tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Desires Ch. 03

Alien Desires Ch. 03


*Note: Please read Alien Desires Ch. 01 and Ch. 02 before reading this story*


Since Cynthia's arrival on Samantha's orbital station, the work had either slowed to a crawl or had progressed in leaps and bounds, depending on how you looked at it.

Immediately after stowing her belongings in Samantha's quarters the both of them had shed their clothes and began licking and tonguing each other with reckless abandon. They had remained naked ever since.

As they finished making each other cum for the third time that first day, Samantha insisted that they keep a log of their sexual adventures. It was necessary, she said, to document their lovemaking and to cross reference it against the EM readings emanating from the planet's surface. The amount of data they collected since then was immense, and some of it indicated a pattern related to the EM readings. In that respect, their work had indeed progressed in leaps and bounds.

However, because the two of them were naked all the time and had sex several times a day, any other work, such as monitoring the remote sensors on the planet surface, had slowed to a crawl.

The arrival of a supply ship two weeks after Cynthia's arrival had not convinced either of them to don their standard issue jump suits, much to the delight of the hauler's six-man crew. After off-loading their galley supplies, most of it in the form of raw atomic material that the recycler would use to fashion any number of meals and other necessities, they all enjoyed a zero gravity orgy that left all of the men sated and sore for days.

After the men were unable to perform anymore, Samantha and Cynthia shrugged and turned to each other, licking and sucking the men's cum from every orifice imaginable and off of each other's skin, again, much to the delight of the men watching them. They retreated to their supply ship with promises to return as soon as they were back in this sector.

"Well," Samantha said with satisfaction, "we'll definitely have to enter this one into the log."

Cynthia nodded and stretched her lithe form luxuriously. At thirty-eight years of age, she was definitely beautiful. Her long brown reached past her shoulders almost as low as her nipples. Her nipples were bright red and about a half inch in diameter and topped her wonderfully shaped C-cup breasts. Samantha loved to watch her tits wobble as she moved around the station, shoving off of walls and bulkheads as was needed in a zero gravity environment.

Cynthia loved watching Samantha as well. At thirty-two, her athletic body with her well proportioned hips and magnificent tits, also a C-cup, was a vision of beauty.

Small wonder that the crew of the supply ship had thought they were in heaven when they found these two stunning women naked and willing as they opened their hatch to allow entry to the station. The women had giggled and cooed as they watched the men load their supplies, fondling each other's nipples and pussies while the men looked on in awe. After the last cases were stowed the men had followed the giggling women to the sleeping quarters in the station.

The six men watched uncertainly as the two women groped each other. Samantha smiled at them and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy to them. She pushed one finger inside her opening to the first knuckle and rubbed it in a slow circular motion.

"Does anybody feel like fucking me?" she said playfully.

Cynthia shoved herself off the bulkhead behind her and drifted slowly to the group of men crowding the doorway.

"Don't be shy boys!" she declared. "We've been waiting for some cock to come our way for weeks!"

One of the men, the one closest to the two women, groaned and shoved himself into the air to meet Cynthia half way. He was short and had a large paunch which his jump suit did little to hide. Cynthia grinned as she unzipped his suit and laughed with glee as she tugged his T-shirt and boxer shorts off his body. She reached for his stubby little penis and stroked it lovingly as she wrapped her legs around him to pull his groin close. Within seconds he was hard and his five inch cock slipped easily into her pussy.

Cynthia moaned and kissed him passionately like a long lost lover.

The second and third men, both of them slightly built and sporting thick glasses which did nothing to hide the acne that had rampaged across their faces, floated side by side to Samantha who greeted them with open arms and legs. She kissed one and then the other, her tongue dancing across their lips and into their mouths. She impatiently tugged at their jump suits until they both shrugged out of them along with their undershirts and shorts.

Now there were three sets of clothes floating freely in the cabin, each article drifting this way and that.

Samantha used both her hands to stroke their cocks to erection and then gulped one of them into her mouth with a throaty sigh. She guided the other cock into her pussy and then clamped her legs around the man to ensure his cock couldn't escape her wet tunnel.

The three remaining men watched the action in front of them in amazement and then glanced at each other. Almost as one, they removed their clothes and launched themselves toward the women servicing their crewmates.

The fattest of them, an enormous man whose belly almost concealed his penis entirely, reached for Cynthia's tits and squeezed them as he guided his cock to her mouth. She grinned with pleasure and then opened her mouth to allow him to slide all the way to the back of her throat. She sucked him ferociously and the man groaned in response. She cupped his testicles and deep throated his cock, pushing the head into the back of her gullet and humming around his member as he thrust back and forth. Within a few strokes his cum began to flow and she took every drop into her mouth with a girlish giggle.

As the man collapsed against the bulkhead near the door, the other two men closed on Cynthia. The first man began pumping into her and moaning loudly and then he was cumming, his semen filling her pussy and then dripping down her thigh.

She kissed him deeply, the taste of the fat man's cum still on her tongue, and then turned to the two men approaching her. She reached for their cocks and then sucked each of them in turn into her mouth. They held her by the shoulders as she mouthed their cocks and then the fat man, recovered from his first orgasm, moved between her thighs and thrust his cock inside her.

The two men fucking Samantha groaned loudly and she cooed in response as they both started filling her with semen. They looked at each other with contentment as they drifted in different directions and then Samantha launched herself toward Cynthia. She moved her face within inches of Cynthia's pussy and began lapping at the fat man's balls and at Cynthia's clitoris with her tongue. One of the men Cynthia was sucking guided his cock to Samantha's pussy and Cynthia continued to stroke it gently as he entered Samantha. Within seconds both the men began to cum, one of them in Cynthia's mouth, the other in Samantha's already sopping wet vagina.

As they went on, each man came into both women's pussies and mouths at least once and two of them had cum onto the women's tits. A zero gravity ejaculation can be hard to contain. Both women though handled it like pros. The semen shot out of each man's cock almost at the same time. The ladies positioned themselves in the path of the streams which moved almost in slow motion. The sperm hit their chests and the women giggled like schoolgirls as they rubbed it into the sensitive skin of their breasts.

After a couple of hours all of the men were spent and could do no more, although they videotaped the two women as they licked each other to two more orgasms.

Samantha pursed her lips and stared into space after she finished her log entry, thinking hard to ensure that every detail of their encounter with the supply ship's crew was recorded. She read it again and amended it as she went. After a few minutes she was satisfied that it was complete.

The next few weeks held nothing out of the ordinary. The two women made an effort to monitor the remote sensors more closely. This newfound devotion to duty was oftentimes pushed aside though whenever one or both of them felt the now familiar overwhelming desire that came when the ruins appeared on the planet's horizon.

They realized they were becoming used to the sensation of losing themselves to erotic passion at the oddest of times. They would frequently come to their senses to find themselves wrapped in a passionate embrace, their chins smeared with the other's pussy juices and their vaginas dripping wet with longing. As always, they would document the incident and then go back to work as best they could.

In the fourth month after Cynthia's arrival and seven months after Samantha's arrival, a sudden chirping from the remote sensors on the planet surface summoned both the women to the electronics lab.

As had become normal for the two of them, they were both aroused and had been licking each other's pussies when the claxon began to sound. So it was that they arrived in the lab with their nipples hard and distended on their breasts and their vaginas both wet and pulsing from their interrupted orgasm.

Samantha leaned across the console and scrolled through the recent data stream studying it intensely. Cynthia probed Samantha's pussy with her fingers as she read and Samantha grinned over her shoulder. She went back to reading although she squirmed and wriggled her bum in response to Cynthia's hand motions.

"It looks like the sensors have found the source of the EM field," Samantha said. "There's some sort of power source buried about twenty feet beneath the surface close to where I planted those probes before your arrival here."

Cynthia leaned forward now to study the data and cocked her head to one side.

"What kind of power source?" she asked.

Samantha shook her head.

"The computer doesn't recognize the power signature." She said. "It's unlike anything it's seen or heard of before."

"Maybe it's worth a look." Cynthia said.

"Sure!" Samantha said and then laughed, "Provided we can keep our hands off each other while we dig."

"Unlikely!" Cynthia said as she pushed her fingers deeply into Samantha's pussy.

Samantha hummed in response and pushed back against the fingers penetrating her. She sighed as Cynthia tickled her insides, moving her fingers around and around. Samantha leaned forward as far as she could go and bit her lip as her orgasm hit her.

"You do realize I'm going to lick you silly all the way down to the surface don't you?" she said with a gasp.

"I sure hope so!" Cynthia replied.

The shuttle ride to the planet's surface was a lot more tame than either of the women would have liked. The ship absolutely refused to disengage from the docking clamps until both of them were wearing P-suits. They left their helmets off and Samantha managed to wriggle a finger around Cynthia's pussy while reaching down the front of her suit, so it wasn't a complete loss.

As soon as the small ship touched down they peeled their suits off and threw them to the deck panel and then dove for each other's pussies. While in a sixty-nine position, they tongued each other to two orgasms and were getting ready to start on number three when the claxon roused them from the floor.

"We're going to have to deal with that alarm," Samantha said. "It's not going to stop ringing until we reset the remote probe on the surface."

Cynthia sighed and stretched languorously.

"All right," she said with a smile. "It's about time we got back to work anyway."

They pulled picks and shovels from the storage locker and then Samantha pulled two light cotton overalls from the upper shelf.

"Take it from someone who knows!" she said, handing one pair to Cynthia. "You don't want to go out there naked! I did it the last time I was here when I planted those damned sensors and my body stung for a week. The sunburn I got was beyond painful!"

Cynthia frowned but took the jumper and pulled it over her naked body. It hung on her so loosely she looked like a little girl trying on her father's plus-size clothes. She laughed at the fit and then guffawed when Samantha's coverall fit as loosely as her own.

Shovels in hand, they went to the site where the sensors were planted. Samantha plugged her laptop into the master probe and superimposed the readings over an electronic map of the area. She studied it for a moment and then pointed to her right.

"That way," she said with her eyes glued to the screen.

She typed a few commands and each of the three probes began to emit a red laser pointer. They followed the direction of the pointers and at a place about twenty feet from the sensor, the three laser pointers crossed each other.

They started to dig.

After a very long time they found a box. It was made of a gold colored metal and had molded glyphs on all four sides. The symbols were entirely unfamiliar. The box was about two feet by two feet and weighed virtually nothing. Neither of the girls had any difficulty lifting it out of the hole and they studied it curiously as they sat on the ground beside it.

The gold color was relieved by a darker gold outline around each of the alien glyphs, but there were no signs of aging or damage anywhere on it.

"Well what do you make of that!" Samantha said with awe.

Cynthia retrieved a hand-held sensor and waved it over the box.

"Those EM readings are off the scale here," she said.

Samantha established a wireless connection with the sensor in Cynthia's hand and downloaded the data. She closed the cover to the laptop and then stood up.

"Let's get this thing back to the station!" she said excitedly. "I want to run some tests!"

They left the digging gear where it lay and hurried to the shuttle. They dressed in their P-suits and lifted off, both of them too excited about their discovery to think about sex at all.

Once on the station, they isolated the box in an EM force field in the laboratory. As soon as that was done they both felt a change.

The super-excited state they had been in virtually non-stop since their arrival at this planet seemed to disappear. It didn't fade away or even wane; it was simply gone.

They looked at each other curiously. Out of habit, they had removed their clothes upon arrival at the station and so they were both nude. They studied each other's bodies, admiring the womanly curves and recognizing that both of them were attractive women with a great deal of sex appeal. Neither of them, however, had the slightest urge to engage in sex as they had done so many times in the recent past.

"Touch me," Samantha said.


"Touch me!" she repeated. "Touch my nipple! Squeeze my breast!"

Cynthia reached forward and hefted Samantha's tit. She squeezed it and teased the nipple and Samantha watched her dispassionately.

"Do it again!" Samantha said. "Touch my pussy."

Cynthia brushed her fingers across Samantha's mound, touching her lips and pushing one finger inside to the first knuckle.

Samantha smiled.

"I think we've found it!" she whispered.

She typed a command into the keypad on the isolation chamber, killing the power to the EM force field. Immediately, she clamped her thighs around Cynthia's hand which was still probing her pussy.

"Oh God!" she moaned.

Her knees buckled and she fell to the floor and sat against the bulkhead quivering.

"Oh God, I just came so hard!" she said breathily.

Cynthia grinned and moved forward so her pussy was just inches away from Samantha's mouth.

"My turn!" she said with a giggle.

Samantha pushed herself forward and drove her tongue deeply into Cynthia's tunnel. Cynthia wailed and put her hands on Samantha's head. She pulled her into her and ground her pubis against Samantha's face and then she too collapsed to the floor.

"Wow!" Cynthia said. "It was even more intense after it was taken away and then turned back on!"

"Yeah, I noticed that too!" Samantha said.

Samantha entered a code on the keypad and suddenly the feelings of desire were gone once again.

They sat back and stared at each other, both of them looking thoughtful.

"What now?" Cynthia asked.

"I have a devilish plan forming," Samantha said. "Give me some time to work on it."


Marvin Bennett walked briskly from his car toward the Museum of Modern Oddities. His face was flushed and his suit felt even more confining than usual. The sweat was pouring down his back and his shirt was soaked to the skin under his blazer. He muttered unhappily about the distance from his parking space to the comfort of the air conditioned building and looked up as he approached the door to see two women blocking his path.

He thought they looked familiar but his glasses were slightly fogged from the muggy heat. He stopped, glancing wistfully toward the door to the museum and then wiped the moisture from his glasses. He put them back on and looked at the women once more.

His breath caught in his throat as he recognized Cynthia Reynolds, the brown-haired beauty he'd had the pleasure of fucking for several months after she came to work for him. He was even the envy of his friends because he held parties for several men where Cynthia would take on all comers and leave every guy in the place satisfied.

"Hello Marvin." She said with a smile.

"Cynthia!" he stammered. "Nice... nice to... see you," he said uncertainly as he studied her face.

Her smile was not the smile of someone anxious to renew a friendship; or whatever it was they once had. Her smile looked downright devious, and as someone who was good at being devious, he recognized the look on her face right away. He didn't like it when other people looked devious.

"Nice to see you too," she said, her smile never wavering.

Marvin eyed her suspiciously and then looked at the attractive blonde woman at her side. He wasn't sure but he thought she looked familiar.

"Marvin, this is my colleague Dr. Samantha Morris," she said.

"Hello Dr. Bennett," Samantha said, extending her hand in greeting. "We spoke briefly on an uplink a while ago but I'm sure you don't remember me."

Marvin swallowed nervously. He did indeed remember his conversation with her several months before; about two days before Cynthia marched into his office and quit. Of course, she had pushed Marvin back into his chair before quitting and ran her hands over his pants, massaging his cock through the material until he was good and hard. Then she quit, leaving him hanging both in the antiquities lab and with his cock leaking into his underwear.

"What brings you here Cynthia?" he asked as his eyes darted from one woman to the other.

"We have a gift for you Marvin," Cynthia said with delight. "Something you're just not going to believe!"

"Yes it is terribly exciting!" Samantha said as they each grabbed an arm and ushered him into the coolness of the museum. "You're going to be amazed, I guarantee it!"

He allowed himself to be led inside and then they stopped and pointed at the oddest thing he'd ever seen. It was a box that seemed to be finished in gold filigree, though it was much darker and looked to be some sort of alloy of gold with copper or some other reddish material. There were designs in every side that seemed to be part of the molding and the designs had been outlined in a darker shade of the same metal.

Immediately the suspicious side of Dr. Bennett disappeared and the scholar took over. Although his failings included being a debaucher, a liar and a cheater, deep down, he was still a scholar.

"My God!" he muttered quietly. "What is this?"

Dr. Morris was practically sputtering with glee.

"We found it on Planet Ruins!" she whispered in hushed tones. "We dug it up close to the ruins and it's sixteen thousand years old!"

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