tagMind ControlAliens Ch. 02

Aliens Ch. 02












The Aliens were particularly interested in Hermaphrodites because of their dual genders, something that they could relate to their own sexuality. This examination would lay the groundwork for their transgendering stage which would come later.


Four Aliens were standing in the middle of the white room. There was a sudden burst of glowing light and Julia's and Emily's bodies began to materialize in the center of the room. They were fully clothed, unconscious and held in a standing position, about two feet up from the floor.

The Aliens approached them and removed their clothes, then brought their arms out level with their shoulders and spread their legs apart. While the invisible forces kept them in that position, a violet blanket of light encased their bodies from their shoulders and arms to the feet of their spread legs. In seconds all the hair on their bodies below their shoulders were removed. The Aliens looked curiously at their hairless genitals. Both had breasts, a labia, clitoris and a penis.


One of the Aliens waved a hand and both were put into a sitting position with their legs bent at the knees and spread apart. Their arms were brought down so they rested by their sides. Round 'tubes' of light rose up from the floor under their spread buttock cheeks. There was a slight flinching reaction from both of them as the 'tubes' entered their rectums. The 'tubes' turned bluish as a bowel cleansing liquid filled their lower intestinal tracts. In about a minute the 'tubes' retracted and yellowish balls rose up and settled onto the their buttocks. The balls soon changed to a brownish color as the contents of their bowels were evacuated.

The bluish liquid contained a prostate enhancer. Their semen production would be six times that of a normal male and their sexual rejuvenation would be within seconds if stimulation was present.

Finally, The Aliens released a inhaler gas into each of their mouths. Their preparation was complete. The inhaler gas included a mix of drugs that would:

1. Make them docile but keep them fully alert and aware.

2. A compliance drug that would compel them to follow 'suggestions'.

3. An aphrodisiac that would induce medium level sexual arousal.

Both were turned so they were 'sitting' in the air beside each other, about six feet in front of a white wall. The wall changed into a full length mirror. A short burst of a colorless vapor flowed down from the ceiling, bringing them out of their unconscious states.

The two Aliens left the room.

It took a few seconds for Julia and Emily to realize that they were no longer where they were just few moments ago. They were now in a white room sitting in the 'air' in front of a large mirror. They saw each other's naked and hairless bodies with their legs bent and spread wide apart.

There were gasps and cries of shock as the reality of their situation sunk into their minds. The drugs kept their fears and struggles to a minimum. In about a minute, the crying and struggling subsided as the drugs took full affect and sighs were heard as the arousal inducers spread throughout their bodies. Both were trying to stop any outward sign of their arousal from being seen. Small gasps were heard as their nipples stiffened, and their clitorises began protruding out from their protective hoods. Their penises tingled and stirred as they slowly grew to full erection. Preseminal fluids were beginning to ooze from the heads of their erections.

As their struggles ebbed their looked into the mirror each saw the other's aroused Hermaphrodite body. Their breathing quickened and their erections throbbed, Neither could break or wanted to break the visual connection.

Their erections and rigid clitorises would remain that way until the Alien's sessions were completed.

The Aliens wanted to analyze and compare the orgasmic fluids from each of them before the sexual research was started.

The Alien's Hermaphrodite version of a Sybian would be used.


The top portion of the Sybian was similar to a saddle, without the horn. On the surface of the 'saddle' was an oval outline and in front of that was an outline of a 3/4" circle. On the left side was a 3" circular outline.


Julia felt herself being moved toward the mirror and then was turned inward facing Emily. She could see the young Hermaphrodites intense stare at her aroused body. Julia's eyes and face registered her fears and nervousness.


The Hermaphrodite Sybian materialized in front of Julia. Her eyes opened wide when she saw the 'saddle' shaped device. The oval outline changed into multi-lipped labia massager. It was soft and pliable and was made up of dozens of small, self moving, suctioning 'lips' and 'mouths'.

A flexing tube replaced the 5/8" circle. The clitoral massager was a velvety 'mouth-like' tube. Its function was to stimulate the clitoris and when it became excited, would close over the erect organ with its internal suckling 'lips' and a 'tongue'. The Sybian's sensors would guide the clitoral massager to its target.

A clear, 3" tube rose up from the left side of the saddle. When it reached a height of about 14 inches, it arched inward and then downward. The lead 10" formed into an accordion like sheath. The sheath began to flex and squeeze as it expanded and contracted.

A 7.50" deep ribbed phallic, rose up between the lips of the labia massager. It was 1" thick and slowly expanded to 2.75" inches thick. The phallic was self lubricating and each rib pulsed and rippled independently. A hidden tube at the base of the phallic delivers the Sybian's ejaculant.

Julia's breath quickened when she saw all the parts begin to move. Soon the phallic rose up and she gasped when she saw the skewering ribs pulse and throb. It made three upward strokes and jettisoned its ejaculant.

The Sybian then returned every thing to its normal 'off' state. It slowly moved forward under her body and she heard the 'click' as it was locked into place. As soon as she lost sight of it, she closed her eyes and knowing that there was nothing she could do to stop it.


Emily looked wide-eyed at the Sybian when she saw the 'mouths' and 'lips' of the labia massager start to move. Julia felt her body slowly being lowered downward.

Emily watched her slow descent toward the 'saddle'.

Julia's breath came in quick pants.

"UHH!! UHH!! UHH!!"

She felt her sex make contact with warm, gel-like surface and then felt movement under her labia as the oval pattern changed and the labia massager's 'mouths' and 'lips' moved upward and made contact with her flared labia. The lips formed around the outer folds with a delicious suckling and massaging action.


Ecstatic sensations flooded her labia and spread inward into her vagina. The soft 5/8" mouth-like tube pushed through the circled opening and snuggled onto her protruding pink button. The contact caused her hips to buck forward and she gasped as her clitoris leaped out of its protective hood. The suckling 'mouth' slipped her over her engorged clitoris and she squealed in joy as the suckling 'mouth' and 'throat' encased her rigid organ of joy.


The Sybian's sensors detected the size and width of her erect member and a clear, 3" tube rose up from the left side of the saddle. As it arched inward below chest, the end formed into an accordion like sheath. Julia, saw the drooling sheath as it neared the tingling head of her erection. She gasped as a velvet-like sheath descended downward, onto the thick gland and then encased her engorged member.


The 'lips' that were between her swelling folds were pushed further apart and labia massager began sucking on the excited entrance to her vagina. The ecstatic sensations from both massagers and the rippling sheath caused bolts of joy to explode across her loins.


Julia felt the suckling 'mouths' and 'lips' explore her flaring and swollen 'folds'. More 'lips' slipped between them and joined in the teasing and caressing of the excited entrance to her womanhood.


Julia closed her dazed and aroused eyes, she began moving her excited sex back and forth on both massagers. Her mind became saturated with wonderful waves of joy that were cascading across her body. Soft slurping sounds could be heard as her juices mixed with the massager's slick 'lips'. Her excited vaginal entrance began clasping as her vagina spasmed and rippled with joy.

The accordion like sheath now began an ecstatic 'deepthroating' and the pulsing ribs clenched and milked her straining member. A stunned Julia felt the orgasmic pressures build at the base of erection and surge upwards toward the excited gland. Her first ejaculation exploded out of her excited 'manhood'. The thick essence gushed and spurted into the feasting, sucking 'mouth' of the Sybian's vagina-like sheath.


Julia's ecstatic mind couldn't believe the unexpected force of her ejaculation and she closed her eyes savoring the delicious aftershocks. His arousal never abated and her rigid penis throbbed as the wonderful flexing sheath and its pulsing ribs glided up and down her engorged erection.

Julia was jolted out of her euphoric daze when she felt a slight pulsing pressure nudge against her vaginal opening. The nudging pressure built and Julia gasped when she felt the entrance to her vagina being gently opened. She knew the phallic was at the portal to her womanhood.


Julia felt the warm liquid oozing from the thick head and a delicious warmth spread around her eager entrance. She felt the opening widen and the warmth spread inward. Her inner lips stretched ecstatically over the pulsing head and Julia moaned as waves of pleasure flooded her sex.


Julia pushed down and ground her vaginal entrance against around the slowly advancing head of the phallic. Her body now hungered for more of her Sybian Lover. The Sybian was in no hurry and nudged inward slowly and deliciously.


Julia's arousal exploded and she moaned as the ecstatic sensations rippled into her enflamed vaginal cavern. As the phallic slipped inward, so did the number of the expanding and contracting ribs. She wailed in ecstasy as her vaginal muscles rippled in sync with the pulsing ribs. The suckling clitoral 'throat' made her organ of joy and straining hardness feel as though they were going to explode.


The probed now sunk deeper into her enflamed passage. It twisted and turned, pulsed and purred as it explored the eager sheath. Soon its seven and half inches of warm undulating thickness made Julia's mind reel with its ecstatic fullness. The phallic partially withdrew then slipped back in.

Her hands tightened their grip on the side wails for support.


It began an ecstatic rhythm, all out then all in, slow then fast. The massaging 'lips' now extended themselves and began a delicious suckling all around Julia's swollen and excited folds of her labia. Her engorged clitoris jerked and throbbed as orgasmic tingles radiated from it. Her head thrashed back and forth gasping and moaning.


The undulating probe thickened. Thousands of tiny cilia-like fingers pushed outward from the body of the phallic and started massaging and caressing her enflamed vaginal walls. Julia screeched as jolts of ecstasy shot across her sex. Her mind and body were catapulted into a sexual frenzy.


Julia couldn't keep up with her frantic counter thrusts and she slumped down onto her Sybian Lover and let the waves of ecstasy explode across her body.

The vagina-like sheath now began to push Julia toward her orgasmic trip point. It clenched and squeezed its way up and down her engorged member like a deep sucking mouth and throat. Excruciating, ecstatic sensations gripped the throbbing, tingling gland.

The clitoral massager now intensified its sucking actions. The clenching 'lips' and 'throat' rippled along the full length of her mini erection- like organ. The excruciating, ecstatic sensations gripped her throbbing, swollen folds. Julia felt as though dozens of warm, wet tongues and 'lips' and mouths were devouring her enflamed sex.

Her wails echoed around the room.


At the same time the phallic began deep, full length thrusts. Julia was close to fainting as the flood of sensations exploded across her body.


Julia was now at her orgasmic trip point and her Sybian Lover knew it.

Suddenly, the phallic lunged inward and stopped. It swelled to a full 2.75 inches inside Julia's enflamed vagina. The pulsing ribs along it flexing length teased and tantalized the sensitive nerve endings of her clasping vaginal walls. Julia hunched ecstatically and her hips ground excited sex onto both massagers, she then thrust upward burying her enraged 'manhood' into the 'deep throating' sheath.

The Sybian unleashed forceful torrents of its ejaculant which gushed and jettisoned into Julia's spasming cavern causing the vaginal sheath to ballooned ecstatically.

Julia screeched as waves of ecstasy flooded her body. Her own orgasm was unleashed. Her vagina went into deep convulsions, her organ of joy exploded and Julia's total, climatic orgasm was unleashed. Her straining hardness jumped and jerked within the Sybian's milking vagina and her second long, thick stream of semen jettisoned into the waiting 'mouth' of her Lover.


Julia screamed as the orgasmic waves hit her. Her hands fisted and her toes curled. Her legs shot outward in the air in a wide 'V'. They kicked franticly as deep orgasmic spasms and convulsions racked her body.

The Sybian coaxed a second, body wide orgasm to explode across her body and Julia's orgasmic wail echoed again echoed around the room.


Julia's body went into orgasmic overload and she lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she recovered, her body was still in the throes of orgasmic aftershocks. The phallic was still twisting and plunging. Her body quickly rode another orgasmic wave which again pushed Julia into a sexual frenzy.

Her convulsing body thrashed and squirmed, her head twisted from side to side. Her clitoris was jerking wildly within the suckling 'mouth'. The phallic exploded again. The thick mix of Sybian ejaculant and vaginal juices oozed past her swollen and flared folds drenching her thighs and the saddle.

Julia's entire body became one entire orgasmic sensation.


Julia gasped loudly as all the sensations from her excited erection, rigid clitoris and spasming vagina together.

Her whole body went on hold as her third thick load of thick semen entered the base of her erection. It undulated its way up her quivering erection. It stalled and played with the most sensitive of 'male' glands, the crown of her penis. It thickened and pulsed as the liquid joy swirled and played with the excited head and then exploded out the wide open slit. Her mouth opened wide to scream but no sound came out. As the rushing force of semen jettisoned out of her erection she wailed in ecstasy.


This time Julia's exhausted and drained body shutdown and the Sybian slowly whirred to a stop, still deeply imbedded within her body. Slowly Julia recovered and she cooed and gurgled as deep aftershocks rippled throughout her body.

"AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!"

As her mind cleared, she moaned softly knowing that her 'purring' Sybian Lover was still deeply imbedded within her.


Both massagers and slowed to a soft and gentle purring action and she rested on the soft, wet surface of the saddle as her body came done from its orgasmic highs. The Sybian slowly withdrew from her body. The mouth on her still rigid clitoris withdrew and it stood hard in the air.

The vagina-like sheath moved upward, slipping away from her still engorged member. As it cleared the slick head, Julia's 'manhood' throbbed in the air in front of her abdomen.

She groaned as the Sybian's phallic slowly withdrew out of her clasping womanhood. A loud slurping sound was heard as the thick head slipped past her reluctant inner lips. Torrents of ejaculant and vaginal juices gushed from the gaping entrance as her vagina returned to its normal size.

Julia moaned with disappointment as the wonderful fullness left her body.


The Sybian had routed her spewing orgasmic fluids from the labia massager to its analysis container. The 'vaginal' sheath routed her semen to a separate container.

Julia was returned to her position beside Emily. She saw Emily's highly aroused body and dazed look. Emily with a whimper, felt herself being moved forward toward the mirror and then turned so she faced Julia.

Both knew what was about to take place. This time, Julia could see the Sybian and her heart raced knowing how much joy it had given her.

She watched as it made love to the young Hermaphrodite and gasped when she saw the huge amounts of semen being jettisoned into the 'deep throating' sheath. She now knew what she looked like when when she was in her orgasmic throes with her Sybian Lover.

A stunned and still highly erect Emily was returned to her position beside Julia. They nervously smiled at each other, both wanted it to end and both wanted it to continue.


Julia was moved in front of Emily and both were put into a standing position facing each other and at the same time, a gel-like bed materialized near the mirrored wall.

The two Hermaphrodites stood in front of each other and looked with desire and need at each other's aroused nakedness. Julia drew close to Emily and they embraced, their naked bodies pressed excitedly against each other. Their firm breasts and erect nipples pressed deliciously against each other and their 'manhoods' throbbed against their abdomens.

Emily closed her eyes waiting for Julia to kiss her. She felt the soft touch of Julia's lips and then felt the warm moist tongue slip back and forth along her slightly parted lips.

Emily sighed as she opened her lips allowing Julia's tongue to slip inward. Their tongues touched and began dancing and playing with each other. Emily sighed as they kissed deeply and passionately.


Emily felt Julia shift her hips and the moan got louder when the two erections pressed and throbbed against each other.

"MMM!! MMM!! MMM!!"

Julia shifted her hips and the sensitive underside of their slick erections came in contact with each other.

Emily broke the kiss as the ecstatic sensations caused her to gasp with joy.

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