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Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 05


"You listen to me, you colony farm boy fuck! You ain't shit, you hear?! This is the marine corps, and chivalry isn't gonna do shit for you here! Jackson here kicked your ass in this exercise because you went easy on her the whole time! Let me tell you, you should take that gentlemanly attitude and shove it, Taylor! When you are out there, in the middle of a firefight or squashing nasties and bugs on some alien shit rock, it's kill or be killed! Do you understand me, Private Taylor?!"

Of all the things for Private Taylor to think about while bound and restrained by alien-like resin, the words of his hard-ass drill sergeant were the last that he was expecting. Still, as much as he had hated his drill sergeant, that particular memory from his boot camp days brought him some comfort in his current predicament, given that it was the first time that he and Alicia had become "partners in crime," so to speak.

Though at the time, the son of a bitch drill sergeant had accused him of being "gentlemanly" and letting Alicia win in the hand-to-hand exercise, she had actually beaten him fair and square. After Taylor had managed to convince her of that, the two of them became companionable, sticking by each other at all times while in the barracks, and even taking equal shit from the hardass drill sergeant whenever he felt like yelling at someone.

Until quite recently, Taylor could not say that his relationship with his fellow soldier had been anything beyond a very close, platonic friendship. The fact that his closest friend in the corps was a woman had not interfered with their friendship in the past, and even if it had, the strict regulations prohibiting fraternization between male and female soldiers would have made anything beyond friendship impossible, at least until they were both discharged from service.

However, looking back on it, he wondered if perhaps he had always considered Alicia to be dear to him, as more than just a friend. There were times, between drills and exercise regimens, when he noticed Alicia getting questionable glances from one or two of the other guys - the real assholes in their unit who would likely be doing jail time had they not joined the corps. When he noticed those very same men sneaking peeks at Alicia while she was taking her showers at the end of the day, and perhaps planning to do more to her during that time, Taylor had stepped in and made sure that those dickheads stayed away from Alicia. A broken nose was a convincing argument, after all. But even after that scuffle, he found himself standing guard outside the shower rooms at the barracks like a sentry while Alicia took her showers (since she always took them separately, after the male soldiers had already taken theirs), defending both her modesty and her person from others in their unit.

At the time, he had felt that it was his duty to protect his friend, since female soldiers getting raped by their male comrades was something that occasionally happened. And yet, Taylor had to admit that his desire to protect Alicia perhaps went deeper than that. Worse still, he remembered the fact that during those times he spent standing guard while she took her showers, he had, once or twice, caught a quick glimpse of her gorgeous, well-toned and athletic body, her perky, firm breasts, the little strip of blond pubic hair between her heavenly thighs, leading to her, probably tight, hot...

He shook his head clear of such lecherous thoughts, letting out a long sigh. He stretched out his weary muscles, or as much as he could do, being trapped within a resin prison by these super intelligent alien monsters. Thankfully, the xenomorph captors had not caused him serious injury yet, and had been courteous enough to give him some wiggle room, so that he wasn't too uncomfortable while bound and tied up.

The worst part about his current captivity in this humid, hot prison, however, was that he could not stop thinking about Alicia no matter how hard he tried. When he wasn't thinking about how thankful he was that she'd managed to escape from the xenomorphs during the firefight, he was thinking about somehow escaping this place and getting back to her. And when he wasn't thinking about getting back to her somehow, he was thinking about, of all things, ripping off Alicia's panties, pushing her up against a wall and fucking her like an animal.

"Fuck!" Taylor cursed out loud, shaking his head once again. His mind was a jumbled mess, and he wondered for a moment if he was starting to go insane. Of all the things to thinking about, he was thinking about boning his best friend. It had to have had something to do with those damned xenomorphs. The female ones especially, the drones which had captured him and brought him into this hive of theirs, had forcefully pleasured him and forced him to pleasure them repeatedly. The more they did that to him, the more his mind seemed to turn into mush, to the point that all he could think about was sex.

It was their pheromones, he thought. Their pheromones caused him to forget himself, and they heightened his libido somehow.

He had to get out of here, had to get away from these xenomorphs, had to find Alicia, wherever she was, and he had to...

...suck on those perky nipples of hers, something in his head told him.

He just...had to...

...stick your cock between those sexy tits of Alicia's.


Fuck Alicia. Fuck her and pump her full of cum.

Taylor felt dizzy, and slightly nauseous. Deprived of sleep and intoxicated by the drug-like effects of the xenomorphs' pheromones as he was, he soon lost consciousness and let a couple agonizing hours of slumber overtaken him, as he stood there, bound against the chitinous wall of the xenomorph hive chamber in a prison of sticky resin.

He was eventually jostled awake by a loud screeching sound that emanated through the cavern. He'd such a screech before, and knew immediately that it came from a xenomorph. This was a different kind of screech, more pronounced and some way very feminine in nature; it did not sound at all like the aggressive, banshee-like wails that these aliens would emit when they were attacking something.

Taylor did not know or understand too much about the nature of this "ecosystem" within a xenomorph hive, having only been the xenomorphs' prisoner of sorts for the past twelve hours or so. However, based on the limited data that he and the marines had attained on the xenomorphs from Weyland-Yutani databases before this rescue mission, he could only guess that this shriek, which shook and reverberated through the entire hive, had come from the xenomorph Queen. It was Weyland-Yutani, after all, that had brought in the marines to clean up this mess in the first place, given that they'd funded this colony and research station; as such, he figured that the corporation had to have known something about the xenomorphs, including their queens.

He'd never actually seen the Queen himself, having been confined to a separate chamber, but he'd heard her several times, screeching out an occasional command or utterance of some kind to her subordinates. He feared that at any time, the Queen would give the inevitable commanding shriek, ordering one of the warriors or her bodyguards or even a drone to just gut him and be done with it, or perhaps let one of those creepy crawlers attach itself to his face and impregnate him with one of those parasites. Though, he had not seen any of those crawlers or any unhatched eggs for that matter. That, at least, gave him some hope. Perhaps the xenomorphs no longer had any of those eggs to impregnate him with. But then why keep him alive?

Another piercing shriek echoed through the cavern, sending a chill up the human soldier's spine. This screech from the Queen was louder, and somehow more animated than the one that came before it. In fact, he thought that it sounded almost...passionate in a way, like it was a xenomorph's version of a moan. The only other time he'd heard such a sound was after the warriors had captured him and left him for the group of female drones that he'd restrained him here. Those drones, for purposes unknown to him, had...used him, over and over again, and made their pleasure known with animated screeches of their own.

Though Taylor didn't know much about xenomorph biology or behavior besides what he'd read on the limited data files, he had begun to pick up on a lot of things in the relatively short time that he'd been imprisoned there. If his earlier suspicions about the xenomorphs' lack of "Facehugger" eggs was correct, they would need to grow and expand their hive again eventually, having already gone through all of the human colonists, and some of his marine compatriots as hosts.

He had occasionally seen some of the larger xenomorphs - usually males - coming in and out of the chamber leading to the Queen. Rarely did these particular males ever leave the Queen's side unless she ordered one of them to do so, like several hours earlier when Taylor had briefly seen one those big fuckers leave the Queen's chamber to go dashing off toward the entrance of the hive with several warrior xenomorphs in tow. He determined that these larger xenomorphs, which he'd read were referred to as "Praetorians," were the Queen's bodyguards, as well as her consorts.

No doubt the Queen and one of her consorts were in her chamber, fucking like rabbits, if her pleasured cries and shrieks were any indication. The marine sighed, knowing that at this rate it was only a matter of time before the Queen got knocked up with more of those crawler eggs by one of her male consorts, which meant that it would likely be the end for him. He shook his head, trying to block out the sound of animalistic mating in the distant chamber, but he eventually gave up, knowing that he would be privy to it whether he wanted to listen or not.

He'd been so caught up in the noises from the other chamber that he didn't initially hear a faint hissing to his right. He turned his head and saw the eyeless domed head of a xenomorph staring right back at him, cocking its head as if it was pondering what he was thinking about. Taylor looked back at it - or, he realized it was probably a she, since the females, the drones especially, seemed to be the only ones in the hive who paid attention to him. He gulped, seeing the eerie reflection of himself on its domed head.

"Can I ask what you want from me?" Taylor said to the xenomorph. It cocked its head again and hissed through its teeth. Taylor sighed and stretched out his sore muscles, or as much as he could given his captivity. "Let me guess: there's been a huge misunderstanding, you are going to let me out of this and let me have my phone call, and then someone can pick me up, right?" Taylor jabbed.

Saliva dripped out of the drone's mouth and it, she, ignored his sarcasm and reached a hand out to cup his cock and balls. Taylor jolted and already felt the blood pumping to his cock. He mentally cursed himself, wondering how in the world he seemed to react so readily to these freaky creatures.

He grit his teeth and stifled a gasp as the drone's hand cupped his balls while the other stroked his cock, its teeth gleaming with malicious intent as his cock grew erect and lengthened to full mast after a few pumps and strokes. Taylor never boasted, but he had a sizable length for a human, and he was reminded of that when he looked down at the female drone, seeing her using both black, latex-like hands to cup his cock, finding that she still had plenty of inches to work with.

"Again?" Taylor asked indignantly, as if he was being pressured into something unpleasant. "You creatures are insatiable. I've already given you half a dozen loads, and you still want more?"

The female xenomorph's answer was to flick at the purple mushroom head of his cock, twiddling with a dollop of precum there. With a hiss, and after gripping the base of his cock with her leathery hands, she lowered her head down, opened her mouth extension from her inner jaws, and swallowed his meat in one go.

Taylor groaned as every inch of his hyper sensitive cock was assailed with pleasurable sensations. As much as he wanted to distance himself from these creatures and even take a break from getting forced blowjobs for a while, he could not deny that these female creatures knew what they were doing, and knew just how to get him to release his payload that they craved from him.

Over the course of the time that he'd been there, the xenomorph females had grown very acquainted with his anatomy, and he had with theirs. Xenomorphs had no inhibitions or social hangups in regards to nudity, and as such, they had stripped Taylor of his uniform and all his underclothes. He'd been bound by resin within this chamber, hanging there like a wall decoration, completely nude, with his dick hanging out for all to see. He no longer cared anymore though; he'd long since given up on modesty, and frankly he was partially kind of glad to be rid of the clothes given how hot and humid it was in the cavern.

He'd been used by female drones and the occasional female warrior at least a dozen times since he'd been brought there. They seemed to like his tongue especially, and would often, without his permission, mount his face and smother his mouth with their soaking midnight black slits. The fact that he was standing upright did not seem to matter to them, given that they could scale walls. They'd climb atop him and simply ride his face until his human tongue brought them to orgasm, before climbing off and going about their natural duties for the hive. He'd fought them at first, but quickly saw the futility of doing so. Now, every time a tight xenomorph pussy was presented an inch away from his face, he would snake his tongue out and get to work, trying to make the sultry female creature cum as quickly as he could. Taylor had also grown accustomed to the taste of their juices, and had been forced to ingest a lot of them. Thankfully, they didn't seem to have any sort of negative side effect on him, and admittedly, it was not the most unpleasant thing he'd ever tasted.

The xenomorphs had not tried to fuck him again in the purest sense of the word, not since the female drones had first come upon him and restrained him here. But the drones especially had periodically sucked him off, apparently for the purpose of harvesting his semen and fluids for some purpose or another. Without his pants to hinder them, they would simply walk up, stroke him to erection, and suck him off until he came, before running off with his payload like a bee with precious pollen.

Currently, the female drone in front of him was noisily slurping on his cock, hissing and bobbing its tight inner mouth up and down its cock, squeezing and rippling deliciously over every inch of his meat. He could no longer distance himself from it, and finally let out a moan as he felt his cock throb as the xenomorph bobbed her head up and down on him. Even when he tried to picture that it was someone else, like a human woman, even Alicia, who was giving him a blowjob, he needed to only feel the tightness of the xenomorph's alien gullet to be reminded that it was definitely not a human that was doing this to him, and that even fantasizing otherwise was folly.

The human marine-turned-xenomorph captive sighed and let out a moan as he let the female creature finish with him, shivering each time her tight, wet mouth hit a particularly sensitive nerve. However, the drone stopped suddenly and Taylor quickly opened his eyes when a final, climactic screech was emitted from the Queen's chamber, and he suspected that the Queen had been brought to orgasm. After that, an uncomfortable silence settled over this particular chamber, and the drone, who paused only momentarily while sucking Taylor's human cock, returned to her task a moment later as if nothing had happened.

He shivered and his legs quivered as he felt a tingling in his balls and he knew that he would cum soon. The female xenomorph was just too good at what she was doing and his body, particularly his manhood, seemed even more sensitive in the presence of these creatures for some reason.

He struggled against his restraints and his cock jerked once, twice and then his cum exploded out of his cock, filling the xenomorph's mouth. She extended her smaller inner mouth back and she jerked off the base of his cock with her hands as he released more and more frothy cum into her gullet. He felt dizzy and on the verge of collapse by the time his cock stopped throbbing and jerking, and finally he stopped cumming. The drone, collecting his precious seed in her gullet without swallowing any of it, popped her mouth off of his cock like a cork from a bottle, careful not to injure his tool in the process. With that, she retracted her inner mouth back into her jaws and skittered off, dashing away into another chamber on all fours.

Taylor no longer knew what to think of this situation anymore, and simply shrugged it off, letting himself relax against his bondage. He looked down and saw his manhood, slimy with her copious, clear saliva. It still pulsed and throbbed slightly but it was slowly shrinking down to flaccidity once again.

When he looked up, he saw a large figure approaching from the opposite chamber. Perhaps the biggest and bulkiest of the xenomorphs that he'd seen, save the Queen, was striding out of the Queen's chamber. Given the sheer swagger and the commanding presence that the xenomorph seemed to carry, he determined that this was the xenomorph male that had just had the honor of breeding the Queen.

Besides the fact that this xenomorph male was larger than the average xenomorph, with the exception of the Praetorians that guarded the Queen, this xenomorph displayed drastic differences from the other xenomorphs that had been born of human hosts. Its skin was mottled, with olive coloring mixed with midnight black, and atop its domed head, strands of thick dreadlocks hung down. The only other creature that Taylor knew that bore similarity to this particular xenomorph abomination was the mysterious alien hunter that he had encountered the day before, just before he'd been reunited with Alicia after the rescue mission had fallen apart. After Taylor had seen this xenomorph for the first time, it did not take him long to theorize that this male was not spawned from a human host, but from one of those hunters who had been subdued and impregnated.

Taylor's blood chilled the moment he saw the Predalien stride into the chamber. He'd only caught a glimpse of this male once or twice before, but he knew that he was a nasty fucker. If this hive had an alpha male, this xenomorph hybrid was undoubtedly it. He had seen the Predalien get into a bloody fight with two of the Praetorians hours earlier, presumably over the right to a breeding session with the Queen. He bested both of the Praetorians, beating them into bloody messes until they finally gave up in submission and yielded to the Predalien. Most of the other xenomorphs in the hive seemed to cower or relent to the Predalien in submission most of the time, meaning that he could well be the highest ranking xeno in the hive with the exception of the Queen.

When the Predalien spotted Taylor in his place in captivity, he hissed and then let out a noise not unlike a guttural grunt, as if the human's mere presence in the hive was a travesty to the alpha male. It was a hostile noise, and the way the Predalien clenched its claws and stared across at the human, baring his mandibles as he did, immediately instilled dread in Taylor. The human, looking at the xenomorph hybrid's aggressive stance didn't notice until after a few moments that the Predalien's substantial manhood was still erect and unsheathed, throbbing and still glistening with fluids from his encounter with the Queen just moments before. The large, ridged erection looked like a weapon in itself, and only added to the aggressive alpha male persona of the creature. From the look of it, the Predalien wanted to either kill or fuck the next thing in sight. Taylor prayed that neither of those two things would be in his immediate future.

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