Alien Impulses


"Now for the final sample. I understand that humans produce procreative juices. I would like you to produce some for me. I understand that this production is normally pleasurable. I hope that you will enjoy it". Formal, scientific, confident. This was semen we were talking about.

"You want me to come?" She blinked for a second and remembered the idiom.

"Yes. I would like you to come." I stared at her.

"Where?" She stood, unzipped her trousers and pulled them down with her knickers.

"In my vagina. That is the normal method, is it not? The sample can easily be extracted from inside me after we have finished." She removed her trousers and cute white, panties with a firm tug, then lay back on the sofa. "Please insert your penis when you're ready. My vagina should be adequately lubricated. I would appreciate a large sample, as some will inevitably be lost inside my body. Please produce as much semen as you can." She lay there, looking at me, legs spread. Her pussy was extremely beautiful. Her outer lips were framed by soft, downy hairs. I could see the darkness of her entrance and gorgeous inner labia.

For a few seconds, I was too stunned to move. Then I approached her and bent forward over her. She was smiling invitingly, but there was simplicity in her expression, as if she had little idea what she was doing but wasn't scared of it.

"Do you mind if I touch you a little first?"

She frowned briefly, "I'm not sure. I've read all about this, but I'm afraid I'm not practically experienced. Why don't you do what you normally do?" I grinned broadly, knelt in front of her and admired the view.

"Well, first you should undress completely so I can see all of you. I'm sure you're amazingly beautiful under that jacket." I opened it and she pulled it off, then her t-shirt, exposing her flat belly.

"And this?" she asked, unsnapping her bra.

"Yes, please." She was revealed. "That's a lot better". I quickly stripped off and lay gently on her. She was warm and I could feel a moist heat emanating from between her legs. "So, you've never done this before?"

She was still cheerful. Not your regular virgin, I thought with a wry smile. "I have only read about it. I know that you place your penis in my vagina, move back and forth enjoyably, and then at the peak of the enjoyment you ejaculate your procreative juice into me. The intention would be to make me pregnant. I assure you that is impossible, although that should not affect your performance."

I almost burst out laughing. "Believe me, honey, that will not affect my performance!" She smiled back at me. How strange I must appear to her. And how amazing she appeared to me. I kissed her softly on the lips. At least she knew how to respond -- her tongue entered my mouth with eagerness, soft and almost dainty, caressing my own tongue and lips. My erection jolted to unbelievable hardness. One hand slid up to cup her left breast while the other stroked her neck and collar bone, down to her right nipple, where my fingertips circled.

She moaned gently. Ah! She was programmed for enjoyment!! My mouth followed, breathing hotly on her nipple and then enveloping it between my lips. She wriggled beneath me as my tongue swirled over her nipple and moaned again as I sucked it deeply. I felt her hand wandering to my thighs, and then my penis was being gently caressed by soft, careful fingers. She was very gently tugging me forwards, towards her pussy. "I want it there. Please... I don't know why, but if you do, I'll love it".

I obliged. Her hand left me as I edged closer to her pussy. Using my own hardness to enter her, I lodged my cock at her entrance, felt the slickness of her labia part, and then the warmth and wetness of her pussy surround me as I entered. I nearly came immediately. She was just perfect. Gazing down at her as I started deep, slow strokes, I smiled at the sight of her biting her lower lip, brow furrowed, face flushed, breathing quickening. As I thrust into her I made sure my body ground against her clit and felt the little spasms of pleasure inside her in response. I held her hands above her head, kissed her deeply, and fucked her passionately. It wouldn't be long now, but I wanted to feel... there it was, starting... she was gasping now, short and irregular, little noises of delight... her pussy was tensing around me... squeezing my glans, spurring me on... beneath us, her anus tensed first, then her whole body, and I could feel the spasms while I kissed her neck and nibbled her shoulder... she rose up and came incredibly hard on my cock, shuddering in an awesome climax, pushing me to my own brink... I could wait... a few seconds... there... take... my... time... Stroke by stroke I slowed... easing back once more and then inside her... My balls emptied into her cunt with eight large, long bursts of intensely hot sperm, bathing her cervix, surrounding my jolting, spasming penis... dribbling out and over the hairs of my balls and down to her anus...

We breathed together. She was panting, in shock, clearly unprepared for this sexual awakening. "I had no idea... I only thought..." and then something I couldn't understand.

"What was that?" I asked as I pulled gently out of her. My cock was covered in semen and I could see its whiteness in her entrance.

"It has no translation. It expresses the most positive sensations my race can experience. We normally use it during the ceremony of... ah, perhaps I should tell you later. But that was amazing. I'm not surprised now that you found us attractive, when you can engage in such a wonderful activity with us."

Her tone forced giggles from me. "Yes, it is a wonderful activity. One we can enjoy any time we like. And not always just for the sake of science. Just for fun".

She beamed at me. "Quickly, the samples! We mustn't let too much escape". I chuckled as she grabbed her equipment and began scooping globules of sperm into a plastic container. "This is interesting. Very unlike anything I've seen before. There is a very large amount -- thank you for co-operating."

I couldn't help it. Laughing so much it hurt, I managed, "you're very welcome". She looked at me quizzically as she finished her sampling. "Any time, truly".

"I am unsure as to if we will need further samples, but that need not matter. I enjoyed that. And I know you did. How can I initiate a further encounter?" She pulled on her knickers, face still reddened from our encounter.

"There's no set way, I guess. Just flirt with me. Or just whisper, 'I want to fuck you'. That normally gets the message across". We both finished dressing and she packed away the various samples, slinging the bag over her shoulder.

"I should get this to the lab. You were an excellent subject. Thank you for fucking me." She strode out, leaving the door open.

Before I could even ask her name, she was gone and was replaced by a rather ugly, very large guardian armed with some kind of tall, silver spear. Both it and its owner looked particularly menacing. The figure was humanoid but nearly eight feet tall and possessed of reptilian skin which seemed to change colour depending on from which angle it was viewed. He didn't speak, which was probably just as well.

I was rescued after a mercifully brief time span by one of the three girls. She shot a look into the room and said, "Did Catherine finish the experiment successfully?" So, she had a name.

"Yes, I think it was successful. She went off to deal with the... er... samples." I couldn't help grinning. "I only just now learned her name -- what do they call you?"

She smiled and extended her hand, just like back home. "I am Annabelle and the communications researcher is Beatrice. You might notice that our names are based on your alphabet -- A, B and C -- we thought this might help you to remember them, and make you more comfortable with us."

Clever stuff, I thought. "So, Annabelle, what's next?"

She had led me back into the main hall and we were once again surrounded by a startling, circulating array of beings who were intently walking, flying, gliding, slithering and transmogrifying in a million directions. "Where are all these... people going?"

Annabelle noted my discomfort with the term and chuckled. "Not like a station on your planet, is it? They are from every part of the galaxy. We have good relations with virtually every inhabited planet within a thousand light years, and some from even further than that, provided their technology is advanced enough to communicate with us over such vast distances. We act as a trading opportunity, a place to rest and refuel, to meet and take leisure. Our planet, I am proud to say, is the most popular destination for inter-stellar travel in this part of the Galaxy."

She was right to be proud. This was fucking amazing. With each passing moment I noticed more that was worthy of a slack-jawed gape -- huge, thin beanstalk-like creatures riding an enormous, glittering wheel which hummed melodiously at it passed; ethereal, almost ghostly beings who communicated with electric-blue sparks arcing through the air, some of whom I'd noticed on the way in; and a creature which was just now presenting its credentials at the desk but appeared no more than a cloud of reddish-brown gas carrying a conventional suitcase. This was fantastic.

Having allowed me ample time to peruse the wonders of the transit area, Annabelle and Beatrice led me out into the city through a cavernous, well-lit, rectangular space which I guessed was the main exit. The crowding was intense but everyone managed to avoid colliding, even if Beatrice had to haul me bodily from the path of a thick-wheeled motorbike which zoomed through the crowd with an electric roar. Its occupant raised two fists at me but kept the other two on the handlebars.

It was warm but not hot, a lot like late spring at home. Beyond the transit area and its immediate environs, most of the figures looked fairly human. I wondered what these girls were actually like... was this façade just for my benefit?

"Ladies, I have a question", I offered as we climbed into a yellow vehicle with broad gull-wing doors. "If I weren't here, what would you look like and what kind of language would you speak?"

Beatrice giggled and exchanged a glance with Annabelle. "We were sure you'd ask shortly, having seen such an array of life forms in the transit area. In fact, we are genuinely humanoid. What you see is what you get."

I stared at her. "But... in the movies, they always have the ability to alter themselves, to present a more acceptable front for the humans..." They were shaking their heads.

"No, this is the real thing. I hope you find us beautiful."

"God, yeah..." I blurted, artlessly. They collapsed into giggles, leaning girlishly on each other's shoulders.

Catherine arrived, looking amazingly pretty and having changed into a very tight, sexy t-shirt and jeans. She looked stunning and particularly refreshed. The other girls watched her enter and continued their giggles. "Welcome back, Catherine. Were the experimental results available?"

She nodded and smirked back at the girls, who had obviously heard, or guessed, about our encounter in the lab room. "The results were very successful. We had a large sample of semen, which made everything easier. And we appear to have located a limitless supply..." That did it. Everyone cracked up. I just sat there grinning, not sure whether to be embarrassed or proud of myself.

The city zipped past our windows, which were large and clear, a blur of very tall buildings, green and open spaces, other vehicles and squares with fountains and statues. It was a beautiful place.

"Is your city like one of mine? I mean... you have all the same things that we do, right? Hotels, restaurants, businesses, shops, all that?"

Catherine, who was in the least giggly state, answered. "Yes, but we lack a number of things you would take for granted. There are no police and we have no armed forces. Our only weaponry is out in space, patrolling against any trouble. Medical attention is needed only in the event of an accident, as we are not susceptible to any diseases. We are inoculated as children and remain healthy for our whole lives, which are very long by your standards."

I was intensely curious. They had solved so many problems! "How long are we talking?" Catherine turned to her friends and asked how old the oldest person on the planet would be. There was a moment's conferring before Beatrice answered.

"Three thousands four hundred and ninety Earth years. But that person is not as active as we are."

"I'm not bloody surprised! If I make it to a hundred I'll be highly delighted, even if I am a bit doddery and knackered." Beatrice had to consult her hand-held computer for a quick translation, but soon caught on.

"So a hundred-year lifespan is unheard of on your planet?" she asked.

"No, not unheard of, but pretty rare. The oldest people are not much more than 120. And they're normally in poor health".

Catherine leaned closer and said, "This is why we are going to the Biological Studies institute. Your ageing process is of great interest to us. We took those samples at Customs so that we would have a DNA breakdown ready to use. Other people from your planet will have their DNA compared, and we will learn more about ageing. But we think we already know enough of your physiology to help you in a number of ways".

This was getting interesting. Our highway, which was nothing more than an orange cord of light extending in front of the cab, was soaring over a densely built-up area surrounded by trees. "Wow, what's that?"

Annabelle looked down and said, "The Institute. We're almost there. It is a very large and modern facility. We think you will be impressed with what you find. Catherine and I will discuss our landing pattern with the driver, as we know the facility best. Please ask Beatrice for anything you need."

The two girls rose and a small door swished open into the driver's compartment. It appeared quite conventional until it became obvious that the driver was either driving the vehicle with his mind or there was an autopilot. I asked Beatrice.

"We are all to some extent telepathic. Our driver, who is an instructor at the institute, is intensely telekinetic. He has been known to construct small buildings with his mind in a matter of hours."

I stared at her for a moment. "What an amazing place".

She smiled warmly, cutely. "To us, you are the amazing one. You represent so much that is of interest to us. And your body is... very different to ours, very interesting to us." She was eyeing me up. I liked it. "I was watching on a monitor while you were with Catherine. I too have studied human sexual responses, although I am only an amateur. Would you show me just a little?"

I was only too happy to oblige, I told her, but what about the three other people in the vehicle? "They are occupied with the very complex business of landing. The Institute has only one terminus which handles an almost unbelievable amount of traffic. This could take some time. May I see your penis?"

One of the Universe's great non-sequiters. "Sure". I opened my trousers, pulled them down a fraction and brought out my semi-erect cock. It delighted in the attention it was getting, and under Beatrice's steady and obviously excited gaze, soon rose to full hardness once more.

"It is very beautiful. May I touch it?" I nodded and her hand went straight there. She had a gentle, slightly uncertain grip, as though she were handling an ancient relic. "It is warm. I like it." She toyed with it, finding out how far the foreskin could move forward and back, stroking the delicate flesh of my fraenulum, exploring the unfamiliar curves of my balls. Her touch was wonderful.

"Catherine took your penis into her body. I would like to do the same but I'm not sure we have time, if your experience together was of average duration. You spent nearly eight minutes fucking before you finished and presented her with the sample. We may only have four or five minutes."

I lowered my trousers further, knelt up on the seat and said, "In that case my love, we'd better make it quick... lie back, take off your underwear and open your legs."

She did as I asked, showing her beautiful, almost hairless pussy. I dropped down to lick her belly, thighs and outer lips before thrusting my tongue into her vagina. She was very wet already and needed little more lubrication. With time pressing, I decided to dispense with further foreplay. Leaning forward, I kissed her tongue with mine and let my erection glide into her open, moist cunt. She gasped into my mouth and grabbed me with both hands, encouraging me further inside her. Forcing every inch of my cock into her body, I withdrew almost all the way and then sank into her again. Hands were grasping at clothing, freeing her beautiful, rounded tits, which were seized upon by my hungry mouth. Below, a hard, quick pistoning had begun between her legs. Eager to come while it was still possible, I fucked Beatrice as quickly and urgently as I could, bringing her to orgasm right before I reached my own. As she moaned and clasped me to her, I came in quick, jolting spasms and flooded her tight cunt with my sperm.

It had taken nearly four minutes and we were close to landing. Hurriedly, we arranged our clothing and Beatrice took out a white cloth to clean some of the hot semen from her pussy lips and thighs. She whispered, "We have one more minute", before taking hold of my penis and slipping me into her mouth. It was heavenly. Her slips slid smoothly up and down my shaft while her tongue danced over my tip. She varied her suction expertly, giving my cock time to enjoy the gentler sensations of her tongue and lips and then sucking me harder. After a few seconds she would take me deeply into her mouth, down her throat, and this pushed me over the edge. Before I could believe how amazing she was, I felt another orgasm well up in my balls, build hotly through my penis and gush out into mouth and down her throat. She swallowed every drop.

The doors clicked outwards and opened as I was zipping up and kissing her to say thanks. We were quite high up, judging by the impressive winds, and with some difficulty we managed to cross the landing pad and enter the building through a sliding glass door. Outside, our vehicle was up and away immediately, ascending with a confident roar.

We were in a small reception area not unlike an airport departure gate. A humanoid in uniform took the names and some particulars of the three girls using a retinal scan, and then asked for the same from me. Thank God they're used to dealing with humanoids, I thought. And thank God they give such awesome blowjobs. Beatrice subtly winked at me as we left reception and walked down a broad, white corridor. I pinched her ass. I was having a great time.

"This is the main part of the Institute's Experimental Healing division. Here is where we would like to work with you on a number of important matters. Firstly, you might like to wash after your journey. After that there will be some simple experiments to allow us to learn more about your body, and find ways in which we can help each other." She looked at the other two girls and both left with a smile. "Sometimes, it is faster to just think things across, rather than explain them", noted Annabelle. I asked the girls to liaise with the medical team and prepare for your arrival. I'll convey you to your temporary quarters. Please come with me."

She strode ahead of me down a side corridor that sloped downwards to a set of heavy, white metal doors. A thumbprint opened the door with a light click, surprising given its obvious weight. "We use these rooms to house our guests prior to and after medical work. Some have travelled immense distances, even further than your own journey, and are tired or suffering from side-effects. We are pleased to see that you appear to be in excellent health".

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