tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Patrol: Crash Land

Alien Patrol: Crash Land


The crash site was found and the first to respond was Misty and her partner Lisa. They stepped out of their black Suburban and looked at the metal debris. Misty radioed the station and got a response team in. Lisa looked around for the pilot of the thing. It had been unidentified by the airport and NASA had spotted it as it fell into Earth's atmosphere. So they were going to treat it as a UFO.

They separated and searched for other remains. Misty walked to the tree line and looked around at some other pieces. She walked into the tall weeds and made sure not to step on any parts. She came to a burned area and found a cargo box. She looked back at Lisa who was looking around the site. Misty went to the small box and pulled out her light. She used the mag light to move the box. She was curious and wanted to look into the cargo box.

She flipped it up right and noticed it was cracked. Misty looked inside at a green plant. She knelt down to open the box. She sat on her knees and opened the top. She looked at the odd looking plant and went to reach for it. It moved and startled the sexy red haired woman. She pulled her hand back, but it shot small tendrils out and enwrapped her up to her elbow. Misty's eyes widened as the tendrils shot out for her other arm and got it. She fought the plant as it sprouted into the ground and rooted in dirt. She realized she had made a bad choice; curiosity had gotten the best of her.

Misty struggled as more tendrils shot out and hooked her tight, button up blouse and tugged on it. She looked down as the back ripped and her blouse was removed showing her pink bra and nice D cup cleavage. She looked at the site for Lisa and didn't see her. She yelled but she wasn't heard. The plant had a mission and was going to finish it.

Misty felt her skin tight, black slacks tug and she looked as they were peeled off her showing her pink little thong. The plant was stripping the sexy government agent! She watched as they tore her bra off and then her thong! She was now nude except for her high heels! She looked as the plant sprouted three larger tendrils and they formed a head at the tips. She knew what was next as they worked their way to her naked body. She cried for Lisa as one shut her up and forced her to suck it.

The tendrils enwrapped her ankles and pulled her to her back. The one in her mouth held her head down and made her gag on its depth. She felt her legs get pulled wide open showing her red haired beaver. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she watched the largest one of the three heading towards her well groomed bush. She tried to wiggle but the tendrils tightened around her ankles and wrists. She felt the head prodding her tight pussy.

She closed her eyes as it shoved deep into her body. She wanted to scream but couldn't as it orally fucked her. Misty was getting her tight little pussy stretched farther than it ever had as the plant fucked her hard and deep. She looked around as the tears kept flowing. She felt the third one as it forced up her tight ass and began to do her ass deep!

Misty was the plants and she stopped fighting as the plant had its way with her skinny body. The tendrils enwrapped her nice tits and began to squeeze and pull on her hard nipples. It began to turn her on and then it happened, her body betrayed her mind. Misty moaned as her cum dripped out around the tentacle that was deep inside her. She never felt so used and ashamed as she felt the one in her mouth squirt its sour juice down her throat. Misty swallowed the cum shots and felt the one in her ass start filling it up. She looked around and realized the large one was next!

It happened as she struggled once again. It exploded inside her body and began to pump it's cum into her fertile body. Misty felt the rush of all of them and fainted as they finished with her. She was released and left nude and cum covered. The plant had its roots inside her now and it sat awaiting her partner Lisa.

Lisa was walking up the hill back to the wreck and realized Misty was not around. She tried her cell but no answer. She picked up her pace and got to the wreck. She looked around and waited for Misty to move.

"MISTY!" She yelled. "WHERE ARE YOU?" No answer from the red head.

Lisa walked to the edge of the wooded area and looked inside. The plant saw its next sexy victim and quickly used its roots to pull Misty's naked body towards the tall weeds. It waited for the young Lisa to walk up upon it.

Her shirt clung to her big double D cups and her skirt clung to her nice, round ass. Her knee high boots set off the outfit as did her black frame glasses. She had long brown hair and was the best alien wreck agent NASA had. She began to walk through the tall weeds and saw the open cargo box. She looked around and pulled out her pistol. Then she spotted all of Misty's torn clothing. She looked at the bra and thong and realized she had been gotten by something.

Lisa walked slowly scanning the area. She crept along as she followed the ripped clothes and came to the spot where the plant had fucked her. Lisa looked around and noticed drag marks, she followed them to the tall weeds. Her mouth dropped when she saw her nude partner. Lisa knew something had gotten Misty and had its way with her. She turned around and noticed the lone plant and it looked so out of place.

She walked over to it and looked down at it. It had grown to about a foot high and about a foot and a half round. Tendrils were exposed all around the plant and she noticed they twitched every now and then. Lisa realized the plant was an alien species and decided it was best to head to the truck. Lisa started to back away when it sensed her worry and moved.

It shot out the small tendrils and they wrapped around her nice legs, all the way up her skirt. She shot at them as they wrapped her wrist up and wrestled the gun away from her. She fought as they had her other arm and then it pulled her legs out from under her. Lisa fell to her back hard as there were more that shot out and removed her top and black bra. Her big tits were out as they enwrapped them and began to squeeze and tug her hard nipples. She fought the urges they sent through her sexy body.

A few worked up her open legs and ripped her black thong off her skinny waist. Her nicely shaved bush was revealed. The small tendrils decided to tease her pussy by wrapping her clit and tugging on it little by little. Lisa's body twitched as the clit sent the sensations through it. She was getting turned on fast. The others began to rub her now wet lips as she looked down at the plant. She saw her gun, but they had her pulled tight.

She then heard the slurping sound as the top opened up and she looked. The three large tentacle dicks appeared. Her eyes widened as they came at her topless and thongless body. The one forced its way down her throat as she screamed for help. Then the large one waited as the second worked up her skirt and shoved deep into her tight ass and began to fuck her tight little asshole. Lisa struggled as it violated her ass deep and rough. She saw the third one move towards her open legs.

She struggled but lost as it began to poke her wet beaver. Lisa tried everything she could but it slammed inside her hard and deep. Her back arched as it began to fuck her hot body. She had tears running down her face as it fucked her hard and rough. It was banging her harder than it got her partner.

Lisa's pussy tightened as the tendril kept tugging on her clit. She couldn't hold it back anymore as they all rammed into her holes. Then her cum began to flow as her orgasm hit. She let out muffled screams as she let herself loose. They took advantage and all began to keep her pussy dripping with cum. She had never had this happen to her as her body overloaded with the pleasure that the plant was providing.

Lisa was getting it rougher than ever and the tentacles loved tight holes. They slowly kept growing stretching her pussy and ass. She kept going as they did this. She felt the one in her mouth began to seep something sour and nasty. Her eyes widened as it fully let loose and she had to swallow cum shot after cum shot. Lisa then felt the one in her firm little ass begin to fill it up. She wiggled as it did so.

They stopped and she felt the one inside her pride and joy release its seed. Her eyes shot open as the rush of the plants cum flooded her insides. The plant needed to release all of its juice and it had been over loaded for a while. So it made Lisa it's release and carrier. She felt it pumping its cum into her skinny body.

After a few minutes she realized it felt like it was never going to stop. She felt something and looked as her belly began to grow, it had pumped a lot into thus far. It continued to fill her up and stretch her belly till she looked almost eight months along. Lisa cried as her figure got destroyed by the plants cum. Lisa felt it finally stop and it pulled out as did the other two. She was released by all the tendrils.

Lisa was still awake, but worn out beyond belief. She sat up holding her big belly. She pushed and it let a gush out of her pussy. She needed to get to the lab for draining. She had never had or seen about this, she had heard about it a few times though. She heard her rescue and smiled. Lisa stood up and then the cum poured out of her and she fell to her knees as her belly shrunk. She fainted and fell face first into the cum puddle.

They were taken to the la and checked out. Both sexy agents were back to work a few days later. It was just another file for the Alien Patrol.

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