tagMind ControlAlien Vacation Ch. 02

Alien Vacation Ch. 02


Chapter 1 of Alien Vacation is over in Sci-Fi/Fantasy. The story has elements that make it a fit for both categories, so I wanted to bounce back and forth in hopes of catching more readers.

My problem with "mind control" stories is that there's usually a blurring of consent at best. Often it's not so much blurred as stomped upon. I often love a lot of the fantasy elements, but that consent issue tends to derail it for me. This story is in part an attempt to thread the needle of mind-control-with-consent.

Tags up front: male-female sex, blowjob, alien, mind control, shower sex, male dominant, psychic powers, mind control, consent, power fantasy

* * * * *

Kyle had no business here except for the urgings of the strange presence in his mind and the fact that the cops might well find him at home. Neither of those spoke to anything sensible, or even sane. He felt sane, surely, and only a little uneasy, but intellectually he knew he should be out of his mind with worry.

He'd touched an alien reaching through the fence at a Navy installation. He evaded a helicopter and a police tail. And then he'd walked into a lingerie store and fucked the hell out of a complete stranger in a dressing room without anyone batting an eye. Whatever fun they'd shared, and it was quite a lot, it didn't make up for the craziness of it all.

At that point, walking into the lobby of a four-star hotel in soaking wet jeans and a leather jacket seemed fairly tame. It was late in the evening, and thus the broad lobby wasn't terribly busy. Even so, from the moment he sloshed into the lobby with his helmet and saddlebags in hand, he got a few odd looks. A couple were amused. Others seemed disdainful.

He scowled back at the latter. "Fuck you, snob, I work for a living," he muttered under his breath.

A woman and a man at the front desk greeted him with professional smiles. The woman was a thin, pretty brunette about Kyle's age. The man looked a little older, moving through as if he was a supervisor on his rounds rather than the main attendant. "Hi, what can I do for you?" the young woman asked.

Stall, urged the presence in his mind.

Kyle blinked. He felt compelled to cooperate—which wasn't the same as a compulsion to obey. It seemed like an important distinction. He realized he'd felt that all along. Still, he wished the presence would've spoken up sooner.

Apologies, the feminine presence emoted wordlessly. I am under great strain and fatigue. Stall them for only a moment.

"Hi," Kyle replied. He smiled. "Um. I'm from Mobile Messengers," he began, figuring the truth was at least the easiest way to go. "It's a courier service. Uh...I really didn't think it would rain tonight, sorry," he added, indicating his soaked self with a downward glance.

"Oh, don't worry about it," she said. Her nametag read "Emily."

"People have tracked water in and out all evening," added the supervisor with the same good humor. "You've got it the worst I've seen tonight, but don't apologize. Did you have a delivery for someone?"

Shit, no I don't, Kyle thought. He went for the other option. "Pick-up, actually. I'm supposed to call on my cell when I get here, but I didn't want to stand outside." The premise at least bought him some more time. "I wanted to let you know so I wasn't the weirdo standing around in your lobby is all."

"All good," said Emily. "We could call them from here if you know their room number? We can't give out names, but the number works."

"Nah, I've got my instructions. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks."

She likes your face, the presence informed him. You are more attractive than you believe.

The thoughts derailed him. He wouldn't have read that into Emily's smile. She's more focused on her work than attraction or social interaction, the presence explained.

"Can we get you a towel?" Emily offered.

"Uh. That would be nice, but I have to go right back out there when this job is done, anyway. I'll just go over here if that's okay?" Kyle asked, gesturing to a broad column not far from the desk.

"Ah," the supervisor spoke up before he left, "maybe stay off the chairs?" He glanced down meaningfully at Kyle's wet tracks on the marble tile floor. "Sorry."

"Yeah. I'm okay standing," Kyle agreed. "Thanks." He moved over to the column and pulled out his cell phone to pretend he was calling. Glancing up at the desk again, he saw the supervisor head into the back. Emily turned her attention to her computer.

Kyle waited. Nothing changed, except the longer this went on, the more the cold from his wet clothes sank in. He put the phone to his ear without making an actual call. "Okay, what the hell is going on?" he murmured. At least he seemed lucid and independent enough to ask. "Who are you? Or what are you?"

Apologies. Please call me Xin. I am the alien you met at the Naval Station. This time, Kyle registered actual words rather than concepts or instant understanding.

Unfortunately, this is not the best moment to discuss our situation in detail. My power is weak and my attention is split. I am probing. I wish to be gentle. Careful. I am loathe to do any harm.

That brought up plenty more questions. Probing? For what? What did gentle and careful mean? What harm would be done?

The harm of unintended consequences. I will not inflict harm to you or others on purpose, even to my own benefit. Yet every action may lead to accidental problems. I wish to avoid these. I am not at my best, otherwise I could establish this more quickly.

"Accidental problems like the police looking for me?" Kyle hissed. Then he stopped. He hadn't actually asked his previous questions out loud, yet they were answered.

I am able to communicate through your thoughts, yes, responded Xin. Some ideas and explanations are best made through semantics, others through ideas. I wish to discuss our situation in semantics so you have time to process your thoughts on the matter. Do not worry about language; I have absorbed and processed your language and cultural frame of reference, and some small bits from several other humans. I apologize for the invasion of privacy, but it was necessary...and my race does not have the same concepts of privacy as yours.

I exist now as a psychic presence bound to your body. Whether or not I remain is a matter we must discuss. And yes, the interest of the police is most unfortunate. I am gravely sorry and I wish to compensate you, regardless of our other outcomes.

Other outcomes? Kyle wondered. What does that mean?

You may decide you wish to part with me. I will accept this, though at the moment my survival and our mutual predicament requires I take greater influence than I would otherwise prefer. I have already done so, and for that I apologize and I will compensate you. Whatever we choose to do moving forward will require communication in detail. I must be explicit with you, for your sake and mine. You are also weary and acutely uncomfortable given the state of your clothing. I am working to arrange comfortable conditions to alleviate all of these problems.

Emily finds you attractive. You are attracted to her as well. You are both highly compatible, though social matters and other details of your lives would obscure it and distract you both from your potential for mutual pleasure and intimacy.

Kyle nearly choked on his own breath. Is that what you mean by probing? Kyle thought. Are you 'probing' her now?

I have probed everyone in this room. Most I have disregarded. Emily provides the greatest interest and opportunity. The feminine presence paused. Emily is wearing black lace panties you would find very pleasing.

His eyes widened. He turned away, keeping the phone to his ear to shield his face. "That is not cool," Kyle hissed. "You can't invade people's privacy like that!"

It is a constant among my kind. I am from a very different species and culture than yours. More importantly, I would not communicate this to you if there was risk of harm. I am assured there is not. You will keep such details to yourself out of respect for her.

Also, she wishes you to know.

His objections ground to a halt. Kyle glanced over his shoulder in time to see Emily look up with a grin. Her eyes quickly turned back to the computer as she tugged at a lock of her hair, but she couldn't erase the smile.

Kyle felt himself getting hard again, only twenty minutes after the most incredible sex of his life. He only dimly registered that, though, being much more concerned with the alien presence in his brain.

Interest. Arousal. Consent. Desire. They flashed through his mind as understandings, not words, but the next thoughts from Xin were much more explicit and incredibly sultry despite being so blunt: Emily wants to fuck, Xin told him. As do you.

Emily flashed him another shy glance and smile again. The sparkle in her eyes seemed to confirm Xin's wild claims about her. As for himself: Hey wait, she's obviously attractive, but I don't want to get it on right this second! Not this easily!

Your own thoughts and your body's reactions refute this. You are concerned for possible repercussions and for her consent. I assure you both are dealt with. Emily is enthusiastically interested. You read her smile correctly. This will happen without negative consequence for either of you. I cannot and will not force you, Kyle. Such would be abhorrent to me. But if you are honest with yourself, you want this. Deeply.

The argument took only a couple of seconds. It wasn't even long enough for Kyle's silence to get awkward. As he found himself less and less willing to argue with Xin, Emily glanced toward the door to the supervisor's office and then beckoned Kyle to the desk with a finger.

She slipped a key card envelope to him. "The corner suite is all set for you," she told him quietly. "Take the elevator to the top floor and go to your right."

Kyle blinked. His mouth tried to form words.

Her grin widened. "Don't worry. It's blocked off for balcony repair. Nobody's losing any money on it...and I'll get away with it." She winked at him. "I'll be up right behind you."

She is correct, Xin added. You should go now.

Kyle turned and headed toward the elevator. "What's going on?" he whispered.

Isn't it obvious?

"I've barely said a word to her."

Correct. I have negotiated all of this telepathically on our behalf. Emily is not fully aware of this, but her consent and eager cooperation are genuine. As I said, I cannot and will not force anything.

"Our behalf?" He looked over his shoulder once to see Emily knock on the door to the supervisor's office before poking her head inside.

She's telling her supervisor she must escort a VIP guest and then she will leave for the night. He will believe her. This gambit will go undetected. No harm or loss will come to anyone.

"This isn't still stealing?" Kyle murmured, but he went to the elevator and hit the call button. Other guests shuffled up to wait for the same elevator, so Kyle switched to silent mode: I'm still getting something without paying for it. Something expensive. And someone's gonna have to clean that room.

I concede this is technically a crime by your society's standards, yes, but it is a victimless crime. No money would be earned by that room currently by the decision of the hotel management. As for other services, I will arrange compensation as needed.

You keep saying that, thought Kyle. Compensated.

Yes. You will be well compensated. I will explain. Emily will be compensated, too, Xin said as the young woman stepped up beside him.

Emily stayed silent, communicating with nothing but a glance, and then walked into the elevator with Kyle and the others.

She will be compensated above and beyond the fucking, Xin added with sultry amusement.

Kyle didn't argue that. Everything he read off of Emily and Xin together spoke to Emily's full interest. With that established, nothing else short of a fire could help him resist his arousal now.

The door stopped at the next floor. Kyle's eyes met Emily's as the other passengers got off. She is eager to be taken. She wants everything you want. Have no fear.

Like a switch flipped from on to off, Kyle's inhibitions fell away the instant the doors closed, leaving him alone with Emily. He let his jacket fall to the floor, slipping one arm around her waist to pull her close and kiss her. She mirrored the move, kissing back with passion and tugging close. One of her hands slid directly to his groin. Kyle did the same, caressing her straight down the belly and then her groin to cup her crotch. Emily whimpered into his mouth, grinding into his hand.

They kissed and worked her flesh for the rest of the short ride up. Thoughts of aliens and police fell away from Kyle's mind, supplanted by deep urges he might otherwise have questioned harder. Kyle and Emily lost themselves together in their lewd kiss until the elevator chime rang again and the car stopped. When Kyle pulled back, he saw Emily's eager smile and bright, hungry eyes. "C'mon," she said.

He grabbed his jacket and walked with her down the hall. Only then did the meaning of "top floor corner suite" sink in for him. This wasn't just an available room. Kyle looked up and down the hall feeling like he was about to commit a burglary, but Emily simply walked up to the door and took the key from him to open it up and turn on the lights. The suite offered more space than he had in the crappy studio apartment he got after since splitting up with Melanie, only this had nicer, newer furnishings.

Emily slid up against him and kissed his neck, heedless of his completely damp clothes. She took his jacket and tossed it aside onto a shelf in the closet by the door. Their lips joined once again, only this time he didn't get in so much groping. He felt Emily remove his belt, and then unfasten and unzip his jeans. Her hands slipped under his shirt and pushed it up and over, her lips parting from his only long enough to get the garment off and smile at him.

"You need to get out of this," she said, "but I need to stay dressed for a second."

She had him naked in the hallway before he knew it, standing amid his scattered, soaking wet clothes. Emily smiled broadly at the sight of his naked body, leading him into the bathroom and caressing him with enticing fingers all the way. She had him all but entranced, pausing only to throw the shower on before pressing him up against the glass doors and kissing him hungrily again.

Kyle's hands slid up and down her body as they kissed. He felt her fingers curl around his erect shaft, gently tugging at it as they kissed. Eventually, she reached past him and checked the water in the shower with her hand. "Two minutes," she told him, and then slipped away.

He blinked, wanting to tug her back with him, but realized what she meant. After a day like his, he desperately needed the shower. Once again, he barely thought of Xin, or at least barely considered the absolute insanity of it all. He simply stepped into the shower and let the warm water envelope him.

His personal life and his job could wait. Aliens could wait. He had this shower for now, and a nice safe hotel room. The water washed away the worst of his stress, leaving plenty of room for the arousal that took its place when the shower door opened again.

Emily stood in only her lacy black panties and a white bra. She watched him as she silently shed the last of her clothes. The show was more solemn than sensual, but it turned Kyle on even more than he already was when she unclasped her bra to reveal small but pert and perfect breasts. The patch of brown hair uncovered once she slid her panties down excited him further.

Xin's urgings took hold again as Emily stepped into the shower and closed the door behind her. Kyle brought her under the spray, welcoming her into his arms as he gathered her in another embrace and another kiss. She wasn't shy about wrapping herself around him, gladly sliding the head of his cock against her wet belly and pressing her chest up to his.

Foreplay accelerated quickly into sexplay. Emily welcomed his hands all over her body, cooing in approval as he cupped her sex once again like he had in the elevator only this time without any fabric between them. His other hand slipped over her cute, firm ass, holding her sideways to himself with possessive, pleasing moves. She matched him in kind by gripping his cock and tugging a little to show her approval.

He crouched a little at the knees, bending his head forward to claim one breast with his mouth while his hands continued their work. Kyle put little conscious effort into his handwork. He only massaged and stroked as he pleased, but Emily panted and moaned in a wordless plea for more. When one of his fingers curved upward and inward, she whined with a need for more.

His finger probed her pussy as if he'd already mapped her body a hundred times. Emily's slick insides were tight but welcoming. She melted down within mere minutes of this attention, poked and mauled with affection and skill. Emily came hard in his grip, practically needing his hands to help her stay up as her legs shook and her body spasmed.

As she came down from her ordeal, Kyle played a hunch. He guided her over to the wall of the shower, knelt before her, and ran his tongue down her bush to her wet, quivering lips. "Oooh fuuuck," she moaned, sliding her fingers over his scalp and holding him there. Kyle knew to start out gently and teasingly most of the time, but his hunch proved correct. Emily was ready to be devoured, and practically came all over again as soon as he got to work. Her first orgasm had barely faded before the second one overtook her.

Emily gripped him and let him go, pushed herself into his mouth and against the wall and back again, completely unsure of what to do while her body went crazy. Kyle kept her there, prolonging everything and enjoying the rewards as her pussy released more of her juices.

"Please," she breathed as the tremors subsided. Kyle was still going at it, easier now to let her recover but still keeping her on a high with his lips and tongue between her legs. "Please, let me taste you. Let me serve you."

He hadn't heard those words before, but he liked them. Kyle rose again, kissing her with a mouth still carrying her own taste. She welcomed it and kissed back as if wanting more, then pushed him back a bit to give herself space. Emily sank to her knees and took his cock in her hands. She barely gave him a lick before welcoming him into her mouth, too hungry and too passionate to waste time with teasing and preamble.

Kyle let out an approving groan as ecstasy slid down his cock. She couldn't take all of him, at least not right away, but that only made him feel more potent. Emily went down on him with a hunger and a need to please him that he could feel, coupled with a slow and sensuous stroke at the base of his cock with her fingers. Not long ago, he'd had the best sex of his life in a lingerie store dressing room, and now he felt like he was leveling up again.

Emily learned her way around his cock as fast as he mastered her body. At first, Kyle thought he was being greedy by wanting to prolong this pleasure. Soon enough, he worried that it would end too fast. One thing he didn't doubt was Emily's need to taste him. His other doubts faded under a combination of cocksucking indulgence and wordless urges from his new companion: Hold nothing back. This is only the beginning. Come in her as much as you can. Come. Come hard.

He did. Like Emily before him, Kyle tried to warn his partner, but the pleasure stole his words as he tried to breathe. Emily backed off just in time, but kept her lips sealed around his head while white fluid blasted through him and into her. She swallowed like she was born to it, losing none of his seed and even sinking her lips farther down along his shaft to enhance his pleasure as he came.

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