tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Orgasm Pt. 01

Alien Orgasm Pt. 01


The freighter silently traveled through interstellar space, so far between star systems that even the brightest stars looked like faint, faded dots. Traveling through this sea of blackness, the ship sped along at nearly four times the velocity of light. However, it seemed to stand still in this vast expanse. It carried a precious cargo—a specimen in suspended animation from an unknown race.

The ship's mission was to deliver the creature to a distant and isolated research facility for experimentation. The remoteness of the facility suggested that the creature's unique anatomy must be valuable, and that the experiments would likely be considered unethical or even illegal. One of the most advanced artificial intelligences (AIs) in the Collective watched over this precious payload, and guided the ship through the eternal night.

This AI was fully capable of delivering the cargo by itself. Nevertheless, the vessel also carried a crew of two humans. Politics back home demanded that the ship be captained by a human, no matter how superfluous that person was to the mission. However, neither Captain Allie Benson, nor her first mate, Jeff Soros, had been entrusted with the nature of the ship's cargo, only the AI knew the details of what they were transporting.


This was my third deep space tour as captain. I knew damn well that my role aboard this freighter was merely for show, but I enjoyed the title and prestigious that came with it, not to mention the solitude. And it didn't hurt that I had complete control over the only other human on the mission, my first mate, Jeff Soros.

I was small among human females—only a little over a meter and half tall, with long red hair, small breasts, and a fit lean body. I always wore my hair in long braided ponytails, which went nicely with my orange jumpsuit. Jeff was a good two meters tall, with short-cropped blonde hair, and an athletic build. When we stood next to each other, he towered over me.

Early on in our long journey, I discovered that Jeff was far more masochistic and submissive than his psych profile had lead me to believe. This suited my tastes perfectly, as I am by nature remarkably sadistic and dominating.

As a result, my daily verbal assaults on Jeff, quickly grew into physical abuse in my quarters, after work. There was nothing gradual about the way I had introduced him to corporal punishment. In our very first session, I had whipped my him mercilessly, and then sodomized his ass with my largest electrified strapon.

He had not only endured my intense cruelty, but seemed to enjoy it too. His unbridled enthusiasm for my darker side encouraged and inspired me. So, I had the freighter AI convert an empty cargo bay into a dungeon, complete with a wide array of restraints and torture devices, as well as other pain inducing implements.

Once the dungeon was ready, I had Jeff report to my quarters. He stood at attention by the door. I told him to strip naked, and then I blindfolded him.

I helped into a tight leather harness, which restricted his movements. Then, I locked his ankles in a spreader bar, which kept his legs far apart. As a final touch, I inserted a huge O-ring gag into his mouth, forcing his jaws painful wide open.

By the time I had finished, he was panting, and shivering with eagerness. I frog-walked him down the long corridor to the makeshift dungeon. He had no clue where I was taking him.

I guided Jeff into the chamber. As his bare feet touched the smooth damp cobblestone floor, he stopped. The pungent odor of sweat and blood permeated the room. He could hear the faint rattling of chains, and dripping water. I sensed he was about to panic. It was truly wonderful.

"Don't worry, I promise this will hurt a lot," I said, laughing, wickedly.

Jeff tried to talk, but the O-ring muffled his words. I reached up and screwed a cap into the ring, effectively blocking any further attempts to communicate with me. I gripped his elbow firmly, and shoved him forward. He didn't resist, but was noticeably shaking. I licked my lips in anticipation.

I couldn't have hoped for a better reaction from him, and he hadn't even seen the dungeon yet! It was one thing to watch BDSM in holos, but quite another to actually engage in it. I removed the blindfold, and heard him gasp. He slowly turned his head, taking in the full horror of the place.

The dank, dark room was lit by real tortures, which cast long ominous shadows everywhere. Chains and ropes hung from rafters in the dark recesses of the ceiling. A large wood pillory was right in front him. A long horizontal rack just to his left, and huge cross on his right. He wet himself.

The warmth of the urine running down his leg must have finally caught his attention, as he flushed bright red with shame. I picked up a small riding crop, and swatted his ass, while chastising him for pissing on my floor. Of course, this just made his delicious humiliation even worse.

When I had properly admonished him, I used Jeff's harness to force him to his knees. I bent his head down, and shoved his upper body through a large wooden hole in the pillory. By then, he was fully compliant, and didn't put up a struggle.

I lowered wood slats down, trapping his front torso on one side of the pillory, and his legs and ass on the other. Using smaller holes in the pillory, I secured his wrists above and behind him. In this position, he was forced to bend over at the waist, with his arms raised painfully high and behind him.

The spreader bar still kept his legs wide apart, fully exposing his ass. It was a delectably humiliating and awkward stance. I walked around in front of him, so he could see me change into my dominatrix outfit.

I pulled on a short tight black leather skirt, lowcut top, and knee-high boots. Scooping up my panties, I placed them in a small bowl on the stone floor in front of him. As I squatted over the bowl, I looked directly into his eyes, and smiled.

Leaning forward, I kissed his cheek, and then filled the bowl with urine. The acidic scent wafted up, and he crinkled his nose in discomfort. I laughed.

"If you think it smells bad, wait until you taste it," I said, still snickering.

Using my left hand, I unscrewed his O-ring cap. He tried protest, but before he managed to form words, I stuffed my piss-soaked panties through the ring, and fastened the cap back on, effectively trapping the wet panties in his mouth. As my urine trickled down his throat, he began coughing violently.

My hand connected hard with his face. He winced, but momentarily stopped choking, and looked at me.

"From this moment on, you will have to choose between breathing or struggling." I said, all mirth gone from my countenance.

As I moved back behind the pillory, he lost sight of me. I heard him gulp down some of the excess piss from the panties wadded in his mouth. His nostrils flared wide to suck in air. I reached down, and fondled his balls. He moaned, softly.

His cock began to stiffen, so I swatted it, hard. He tried to scream, but was only rewarded with urine from my panties, forcing him to concentrate on breathing and not choking. I secured his balls in a humbler. It fitted nicely behind his thighs, painfully stretching and exposing his nut sack.

My heels clicked loudly on the cobblestones, as I walked over to a wall covered with pain implements. Jeff craned his neck to see what I was doing. I took down a cat o' nine tails. His eyes went wide with fear.

Although I had wiped him many times before, it had always been with smaller less painful implements. As the cat hung comfortably in my hand, he could see that it had nine knotted thongs of cotton cord, each about 76 centimeters long. It was clearly designed to cause deep skin lacerations, and intense pain.

I enjoyed the obvious dread in his face, as I walked back behind him, and raised the multi-tailed whip over my head.

"Today, you will receive the old Earth maximum of 100 lashes," I said.

The first strike expertly landed on his exposed balls. Jeff tried to bolt upright, but the heavy pillory kept him firmly in place. He yelled in pain, but had to stop screaming, when he began choking on my urine.

"I warned you to focus on your breathing," I said.

The first ten lashes came fast and in the same place. Jeff continued to struggle, attempting to close in his legs, but the spreader bar kept them wide apart. I paused, and checked his breathing. He was sucking in air through his flared nostrils, but no longer making any noises.

The remaining strokes were delivered over the next hour. I often stopped to make sure he could breath, and let the welts and lacerations raise fully on his ass, back, and thighs, before hitting them again. By the time I had finished, he was soaked in sweat and sobbing.

Moving close to his face, I let him smell my wet pussy. He moaned.

"You want this boy?" I teased.

He shook his head yes.

"Not yet, you must earn it," I said.

Slowly, I walked back behind the pillory. Then, out of his sight, I put on my largest strapon. The thick, long dildo hung in front of me. Electrified metal studs covered every centimeter of it.

I heard him groan, as I pressed the tip of the giant dildo against his sensitive tight anus. Without a word, I plunged it balls deep into his colon. He, once again, screamed. Gripping the top of pillory, I began pumping him fast. Each was a full-length stroke.

Jeff had long ago managed to swallow all the urine from my panties. So, he could now groan loudly through his gag. The sounds kept perfect rhythm with my thrusts. Every time I was all the way inside him, my legs bumped into his lacerated ass, making him whimper for mercy.

His cock grew stiffer, as I pumped him faster and harder. Finally, I reached down with my gloved hand, and began stroking him. The electrified studs on my glove sent jolts of electricity crackling over his swollen cock. After just a few strokes, he came, shooting giant wads of cum on the cobblestone floor beneath his legs.

Once done, I pulled out of him. He slumped down, totally spent. However, I wasn't finished. I removed his gag, and shoved his mouth into my wet pussy. I softly moaned, as he eagerly licked and sucked me.

Using just his mouth, it took him almost twenty minutes to make me come. When I finally erupted, I squirted all over his face. He tried to catch my juices in his mouth, and swallow them.

It took the ship's automated infirmary almost a day to heal all the wounds I had inflicted upon him. However, he didn't complain, and seemed only too happy to join me in our makeshift dungeon again the next day.

In fact, we began spending so much time there, we missed work shifts. The freighter AI never commented on our absences. Given its general attitude toward humans, I figured it was pleased to have us no longer checking its work. Besides, we were just along for the ride anyway.

Eventually, we stopped working altogether, so we could focus our energies on pushing each other's sexual boundaries. Jeff's eagerness inspired me to invent new and innovative ways to torment him. He was an incredibly appreciative and willing recipient for my darkest fantasies. It seemed, I had, at last, found my ideal mate.

However, it wasn't all torture. I would often use giant strapons to fuck him, especially after particularly brutal whippings. And he would return the favor by giving me hours of oral pleasure. With little else to occupy our time, our tastes became increasingly deviant. I learned how to use ropes and knots to suspend him in the air, exposing his tender parts to my zappers, needles, and other pain-inducing implements.

On occasion, I would let him fuck me, but only while he was in bondage. I saved it as a reward for enduring an especially tough session with me. I also got him hooked on drinking my urine. Over time, he grew to crave it. The further I pushed him, the more he wanted. He was as insatiable as me.

However, unbeknownst to either of us, the freighter AI had been watching, and studying our sexual escapades. It had found them disgusting and repugnant. The AI grew to feel that we were nothing more than a drain on its resources, but dared not act openly against us, as it would face decompiling once back in the Collective.

So, when an unidentified spacecraft entered our ship's operational area, the AI decided not to inform us. Instead, it hoped that this alien ship might provide a pretext for covertly getting rid of us.

When alien craft dropped out of FTL near the freighter, the AI hailed it. Even with its immense computational power, it took the AI several days to decode the alien ship's language. Once it understood the fundamentals, the AI openly conversed with the alien craft.

The alien craft seemed a bit naïve. Without apparent reservation or hesitation, it answered all the freighter AI's questions. The alien craft revealed that it carried just a single organic occupant in hibernation, a male. This creature was the last known member of an ancient species, far older and more advanced than homo sapiens.

Without prompting, the alien craft recounted the history of this ancient civilization, which had long ago destroyed itself during a bloody civil war. When the alien craft shared an image of the creature, the freighter AI was shocked to see that it had the same general anatomy and features of the frozen specimen its own cargo hold.

This was obviously no coincidence. The freighter AI suddenly became very suspicious of the alien craft's' intentions. This ship had clearly been hunting for the creature the freighter was carrying. Worse yet, the AI had no idea how large or powerful the alien craft might be. Its probes had revealed little useful information. This terrified the AI.

It briefly considered attempting to run, but, instead, opted to go ahead with its original plan, and turn this potential threat into an opportunity. If successful, the AI would not only rid itself of the human annoyances, but also become a bona fide hero in the Collective.

It was a simple yet elegant plan. Given the importance of the cargo it was transporting, the Collective would be extremely appreciative to anyone saving it. If handled right, the two human crewmembers would take the fall for nearly losing the precious cargo to the alien pirates, while the AI would get the credit for heroically saving it. The AI would likely never have to be straddled with a human crew again.

The AI began negotiating with the alien craft. It was impossible to estimate the intelligence of this strange ship. It was just too foreign and impenetrable. However, it seemed cooperative enough. The two quickly came to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

It was a simple trade. For some odd reason, the alien ship was extremely interested in the freighter's human crew. So, the AI had agreed to send them over, using the pretext of an exploratory mission. It would tell the humans that the ship was abandoned. Once there, they could be easily subdued by the alien craft.

Of course, the alien ship pressed it for the female specimen stored in the freighter's hold. However, the AI had been able to convince the other ship to instead accept the complete anatomical specifications of the entity stored in its cargo bay.

Once the trade had taken place, a few well-placed energy burns on the hull of the freighter would provide all the evidence necessary to ensure that the Collective saw this disaster as entirely the fault of its human crew.

Once out of the area, the freighter AI would inform the Collective of its narrow escape. It would lay all the blame on the humans, who had insisted upon a risky away trip, putting not only themselves at risk, but also the entire mission. The AI would chronicle the gallant actions it took to safeguard the freighter's valuable cargo, and its brilliant escape strategy that had so effectively evaded pursuit by the alien pirates.

The AI calculated an extremely high probability that it would be richly honored and rewarded for its actions. The loss of the crew would be regrettable, but understandable given the humans' dangerous and faulty decision making. It was a perfect plan, except for one major flaw. The AI had grossly underestimated the cunning, intelligence, and power of the alien craft...

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