tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Desires Ch. 02

Alien Desires Ch. 02


*Note: Please read Alien Desires Ch. 01 before reading this story*


Samantha climbed out of her P-suit, muttering angrily, and then forced herself to place it in its rack carefully and properly, remembering to connect the recharge harness, which would refresh the suit's power and air supply.

That done, she pushed herself toward the shuttle's airlock door, ensuring the green light over the doorway was lit. She stabbed at the open switch with her open palm and the door slid downward into the floor panels beneath her feet exposing a hatchway five feet wide by seven feet tall. She pushed herself through the hatch and flexed against the bulkhead with a practiced hand and then redirected her zero gravity trek through the corridor toward her sleeping quarters.

She was clearly angry but her annoyance had nothing to do with the trip to the planet surface; in fact the equipment she placed at the ruins was working just fine; the signal was being received loudly and clearly by her on-board computer and the data was even now being organized into analyzable chunks.

What had Samantha so angry was her own behavior. She was becoming increasingly perturbed at her apparent obsession with masturbation. In just three months, she had morphed from an ambitious, goal-oriented workaholic to a self-absorbed, hedonist with no thought to anything but fingering herself to climax.

She shook her head sadly as she removed her jumpsuit, tossing the wipe cloths she had placed over her pussy and nipples into the recycler. She had put them there because she had found that the elastic fabric from her jumpsuit had caused friction against her bare skin and even walking on the planet's surface had driven her almost insane with desire as the sensitive skin of her vagina and nipples had reacted to even the tiniest stimuli. She had chosen instead to go naked, as she did most of the time aboard the station because it was more convenient.

However, what was more convenient aboard an orbital space station was not necessarily the best course of action on a desert-like planet where the sun beat down mercilessly during the daylight hours. She had developed severe sunburn during her brief stay on the surface and now, not only was her skin sensitive sexually; it was now on fire from exposure to the sun. Now every time her leg or torso brushed against her desk or a bulkhead, she either felt enormous desire or excruciating pain.

With another heavy sigh she pulled a tube of lotion from her footlocker and began rubbing it into her reddened skin. As she did so she stared straight ahead, neither thinking about the lotion in her hands nor where she was applying it. She needed it all over her body so it didn't matter which parts of her body she applied it to first.

Instead she was trying to puzzle out the mystery of the sixteen women and six men who had been forced to leave Planet Ruins. Each of them had been reprimanded and their official files stated they had been asked to leave for behavioral problems; which was a diplomatic way of saying they had been caught fucking, heedless of the fact they were out in a public place and that several people had been watching them as they did it.

The first woman she read about was Dr. Amanda Stevens. She had been sent home roughly twelve years before Samantha's arrival here.

Amanda had been called into her director's office to discuss her lack of self-control on the dig-site. She had been seen practically naked by several dig team members with a young research assistant, a man named Gerald Forbes. According to witnesses she was giving oral sex to young Mr. Forbes and had then became quite angry with him for being unable to get it up again after he had spewed his cum into her open mouth.

Gerald had looked around to see all the team members watching them, some of them with barely concealed jealousy, but most staring at them in awe and disgust. His penis had withered under their disapproving stares and Amanda had chastised him for not being able to perform. This of course brought tears to his eyes and any hope of his cock becoming revitalized had vanished.

The other men on the dig had admonished her for being so unsympathetic to the young man; he was after all a virgin and had no experience with women prior to this.

"Well what better chance for him to get some then!" Amanda had declared, but Gerald had run back to his quarters by then and so had missed her parting jibe.

"How about you then?" Amanda had said to another of the men there, an overweight balding man with virtually no redeeming features to make up for his lack of personality.

"You've got a hard-on," she said with a grin. "I can see it bulging against your pants! Come on, whip it out, I want to see it! Maybe I could suck it for you."

The man gulped in shock and began to reach for his zipper but then looked at his workmates shyly.

"Don't do it Alex," one of the men said to him. "There's already going to be a report! You don't want your name on it too."

Amanda laughed and stripped off what remained of her clothes and threw them to the ground at her feet.

"Fine," she said with glee. "You guys can just watch while I get myself off! I can probably make myself cum better than any of you guys could anyway!"

With that she sat against one of the low sandstone walls and began stroking her pussy with both hands, raising her knees and parting her legs for the men crowding around her to see every move she made.

She began slowly, smiling at each of the men in turn as she gently stimulated her pussy lips and clitoris. She pulled her lips open with two fingers and then touched her index finger to her opening, slowly rubbing it up and down from bottom to top. She sighed a bit and softly traced her fingertip from her anus to her clitoris, cooing to herself with pleasure.

"Oh that feels so good!" she breathed to the men, all of whom were watching her intently.

Alex unzipped his pants and his erect cock popped out from its confines and Amanda smiled to him as she masturbated.

"Come here Alex," she said seductively. "Let me suck on that for you while you watch me cum."

Alex stepped forward awkwardly, his cock bobbing back and forth as he walked, until he was standing right before Amanda. She reached for his cock with her lips, her hands still playing with her pussy, and sucked its entire length into her mouth. Alex sighed and Amanda purred. She was tickling her clitoris with one hand and rhythmically shoving two fingers from her other hand into her opening. Her hips were rocking against her hands and she sighed again.

Alex put his hands on the sides of her head and began thrusting into her mouth, fucking her face slowly as he watched her in amazement.

Now two more men had exposed their cocks, stroking them with their hands as they gazed in wonder at the scene before them.

Being scientists and researchers, the men in this group were inexperienced and unskilled with women. Most of the women they encountered were of the professional type, the type that wore their clothing buttoned and fastened so that not a shred of bare skin more than necessary ever showed; the type that wore their hair in tight buns and who wore thick glasses that hid whatever beauty they might possess behind a mask of intellectualism. The type of woman Amanda Stevens had been upon her arrival here just five months before.

Here was the type of woman that most of them had seen in their pasts, her hair unbound and her naked body exposed to them as she played with herself; the type of woman that usually laughed at them or set them up for practical jokes. Now here was a woman they had thought forever out of their reach, willingly reaching for them, aching to touch them as much as they had ever ached to touch a woman just like her.

All at once they descended on her. She laughed gaily as they manhandled her to her knees and bent her over at the waist. They held her still as one of their mates shoved his cock into her from behind, although Amanda would have been happy to guide it into her for him. She giggled as each of their cocks became visible and groaned in appreciation as they all moved within reach. She laughed out loud and then screamed in pleasure as their cocks smeared their cum against her cheeks or poked against her bare tits. She took each one that came within her reach into her mouth, sucking on it and making love to it with her lips and tongue. She grunted in ecstasy as the man fucking her pounded into her and held himself still as his semen spewed inside her. Another man then pushed into her and she made a sound that was half way between a guttural laugh and a wail of pleasure.

She looked up and smiled as she saw a video camera recording her with her numerous lovers. As the man fucking her mouth spurted his cum between her lips, she half opened her mouth to allow the white fluid to drool over her chin, smiling for the camera as her body rocked to the fucking motions from behind her.

The director paused the videotape with Amanda's cum-covered face mugging for the camera.

"Can you explain any of this Dr. Stevens?" he said testily.

She studied the monitor for a moment and then looked at him with smoldering eyes.

Yeah," she said, "I wasn't ready when he came so it kind of slipped out of my mouth."

The director closed his eyes in frustration and took a deep breath. He half sat on the edge of his desk, with one leg straightened beneath him to the floor.

He was athletic and trim despite his fifty-five years. His well coiffed hair was a respectable iron gray that highlighted his handsome face and dark eyes. He was a man who had gained his position half through talent and half through his lean good looks. Women were usually quite taken with him at their first meeting. Even men with no homosexual urges at all seemed to want to please Director Whyte.

"You don't seem to appreciate what this whole episode means!" he said to Amanda, trying very hard to maintain his composure. "This could be the end of your career!"

"Oh I don't think so," she said dismissively. "In fact, returning to Earth with a videotape like that one might just make my career!"

"I don't understand." Director Whyte said.

Amanda smirked and strode up to stand directly in front of the director, her legs parted slightly and her pubis pressed solidly against his thigh.

"Have you published any books Director Whyte?" she asked. When he shook his head she smiled broadly. "I have two books published, both of them floating around out there somewhere, one a thesis on the pyramids at Giza and the other on the Mayan ruins scattered around South America. In fact I have a book deal in the works for the ruins on this planet as we speak."

"So what!" he said, "Lots of researchers have books out."

"True," she purred quietly as she began rubbing her pubis up and down against his thigh rhythmically, "but how many researchers with books published have scandalous sex-tapes posted on the world-wide-web? That tape you have there is going to give my publishers wet dreams from all the money they're going to make."

The director's mouth opened in shock and he stared at her in outrage even as she smiled upon feeling his stiffening cock beneath his trousers as she continued to press herself against it.

"You're not seriously thinking about releasing this tape are you?" he said.

"I already have," she said, sinking to her knees and fishing his hard-on out of his pants with one deft motion. "I e-mailed it to my publisher last night after I managed to... convince... Graham to give me a copy of it."

She took his cock into her mouth smoothly, licking and sucking at it, swirling her tongue over its head and then shoving it to the back of her throat.

"How... how did you...? Oh God! How did you convince Graham to give you a copy?" he said, grunting and rocking his hips as she mouthed his penis. "I gave him strict instructions not to do anything with it until... mm... until after I talked to you."

"How do you think?" she asked with a giggle.

She then got down to the business of sucking his cock with a vengeance. Between her head motions and sucking actions, the director shot his load into her mouth within a few minutes. Then Amanda stood up, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and walked out of his office, her perfectly rounded bum swaying sensually under her skin-tight dress.

He sighed heavily as the door closed behind her and then stuffed his spent cock back into his pants. He sat at his desk to write about her dismissal in his personal journal, his limbs still shaking from the eye-crossing orgasm she'd just given him.

Samantha opened her eyes with a start. She looked around in a panic, not knowing where she was for a few seconds. As realization slowly resolved itself, she saw that she was floating about three feet off the floor in her sleeping quarters aboard the orbital station, the fingers of one hand buried to the knuckle in her pussy and her other hand kneading her left breast and pinching her aching nipple.

Judging by the way her own limbs were shaking, she realized that she too had just had an earth-shattering orgasm; the evidence from her wet pussy still covering her hand all the way to her wrist and the sensitivity of her nipples attesting to the enormity of the climax she experienced.

She sighed heavily and decided that a shower would be best to calm her down. She shoved her lithe body slowly toward the stall and then sealed herself in. She donned her swimming goggles and selected the rain-style spray that would engulf her entire body in a gentle warm sprinkling of water.

Grimly determined not to masturbate now despite the first stirrings of desire she felt, she adjusted the water temperature to about ten degrees Celsius. She stoically endured the freezing water until she was sure her raging hormones had been quenched and then killed the shower with a stab of her hand against the control knob.

She waited until the hissing of the vacuum system faded and then unsealed the door. She toweled herself off and then pulled her hair tightly into a bun and made her way to the electronics lab.

Firstly she verified that the new sensors she had installed were working and that the data stream was feeding her computer. Then she did a cursory examination of the readings, noting with satisfaction that the readings were definitely more elevated than at any other sector swept so far.

That done, she started to try once more to puzzle out the mystery of the women who had been sent home from here all those years ago. Judging by the reports of their supervisors and the witness statements, she just knew there had to be a correlation between their behavior and her own obsession with masturbation.

She again called up the historical data she had been studying on board the shuttle in addition to the bio sheets for each person sent home; there were twenty-two people, including sixteen women and six men.

Out of curiosity, she did a random world-wide-web search for any scandalous sex tapes featuring Dr. Amanda Stevens. Within a few seconds, she found records from several lowbrow on-line magazines showing video captures of Amanda Stevens in various sexual positions with several men all grouped around her, their penises hard and peaking out from unzipped trousers or with the men simply naked from the waist down.

The captions under the photos were predictable and racy; they ranged from "This Doctor Does House Calls!" to "Archeologically Digging It!". There were more but the gist of each one was basically the same.

Once more she called up Dr. Stevens' bio sheet but found no mention of the scandal, though the woman in the sex photos was clearly her. She looked through several layers of the sheet, a feature common to everyone's bio; anyone looking up the bio could go into more detail about any section of it simply by accessing deeper layers to the sheet.

After going through several sections of the sheet, she found one news story featuring the doctor after the release of her third book called -Planet Of Ruins-.

"Dr. Stevens quipped to this reporter that 'the name of that place [Planet Ruins] fits exactly what it had done to the careers of those scientists who had gone there. Now their careers were in ruins'. I don't know about any of the other scientists, but this brazen vixen, scientist or not, has got a very special career ahead of her!"

Samantha frowned at the tabloid style reference to the doctor's looks and wondered just how much Amanda Stevens had changed since her arrival here twelve years ago. She saw also that she had gone on a huge spending spree upon her arrival back home, paying for everything in advance as the royalties from her two previous books suddenly inflated to a thousand times their previous take. Her third book was sold out three months in advance; everyone apparently wanted to read what the "brazen vixen" had to say about Planet Ruins.

On a whim she looked up her contact info and decided to place a call to Akron Ohio where Dr. Stevens now lived.

She returned to her quarters and retrieved a pair of plain cotton panties and a white cotton bra and pulled them on. She pulled out a fresh jumpsuit and pulled that on and then pushed her way through the zero gravity to the main control room next to the electronics lab. She re-engaged the video output to the communications array and then checked to see what the local time was in Akron Ohio back on Earth.

"Hmm, 5:30 pm," she said quietly, "maybe too close to dinner time, but I can try."

She placed the call, which was passed through the ansible, the device that allowed real-time communications in spite of the massive distances involved, and waited as the patch at the far end was connected.

"Yes?" Dr. Stevens said, her bright blue eyes staring coldly out of the monitor, her hair falling loosely over her shoulders, the horn rimmed glasses gone; she in fact looked stunning, nothing like the picture in her bio page. Although Dr. Stevens was forty-five years of age, Samantha would have sworn she was no older than thirty-five.

"Hello Dr. Stevens, my name is Dr. Samantha Morris." She said.

Amanda frowned and shook her head slightly.

"I'm sorry Doctor," she said, "but I don't know you."

"No I don't suppose you would," Samantha said, "but I could use your help on some research I'm doing here."

"And just where are you dear?" Amanda said patronizingly.

"I'm at Planet Ruins." She said.

"Oh you poor dear." Dr. Stevens said, a note of pity in her voice before the com-link was severed.

Samantha blinked in surprise and tried to re-establish the link. The display then told her that the link had been severed from the far end and she was now blocked from any further communications.

She sighed heavily and reread the bio sheet on Dr. Stevens and then closed the file.

She pursed her lips and found herself staring at the bio sheet for Cynthia Reynolds, the research assistant whom she had seen in her vision on the shuttle trip back to the station. She frowned and thought to herself.

"I guess I can't blame them if they don't want to talk about what happened here," she said to herself. "It is kind of embarrassing after all."

She checked Cynthia Reynolds' bio sheet for contact info and saw that she was currently employed at an institution she'd never heard of; a place in California.

She placed the call and waited as the patch at the far end was connected. When the monitor lit up she saw a young man about twenty-five years of age wearing wire framed glasses.

"This is the Museum of Modern Oddities, how can I help you?" he said with a smile.

"Yes," Samantha said putting her best business-like face on, "I'm looking for Cynthia Reynolds."

The man blinked and glanced to the side for a half second and then smiled again.

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