the fuck she just had and noticed that her wrists were stuck to the wall again. So much for escaping, she thought. I wonder what happened to Beatrice and the guys?

To Be Continued...

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