Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 04


Alicia, who'd suddenly been so wrapped up in her own fantasy and a growing pleasure in her loins that she didn't hear the soft clicking of claws as something moved toward her. She stopped rubbing her wet pussy and slowly opened her eyes.

She nearly jumped out of her skin as the Praetorian xenomorph was now standing so close to her that his shiny black dome head was only inches away from her face. She was initially fearful, thinking that perhaps the xenomorph now intended to attack her like before, though she deduced that it seemed unlikely since he didn't seem to be in a hostile pose; his teeth and inner jaws were not poised to strike nor was his tail.

Within that next instant, what truly caught her off guard and stunned her was what she then noticed between the xenomorph's legs. There, practically staring right back at her viciously, was a long, throbbing penis, dripping clear precum as it twitched with excitement. Like the rest of the xenomorph, it was midnight black and shiny and with a perfectly smooth texture, almost like that of the surface of the xenomorph's dome head. While it wasn't extraordinarily thick, it was certainly long by a considerable margin and it certainly looked lively and throbbing like that of a sexual organ belonging any other humanoid male.

Alicia was speechless with shock as it suddenly sank in that her earlier assumption of xenomorphs not possessing a means of sexual arousal now appeared to be false. She gulped as it occurred to her that she'd stupidly gotten herself deep into even more trouble through her supposed "plan" to be intentionally taken prisoner. Now, she found herself not only surrounded by four deadly xenomorphs, but four horny xenomorphs who were staring at the only viable female with a perfectly good pussy in sight.

The Praetorian hissed, standing over her, eyeing her athletic and toned body up and down. Alicia's breath caught in her throat and she regained control of herself enough to close her legs and break eye (or eyeless) contact with the xenomorph.

"Look erm...sorry for leading you on and everything, pal, but..." Alicia began, taking the opportunity to try to squirm away out from beneath him.

Big mistake on her part.

The Praetorian immediately hissed aggressively, seizing a hold of her shoulders in a firm grip with his bony hands while he snapped his inner jaws at her. She averted her gaze, squealing as she believed for a second that her life had just been ended. When she realized that she wasn't dead, she turned back to the xenomorph and squinted through one eye. The xenomorph's inner mouth was merely a hair's length away from her right temple. She'd been lucky; another inch and that durable inner mouth would have penetrated her skull and splattered her brains all over the wall.

She shivered under his grasp as super-hot saliva dripped from the xenomorph's mouth and onto her bare skin and exposed breasts. His claws were out, lightly poking into her skin but not enough to cause injury or wound but rather to make her aware that they were there in the event that she tried to squirm out of his grasp again. When it looked as if she wasn't going to make for an escape again, the Praetorian retracted his inner mouth back into his jaws and again stared at her. Then, the Praetorian turned its head and made a hissing and clicking noise to his surrounding cohorts. They approached the human female, surrounding her from all sides along with their leader.

Alicia sighed, being thankful for still having life as she was given renewed hope that she might live to still rescue Taylor. As she stared at the four deadly male creatures surrounding her, all sporting long, virile erections, she realized that she couldn't escape at this point, especially after the performance that she'd just put on for them. And seeing as how they weren't going to tolerate her cockteasing for much longer and would likely put those long, thick alien erections to good use very soon, she accepted that she would just have to endure whatever they planned on doing to her. Though this wasn't exactly what she had in mind originally, she decided that she should stay the course and then maybe, just maybe, her plan would still work later on and these xenomorphs would take her to where they were holding Taylor.

Alicia watched as the Praetorian made another communication to his subordinates. They hissed in response and stepped up to Alicia. She flinched slightly, but a light prick from the Praetorian's claws on her shoulders put those flinches to an instant end. The three other xenomorphs took a firm yet liberal hold of her arms, clearly to restrain her for whatever their leader intended to do but also giving their human female captive some wiggle room for comfort's sake.

When the order was carried out, the Praetorian looked back into Alicia's face, seeming to almost grin with malicious intent. Alicia gulped from the expression and watched with some fear and curiosity as the Praetorian lowered itself down her body, bringing its head between her legs. His black bony hands gently glided up her silky smooth legs and up to her thighs in what was almost a tickling motion. Alicia, perplexed at this behavior, resisted the urge to sigh at the sensation it caused.

The Praetorian gently spread her legs apart, opening her up to him and whatever he intended. Alicia bit her lip even as the other three still watched her, reading her facial expressions with wide grins upon their fiendish maws of teeth.

"Wait-, c- can we talk about this a bit? I'm not really a first date kinda girl," Alicia babbled. She was still struggling slightly, but a more firm grip from the xenomorphs sitting at her left and right put those to a halt as well.

If the Praetorian could somehow understand her, he certainly didn't seem to care due to what he was currently staring at. From his position, he was given a close-up view of Alicia's beautiful pink orifice. Her pussy lips were wet with a slight glaze from Alicia's early self-stimulations and were slightly more pronounced and swollen. The alien male hissed with delight and his long cock throbbed from gazing at Alicia's aroused yet tender reproductive hole.

With the instinctive urge flowing through him and Alicia's pheromones still very much present, the Praetorian inched his head closer to her tight pussy. His hands smoothed her legs out, running sensually up and down their lithe lengths as he spread her completely open to him. He then opened his mouth, dripping strands of saliva onto to her thighs, as his smaller inner mouth slowly approached her pussy like a worm about to borrow into a hole.

Alicia watched the xenomorph's inner jaws slowly approach her deepest of places with wide eyes. She was compelled by some manner of her dignity to resist again, but another part of her was curious as to what was about to happen. She also couldn't put her finger on why she felt even more of a warm, dizzy sensation running through her loins near where the xenomorph had dripped a liberal amount of hot saliva near her pussy and over her thighs and pelvis. She should have been more appalled at the fact that was opened up and probably soon to be fucked by these terrifying monsters, but she actually wasn't dreading the prospect as much as she normally would.

She was so busy trying to reconcile this bizarre array of feelings that she was caught completely unaware as the Praetorian xenomorph's inner mouth completely extended out from his jaws and gently delved right past her silky, wet pussy lips with a slight squelch.

"Oh fuck," Alicia moaned, bucking her pelvis upward instinctively toward the xenomorph as his inner mouth penetrated her pussy.

The Praetorian took an instant liking to the taste of Alicia's feminine juices as he ravenously began to drink them in. He burrowed his inner mouth deeply into her wet snatch while his bony black hands stroked her thighs. He had little care for anything else in that moment as he gurgled and hissed as his inner mouth, like a cock, began to piston in and out, filling her pink orifice with warm strands of saliva as he drank in her juices and savored the sweet aroma of her pheromones.

Alicia was dazzled by the sublime feeling, so much so that she instantly forgot that she was technically a captive in this situation. What the xenomorph was doing with his inner mouth was working constant pleasure upon her pussy and gave her an oral sex experience that she couldn't possibly sample with any non-xenomorph male. The xenomorph's mouth was driving in and out of her and giving her the feeling of being fucked by a cock, but also with the added pleasure of filling her sweet pussy with warm saliva that both provided lubrication for his mouth to enter and exit her pussy easily, but also provide a tingling pleasure to her loins. She swayed and bucked her pelvis up toward the xenomorph's mouth uninhibitedly now, giving in to the magic that he was bestowing upon her.

While the Praetorian xenomorph continued to fuck her pussy gently with his inner mouth, drinking in her juices while adding his own warm, numbing lubrication to her honey hole, the other xenomorphs took it upon themselves to join in as well. Alicia was chewing on her lip, moaning and panting softly, not even realizing that the two xenomorphs to her left and right were lowering their heads down toward her.

The xenomorphs' eyeless heads stared intently at the human female's nubile, sweat-glistened body. More specifically, they were captivated by two objects in particular: her breasts. Though the Praetorian xenomorph was currently occupied with the most desirable of female body parts, these two xenomorphs were feasting their gazes on the next best thing. They hissed softly at the pleasing sight, captivated by these two beautiful mammaries that the females of their own species did not possess.

Alicia's pert, pink nipples were hard as erasers under the constant pleasure being bestowed upon her by the Praetorian's vigorous mouth on her pussy. Like two bull's-eyes, the erect nipples stood out upon the two soft yet firm mounds of supple flesh. Though the two watchful xenomorphs could not understand or speculate as to the purpose of these two intriguing physical features of human femininity, they had an unnatural, animalistic desire to touch and feel them for themselves nonetheless. Acting in unison, the two xenomorphs reached their nimble fingers out and nonchalantly gave a squeeze to each of her firm breasts.

Alicia's eyes burst open amid the slurping and smacking noises still being emitted by the Praetorian washing her pussy in carnal oral love, driving his mouth in and out of her void. She glanced at the two xenomorphs hovering over her on her left and right as they had taken it upon themselves to give gentle squeezes to her breasts. Somehow, despite their inexperience with this particular part of human anatomy, they seemed keen enough in their experimentation not to squeeze too hard and cause her discomfort.

With their curiosity over the breasts themselves sated, the xenomorphs became equally entranced by her rapidly-hardening nipples. The pink little fruits were begging for their attention and they were happy to oblige. Again together, the two xenomorphs reached their fingers down and ever so gently took the hard nubs between two fingertips each, squeezing them lightly.

Alicia arched her back from the pleasure and brief twinge of exquisite pain that radiated in her sensitive nipples from the xenomorphs' stimulations. She was amazed that these alien creatures, whom she'd been hell bent on killing less than an hour before, were facilitating pleasure from her body so easily. The two xenomorphs tweaking her nipples were equally pleased by her reactions and continued their stimulations, delighting in the noises that the human female made while they and their leader worked her breasts and pussy.

The fourth xenomorph – the only one in the group without female goodies to finger or stroke – merely sat near Alicia's head. He idly ran his black fingers through Alicia's blond hair while watching the other three pleasure her with their physical experimentations. While running his fingers through the silky blond locks, he inadvertently pulled the knot of her pony tail loose, allowing her hair to flow freely over her shoulders and toward her bunched-up tank top.

Meanwhile the Praetorian xenomorph, while continuing his oral assault upon Alicia's pussy and enjoying her spasms and moans, made another discovery. Though he hadn't seen it before, he was now fully aware of a pink little nub located at the apex of her pink pussy and between her silky folds. Her pronounced clit was peeking out and beckoning to be nursed on by his eager alien mouth.

Simultaneously, the two xenomorphs working her breasts upped their efforts by lowering their heads down toward the erect nipples. They opened their mouths in unison, allowing trickles of warm saliva to trickle out and bath her breasts and skin as their inner mouth unsheathed themselves from their jaws and reached out to take little nibbles of the nubs. Ironically, the two male creatures had no instinctual knowledge of the fact that these two breasts were to be used for the sole purpose of being suckled upon by young for milk and they were merely doing so out of their own animal-like curiosity and desire to explore female human sexuality in great length.

All of this culminated in three vigorous xenomorph mouths simultaneously lowering down and giving soft nibbles onto the three pleasure nubs on her body at the same time. Alicia's shriek pierced the cavern and her body spasmed as she immediately had an orgasm. Having three xenomorph mouths giving precise, delicate bites upon her stiff nipples and sensitive clit was more than she could handle, especially after having to endure many minutes of vigorous pussyeating prior.

She clenched at the ground as her sweet pussy layered the Praetorian's mouth with juices, which he drank down with fervor. Throughout her intense orgasm, the three xenomorphs continued to work in conjunction to facilitate as much pleasure from her body by pinching and nibbling her nipples while the Praetorian nursed her clit, bathing it in abundant saliva and giving it just the right amount of tender stimulation with the little teeth of his inner mouth.

Alicia came down after cumming so hard, sighing as she laid her head back down and closed her eyes. A soft smile crept across her lips as she momentarily forgot where she was or why she was even there and all thoughts of her plan melded away briefly. Shortly thereafter, she faintly felt the three xenomorphs finally retract their mouths and fingers from her tender, spent body.

After a few moments of bathing in the sweet afterglow of such a hard orgasm, she opened her eyes as she felt some warm fluid pooling up near her waist and felt a slight trickle onto her bellybutton as well. She was shaken back to her current situation as she was faced with an array of throbbing pitch-black alien cocks surrounding her from all sides, drooling clear precum fluid from their heads.

The xenomorphs at her left and right nudged their thick mushroom-capped pricks at her breasts, drizzling precum glaze upon her erect nipples. Though she couldn't see the other xenomorph positioned behind her, she could almost detect the hard cock of the fourth xenomorph from out of her peripheral vision as she felt some precum drizzle into her blond hair from behind. She heard the slurpy noises that were emitted as that xenomorph was clearly stroking at its cock while hissing.

Finally, the Praetorian xenomorph, having the longest and thickest cock of the bunch, had Alicia's smooth legs still spread apart as he stroked that large prick right near her sopping wet pussy, drizzling his own precum treat onto her pelvis in thick dollops. He cocked his dome head at her and gave a hiss and what appeared to be a wide grin across his array of teeth at her, signaling his impending devious actions.

Alicia knew what was coming next the moment she felt the thick, bulbous black head nudging gently against her pussy lips, trickling more warm fluid and lubrication into her hole in the process. Seeing now that this hard pounding was an inevitable occurrence that was bound to happen given what she'd already engaged in thus far, she sighed in resignation, allowing the Praetorian to gently spread her legs apart and position his bony body between her heavenly thighs with his cock just one thrust away from silky, tight paradise.

Alicia's body tightened up instinctively and she let out a soft moan the moment she felt the xenomorph's long cock begin its exquisite penetration into her tight pink pussy while he gently held her hips in place. Surprisingly, the Praetorian xenomorph did not begin slamming away, rutting into her like an animal like she thought he would. Instead, he was taking his time, slowly sinking inch by delicate inch of his black xenomorph expanse into her pussy whilst allowing his abundant flow of hot precum to fill her channel, allowing him to slide in for that next push. Whatever his reason for doing so, Alicia was immediately thankful that the xenomorph was showing her this mercy and unusual gentleness.

Alicia and the other three xenomorphs watched with intrigue as the Praetorian fed over half of his cock's length into Alicia's pussy. She gasped, feeling the length filling her tight core as her walls clenched around the hard, warm alien fuckstick pulsing inside of her. The precum that was seeping into her pussy toward her cervix was setting her loins on fire, making her entire body feel warm and giving it an unnatural craving for the carnal mating that was about to unfold. Whatever the clear-minded Corporal would have thought under normal circumstances was irrelevant in that moment; she needed a hard fucking, regardless of whether or not it was a xenomorph giving it to her.

Sensing this need and being more than happy to oblige it, the Praetorian xenomorph hissed and drew his cock out before slamming it right back in as his bony hips smacked against her smooth, fleshy ones. Alicia cried out in pleasure and a slight bit of pain as the xenomorph now began to slide in and out of her soaking wet, hot pussy. With gentleness aside now that she had initially accommodated his length, the xenomorph now began to pummel her, working her pussy with his long cock and mating her with the pace of an animal. The xenomorph shrieked and hissed as he fucked the human female hard, slapping his spiny tail against the ground behind him with every deep thrust and retreat as he glided in and out of the tight, dreamy hole before him.

As Alicia's body was jolted back and forth from the rapid fucking that the Praetorian was blissing her with, she became aware of a black mass suddenly hovering over her. She realized that the xenomorph behind her had grown tired of waiting to put his own needs to use and now sought to join in. A long, pulsing black cock was hovering right in front of her face as the xenomorph straddled it. The member trickled out a little stream of precum onto her neck and bunched-up tank top as the bulbous head was merely an inch away from her gasping mouth.

She realized that the xenomorph above her seemed to be waiting for something, as if asking for her permission to receive the blowjob that he so craved from her. Any early hesitations were long gone at this point, and, after the pleasure that these xenomorphs had given her, she was certainly satisfied with returning pleasures to them. Alicia smiled up at the alien male and opened her mouth, displaying her tongue like a landing platform for his shaft to glide onto.

Taking that as invitation enough, the xenomorph entangled his fingers smoothly into her blond hair and gently pushed his hips forward, sliding his long black cock into her mouth. He hissed in pleasure as he felt the human female's hot tongue coil around his hard rod, lapping at the cockhead and running in a smooth path along the underside of his shaft. Immediately, the xenomorph was ecstatic at the sensation as he began to rock his hips, sliding his cock in and out of the human female's salivating mouth, though not enough to cut off her air supply by forcing it into her throat just yet.

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