tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Vampire Sperm Sluts Ch. 03

Alien Vampire Sperm Sluts Ch. 03


Dianedom landed with her troupe of six male sex slut slaves; on a forward advance military space ship. This was her first mission as an alien vampire sperm slut where she was controlling alien male sex slaves. She had received training in manipulating and coercing the male sex slaves into behaviours that would be required to dominate and control the female humans.

It was expected that the genetic selection of the male sex slaves would mean that they could possibly experience mild hallucinations after consuming female human pussy juice. For this very reason, Dianedom knew she must be very careful how she managed the slaves' behaviour once they were consuming pussy juice. On their home world all drugs were banned; her training had focused on interpreting a subject's hallucinogenic response.

Dianedom was sure she would have no trouble keeping her male sex slaves under her control. And she had agreed on a contained site to begin the second wave invasion using the male sex slaves. Her progress would be closely watched and a larger force would be ready to begin its invasion if the strategy was successful in this test site.

After careful examination of potential site, Dianedom had picked a woman's gymnasium in Philip in the ACT as her test site. The male sex slaves where all primed by teasing horny alien female slaves located on the vessel. They needed to be desperately horny before they left the mothership; and they were desperately ready for sex action given their current status.

As she manoeuvred the invasion landing vessel close to a main car park, Dianedom prepared herself to cover all eventualities. Once they had secured the car park she instructed the male sex slaves on their mission and watched as they entered the building.

When they entered the woman's gymnasium at 5.30pm they knew it would be full to capacity; at a time before the women all headed home to rejoin their families in their lives of domestic bliss. The alien vampire sperm sluts' commander had all the doors and other methods of escaped blocked.

Janet and her friend Lisa were in the far corner of the gym when they saw the male sex slaves enter the room. Janet thought these guys were very strangely dressed. She wondered if they were a group of men dressed to surprise a local girl at her hen's night.

It was laughable really, the way these men were dressed, Janet thought they looked like they were out of some B grade horror movie from the 1960s. She smiled as they were all dressed in a black leather singlet and tight fitting black leather shorts.

Janet couldn't help herself she began to get really turned on. She felt so horny. Something unusual must be happening because she had been so careful to suppress her sexuality. Lately her husband had been ignoring her sexual needs. While she had often felt frustrated, lately it had been dreadful because her husband had just lost all interest in having any form of intimate contact with her.

She knew her husband had a foot masturbation fetish and it just never really did anything for her. Sadly she didn't know that he'd found a nice prostitute to take care of his strangely normal sexual fetish. He was completely obsessed and was spending a huge amount of money on satisfying his sexual needs.

Having a fairly healthy sexual appetite Janet had taken to visiting the gym to keep herself busy. It hadn't really helped her, as she'd just got much more fit, and recently her sexual desires had grown even stronger. All in all, Janet was a very frustrated and horny middle aged married woman. She was however very good at keeping it hidden from herself and others around her.

Now she was standing and staring at what she would later understand as a male sex slave she was so horny. Given what she could see in his pants she couldn't help herself, she licked her lips because, oh my goodness, the bulges in those shorts suggested they were men who were very well equipped, and she felt the urge to take a closer look. If she could just get to see how those huge dongers were straining and almost bursting out of their shorts.

Strangely Janet watch placidly as her friend Lisa was led away by a sex slave to another part of the room. And then Janet noticed that an equally strange looking woman had just entered the room, and was issuing directives to the remaining strange looking men. Dianedom looked like someone who had just stepped off a ship from Russia after filming a new Matrix film.

Dianedom's military dress was standard for her rank. She was dressed in a leather top with studs and tight fitting leather pants with a military looking belt as well as a long flowing robe of soft leather (all in black). That leather smelt so good, Janet wanted to just lick the leather and have it rubbed all over her. This was strange for Janet as she'd never had any type of leather fetish before today.

Janet thought her body's response so unusual from her normal sexually repressed thoughts and behaviours. It was almost like someone had been able to free her mind from its constraints and allow her to naturally express her own sexual preferences without any feelings of self disgust or guilt.

There were just so many weird things about these people. Well, what about that very strange looking whip in the woman's hand; she never seen anything like that before. As Dianedom walked through the gym cracking her whip a fine spray was released into the air surrounding the whip.

Yes as Dianedom walked through the gym, her whip was used to ensure that she sprayed a small amount of specially designed synthetic female human hormone in the gym. It stimulated desire in women who breathed it in.

(The aerosol spray had been designed for this invasion and overcoming the strong conservative inhabitations that many female humans in first world countries exhibited. An analysis of female human sexual behaviour in designated groups had shown that they had been forced to accept their roles as agents of domestic bliss while subjugating their real sexual desires. )

The military analysis had told Dianedom that certain repressed desires would be released when the synthetic hormone was used, and that she would need to monitor the situation to ensure nothing too violent eventuated. She knew it would make the male sex slaves' role so much easier. Problems would nevertheless arise if these female humans were not receptive to the male sex slaves direct advances!

The male sex slaves were well trained for taking control of sexual situations and drilled exclusively in creating maximum pleasure for willing women; but they would not have known how to respond to women who sought to resist. Dianedom was well aware that any lesbian tendencies or settled preferences would need to be dealt with quickly by her to prevent violence being directed at the male sex slaves.

Dianedom watched the woman in the other room through the windows. She ordered Lickee to go to her and pleasure her.

Janet was standing quietly when it suddenly struck her, she received a large aerosol dose of the sexual stimulant as the door opened. Her body responded physiologically by her nipples tingling as they became engorged and unbelievably she felt her pussy starting to gush like it had when she got turned on as a teenager. Yes Janet had started to feel really horny like she had when she was much younger.

Like most middle class women who attended the gym she had become the wife to a husband who was a sexual loser as far as keeping her satisfied was a measure of success. Janet was forced to acknowledge that she never seemed to get any decent loving any more. And apart from masturbating about her son's good looking boyfriends, her sex life was very disappointing, boring, and lacklustre compared to what she felt it should be.

These feelings of lust were now bursting into Janet's mind. A mind now fuelled by an uninhibited lust within Janet's body. And it had reignited feelings that she had experienced as a teenager when she had been secretly hidden in the boy's bathroom to see all those naked male bodies. In her mind, she acknowledged that to re-experience these recollections of lust, was just so welcome!

Janet drifted back into the reality of her environment and noticed that the strange woman was gone from the other room. She held her breathe as one of the male sex slave was now watching her intently just a few metres away from her. Her lust filled mind controlled her actions when he smiled at her and licked his lips.

Janet walked up to him and ran her hand over the front off his shorts. He leant over and kissed her passionately. There was more desire in that kiss thought Janet than her husband had shown her in the last ten years. I really need some serious loving now thought Janet, and I going to make sure this strangely erotic man gives me what I need.

Already extremely horny and turned on by Janet's presence, the male sex slave known as Lickee, was deeply attracted to Janet sexy body and he intended to begin by slowly removing her clothes.

Janet was close enough to him so that he could smell her extreme lust. He lifted her like she was a feather and placed her on her back on the bench used for massaging women with sore muscles. Lickee began to remove Janet's clothing by slowly removing her shoes and socks. Once they were removed, he began to lick the soles of her feet with his huge silky soft tongue. Janet couldn't help herself she began to scream with laughter, and was throwing herself around, kicking out with her other foot.

Lickee was amused by the response he was receiving. He didn't mind being kicked or beaten, but after seeing her response it suggested to him that she loved what he was doing and she wanted more. So he swapped feet and he started licking her other succulent sole. Janet found the tickling of her feet an unexpectedly erotic experience. She knew her laughter was only part of her body's response, she could also feel her pussy getting wet; as both her feet were massaged deliciously by the huge tongue of this strange man.

Knowing he needed to remove her pants, Lickee lifted up Janet's body again with one hand and with the other hand he delicately by dominatantly removed her pants. Janet was delighted that he made sure to caress the flesh of her thighs and legs as he slowly removed her pants.

And once her pants were removed, Janet watched as Lickee decided to lick her ankles, and then she felt him move on to her calves. Her flesh felt alive as his tongue caressed her succulent and inviting flesh. What else did this erotic man have in mind to drive her wild with lustful desire? She felt a desperate need for him to keep licking her sexually transformed and sexually alive body. Just what he was doing, something special was making her horny body feel more alive by being licked and sucked than it ever had before she had found Lickee.

It was difficult for her not to scream in ecstasy as his tender sensuous tongue began to lick, tickle, and massage the back of her knees. No-one usually touched her there but it felt so tender and lovely, it seemed so naughty to have that spot massaged so sensually by his masculine but tender tongue.

"Yes, please keep licking me, ohhhh, that feels so wonderful. Run your tongue all over me. Ohhhh, that's so delicious," yelled Janet.

Janet felt her body quiver as Lickee moved higher up her legs and on to the inner part of her succulent upper thighs. As well as licking, he was also sucking hungrily on her fleshy thigh, and nipping her flesh like she was a yummy sex toy hell bent on pleasure.

"Ohhh, you gorgeous man, don't ever stop licking me, it's so heavenly. More, I want more. Please keep going, lick me, suck me, I'm yours," squealed Janet.

It seemed to her like she was going to be teased unmercifully with Lickee extremely gifted tonge. It was what she wanted so badly but feared most. She felt his silky soft but huge tongue pushing hard into the flesh of her inner thighs; but she wanted so much more and yes she needed it quickly.

"Please yes, just in there. I need your tongue just there. Tease me, please me, I need your tongue to satisfy me. I'm so horny. Do me. Yes do me. Please, oh yes, please, give me more," she begged of Lickee.

She so wanted him to go higher, and she moaned "yes go higher. I want you to lick higher. Make me cum like I've never cum before."

As Janet's body and mind created the action that was needed to address her lust filled pussy. She sought the result she needed. Succinctly she sought release from his sensuous caressing tongue in the form of a huge overwhelming climax.

His tongue was teasing her. She thought to herself, why was he taking so long to give me what I so desperately want? She gasped his head and pushed his face tightly against her and towards her pussy which was on fire with desire.

"Please, oh please, eat me like I'm your last meal, I need your long powerful soft tongue inside me so much now," she demanded of him.

Oh how her body needed him to lick her pussy like she was a huge lolly pop - with his massive lusty tongue right now stroking up and down across her engorged pussy lips. Her body longed for this talented man to lap and suck at her tantalising pussy lips more roughly, and to make her scream in loving ecstasy.

She trembled as she felt his tongue leap inside her pussy and deliver a rapid tongue lashing of her convulsing pussy deep inside her. How could any man have a tongue which could possibly achieve such a feat she wondered?

Janet opened her knees wider thus spreading herself open like a horny slut, inviting him to go deeper with his tongue so that he might cover the whole of her juicy pussy. It was too much for her to understand, how could this huge tongue which was so soft and silky dance like that inside her pussy?

Within the kind face of Lickee lay hidden a wild and uncontrollable tongue that leapt out into the very sensitive spots within Janet's pussy, to carry Janet toward a higher and higher level of blissful ecstasy. As Janet's pussy juices gushed from her, Lickee slowly but diligently swallowed her pussy juices like a man who was dying of thirst. His enthusiasm was affecting Janet's response. Never had she felt like a man was so "into" her body and particularly her pussy.

As expected the pussy juices from Janet made its way from her pussy and onto his tongue. Then Janet's pussy juices entered his body and began its designed "drugging" affect upon him.

As much as he knew it was expected, Lickee felt himself being lifted gently towards a floating sensation of greater lustfulness, as his body's drugged state was established. The taste, he wanted to taste more of her juice, it was so wonderfully addictive and euphoric. He thought, I must drive her more wild with lust so she produces more gorgeously succulent pussy juice for me to consume.

As she lay there having her pussy licked so passionately, she was unaware of the affect it was having on Lickee. Janet felt Lickee move his hand around towards her arse. Oh, she hoped he would do something so dirty to her arse that she would be driven to feel even hornier. Yes, she felt his finger circling around her arsehole.

"Oh yes, do it," she yelled, "please push your finger inside my filthy butt hole"

And then she felt him push his finger gently but deeply into her inviting arse. And his finger was vibrating, and he was moving it in and out like a cock that was fucking her in the arse. It felt so dirty; she knew she deserved to be treated like a horny desperate slutty champion of uncontrollable lust.

Transformed as she was into a horny slut, Janet wanted Lickee to eat her tantalising pussy and finger fuck her tight and succulent arse.

"That's so wonderful, please keep going," Janet begged.

She loved the focused unrestrained brutal attack by Lickee's silky long tongue on her willing and inviting drenched pussy, and her dirty but erotic butt hole. It was making her lift her pelvis of the table so that Lickee could gain better access to her delicious pussy.

As Lickee's long tongue danced erotically inside her pulsating vagina, Janet felt her pussy grip and sucking his silky tongue deeper inside her. And as her pussy grasp his tongue, her arse sucked in his finger in too; as it tried to capture it deeper inside her. The overwhelming erotic feeling was so relaxing and pleasing for her. Her lust captured body was glowing in sensual bliss as it got carried away, and her body's desire for more forced her to encourage him to continue his enthusiastic pleasuring of her exotic body.

Unable to control his already established addiction to pussy juice, Lickee's tongue lept and danced inside Janet's pussy as it collected more pussy juice to swallow. Lickee kept his efforts up without any interruption and was rewarded with more and more pussy juice.

As expected Janet could feel herself getting closer and closer to that elusive massive orgasm that she knew must crash into her lust filled mind. She yearned to have it wash over her and carry her off towards her ultimate euphoric playground. The lust filled body invited more attention. Lickee too wanted Janet to dwell in her climax, where her serene but powerful orgasm would drive her into an uncontrollable orgasmic addiction to Lickee's powerful tongue.

Her body began to trembling uncontrollably. She was almost rigid and Lickee jump to curl his tongue around her clit as he pulled on it. Janet felt an explosion of delightful pleasure burst through her mind. He arse was pulsating as the muscles convulsed and more juice squired out of here pussy onto Lickee lips; as her flustered mind sought that allusive pleasure state of a massive climax.

And then Janet felt Lickee suddenly grasp her clit with his lips and suck it, and run his tongue around and across her clit. That was more than her body to cope with in its euphoric lust.

"Yes", she screamed, "yes, you fucking bastard, suck me there, use your tongue on me right there. That's exactly it. Ohhh beautiful."

Her body went rigid and she felt her face flush with the lust of her blasting orgasm as it was hitting her hard. The waves of uncontrollable pleasure coursed through her rigid lust filled body.

"Fuck don't stop now, keep going, make me cum again and again", Janet slutty mouth demanded of him.

Lickee knew it was expected of him to not stop and to keep going, to mnake sure he was driving Janet to the most powerful and engrossing orgasms of her life. He also knew her pussy would be gushing with orgasmic juices as Janet climaxed again and again.

Something was happening to Lickee, as he maintained his uninterrupted attack on Janet's pulsating and orgasming pussy. Lickee was losing control over his reality. He no longer knew where he was or who he was. He was rock hard with lust too and it was driving him crazy.

The alien vampire sperm slut, Dianedom, had come back into the room and had grabbed the male sex slave's cock cruelly through his pants. Without any apprehension she was yanking and jerking his cock as he attended to Janet's lust questing and climaxing body.

Dianedom stepped back, and took the action that would re-exert her control over the situation, she brutishly whipped the front of the alien male sex slaves bulging shorts. The whip crash into his pulsating lust filled and rock hard cock that was held back by his shorts.

It was an example of how much she loved to deliver her cruel and brutish treatment to the male sex slaves. But Lickee was in another place, the impact of the pussy juice on his mind and the erotic feeling of having his cock attacked, meant he couldn't control his lust filled mind. He came in his shorts, his cock spraying it fluid everywhere inside his pants. The blinding light that filled his mind with welcome ecstasy, was too much for him, and as he tried to keep licking Janet's pussy and finger fucking Janet's arse, he slowly lost consciousness.

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