tagTransgender & CrossdressersAliExpress and Sissy Downfall Pt. 09

AliExpress and Sissy Downfall Pt. 09


Charlie stood wobbling slightly, on the 5 inch heels. Legs a little apart to accommodate the very substantial base of the Fenrir Dragon cock currently stretching her wide open, holding her buttocks apart and her asspussy wide open with the 2 1/2 inch diameter. She felt better now, shattered and tired but she was basking in the looks of approval from both her Master and Mistress. Finally she felt she was pleasing them, becoming who she should be.

Tim stepped in front of her and slowly placed one hand on her left buttock his other cradling the side of her face, he looked deep into her hazy eyes and whispered "You really are starting look like the wife we agreed you would become, you are becoming a much better version of yourself, truly giving yourself to me and your Mistress. Well done baby girl."

"Thank you Master, thanks so much. That's all I want to do, is please you both." Charlie was breathless at this show of genuine affection.

"Good girl, be proud of yourself."

"Yes Master thank you."

"Here now lets get your poppers topped back up, you'll be glad you did."

Tim nodded to Emma who opened the bottle in her hand and moved over to her sissy husband, they took it in turns to take long deep sniffs at the open bottle, making them both woozy and ever more horny, Emma gently kissed her sissy husband, her tongue dipping in between her husbands luscious lips. She was also stroking Charlies clit through the cage as they sniffed, adding to her torment.

"I think she needs a little slut lip gloss, don't you Emma."

With that Emma reached under her short skirt, opening her legs wider and and then caressing her own wet pussy with her index finger, she coated it in her fresh juices and then gently applied it over Charlies deep burgundy lipstick. For good measure she coated her fingers again and coated the inside of Charlie's nostrils, so her smell would be inescapable to the sissy.

Tim took control once again "Right enough of this, let's get off to see Andy. Thanks Jim, no doubt she'll be a bad girl or a disappointment at some point in the future and will need some further training, I hope that's OK with you."

"Of course it is? she did really well, especially for her first time, always happy to have a good pig back any time, next time though, I think she'd probably benefit from a full weekend. That always takes them to a much deeper subspace, one it's hard to come back from, if you know what I mean.

Charlie grimaced and shuddered at the thought, hoping Tim would simply respond by saying that would never be necessary" But that was not to be.

Tim responded to Jim, "Well If she's a real disappointment then we'll book her in for at least a long weekend, fuck it maybe even a full week, that sounds great to me and now she knows just what that would mean compared to the few hours she had to suffer today.

Charlie reeled at the thought of being in the piggery for that long, even days on end, spending hour after hour strapped to the bench she vowed to herself that she'd do her utmost to please her husband and Master.

Emma eagerly led the way out of the door, Tim walked behind her and stroked her ass as she walked and Charlie brought up the rear. She was just concentrating on not falling over in the heels that were padlocked to her ankles. In a vain attempt to balance she sashayed her hips from side to side.

Jim watched her gold clad ass swaying out of the door and thought next time, he might want to use her on his own for a while, she really was a good pig, in fact he might just use her on his own for a full 48 hours and sod the rest of the depraved clientele he had. The thought of how malleable she would be after 48 hours of only feeding on his piss and cum really did give him a boner. In his view, when you starved pigs of food for long enough they just craved more and more protein. Even if they hated the taste at first, you could get them to the stage where they needed their fix, and would revel in consuming as much as they were fed. He could see that with Charlie he could get her to that stage, he was sure of it. And Jim knew full well how to get pigs there quickly so he could keep them in that condition, so that they were desperate to please and even more desperate to feed. Just how he liked them.

Just walking to the cab was having an effect on Charlie, the weight of her new heavy tits pulling her chest forward, although they affected her balance, she loved the feeling of them, more womanly and she felt hot with almost real tits. Then the incessant rubbing on her prostate by the ridged, tongue shaped tip of the huge plug, wedged deep within her butt. Her exposed clit head rubbing on the PVC body zip with every stride, all in all she was utterly turned on and loving the feeling of embracing her slutty persona. As the poppers made her mind swirl she realized she was hungry and thought for the first time that she might want to be fed more cum, she now knew it was good for her.

The cab drew up and Tim opened the rear door for Emma to jump into, he motioned to Charlie who bent and gingerly, carefully got into the car. As she slowly got it Tim took advantage of her position and pushed the plug a little deeper into his slut as she bent to put one leg into the car. As she sat down fully on the plug an involuntary moan slipped out of her mouth, her hand moved to her mouth as if to push the moan back in, she realized it was just too loud.

"Sorry, she's a little high tonight." Tim explained to the cab driver.

"No problems when they look as hot as she does mate. She can moan all she likes."

Charlie smiled at the "she" reference. Emma slipped her hand onto her husbands goose bumped thigh and slid her fingers up under the short hem of the dress to rub the nub of her hubby's little clit head in its metal cage, making her moan a little more.

She snuggled up to her sissy wife and rested her head on her shoulder. "This is just the start you know baby, it'll just get better and better from here, you'll be the best fag wife ever and I love the way you are really embracing it now. It's so good that we can do this together and that you don't need to hide your gurly side from me any more. Tim says Andy is really going to help your journey, it's so, so exciting. You'll look so sexy after you've seen him. I just can't wait."

Charlie was extremely horny and so high she could barely make sense of he wife's comments, but she just wanted to agree with any proposal, to keep pleasing her wife and new husband more and more.

Within a few minutes, they arrived at Andy's place, nothing special from the outside but a surprise once inside. Emma helped Charlie to get out of the car, each foot being very carefully placed, before she pulled her to her feet.

Tim knocked on the door and then they heard a number of heavy latches being drawn back and the door was opened. Andy stood smiling, still wearing the leather trousers he'd had on earlier. "Here you are again in front of me Charlie, I did say we'd meet again."

Charlie couldn't help herself as she stared at his bulging package. She remembered his huge PA piercing with a mix of fear and excitement, but now with an added tinge of longing.

"Come on in and let's get started on this transformation. I'm really excited about this one." Andy looked very excited about

They all entered a pristine room, filled with stainless steel, a gynae chair with stirrups and a massage table. The room was dimly lit overall, but with pools of light on the chair and benches. Classical music playing quietly an aroma candle flickering in the corner. It felt serious and stylish to Charlie.

"Emma, please take off her dress and then help her into the chair and open up the crotch zip so Andy has access."

"Yes Master." Charlie smiled at that.

Emma did as she was instructed and got Charlie lying back on the chair as she then helped her lift her legs into the stirrups. She didn't need to be asked, she knew to attach the heavy leather straps around Charlies thighs, knees, ankles and chest locking her in place. She then opened Charlies crotch zip from her belly button down and pushed it as high at the back as she could.

Her husbands sissy smooth butt cheeks were explicitly on display as was the base of the huge plug lodged deep inside her boi pussy. And above those the shrivelled cock in it's miniscule steel cage alongside the very large shaved balls and baggy scrotum hanging down obscenely out of place.

As Andy sat is his swivel chair and slid into place between Charlies legs, he stroked her cock and saw it stiffen slightly, as her asshole twitched causing the butt plug to be pulled in a little deeper.

He turned to Tim, "So the guiche first?"

"Actually Andy I think we might need to give Charlie one last bit of training and fun before she has the procedure done, what do you think Emma, are you ready, would you like to truly take control of your dirty, slutty husband and show her the future that faces her."

"God yes please Master, can we do it now?"

"We can and I think it's time, time to make her your puppet whore in reality."

Andy gave the chair to Emma who placed herself between her sissy husbands splayed legs. She stroked the stocking clad legs of her hubby as he moaned with anticipation. Andy passed her a large bottle of silicon lube and she heavily coated both of her hands whilst looking into her husbands wide eyes. Charlie was trying to lift her head off the head rest to see her wife more clearly. Andy took the opportunity of the raised head to lock a large black ball gag into place in Charlies mouth.

Andy picked out the bottle of pig sweat from the bag and after he took a long few sniffs himself, he soaked two large cotton buds with the liquid before placing one in each of Charlies nostrils, before long she was going to be flying high. "This should help her a little Emma." Andy held them out to Emma and she took two long pulls on the bottle breathing in as deeply as she could. With the gag stopping Charlie breathing through her mouth, all her breaths were now through her nostrils and that maximized the amount of poppers going straight into her system, with each and every breath.

Charlie had absolutely no idea what was about to happen, her head now resting on the head rest, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the feelings the Pig Sweat was giving her. Even in her current state the puppet comment might normally have meant something to her, but her brain was truly befuddled by the whole situation.

Emma began to work on getting the plug out of her husbands asshole, working it in and out making Charlie moan and groan into the ball gag. Emma gently pulled making the underside of the knot open her sissy husband wide. Then she rotated the plug trying to stretch the hole on each side before she concentrated on getting just one side of the plug to work its way out of the side of her clenching asshole. Once she had that she slowly rotated it so that finally the knot of the dragon plug was released from her sissy wife. As her ass hole gave up it's hold on the plug Charlie screamed into the gag. The moment of absolute agony, then release and relief, followed by the inevitable loss and feeling of emptiness.

Tim looked on smiling as Emma didn't miss a beat, she simply placed the plug on the floor with one hand whilst she pushed her first bunched fingers to maintain the gape as best she could. Her first 3 fingers entered easily and pushed further and further straight up to the second knuckle, then pressing forward in time to open Charlie up more and more. Working her hands as though she was kneading clay for a pot. She was stretching and working the rim of her sissy husbands asshole, stretching it more and more, to louder and louder moans from the sissy.

Then she held her formed hand, with the fingers stretching out together and pushed until it met the point of total resistance. She looked up at Charlie and said "Now it's time to bear down and take my fist bitch, I'm not going to push it in, you are going to push down against those straps and claim your rightful place as a dirty whore, a fag wife and an ass fist slut, do you understand?"

Charlie nodded vigorously as he'd secretly longed and fantasized about this moment. The moment his wife totally took ownership of him, when he became her puppet and plaything. She'd been fisted by a number of pro-domme Mistresses before, but now it was time for the real thing.

Charlie began to bear down as hard as she could, screaming into the gag, taking in long ragged sniffs on the poppers, loading up her mind as she concentrated on trying to push her wife's fist out of her completely as she knew from experience that would have the exact opposite effect. As she bore down her asshole opened one last little bit, almost imperceptibly. As it did, Emma knew what to do and gently pushed forward against the pushing of her husbands muscles, one final bit of resistance was felt and the hand would not go it, yet.

Tim removed the gag for a moment.

"What do you want Emma to do now Charlie, what do you want?"

"I want her to fist me, to take me and own me Master." Charlie was gasping for air trying to accept the intrusion of her wife.

"The beg her bitch, beg her to make you hers and mine."

"Please fuck me with your fist Mistress, stuff me with your hand, make me your bitch, whore, puppet, now please, I beg you." As she finished the sentence, Tim locked the ball gag back in place.

Emma smiled "As you request bitch, here it comes." Emma gasped in awe as the two opposing forces inevitably had their reaction. Charlies ass stretched just enough to then allow the widest part or Emma's hand to enter her sissies body. Once the rim had gone over the knuckles then the very widest part of her hand she let it go in a few more millimetres before pulling back out a fraction.

Charlie was screaming into the gag as she kept her hand at the very widest part, enjoying the massive stimulation she was giving her husband even though she knew full well it was agony for Charlie.

Tim looked into Charlies eyes, now she truly owns you, once a wife has fisted her husband, that's it. You're no longer a man, the man you once were, is now gone. She is pushing and pulling the very last vestiges of masculinity out of you. What will be left is simply a sissy fag bitch, nothing more, ever, for the rest of your miserable life. It's what you were meant to be, your destiny

Charlie hadn't noticed that the entire scene was being filmed on a number of cameras on tripods catching each development and every groan in high definition detail.

Emma was warming to the task now going in as deep as she could now that she had made her hand into a proper fist in the bowels of her husband, she punch fucked his asshole, the rim gripping her forearm as she went in as deep as she could. Charlie was whimpering into the gag, tears dripping down her cheeks.

As her forearm went in the rim of Charlies ass was being pushed inward then as she withdrew the rosebud rim became clear like the mouth of some underground animal feasting on some smaller beast. This time the smaller beast was Emma's arm and she was determined to own her sissy husband completely.

"Now bitch, you made your choices and this is going to become a daily occurrence, each and every day to show you what an ass slut you are. In the end you'll beg for it, you'll crave your pussy fisting, won't you my darling?"

Charlie could only nod frantically. The feeling was amazing now that the fist was actually in her. She felt truly frightened about how it would feel coming out but it felt utterly amazing as she continued to fist him. The fear of the pain of the exit made her want it to remain in there as long as possible.

Tim leant into Emma's ear and whispered "Slow down and work on the prostrate give her an incredible sissygasm, I want that on camera, that Sissy money shot.

Emma slowed the thrusting of her arm into the bowels of her husband, bringing most of her fist out of Charlies gaping ass, then she twisted her hand and located the nub of Charlies prostate with her three middle fingers, she could rub the middle and the two sides of her husbands prostate at the same time. Charlies eyes rolled into the back of her head as she gasped into the gag.

Emma was relentless building up the speed until she began to feel the telltale contractions Tim had explained to her. Then she could see Emma's clit trying to harden in it's cage. The contractions became more intense, Charlies asshole bearing down on Emma's wrist. Twitching and vibrating as the pressure built.

Then it hit hard, Charlies sissygasm began with her sissy juice beginning to pour from her caged clit with each stroke another spurt coming out as Charlie moaned loudly, more liquid by far than she had ever ejaculated in one go. Her whole body trembling as her prostate orgasm took her to another plane. It seemed to go on for an eternity as her body continued to shake and vibrate. She felt as though it might never stop.

Emma was still wrist deep in Charlie and she looked to Tim, who nodded and smiled. "Well done my darling that's the only way she'll cum from now on. That's how fag wives do it. From a hand or a cock working on her P spot, the sissy G spot. And that will just be when she's been a good gurl, otherwise I'll teach you to milk her prostate so the sissy juice comes out but without any pleasure for her."

Even as Charlie was coming down from the heights, Emma continued to massage, making her wife almost delirious. Her incoherent moans those of someone who had lost control and awareness.

As she slipped her hand out, Charlies body was completely slack now, every muscle was relaxed and spent, Charlie sighed with the change to her body, she could feel the air coming into her gaping hole and missed the feeling of fullness, she wanted her wifes fist back inside her.

"Take your panties off Emma and coat them for the next gag." Tim wanted to just keep piling the humiliation on his new fag wife.

Emma slipped her panties off, which were now totally wet with her juices. She wiped up the oozing mess of her husbands ejaculate and coated the panties with every drop she could get, until they were completely soaked with it. Emma stood carefully and moved to her husbands head, stroking her cheek with her ooze covered hand she gently raised her head and undid the ball gag and pulled out the ball, giving real relief for Charlies jaw. Then Emma popped in the dirty, soaked, panties a pushed them deep into Charlies mouth, before re-fixing the ball gag, slightly looser than before.

Andy had enjoyed the entire scene, but was keen to make the most of the endorphins which would be racing around Charlies system to dull the pain of what was about to happen.

He sat down between Charlies legs and looking to Tim, "So the guiche?"

"Indeed, I think the biggest gauge you can and one that can connect obviously."

"Perfect then we can give her the full slut look we discussed, instead of it being ruined by this cage as it is now. We'll get rid of the messy look she has now."

Charlie didn't know what they meant, but if it made her prettier, more of the perfect slut for her Master, then she was all for it, or so she thought.

"Let me get her ready and you two choose from the jewelry I've put out up on the counter, oh and pass me her poppers will you, she'll need some more I think after that."

Emma passed Andy the bottle of pig sweat, Andy took a long few sniffs himself and then re-soaked the two large cotton buds with the liquid before placing them back in Charlies nostrils, before long she was going to be flying high once more.

Tim and Emma looked over the tray of jewelry that Andy had picked out for them, each set up had a ring for the guiche and then a part ring for the Prince Albert piercing which had a ball on each end, although one of those balls had a hole through it to allow the ring from the guiche to go through it. Now it was all starting to make more sense for Emma. She looked at Tim and said "How about this one" both pieces were quite slim. The ball at one end of the PA jewelry had both a hole for the guiche to be fitted through and was adorned by a pink crystal.

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