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Aliens Ch. 07A



























The Aliens had now advanced to a point where they have established an international network of human contacts within the medical and pharmaceutical professions. Once a bond of trust and silence was established between the Aliens and their contacts, information was shared.

Communication from Alien to human was via Telepathy.

One of the most requested 'services' was for corrective medical assistance for humans with severe genital defects or injury. This was not within their original Mission plan but this changed with the success of their Plant and GEL technology.


Sara, 32, had just returned from the Alien's craft after a morning of conferences. She is a professional guidance counselor and also a 'consulting' psychiatrist for the Aliens. Her work with the Aliens involves counseling the human 'subjects' that have been transgendered or enhanced. The Aliens have, on numerous occasions, offered Sara her own personal enhancements but she always declined citing workload. She is single, rarely dates and her social life is almost non-existent. Her virginal sex life consists of 'toys' and a much loved Sybian.

A year ago, Sean, a 72 year old widower, moved into the house next door and into her life.

It started when a storm toppled a small tree in her back yard and Sean rented a chain saw and chipper. He removed the tree and cleaned the yard.

It became almost a ritual for them to spend an hour in the evening together on Sara's porch talking and enjoying each other's company. In time, their conservations became more personal and each began sharing their inner thoughts with each other.

One evening, Sean told Sara that if he were twenty years younger he would give her a run for her money. Something deep inside Sara rose to the surface and for the first time in her life, she looked at a man and knew she wanted to be with him forever but a feeling of despair entered her mind knowing that a 40 year old barrier was blocking the way for any kind of relationship.

While conferring with one of the Alien's over a 'subject' case, she let slip the fact that she was in a close relationship with an older man and was becoming depressed knowing that it wasn't going to end well.

The Alien passed the information onto to its 'selection' group and about a week later, Sara was informed that, if she wished it, they could perform an Age Regression procedure on Sean. Since Sean would be physically matched to her, it would be best, for both of them, if she accepts the offer for her own sexual enhancements. After a little hesitation, Sara agreed, but she had no idea how she was going to approach Sean.

In a few days fate or destiny was about to rear up and make Sara's and Sean's decision's for them. Sean, true to his character, was standing in the street with his arms outstretched, stopping traffic, while a mother duck and her ducklings were crossing the street. A horrified Sara saw a driver hit him from behind. She immediately called 911 and then she contacted the Aliens.

No one saw the vortex of light that filled the ambulance that was rushing Sean to the hospital. The minds of the EMT's, the driver and Police were filled with a 'no injury' and 'no fault'.

Sean and Sara were transported to the Alien's medical facility within the craft, where he was treated for his injuries. This part of the ship was dedicated to the medical treatment of humans that were part of the Alien's trusted network. Its design and layout closely resembled that of a hospital and the visitor suites equaled those of a long term resident hotel.

While she waited for Sean to recover, she was given a suite to stay in. She met Julie, the Chief Nurse, and over the next two weeks they became close friends. Julie told Sara that Sean would be sufficiently recovered in about three weeks and his Age Regression could then take place. She also advised Sara that since his memories would be changed, it would be best if Sean didn't know what was going to happen to him. She also told Sara that her enhancements could be done the same day.

Sara smiled and nodded.


On the morning of 12th day, a nurse entered Sean's room and told him that that he was scheduled for some more tests. She wheeled him into a 'Restricted' room marked 'Radiology and Diagnostic'.

He smiled when he saw Julie waiting for him. What he didn't know, was that Sara was waiting in Julie's office.

From this moment on the Alien's Operations Center would be observing all of Sean's and Sara's procedures and recording the results.

Julie said,

"Were going to make sure that you are all healed and we haven't missed anything."

First, go into the bathroom, remove your gown and give yourself the Fleet enema that is on the vanity. When finished, take a shower ... don't forget to put on the shower cap."

A nervous Sean walked into the bathroom, he didn't like enemas.

Julie switched 'on' the HD monitor to the bathroom.

Sean made sure the door to the bathroom was closed. He winced when he read the directions on the box. He laid down on the carpeted floor and put himself into the 'knee to chest' position. He cringed as he inserted the three inch Fleet nozzle into his rectum and administered the enema to himself. He waited until the pressure became to much too hard to bear and then expelled the contents of his lower bowel into the toilet.

When finished, he turned on the multi-head shower, put on the shower cap and stepped into the warm waters. The jets from the floor, ceiling and the sides flowed into every nook and cranny of his body.

Julie pressed a button on her console that mixed a permanent depilatory into the shower's flowing waters. Soon Sean was sighing as delicious 'popping' sensations were felt all over body. His legs parted as the exquisite feelings spread onto his arms, legs, genitals and between the spread cheeks of his buttocks.

Julie smiled when she saw Sean's shrunken penis and balls come into her view. A common and disappointing condition of a male as he grows older.

Sean opened his eyes and he gasped when he saw all the hair on his body slowly dissolving and being washed away. The sensations of the exploding bubbles slowly subsided and Julie changed the jets back to a normal flow of water.

Sean picked up the bottle of liquid soft-soap that he saw sitting on the corner ledge, stepped back from the flowing waters, and began to liberally apply the liquid silkiness to his body. As his hands spread the silky soap of his chest, areolas and small male nipples, he felt a pleasant tinglyness spread across his chest.

His hands acquired more of the sensuous liquid and did the same to his nuded penis and balls. When his slick hands and fingers began caressing his penis and testicles, another set of set of sensations rippled across his loins. Long lost memories of his younger sexual life flashed into his mind and he looked with disappointed eyes at his limp penis.

Julie saw the look and thought to herself,

'Hang in there Sean, that will all change.'

Sean stepped back into the flowing waters and washed the silky soap from his body. When finished, he turned the waters off and opened the misty shower door and saw his naked and hairless body in the mirror. He saw his 72 year old body with its flabby frame and pot belly. He wondered how Sara could see anything in him. At least he could now see his small penis.

After drying himself off, he walked back into the preparation room. He blushed knowing his nakedness was more prominent than before.

Julie smiled reassuringly and said,

"Climb onto the this gurney and we will start your tests."

Sean laid himself on the non-magnetic gurney and was thankful when Julie spread a modesty sheet over his nakedness. She inserted an IV into his right arm and within seconds, Sean was rendered unconscious.


The nurse wheeled Sean into the advanced CT and MRI room. Julie walked beside him.

A long probe was inserted in his intestinal tract, another down his throat and a thinner one into his urethra that made its way into his bladder. The chemicals from the IV in his arm were now flowing throughout his body, targeting all his organs, brain and bodily orifices. The nurse wheeled Sean into the 'scanner' and Julie watched the monitor intently. In 17 minutes, the Aliens had a detailed map of the state of his body. The computers tagged and prioritized all of the parts of his body that were in the process of deterioration.

Julie changed the IV bottle. A new chemical was injected into his body that targeted his memory. The Aliens would extract images buried deep in Sean's long term memory. Specifically, they were looking for images of how he looked or how he perceived himself when he was in his early thirties. They also extracted his physical images relating to sports and fitness.

The last test was of Sean's penis. Sensors recorded the flaccid length and width. Sara injected Sean with an arousal inducer into IV and his penis quickly soared to full erection. The sensors recorded the measurements of his erection.

1. Penis Flaccid: 2.00" L x 1.00" D

2. Penis Erect: 3.50" L x 1.25" D

The Aliens now how had everything they needed, including an in depth DNA analysis.

The computers created an image of Sean's body showing how he would look after the Age Regression session.

The gurney was pulled out of the scanner and the IV and probes were removed from his body.

A still unconscious Sean was wheeled back into the main room.

Julie entered her office and sat down with a nervous Sara. She turned on the monitor and showed Sara the pictures of how Sean and how his body would look after his Age Regression. The beaming smile on Sara's face said it all. She then saw Sean's small genitals and looked at Julie with a puzzled expression on her face.

Julie smiled and said,

"That is why you are here now."

Julie selected 'Male Genitals' on the screen and a close up view was shown of Sean's penis and testicles.

Penis flaccid: 2.00" L x 1.00" D

Penis erect: 3.50" L x 1.25" D

Julie pointed to the available selections,

1. Flaccid Penis length.

2. Flaccid Penis width.

3. Erect Penis length.

4. Erect Penis width

The left/right arrow keys would do the adjusting.

With a few giggles from both of them, Julie showed Sara the visuals of how his penis and erection might could like. She explained that Sara's vaginal enhancements would become a match for Sean's erection. His testicles would be in the correct proportion to his penis, new prostate and semen/sperm production.

In a few minutes, Sara had made her selections.

Penis flaccid: 5.00" L x 1.25" D

Penis erect: 7.75" L x 2.75" D

Julie entered and locked Sean's genital information into the computers. She then explained to Sara, that once the Age Regression was complete, Sean would have no recollection of his current age or life. He would be as he was when he was 32 and his memories and bonding would be only of her.

Julie asked the nurse to escort Sara to the Observation Room and walked back to Sean.

"It is time for me to open and honest with you. You are not in a normal hospital but in a medical facility that is belongs to an Alien life form. Like me, Sara is a consulting doctor on their staff."

Sean smiled at Julie's humor.

Julie waited until her words had sunk in and she saw the smile on his face disappear.

"You were brought here at Sara's request because the Alien's technology has the ability to reverse the aging process. It can restore your body and your mind to that when you were in your early thirties. All the knowledge that you have accumulated over you life will stay in your brain. The bottom line is that you and Sara can restart your lives together."

Sean thought about it for a few minutes. A chance of a new life was being offered to him and then a grateful smile spread across his face.

Julie patted Sean on the shoulder and said,

"Were getting things setup now for your Age Regression, it will be just a minute or two."

Suddenly, Sean looked at Julie and in barely a whisper said,

"What about that part of me that is down 'there'?"

Julie smiled and whispered back,

"You and Sara are going to be a perfect match for each other."

Julie saw a moistness fill Sean's eyes before he closed them.

Sean was wheeled into the Enhancement and Transgendering Theater. The Alien's research and medical staff were already seated would view the entire process.

Sara saw Sean being lifted from the gurney and put onto what resembled a combined barber and gynecological chair. His legs were put onto the leg supports and his arms were raised up and put into the arm supports, level with his shoulders. Restraints were applied to his ankles and wrists.

A nervous Sean looked about his surroundings, his heart beat faster when he saw the theaters seats filled with his Alien audience. Julie explained that the restraints were necessary to prevent him from disrupting the process. He nodded his understanding and then he saw Sara sitting behind a glass wall smiling back at him. He nervousness abated slightly and then he remembered that he was naked and in a very compromising position. A deep blush washed across his face.

Sara smiled and gave him the thumbs up sign.


** The 'chair' is a unique computerized device that can move a

** restrained subject into any position, sitting, laying, kneeling

** or standing. It has no seat, only soft gel-like supports for the

** legs, buttocks, back and arms. Foot rests, along with restraints

** are embedded within the ends of the leg supports.


** The GEL restraining system can hold any part or parts of a

** subject's body without discomfort.


** Any part of the 'chair' can release skin absorbing chemicals.

** These range from sedatives to aphrodisiacs to enhancements or

** transgendering drugs. The 'chair' is currently programmed for

** Sean's age-regression.


** Below the 'chair' is a floor tile with a grid of holes on its

** surface. Under the tile is GenTech's high tech GEL life form.

** It will rise up through holes and onto Sean's body. The GEL

** will be used for Sean's sexual enhancements.


The Chair's gel-like surface now secreted its age roll-back chemicals which were quickly absorbed into Sean's body. They included a sedation drug to minimize the sometimes painful cramps that would grip his body.

Sean felt a wonderful warmth flood his body and he closed his eyes and sighed,


Sara saw that the process had started, she crossed her fingers and looked intently at Sean.


Within seconds he felt mild, but not painful cramps that rippled up and down his body. His head ached and he felt nauseated. His skin felt clammy, cool and tight as the cramps spread throughout his body.

A tube rose up from under the Chair with a thick pliable funnel shaped end. Julie guided it so nestled between the spread cheeks of his buttocks, resting gently against his rectum. She then pulled a thin clear tube out of the right side of Chair and after lubricating it, inserted the tube into his urethra and pushed it into his bladder. An embarrassed Sean closed his eyes when he felt Julie holding his penis while she inserted the catheter.

In about 30 seconds, Sean fought a powerful urge to have a bowel movement and his bladder felt like it was about to explode. His bowel evacuation was half solid and half liquid and a continuous stream of urine flowed from the catheter in his penis. Everything was analyzed. Sean, closed his eyes in embarrassment, knowing that Sara was watching him.

Sean's body was converting his excess fat into water and expelling it through his intestinal track and bladder. The Chair's chemical secretions would remap his DNA and genetic makeup. His muscle tissue and internal organs were about to be renewed and refreshed.

Another wave of cramps flowed up and down his body, this time a lot more painful, but bearable. His chest and abdominal muscles were being toned and tightened. The results of years of 'couch' sitting and lack of exercise were being reversed. His arms, thighs and legs joined in on the painful cramps.


They soon subsided and another bowel evacuation took place. The flow of urine was continuous. After the painful cramps ebbed, Sean opened his eyes. In the HD monitor, the first thing Sean saw was that all the gray hair on his head was now dark brown, as it was 40 years ago.

He looked more closely at the monitor and couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. The flab hanging from his arms, neck and chin were gone. His abdomen was flatter, the pot belly that had been with him for so many years was gone. His abdomen was flat, with the abs muscles well defined. The GEL clock was now counting down on how much time Sean had left before losing all recollections of his current self.

The urine flowed slowed to a trickle.

For the next minute or two, the Operations Center analyzed the results of Sean's bowel evacuations and urine.


The Operations Center tweaked the Chair's programming. A milder, more pleasant, form of cramps gripped his body from head to toe. All his age related aches, pains and diseases were being eradicated.

His compliant mind accepted his new, youthful body. He leaned back into the Chair's soft supports and sighed as a wonderful warm flush spread across his younger body. The Chair's chemicals included a memory 'corrector' that erased all memories of how he looked now, in the present, and replaced them with the memories that were extracted from his mind when he was in his early thirties.

The GEL clock stopped and Sean was no longer 72. His mind was totally that of a 32 year old programmer. His memories were not of his family but of his true love Sara and their close friend Julie.

A frown spread across his face when he saw his small penis and balls. Julie saw the look and leaned in close to his ear and whispered,

"Down 'there', is next."

The anal attachment slipped away and Julie removed the catheter, much to Sean's relief.


Julie nodded at the Operations Center and in a few seconds the gridded tile rose up under the Chair. It stopped less than an inch under Sean's buttocks and the GEL began to flow upward through the grid of holes.

Sean flinched and shifted his hips when he felt the GEL make contact with his skin and then felt the warm thickness flow onto the spread cheeks his buttocks and under his thighs.


The GEL secreted a mix of chemicals that were immediately absorbed into the skin of his buttocks. One was a sedation drug and the other a mild aphrodisiac.

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