tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Slave Ch. 01

Alien Slave Ch. 01


My name is Steven, I'm a black male in my early 20's, I'm a pretty tall guy, a little chubby but I'm not huge. I live on my own and don't have many friends. I don't have much luck with the opposite sex either. Most days I just got for walks or chill in my apartment playing video games. Always hoping something new will happen or something interesting.

It was a warm summer day and I didn't have much to do, so I decided to go for a walk in the woods behind my house. Once I get deep into the woods I notice something shinning on the ground. I kneel down and pick it up, it's a silver ring with some weird symbols engraved in it. Once I get home I take the ring out of my pocket and start to check it out. It was like nothing I had never seen before in my life. After examining it for a while, I sit it on the dresser in my bedroom and go on about my day.

That night I lay down for bed and go to sleep like normal, only to be woken up four hours later by a bright light coming through my window. The light is blinding but I can tell there is someone in my room now because I can see their silhouette. I shield my eyes with my arms and ask who is there, as soon as I speak the light vanishes quickly. I sit up in bed when I notice a beautiful blue woman with long silver hair, in a short green dress and a necklace that has the same symbols as the ring I found standing at my window. Besides the blue skin and lite blue lips she looks like a regular person. No weird antenna or anything, just very large breast and thick hips and thighs. At first I'm a little shocked and almost scared at what or who this might be. I thought it might be a joke a friend or neighbor was trying to pull. So I call out a few people's names, but I don't get a response. I slowly get up and make my way to the beautiful alien woman.

"So who are you?" I ask in the hopes for an answer.

She turns her head and slowly lifts her left arm to my head. She lightly touches my forehead and it's like she links with me mentally.

I can hear a sweat yet exotic voice say "Steven I am Neera, a Nasarian sex slave from planet Nasaria prime. We are an all-female race that is born to serve. We live off of what your people call cum. We don't really have a need for it until we reach adult hood. Once we reach adult hood we must have it to survive. So each woman from my planet sends a ring that is linked to the necklace that we wear to a different planet to find a life form to be our masters. Our ultimate goal is to find a master that will let us serve him in any and every way in return for cum."

"So I am to be your master and you will survive off of my cum? What if I don't produce enough?" I respond with a puzzled look on my face.

"Yes, we are raised to serve one man and one man alone. We are to do whatever he wishes whenever he wishes. All I need in return is your cum, and you have nothing to worry about the ring makes you produce five times your normal amount. When you are ready to take me as your slave please place the ring on your finger and I will be yours for as long as you will have me." She says as she drops her arm back to her side.

Instantly I start to smile and grin as I turn my head to my dresser. I grab the ring quickly and put it on. I watch as the ring glows bright and shrinks to fit my finger perfectly. Neera looks at me and reaches in her cleavage and pulls out a little black box. She sits it in the corner of the room and steps back as it starts to grow into a large chest.

She then turns back to me and says "Master this chest holds anything and everything you would want to use on me."

I keep smiling as I open the chest and see that everything I can possibly think of happens to be in this chest.

"Well Neera I want you to get on your knees and suck masters cock." I say as I turn towards her.

Neera nods as she drops to her knees and pulls her tits out. She pulls my shorts down and is shocked to see that my cock is bigger than she expected. She starts to slide it in and out of her mouth, slow at first then speeding up ever so slightly. She lets the spit run down my cock, I can feel it dripping off my balls and onto my shorts. I moan in pleasure as she deep throats all 11 inches of my black cock. It feels so good to have someone sucking me off. The longer she goes the faster she gets. She lifts her huge tits up and starts to stroke my cock with her fat tits. Her light blue nipples glisten from spit in the moon light coming in from my window. She sucks the tip of my cock as it slides between her large breast. I start to moan louder as she speeds up. She sucks faster and faster till I cum in her mouth and down her throat. She keeps my cock in her mouth as she swallows every last drop of my cum.

"Good girl." I say as I help her off the floor and bend her over the bed.

I pull her short skirt up only to realize she isn't wearing any panties and her alien pussy is dripping wet. Her blue clit is swollen and pulsating as her pussy juices flow down her beautiful thick thighs. I get down on my knees and lick her sweet pussy till she is begging for my cock. I don't stop licking her pussy, no matter how much she begs. She lets out a moan as I start to lick her pussy and suck on her clit faster. The more I suck on her clit the louder she moans.

"Neera stay just like this master is going to get a ball gag for you." I say as I get up to grab a ball gag.

I make my way over to the chest and open it up. Right at the top of the chest is a pink ball gag. I grab the gag, place it in my slave's mouth and fasten it tight so she can't spit it out. I then go back to licking her sweet, juicy pussy. I can tell she loves it because I can her groaning and moaning through the gag.

I stand up and say "I don't want you to cum until I give you permission, understood?"

She mumbles yes master as I slide my cock deep in her pussy. She is as tight as a virgin and I almost cum just from sliding all of my cock in her. She throws her head back and moans as I fill her pussy good. I start to fuck her slow and deep so she can adjust to my size as she gets use to it I speed up and get harder. She starts to moan more and squirm with every pump of my cock. I grab her love handles and start to fuck her harder and faster. I can feel my balls slapping her swollen blue clit. I pull my cock out, lean down and lick her pussy yet again. She shivers as my tongue runs all over her pussy. I go to the chest and pull out a small vibrator.

"Let's make this a little more fun Neera." I say as I put the vibrator on her clit. "Hold this on your clit while master fucks you."

She takes the vibrator and holds it on her clit. She moans loud and drool starts to pour from her mouth as the vibrator buzzes on her clit. I slide my cock in deep and start to fuck her faster. Her whole pussy is starting to get swollen from all of this and I love every second of it. I keep fucking her fast and hard for a good thirty minutes. I lean forward grab a hand full of her hair and pull back hard as I tell her she can cum. She lets out a sigh as her pussy releases and she loses control of her whole body. She squirts and soaks my cock and balls as well as the floor. As I feel her warm cum run down my balls I start to cum as well. Filling her pussy with my second load. I pull out and watch my cum drip out of her little blue pussy. I sit her on the edge of the bed and take out the ball gag.

As I strip her naked and lay down with her I say "I'm so glad I found that ring."

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