tagErotic HorrorAlien Panties Ch. 02

Alien Panties Ch. 02


The next day Anna awoke still worried about Chris. She wanted to go up and see him but had to get through her classes first. She still couldn't get over the idea that maybe she was to blame. She didn't feel quite like herself but couldn't figure out what it was. She felt very strange as she undressed before getting in the shower.

The warm water felt amazing against her skin. As it flowed all around her she couldn't help but feel turned on by it. Her hands began to slide down her body. She rubbed her breast's and slid one hand down between her legs. She didn't know what was coming over her but she had to pleasure herself right then and there in the warmth of the shower. Her fingers slid between her slit as she massaged herself moaning out loudly. She fell to the shower floor as the pleasure became more and more intense. She writhed as her fingers brought her closer to satisfaction and soon she came arching her back with intense pleasure.

She laid there for a moment before she realized she was running late for class. She jumped up and dried herself off before putting on the same bra and panties she wore yesterday without even thinking.

The moment the creature touched her skin again it felt the warmth she had taken from the shower and loved it. Anna began to feel strange again but this time something was different. She suddenly wasn't thinking about Chris any more or what had happened last night. All she wanted now was sex. She needed sex and she didn't care who she got it from.

She opened her closet and saw a nice black dress hanging there. She slid that on thinking the skirt would make her job easier. She grabbed a coat to keep herself warm and headed out looking for her first conquest. She remembered a guy in her class named Albert who she knew always had a crush on her but she was with Chris. She figured she could use that to her advantage and went looking for him.

Albert was in the library looking through some books he needed for a school assignment. He grabbed what he needed and sat down at a table looking through them and taking notes as he prepared for his assignment.

Anna walked in and spotted him from across the room before she walked over and sat down across from him placing her coat on the chair next to her. Albert didn't notice her at first but when he did he jumped a little.

"Oh crap, hey Anna I didn't see you come in." He said as he was suddenly taken back by how beautiful she looked today. "That's an interesting dress for school isn't it? You meeting up with Chris later or something?"

She smiled at him before she removed her shoe and carefully placed her foot in his crotch.

"What the hell? What are you doing?"

"What if i told you Chris was... lets say out of the picture? Would you still want me?"

"Wait? What are you saying?"

"I said do you want me?"

"I um........ I mean yeah sure?"

"Well lets go then!" She said standing up and grabbing his hand leading him out of the library.

Albert didn't know what was going on. If her and Chris had broken up or they just had a fight and she was looking to get back at him but he didn't care. He had always had a crush on Anna and would take what he could get.

She led him in to the women's bathroom. Luckily most people were in classes so nobody was around as she pushed him down in to a stall. He fell against the toilet still confused by what she was doing but when she opened up his pants he soon figured it out. He wasn't sure why she suddenly wanted to fuck him but didn't care. She pulled up her skirt and straddled him. Her panties split apart letting his cock slide inside her unobstructed.

"Oh Fuck!" He said as she started to bounce up and down in his lap. He placed his hands on her ass holding her on his lap as he enjoyed the sensation. "Anna this is......"

"Just shut up!" She responded as she continued to have her way with him. Soon everyone went quiet to her and Chris started to feel a strange tingling in his body. It started in his back and moved around him followed by a warming sensation that was flowing through him as well.

"Anna i feel strange!" He said but his words fell on deaf ears as she continued to milk his cock. His orgasm started to build up inside him and he moaned and tilted his head back as it felt more intense than usual.

Anna slid the top of her dress down opening her bra in the front again before grabbing Alberts head and pushing it against her chest. He wasn't complaining at first until he and began to suck on her left nipple tickling it with his tongue. Suddenly his tongue felt stuck like her nipple had started pulling on it.

"Anna what the hell!" He said in a muffled voice as he could not release his tongue from her breast. His orgasm grew and grew and he soon exploded in to her everything he had as all his body heat started being pulled out of him flowing in to Anna through his cock and tongue. He yelled out as much as he could as the sensation felt so good but he could feel something was wrong.

Anna absorbed more and more from him as he began to turn blue like Chris did but she wasn't letting up on him. He became colder and colder until he shriveled up and froze solid beneath her as Anna screamed out her own orgasmic pleasure.

As Anna finished up she pulled herself off his frozen corpse and pulled her dress back up over her shoulders. She looked down at Poor Albert who was starting to crack before he broke apart completely leaving nothing but a pile of frozen dust and empty clothes on the floor.

"Sorry Albert!" She said as she picked up the clothes and threw them in the trash barrel before exiting the bathroom.

The creature had finished its alterations to her body making her able to absorb all the warmth it wanted her too without any regard for her victims. Her mind was now under its control as well and she knew what she needed to do to please her symbiotic master.


Anna walked in to her first class still wearing the sexy black dress. She sat right in the front row in front of Professor Williams. Before he started his lecture he looked over at Anna sitting there with her lack of attire.

"Miss Anna, that outfit seems a tad inappropriate for a classroom don't you think? He said.

"Why Mr Williams i thought you liked seeing more of your students?" She said with a smirk as she spread her legs under her desk.

The other students chuckled a little until he said "ok that's enough, Miss Anna I'll see you after class."

Class went on with every time he looked at Anna she would lick her lips or start to run a pencil down between her breast's doing everything she could to get him turned on before the end of class. When the bell finally rang he directed her to his office shutting the door behind them.

"Have a seat Anna!" He said pointing to the chair in front of his desk while he sat down in front of her. "Now I don't know what's gotten in to you but this behavior will not fly in my class. You are a good student and I don't want to see you turn in to another one of these slutty woman who only care about sex."

Anna said nothing at first and Mr Williams waited for her to answer but he suddenly felt her foot under his desk nuzzling in to his crotch.

"Hey now stop that!" He said pushing her foot away.

"Do you really want me to stop?" she said standing up and crawling over his desk and pushing his chair back against the wall.

"What the hell are you doing Anna? You need to stop this right now!" He said as her hands began to rub the obvious bulge in his pants. He tried to get out of his chair and leave but she forced him back down in to his with a strength he wasn't prepared for as she hopped off the desk and started to open up his pants sliding her hand down rubbing his member. He couldn't help but enjoy the attention but he still tried to resist finally getting out of his chair and heading towards the door.

As he reached for the knob he suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder turning him around. He had no idea how she moved that quickly and silently before she grabbed him and threw him down on the floor with a thud. She ripped his underwear in half letting his cock free as it finished stiffening before she climbed on top of it.

Mr Williams cock slid inside her with ease making him moan out at the sensation. "Anna stop this, stop this now!" He said but she just started to bob up and down on his cock making him enjoy the feeling as she did.

He tried to get free but soon knew she was too strong for him. He reached up and tried to push her off but she grabbed both of his wrists breaking them with ease. He cried out in pain as his hands went limp but the pain soon subsided as his body began to tingle all over. He dropped his arms to the floor. A warming filled his body while Anna milked his cock against his will. It didn't take long as his moaning grew louder and louder and he cried out in pleasure as he came letting her absorb his warmth and semen.

Like Albert he shriveled up in to a frozen husk before breaking apart beneath her in to another pile of dust. Anna stood up enjoying her meal before she cleaned up the mess and left the office.


Back at the Hospital Chris awoke confused by where he was. He felt better but looked around for Anna who wasn't there. He tried to get up but still felt a little weak but still forced himself up. A nurse walked in as he tried to leave.

"Excuse me sir you can't leave, you've suffered a severe case of hypothermia and need to rest."

"No i can't stay. I have to find Anna!" He said trying to get passed the nurse.


Back at the school Anna was sitting in the Cafeteria by herself as she enjoyed her meal from Mr Williams when a friend of hers came walking over and sat down across from her.

"Hi there Anna." She said with a smile trying to make small talk.

Anna suddenly realized she was there and replied "oh.... hi."

"Are you ok? You seemed a little out of it and i thought maybe you could use some company." She said taking a bite from an apple. Anna looked her friend up and down. She was an attractive skinny blonde girl she had befriended here at school.

"No it's just, my boyfriend is in the Hospital and i just don't quite seem like myself, but yeah I could use some company if you wan to come hang out in my room?"

"Sure thing, lets go!" She said standing up to throw her trash away as Anna smirked and followed behind her.


After some persuasion Chris was finally released from the hospital. He was walking with a limp as he wasn't fully healed yet but made due. He was a few miles away from campus but had a friend come and pick him up after he could not get a hold of Anna.


Jenny had accompanied Anna back to her room to keep her company. She thought it was a bit odd that she asked but if she was really in a tough place maybe she just really needed a friend. She threw her coat down on the computer chair and sat down while Anna sat in the bed.

"So.... what's wrong with Chris?" She asked trying to make small talk.


"Really? How the hell that happen?"

Anna started thinking about Chris and what she had done to him, she also started thinking about Albert and Mr Williams. She then started thinking about Jenny and what she wanted to do to her. She suddenly didn't care about what she had done anymore and began to look Jenny up and down checking her out. "So Jenny, why don't you have a boyfriend?" She asked.

"I dunno, I've dated a few guys but they've all just tried to get in my panties, I was actually thinking about trying girls out!" Jenny replied.

"Really?" Anna said standing up and walking towards her. "Maybe I can help you with that!" She said taking her hand in hers and leading her to the bed before sitting back down.

"Woah wait, you're in a vulnerable place right now so I don't want to take advantage of you!" She said protesting.

"You aren't! Besides its college, this is the time for experimenting." Anna said crossing her legs while and placing her hand on Jenny's thigh.

"But um..... what about Chris?"

"What about him? If he was here Id ask him to join in!" She said leaning in and Giving Jenny a soft kiss on the lips.

Jenny wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not but she was starting to get turned on. "This is crazy!" She said as Anna started kissing her neck and sliding her hands under her shirt. It didn't take long for Jenny to start to get in to it kissing her back as Anna pushed her down on the mattress gently before pulling her clothes off.

She slid Jenny's shirt over her head followed by her bra licking both of her nipples and working her way lower removing her pants and underwear. She ran her fingers over Jenny's slit between her legs making her moan and squirm in the bed before she lowered her face down and start teasing with her tongue.


Outside Chris had finally made it back to campus thanking his friend for picking him up as he limped his way in to the dorm and up to Anna's room.


Jenny was moaning as she laid there naked

On Anna's bed. Anna stuck her tongue deep in to her pussy making her moan out even louder as she felt an immense pleasure.

"Oh FUCK!" Jenny said as Anna's tongue went deeper and deeper inside her, deeper than she thought possible rubbing every pleasure point inside her as she cried out. Anna forced her tongue even deeper as the creature altered her DNA making it possible to do so. She would place her lips against her pussy giving it a quick suck every now and then as Jenny squirmed almost uncontrollably as her body started to tingle and the pleasure became intense.

"Oh shit! OH SHIT! I'm cumming, I'm........CUMMING!!!" Jenny screamed out as her pussy spazmed around Anna's tongue and begin transferring all of her body heat in to Anna's mouth while she was there sucking everything out of her. Anna didn't care about the cold or what was happening to her, all that mattered was the insane orgasm she was having right now making her buck her hips up and down while she grabbed the blanket below her and screaming as she felt this amazing pleasure at the cost of her own life.

The door opened and Chris walked in only to see Anna with her mouth planted on some Jenny's pussy while she yelled out in ecstasy before her body turned blue and hardened. Followed by breaking apart in to dust on her bed.

Chris stood there in shock at what he saw. Anna was still on her knees against the bed with her head against the mattress. She looked over at Chris with tears in her eyes before saying "Help me!"

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