tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Vampire Sperm Sluts Ch. 04

Alien Vampire Sperm Sluts Ch. 04


(There is some advantage in reading earlier chapters but you don't really need to if you want to just jump in here.)


I knew that my friend Janet was likely to be desperately in need of some serious sexual adventures. As you may have heard about her, she had been left alone by her husband for many months. We'd talked so many times about their lack of intimacy and his apparently bizarre sexual fetish. I could never understand why married couples couldn't talk through their needs and reach an agreement that served them both. Sure, masturbating your husband with your feet may not turn you on, but I thought I would be glad to do it for Barry (my husband) if he needed that from me.

And here I was caught in the same predicament as my friend, feeling like my body was just absolutely really turned on too. I wasn't as sexually repressed as Janet, so whatever was happening in the gym was making my pussy gush with its juices straight away. My imagination was on fire, what I really need from the strange man leading me away was something very exotic. Not your average, okay let's copulate like rabbits but rather let's do something so strangely erotic that I lose myself in it.

I didn't mind going away with the strange man who was leading me. Honestly it was an absolute pleasure to be treated so gently. Barry was always so rough with me. He was great in bed but he didn't always know how I loved to be touched and caressed. For him it was more like, when he was feeling horny he just wanted to get his cock inside me and give me a workout with his cock. I guess the preliminary efforts seemed pointless to him, and his main aim was to get himself so worked up and excited that he'd shot his load of cum inside me.

You can tell so much by the way someone holds your hand and walks along with you. I really enjoyed the way this stocky well endowed man was leading me away with him, he held my hand gently, almost like when my father walked with me to school every morning as a child to Yass Primary School.

And with being so caught up in my own internal story of lust for some decent gentle loving, I was just so pleased that I wasn't being dragged off the couch and into bed. As much as I loved Barry I wasn't in the mood for his roughly groping my breasts and pussy as he tried to help me get turned on with his forceful version of foreplay.

My body felt on fire today. The strange people that had seemed to take over the gym had created the need within my mind and body for some serious sensual attention very soon! My skin was almost electric as I yearned to be caressed, and I wondered why I felt a burning heat running though me. It was almost like I needed hands all over my body to satiate my desire for gently caressing.

Given my state of lust I was only a little nervous about what was happening. My burning desire could be termed 'unrestrained' and so I felt more comfortable about what was going to happen to me than I normally would in such an unusual situation. However I did feel the need for some formality.

"Hold on a minute", I said, "what's your name, and what are you going to do with me?"

This strange man looked at me and suddenly I could see understanding register within his eyes, and then I heard, "you must know I am called Fizzle, I am here to please you, and my sole aim is your absolute pleasure. You must come to the place I have chosen for us."

"Alright I'll go with you, but you must be gentle with me," I demand quietly.

When Fizzle held my hand I knew he could feel how much I needed some gentle loving, but I guess he also knew the power of my sexual appetite and desires would be better served by at least two male sex slaves ravishing my gorgeously exotic body.

I noticed as we moved closer to where another male sex slave was standing quietly. It was unclear why they were just waiting placidly. Perhaps they were waiting to help any of the other men successfully satisfy their captured horny woman?

The man we were walking towards looked as handsome as Fizzle if somewhat shorter. His thick black wavy hair made him perhaps even more attractive. Fizzles short cut blond hair was certainly what I would have preferred when I was younger.

Somehow I knew Fizzle was headed towards him so that he would join us. How strange that I should know what was intended for me.

Then, although I thought I knew, I asked Fizzle anyway, "is he going to come with us?"

Before he answered me, Fizzle was alongside the other man. Strangely Fizzle leant over him and kissed him softly on his lips, running his tongue gently over his friend's lips. Then Fizzle looked at me.

"Yes I want Zeong to please you too, as you are a woman who needs lots of gentle caressing to achieve ultimate orgasmic release," explained Fizzle.

As I watched Zeong kissed his friend back. It was a strange situation for me, as I had never been with a man who was also demonstratively gentle and intimate with another man in my presence.

I guessed that Zeong knew exactly what was required of him, because the kissing he kept enjoying with Fizzle told me so much about his desire for sex and his lack of inhibitions when it came to sex.

I had no way of knowing that kissing had become a secret way of communicating between the alien male sex slaves. For me kissing was something I had indulged in as a teenager. As a married woman I found that Barry's idea of a kiss was a peck on the cheek before he went off to sleep at night -- when he didn't feel like sex with me.

Eventually Zeong and Fizzle stopped kissing. As I was holding Fizzle's hand with my right hand, Zeong went around and held my left hand. As we three walked further along I drifted back to recollect the last time I'd been walking along with two men; one either side of me.

I had been 23 and on my way to visit my aunty down the coast. As I was short of cash I had been hitch hiking. Given the free flowing summery dress I was wearing was almost see through, I didn't expect it would take too long for some hot blooded guy to stop for me. I had been walking along for about 15 minutes when a HQ ute pulled up and two men about my age invited me to join them. The young man on the passenger side slid out of the ute so I could slide into the middle section of the ute's bench seat.

They had introduced themselves as Bill and Ben -- no they weren't the flower pot men! Like me they were at university, and while I was finishing my masters at ANU they were both in the early stages of PhDs at CU. We chatted like old friends as we sped down the highway towards Batemans Bay.

Then as I was feeling a bit tired I asked if they'd mind if I had a snooze. Both said they were fine with that, and as I pretended to go to sleep I leant over and snuggled myself against Bill. As he was careful to keep his hands to himself I could see he would need some more encouragement to take advantage of me.

As I snuggled against Bill I let my hand drift down onto the front of his pants. Was it my imagination or was he already feeling very friendly towards me? I gently rubbed the front of his pants and felt his hardness grow.

He was making some funny noises and next thing I knew Ben was asking, "mate are you okay? It sounds like you're in pain."

"I'm not in pain but if this girl keeps massaging my cock through my pants I think I'm gunna end up with a dirty great stain and a big wet patch on my shorts," laughed Bill.

"Sounds like fun. Perhaps we should pull over so I can join in," asked Ben, "I want some fun too you know."

I burst out laughing and said, "okay let's pull over and well have some fun under a tree or something. I'm so hot and turned on I hope you guys can make me feel great."

That was the day we walked through the fields together. In my two hands I held the hand of each of those young men. I remember the smell of the fields as we walked through them on our way to the cool shade where the three of us floated in an afternoon of blissful delight. I was so turned on just remembering that fantastic afternoon where those two young men pleasured me until I was completely satisfied.

And here I was in the now, walking with two very differently dressed men in my gym in Philip. I had never imagined that I would ever be walking towards the back of the huge room while holding hands with two men intent on satisfying me completely.

I felt that same sense of anticipation of sensual gratification that only come when a fantasy becomes an absolute reality. When two men lead you away for your pleasure what is there to do but entertain gratitude for the pleasure that is apparently imminent?

I could see that there were a large pile of floor mats near the back of the room. They led me to that pile of soft mats on the floor where I knew I would be taken as I had often dreamed I would be. We stopped and Fizzle looked at me.

As he looked into my eyes Fizzle said, "you watch and enjoy our show for you, and then you become centre of attention for us."

I stood there and watched as Zeong lay down on the mat. Initially I had expected they would want me to undress both the men and then climb on top of one cock while the other one slipped into my arse. Perhaps that had just been wishful thinking on my part? A girl can live in hope, can't she?

Truthfully I was simply amazed when Fizzle opened the front of his friend's shorts and started to play lovingly with his friend's enormously large cock. Fizzle had this unique manipulation technique that he used on his friend's throbbing cock. I had never seen anything like it before.

Zeong's cock was so long and hard. I was fascinated by how long and thin Zeong's cock was, and it looked like it was pulsating as his friend licked along the full length of its girth. I have a thing for cock, I love feeling them and Zeong cock looked good enough to eat too.

I was amused by the way the two men were wrapped up in each other's bodies. I began to feel a little insecure. Were they were too busy to notice me? I was also distracted by my feeling of lust, and funnily I was smiling to myself as it seemed like Zeong's cock almost had a mind of its own when it was leaping about as his friend licked it. Typical of men I thought to myself, their cocks always seemed to be directing their desires and actions in life.

Next I noticed Fizzle move his hand down to take something from the pocket of his shorts. Then once Fizzle had finished getting his friends cock rock hard he then covered his friend's hugely long penis in a shiny green liquid [that looked like a special kind of lubricant].

Then he turned to me and explained what he wanted me to do to with them. It sounded so invitingly exotic.

It was a challenge not to be euphoric about what I was being offered; it was a secret fantasy of mine since I had become addicted to gay porn in my early 20s. How could I do anything except nod my head in agreement with what was being planned for us to do together?

As Fizzle moved closer to me he kissed my lips so gently that it was almost as though he was using his silky soft lips to massage me all over my face. And as he did so I felt him run his hand over my butt, and as his exploring hands reach its intended destination beside my arse, I felt his hand caress the opening to my arsehole.

Unexpectedly he used his other hand to start smearing and then rubbing the lubricant all over my welcoming arse and then massage it up inside my opening. He slipped his fingers into my arse and liberally coated the inside of my hole with the lubricant; coating the inside of my arse with the strange and alien green slippery liquid.

Then as I had been instructed to do, I stood directly over the top of Zeong thighs; I was facing away from his face. Slowly, carefully, and with delightful anticipation I lowered myself onto his patient and invitingly succulent long thin throbbing cock. As I felt my welcoming arsehole come into contact with his breathtaking beautiful rock hard penis, I created the downward pressure I needed for him to slip inside my arse, and fill me with blissful pleasure. I delighted in my control of the pace, I wanted it to fill me, but I needed it to be gently fill me up; slowly and passionately. It was reassuring that I was being helped by Fizzle; his assistance allowed me to regulate the speed and ecstasy of the invasion of my lusty arse.

Unexpectedly my arse tingled wonderfully with an sensualness I was unfamiliar with, as I felt my orgasmic arse unexpectedly drawing in his cock in - as I was welcoming the long imagined invasion of my succulent arse. Whatever had been used to lubricate me, had also created muscular control that I had never experienced before, and therefore I knew my muscles would contract to begin the process of sucking and then locking Zeong's cock deep into my erotic tunnel of dirty love.

I was moaning in true delight, and begging him, "please, yes deeper, I need to have you right inside me. Let me suck you cock as deep as it will go inside my arse. I need it deeper. Ohhh yes, deeper!"

Strangely Zeong didn't say a word or make a sound. He just lay perfectly still to make sure my pleasure was ensured as I created the blissful sensual feeling glowing inside me. I was enjoying myself as I lowered myself onto his gorgeous cock.

Once I felt Zeong was buried completely inside my arse, I screamed out in satisfaction, "Ohhhh, yes, that's so good. Fabulous and good. You have completely filled me, and I feel like your cock is licking and kissing the inside of my arse. It soooo wonderful. Gorgeous. Ohhhh, so gorgeous."

My arse gripped his long throbbing cock like a vice so they he couldn't escape providing me with the erotic pleasure I deserved. I knew my holding his cock inside was for his pleasure too, but I was absolutely trapped in the exotic sensualness of my aggressive sexual contentment. I was enthralled by my use of his cock for my own horny butt quest to satisfying my burning desire!

Although I could feel the powerful body underneath me as I lay there on top of Zeong, I knew it was for my pleasure alone that his pulsating cock was jumping around inside my arse. I was being served, and it was my decision to lock his pleasurable cock inside myself. I knew that it was their intention that I understood it was my right to use him as my orgasmic toy.

As much as everything was actually as it should be, I was so looking forward to what was about to happen next! Fizzle smiled because he knew it was now his turn to service me. I knew he would be smitten with the prospect of serving a gorgeous woman's pussy like mine with his powerful silky long tongue.

He knelt down off the edge of the matt and between my radiantly open and inviting thighs. I observed his face as it was showing signs of the euphoria he felt as my powerful pussy aroma hit his nostrils and snared his thoughts.

While I wasn't a fountain, what was happening between my thighs could be aptly described as gushing. I was unexpectedly horny and juicy from my anticipation of the climax of sinful pleasure rarely offered to any woman. Peacefully I had noticeably reached a level of desire where I was drenched and incapable of controlling my own behavior. I rarely, if ever, had felt this horny.

Although out of character for me, I welcomed the lust take control of me, I adored it when I was in this type of lust filled mood. Although I was out-of-control I enjoyed being a prisoner of my own secret desires and along of path towards fulfilling my most secret desire.

Fizzle was licking and sucking me like he was unsure when he would ever enjoy it again. Trapped in his addiction to my pussy juice, I had no capacity for appreciating that it was so completely captivating, so addictive, that he was like a fly caught in spider's web. His mind told him how wonderful I tasted. He appreciated that greater succulent delights awaited him by pleasing me and creating a greater gushing flow of pussy juices from me.

I was beyond bliss and I was ordering him to please me, as I felt I should, "Yesss, yess, just there. A bit higher. Run it along me, right along me, and take big licks. Ohhhh, yes. Bigger licks. Even bigger!"

His eyes locked onto mine as his tongue swept across my pussy and onto my clit, and I yelled, "Ahhh, Mmmmmm, Ohhhh, yes, yes, please. More of those. Long strong licks, just like that. Yeeesss, again and again."

I wanted this beautiful powerful man to never stop eating and licking my tender and invitingly moist pussy up with his huge silky strong tongue. I wondered if Fizzle specialized in tongue fucking pussy.

He must have been well trained because next he used his tongue to quickly part the flesh surrounding my vagina. No man had ever had the strength in their tongue to do that before to me. He was giving me exactly what I had prayed he would do, by running his tongue with cruel tenderness along my passionately engorged pussy lips. My body and mind cried out for more as these long demandingly succulent strokes of luscious intensity went right along the full length of both side of my drenched pussy lips. It was exquisite and created a sexual intensity within me that meant that I was almost rigid with lust from the attention he was giving to my lips.

Never, in my estimation, had such a strong long delightful tongue delivered such welcomed pleasure for a woman's gushing pussy. I was overcome by the sensually erotic fire inside my arse and the tingling blinding explosion of compounding delight being lavished upon my pussy lips.

All I hoped was that after experiencing my arse full of a powerfully pulsating cock and my pussy suffering under constant erotic pleasuring, I would have a climax that would be as powerful as a magnet shift in the Earth's poles. For I knew it was a wild ride that was now fulfilling my most secretly held and desired fantasy.

After my earlier time with those two young men on their way down the coast, my fantasy had solidified itself into my psyche. Now that it was becoming a reality for me, I had decided that I was allowed to give myself over to wild unrestrained sex with these two handsome men who seemed totally engrossed in fulfilling my passionately held fantasy. Their bodies and their attitude towards me told me they were totally dedicated to my ultimate orgasmic attainment.

Given just how horny I was feeling, I knew that I would not be able to enjoy the sexual delights that I was experiencing without climaxing very soon. Knowing this was my ultimate delightful sexual experience and unlikely to be repeated, I was selfishly committed to my own dedicated and complete orgasmic gratification.

What I didn't know and never would was that Fizzle was now suffering the psychotropic effects of swallowing large quantities of my pussy's addictive nectar. The pussy juice that he had consumed was now beginning to have quite a profound effect on his sexual behavior and his appreciation of where he was right at that time.

Losing his grip on reality, through the overwhelming affects of her pussy juices, I just didn't understand why Fizzle had redoubled his tongue fucking efforts on my pussy. I wanted one other thing to make this experience perfect. Almost like he could read my mind, Fizzle made his long thin silky tongue rigid and began using it like a cock to fuck deep inside my vagina. He was reaching parts of my pussy never touch my a man's tongue before, it was utterly serene.

I was enjoying his wildly erotic and blissful attention. I wanted him to keep going. I tried unsuccessfully to grab his wild unrestrained tongue with my vagina but it was too wild and frantic in its attacked on my welcoming and horny pussy.

"Yum, yum, yum, Mmmmmm, licking, licking, yum and yummy," said Fizzle.

I had no idea what was happening. It had stopped being about pleasing me, and it seemed like Fizzle was just entertaining himself by licking my pussy until I couldn't cope with it anymore. What was happening to him, he seemed to be losing contact with reality, he was eating me like I was a magnificent ice-cream of uncontained lust. It was absolutely gorgeous in its pleasure of my pussy.

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