Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 04


Alicia gurgled and made lewd slurping noises as she was fucked from both ends. The Praetorian's heavy thrusting into her slippery tight pussy was still sending tingles of pleasure through her loins and rocking her body up and down while the other xenomorph was giving gentle thrusts into her mouth. She breathed through her nose and worked her tongue along as much as of the long black xenomorph rod that he offered her, coiling around the sensitive head and licking up the surprisingly sweet precum there before taking the rest of the shaft into her hot mouth as well.

Meanwhile the other two xenomorphs now took it upon themselves to make use of as much of Alicia's body as they could possibly get to in order to stimulate themselves. One of the xenomorphs straddled her chest just below where his cohort was fucking Alicia's mouth sloppily. He reached down toward her crumpled tank top – an article of clothing already caked and stained with precum – and gave a quick tug with his claws, shredding it from her body and tossing it aside. Alicia was two occupied with the two cocks slurping in and out of her two holes for her to notice.

The xenomorph straddling her chest jerked his pulsing black shaft a few times, glancing down with its eyeless head at the captivated sight of his cock positioned just above the valley between her breasts. Whether instinct or conscious choice, the xenomorph saw a golden opportunity to put those two delightful orbs to ample use. He lowered his cock down between the two firm breasts, coating that tight little crevice between them with a trickle of precum, before he squeezed both of them together tightly around his cock. He hissed in pure delight at the cushiony, pleasurable sensation and immediately began to saw his alien cock in and out between the human's gorgeous breasts.

Finally, the fourth xenomorph, not having anywhere to put his cock as of yet, merely took it upon himself to rock his hips gently against the side of her breasts, being content for the time being to merely have her warm, silky smooth body rubbing up against his precum-slickened erection. While the Praetorian was clearly enjoying himself the most by having Alicia's incredibly tight yet wet pussy milking his cock as he pumped in and out, the others were content to let their leader finish while they engaged in their own activities. They knew full well that they would all have their chance to mate the human female's body in various different ways soon enough.

Alicia by now had no inhibitions left as her body was fucked senseless in multiple ways at once. Her body at this point was merely a tool to be used by the xenomorphs to pleasure themselves while she was merely along for the ride. And what an enjoyable ride it was for her...

The xenomorph at her mouth was gently stroking her cheeks, allowing about half of his long prick to slide in and out of her mouth. By now, he began to push his shaft superficially into her throat but would retreat when she started to gag around it. Nonetheless, the feeling of her tongue washing over his sensitive thick head and suckling upon the first few inches of his hard cock was driving him into overload with pleasure.

The xenomorph straddled over her chest was equally enjoying the feeling of her tight, spongy breasts hugging his maleness tightly as he slid himself in and out between them. Whatever purpose those curious breasts had for human biology was irrelevant to the xenomorph; he found this activity to be use enough for those delightful breasts as far as he was concerned. As he pushed himself in and out, the thick head of his cock nudged Alicia's chin, getting it wet with ever-flowing precum where, just above that, the other xenomorph was busy getting sucked off by the not-so-reluctant female marine currently.

The third xenomorph continued to thrust his cock against Alicia's waist and breast while he reached down to pinch her nipples one after the other, feeling a shudder run through her sweaty body every time he did. He was otherwise content with the friction of her body rubbing against his as his cock spewed precum onto her belly where it all pooled up in her bellybutton. Though, he was instinctively getting anxious to slide his cock into one of the wonderful orifices that the human had to offer.

And of course, the Praetorian xenomorph was hissing, panting and clawing at the ground in pleasure as he fucked his thick pole in and out of her pink cunt. Alicia's legs had long since wrapped themselves around the xenomorph's back and tail in a tight, squeezing hug, though the Praetorian paid little mind to it as the silky walls of Alicia's pussy milking his cock was the only sensation he was concerned about in that moment.

The Praetorian found himself approaching orgasm rapidly and he began to increase his pace, fucking her harder and harder. Amid all the other noises in the room, the ones that were most punctuating were the slaps of his hips and the slurps of his soaked cock as he drove himself home, sliding his cock in up to her cervix before pulling out again for the next thrust. By this time, Alicia's pelvis and thighs were red and nearly raw from the rough pounding that he'd given her, but even then he would not relent. He was hell bent by instinct to reach his climax and fill up this sultry female with his entire payload of hot, milky xenomorph cum.

The Praetorian couldn't take the sensation of having Alicia's constricting, tight, silky walls rippling and milking along his shaft any more. The cum boiled up in his pulsing, midnight black balls in imminent preparation to be released.

All heads, including Alicia's dazed one, turned to the Praetorian as he punctuated his sudden climax with a loud shriek. Alicia's eyes became like saucers as the Praetorian launched himself as deep into her moist cavern as he could possibly burrow his alien cock and held himself there. She looked down past her spread thighs and actually saw the part of his cock still outside her pussy pulsing as the cum was undoubtedly rushing up his shaft to be deposited inside her womb.

She groaned and her body shook the moment she felt the first amazingly hot rope of frothy xenomorph cum coat the inside of her pussy. The xenomorph's cock, pressing up against the entrance to her baby chamber, twitched and pulsed like a lightning rod as an unnatural amount of semen gushed and spurted deep into the human female's depths. As stream after stream of his hot load spurted deep into her pussy, coating her womb in white batter, he began to thrust and pump his hips again, instinctively trying to ensure that his entire load painted the deepest parts of her pussy and filled her womb to the brim.

Alicia groaned and jerked her pelvis upward in pleasure and disbelief as she felt an unnatural warmth fill the deepest part of her. Her loins felt like they were on fire and her belly felt full like the feeling of having eaten a hot meal as she was pumped full of scalding xenomorph seed. Amid her breathtaking and inhumanly long insemination, she wondered briefly if there was any chance whatsoever that this would lead to a xenomorph hatchling growing inside her like the embryo of a facehugger. She hoped that the thick strands of the white hot batter filling her pussy were merely impotent and incapable of impregnating her due to the need for facehuggers to reproduce.

Before she could contemplate anymore, the Praetorian let out a long hiss of pure satisfaction as his climax came to an end. He collapsed atop her, resting his large black dome head atop her pelvis and belly, where, only just a few centimeters below, he'd filled her womb with a considerable amount of hot, milky seed. His cock was still nestled comfortably within her cum-soaked pussy as he gave a few last gentle thrusts to release the last drop or two of his semen into her core. His fingers tickled Alicia's sore thighs sensually in a motion that was surprisingly gentle and humanlike, not unlike what a human husband or lover might do in the glow of blissful aftersex.

While the others ceased their own stimulations and watched, the Praetorian regained his senses and rose up again. He eased back and slipped his semi-hard pole from Alicia's well-fucked pussy. As the thick black head popped out of her, a little river of white cum flowed out of her pussy and trickled onto the rough ground beneath her. Lastly, the Praetorian positioned his cockhead above her slightly-gaping pussy and squeezed the upper part of his cock, allowing one or two final strands of his cum to squeeze from the piss slit of his cock and drip right into Alicia's cum-coated inner channel. With that finished, the Praetorian rose to his feet and stepped back to watch the rest of the scene unfold.

The Praetorian hissed to his cohorts and the xenomorph who had been waiting to the side jumped between Alicia's spread legs to take his place. Meanwhile, the xenomorph above her resumed fucking her mouth as Alicia gulped and gurgled as she licked his rod dutifully again. This time, the xenomorph began to piston in and out of her mouth more ravenously, sliding into her throat and back out again. By now, she'd grown used to the oral assault and put her gag reflex to a halt enough to accept the thick cock a couple inches into her throat while she continued to wash the rest of his shaft with her tongue when he pushed in.

The xenomorph between her legs shoved his throbbing cock into Alicia's sloppy pussy without preparation or preamble, unlike how the Praetorian had gone about it before. Immediately he began fucking her hard and relentlessly, hissing and snapping his jaws in pleasure as he finally had his turn to mate the human female and sate his own animalistic lusts. He pounded her quickly and easily due to the added lubrication left behind by the Praetorian who filled Alicia's pussy with cum. The xenomorph also reached down and began to vigorously stroke and twiddle with Alicia's hard clit, sending dazzling sensations running through her already-frenzied loins.

The Praetorian fucking her mouth suddenly reached his climax, thrusting his cock straight down Alicia's throat as her eyes went wide and watery. The cum rushed up his shaft in rhythmic pulses before hot, liquidy seed spurted out, painting her throat as she was forced to gulp down every strand. As Alicia was willing herself to breathe through her nose during the act, her tongue inadvertently coiled about the thick cockhead, allowing her to catch every single sweet, milky strand of xeno cum that spilled out onto her tongue and down her throat.

When the xenomorph stopped cumming and gave her the last of his entire thick, white load of semen to ingest, he popped his cock from her mouth. The blond-haired marine panted and gasped as saliva dripped from her mouth and down her chin along with a few droplets of cum. Then, with nothing else to do with the reservoir of cum still sitting in her mouth, she leaned her head back and swallowed the hot load victoriously followed by a quick gulp of air. The xenomorph fell back, resting on his tail and haunches as his softening member continued to pulse and dribble droplets of cum as it glistened with Alicia's spit.

The xenomorph riding her chest and fucking between her tits erupted next. He threw his head back and let out an imposing cry of victory as he thrust up between her breasts one last time and shot out strands of cum. Alicia squinted and looked aside as the cum flew and spattered her cheek, chin and utterly soaked her luscious breasts. Like the Praetorian, the xenomorph continued to ride out nature's call by continuing to fuck between her tits, pressing the fleshy orbs even tighter around his pistoning cock as he shot out rope after rope over the beautiful Corporal's tits and face. When he was finished painting her sweaty, nude body with a coating of white, the xenomorph fell back raggedly like the other had moments before.

Alicia, despite having her sweet pussy currently worked up by another xenomorph cock, glanced down at herself amusedly, seeing just how messy her body was with the sheer amount of cum the vigorous alien males had coated it with.

"Dirty fuckin bugs," she snorted with amusement, reaching down to wipe a big glob of hot cum from her neck. She sucked the finger clean of the cum, coming to find the taste rather tolerable and almost pleasant. She immediately bit the finger right after to stifle a squeal as a particularly deep jab from the xenomorph pounding her pussy sent a pleasurable sensation through her sensitive cunt.

Just as the xenomorph was in the process of fucking the human female's pussy energetically to reach his own pent-up orgasm, something stopped him. He hissed in frustration as the larger and stronger Praetorian gripped the xenomorph by the tail and pulled him out of Alicia. She squealed from the abrupt retreat as the long cock was forcibly yanked from her soaking depths.

Alicia glared up at the Praetorian standing over her, meeting her gaze with his menacing, eyeless stare and toothy grin. She glanced down and her eyes widened at his newfound erection. His cock was once again at full mass and pulsing, ready to go for another round of mating after having been put out of commission for many moments while the other three had their turns with her. Alicia immediately gulped, realizing that she was not yet finished.

The Praetorian hissed and gripped Alicia by the arm, rolling her glistening, athletic body over onto her stomach. She dutifully allowed him to move her where he wanted, knowing full well that he was in charge here. His strong bony black hands then gripped her by the hips as she was completely lifted off of the ground and into the air like she weighed nothing as she squirmed slightly against him at that point.

"Hey...what the fuck?!" Alicia protested as she was lifted by the waist into the air from behind.

She felt the xenomorph's wisps of hot air as he inhaled and exhaled, indicating that his head was right near hers behind her. She then felt as her naked back pressed up against the Praetorian xenomorph's rough torso. His bony hands then shifted themselves from her waist to her buttocks as he cupped one delectable asscheek in each hand, giving them a squeeze while he still held her body in the air with ease.

As Alicia was held there by the powerful alien male for what seemed like an eternity, she felt more of the Praetorian's warm cum and some of her own feminine juices still trickling from her pussy and dripping to the floor. She glanced around at the other three xenomorphs and they seemed to almost be giving her grins as they cocked their heads up at her, as if they knew something that she didn't.

The female marine frowned, but then her eyes widened and her feelings shifted to protest and shock as she suddenly felt a hard, knobby object pressing against another entrance into her body: her anus.

"Hey, w-,, no, no, no!" she shouted behind her to the Praetorian who was holding her up in the air by her asscheeks, spreading her legs open and pressing his thick cockhead slowly into her tight, unlubricated asshole.

The Praetorian merely hissed as he snapped his inner jaws near her ears, dripping saliva all over her naked shoulder and backside. Alicia squirmed her hips slightly, trying to break the alignment with the long, thick xenomorph cock and her tight asshole. The Praetorian merely responded by gripping her by each firm buttock with more force and pressing his cockhead insistently up against the crinkled star.

But, thanks to the abundance of precum and her pussy juices still coating his cock, Alicia's tight little asshole yawned open and the Praetorian's black xenomorph cock popped into her anus in that next instant.

"Oww fuck!" Alicia hollered in pain and pleasure as her asshole was breached by hard alien cock.

She leaned her head back and bit her lip as she felt the walls of her rectum stretch to accommodate the xenomorph's length unexpectedly exploring her most sacred of inner regions. She rested her head back onto the Praetorian's shoulder, shivering against him as his cock sank inch by inch into her asshole. Like before, the Praetorian was taking his time, sinking an inch into her tight anal chasm and giving her a moment to get used to it before he proceeded, all the while he hissed his pleasure.

Finally, he stopped as he had fed a considerable portion of his long xenomorph cock into her ass. The crinkled hole quivered slightly around the black fuckstick jutting from between her spread-open asscheeks. But, for some reason, the Praetorian would not begin fucking her just yet. The anticipation and discomfort of being held up in the air in such a position for so long was immensely frustrating the human woman.

"What the fuck are you waiting for? Just...god damnit, just do what you're going to do and then take me to your hive!" she babbled.

She turned her head back in front of her and realize why the Praetorian xenomorph was hesitating. At some point, he'd made a motion of his head to one of the other xenomorphs – the one who'd previously been fucking her and hadn't had the chance to cum. The xenomorph eagerly rose to his feet, approaching her with a throbbing, pulsing cock which almost looked angered at having been deprived of cumming earlier. As she and the other two spectator xenomorphs watched, the other xenomorph took up position between Alicia's spread legs as the Praetorian kept her asshole nicely impaled upon his cock.

The xenomorph gripped her by the knees and gently pushed her legs forward. Thanks to Alicia's flexible body, she didn't feel much discomfort when the xenomorph pushed her legs toward her to the point that her feet were now dangling right in front of her head. Her military-grade boots – her last remaining article of clothing – were right near her ears as she suddenly felt her body squeezed and sandwiched between two xenomorphs and, namely, their hard cocks.

The xenomorph in front of her slapped his thick cockhead against her seething, cum-soaked pussylips, causing her to sigh, before he shoved himself inside her quivering snatch. Alicia's eyes widened to their fullest extent when she was suddenly packed full of two hot, hard alien xenomorph cocks. She nearly passed out from the mere feeling of being stuffed as the second xenomorph penetrated her pussy again while the Praetorian's xenomorph's cock rested on the other side of a thin membrane separating her pussy from her ass.

Then, in unison, the two xenomorphs began to fuck both of her holes with vigorous enthusiasm. Her flexible, athletic body was sandwiched between those two fearsome male creatures holding her in the air between them while a cock pummeled in and out of her sopping pussy while simultaneously a thicker, larger xenomorph cock was working its way in and out of her asshole with deep, gradual glides.

"Holy shit, mother fuck-!" Alicia squealed as her body began to erupt in immense pleasure as her body was fucked beyond belief.

Unlike last time, she could not join in with her own thrusts as her body was blissfully worked by these cocks. Because of how she was so stiflingly squished between the two alien males to the point that her leg were dangling and bouncing in front of her face, she could only hold on and let herself be worked to another tremendous orgasm while they used her tight orifices for their own pleasure.

The two xenomorphs began to time their thrusts with each other. When the Praetorian buried his cock into the human's asshole, the other xenomorph would pull from her tight, pink cunt and likewise. Yet despite this, the two creatures were fucking and sliding their cocks in and out of her sexy body with amazing regularity, hissing and shrieking and flailing their tails in pleasure as they did.

Alicia was really getting into the double fucking by now as well. Despite her position, she did her best to roll her hips back and forth between the two xenomorphs as they cocks fucked her front and back holes. The tight walls of her pussy and asshole clenched and unclenched around the members filling them, giving all parties involved in the carnal, animalistic threesome even more pleasure.

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