tagNovels and NovellasAli's Art Ch. 11

Ali's Art Ch. 11


Mom stayed back, talking with Ali as Sarah and I walked through and around a half turn to the reception desk.

She ran to catch up with us, her face glowing and it was great to see how excited she was, and how well she and Ali were getting on. It had been a while since they had seen each other and I had been uneasy because they were the two people I loved most in the world and I wanted them to get along. I hadn't been sure if Mom might be jealous of Ali, with the closeness of our life in New York. However this morning they were getting on together the best I had ever seen them.

"Alison's going to look after Sarah and get her ready, Tom. I want you to come with me. I need you to do something for me before the service." Mom slipped her arm through mine.

"Sure," I said, only a little confused. Mom was even brighter than normal this morning, happier than I had expected, and I was pleased for her. The wedding obviously meant a great deal to her.

Mom retrieved two room keys, handed one to Ali and led the way to her room. It was a small suite, smart and elegant, and Mom hung her wedding suit on a rack by the door and twirled around.

"Look at this place, Tom. I don't think I've ever been anywhere as smart as this before."

I laughed, enjoying her good mood. "Get used to it, Mom. Jerry's a great guy. He'll take you somewhere like this again. I bet he's already booked somewhere nicer for the honeymoon."

Mom grinned. "Yeah, you're probably right. Tom, help me unzip, will you?"

"Uh, yeah, sure."

She turned her back to me and I closed the space between us. She stood with her hands at her side, totally passive, and I came up close behind her but instead of lowering her zip put my arms around her and hugged her. I kissed her neck, just below her ear, in that place I had discovered last Christmas. I half expected her to stiffen and pull away, but the opposite happened and she softened in my arms and slumped against me.

"Did you want to talk to me, Mom?" I asked softly, knowing what she wanted to say, knowing and not wanting to hear it, but knowing I needed to hear it.

She nodded her head against my chest.

I waited.

"Tom, what happened at Christmas..."

I squeezed her tighter, waiting for her to say 'must never happen again.'

She put her hands over mine. "What happened was wonderful... wonderful... and I don't want you to think..." She stopped, her voice starting to break up.

"It's OK, Mom," I said. "Say it. You have to say it, I know that."

"Oh Tom," she turned inside my arms, put her hands up to my face and pulled me down to kiss.

"I love you Mom, you know that. It's OK."

She sniffed and wiped her hand across her eyes. "This is silly. I'll just say what I want to say." She took a deep breath, the movement pressing her breasts deliciously against my chest. "Tom, what happened was absolutely wonderful, and I've never felt anything like that in my life, and I just want you to know that because in a couple of hours I'm going to be a married woman... well... it doesn't have to stop. Tom, how would you feel about fucking an older married woman when she feels horny?"

I felt my jaw drop. That had not been what I was expecting.

She looked up at me, her palm flat on my cheek, and gave a small laugh.

"What did you think I was going to say, Tom? I didn't want to feel that again? Do you think I'm completely stupid?"

"Mom," I said, and I could feel my own eyes welling up now.

"Come on, Tom," she said. "I don't know when we might get the opportunity in the future, but if it comes up, I want you to know I'm going to want you to fuck my brains out every chance you get. Understand?"

I nodded. "I do understand, Mom. But what if Jerry turns out to be some hung stud? You could change your mind."

She laughed. "Do you think we haven't tried each other out already? I know what to expect. Your reputation as the stud in the family is still secure, Tom."

I kissed her nose and she wriggled around in my arms again and stepped away, one pace. "I'm sure I asked you to unzip me, Tom. Come on, do as Mommy asks."

I smiled and pulled her zip down, slid my hands inside the gape of her dress, slid them around and cupped her full breasts in my palms, my thumbs seeking the hardening nubs of her nipples. She wriggled her ass against me, feeling the start of my erection.

She shucked her shoulders and her dress slid away and pooled around her feet. She bent over, deliberately pushing her ass back onto me, picked up the dress and draped it on the foot of the bed. She reached around and flicked her bra strap, her meaning obvious and I fumbled and on the third try managed to unclip it. She drew it away and my hands went around again, finding her bare nipples, harder, sensitive.

"Anything else?" I said into her ear, drawing her hair back and kissing her again on the neck where I knew she liked it.

"Take my panties off too, will you?"

I knelt down, slipped my fingers into the tight waist and tugged them down, kissing her round ass as it came into view, kissing all down the back of her thighs as I slid her panties down and she lifted her feet to step out of them.

I stood again, put my arms back around her.

"Anything else, Mom?"

She nodded. "I need you one last time, Tom. Will you fuck me, please?"

"Are you sure that's what you want?"

She turned inside my arms, her breasts pressing against me. "Oh yes, very sure." She started to undo the buttons of my shirt, worked them all loose and pushed it back off me. I let it drop where it fell. Then she unbuckled my belt, drew down the zip on my jeans and tugged them off as well, pulling my shorts with them so my cock, already stiffening, popped out and bobbed between us.

Mom went onto her knees, fumbling to get my jeans off my ankles, then took my cock in her hand and guided me to her mouth. I groaned as her soft lips closed around me, groaned again as she drew me deep inside her warm, wet mouth. She worked on me, expertly, using her tongue and her teeth and her lips, and then, sensing I was close to the point of no return drew back and stood.

She took my hand and led me to the bed. "Come and fuck me, Tom, one last time. I want you inside me. I want you inside me when you cum."

"Mom?" I asked, unsure.

"I'm almost a married woman, Tom. Do you think I haven't taken precautions already? I want you to cum inside me, for the first time, maybe the last, just once cum inside me, Tom."

"Mom," I said again, but this time it wasn't a question.

She sprawled back on the bed, her legs parted, and I stopped for a moment as I saw her displayed.

"When did you shave your pussy like that, Mom?"

She looked down at herself and grinned. "You like?"

"I love." I knelt and slid my tongue over the smooth skin, slipped it between the slit of her pussy and tasted how utterly wet she was.

"Alison helped me wax all over last night. Do you know she's completely shaved down there as well?"

I was lucky Mom couldn't see my face.

"No, really?" I lifted away from her pussy and looked up at her. The expression on her face made out she didn't believe my reply.

Mom put her hand on the top of my head and pushed me back down, demanding my tongue on her pussy.

I knelt on the floor and tugged her legs so her pussy came onto my mouth and I tasted again her sweetness, her wetness, and pushed my tongue deep inside her oiled inner folds. She gripped my hair tight in her fingers, bucked against my mouth then tugged hard and pulled me away.

"Your cock, Tom. Put your cock inside me. Fuck me hard and fast, baby."

She tugged again, pulling me up, and I lay across her, held myself and guided my cock to where she wanted it. Her pussy parted around my engorged head and she moaned as she felt me open her, then she gripped my hips and pulled me hard into her. I sank inside, deep into her and she cried out once and rocked her hips against me.

"Fuck me, Tom, fuck me like never before."

I gripped her wrists, lifted her arms above her head, held them there, put my mouth onto hers and kissed her hard. I drove into her, driving my cock hard and deep and she lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist.

"Don't hold back, Tom, do it quick," she hissed, and I felt her buck underneath me and her eyes closed as a climax rolled through her.

I held her hands above her head with one of mine, rolled her breasts hard in my other hand, pumped rapidly against her, my cock starting to ache.

"Yes, Tommy, fill me with your cum," she yelled and I increased my pace, letting myself go, letting my excitement peak and threw my own head back as my balls exploded and I felt myself shoot inside her, shoot deep inside, filling her with my semen.

"Oh Tom, yes, yes, like that." She pulled her hands free, dug her fingers into my shoulders, shaking underneath me, cumming hard again.

I emptied myself inside her, feeling one long stream pouring from me, filling her, and she bit my shoulder, scratched my back, clung hard to me.

We lay together on top of the covers as our bodies cooled, Mom tucked in under my arm, her hand on my chest. She looked at the big TV at the bottom of the bed and said, "Do you think they do porn in this hotel?"

I slapped her lightly on the butt. "You're almost a married woman," I said. "Behave yourself."

She pouted. "Not fair."

"Besides, you don't need porn. Not looking like you do now. I love your pussy like that."

"I hope Jerry does."

"He will."

Mom rolled over so she was resting on top of me, kissed my chin.



She wriggled her hips against me, glanced at the clock. It read nine-twenty. Forty minutes from now Mom would be getting married.

"Do you think you could manage again?"

"You're a fucking demon!" I said, slapping her hard on the ass.

"Oh yeah, baby, slap Mommy's ass like that."

I slapped her again, but not as hard.

"OK. Enough of the S&M. Turn me over and fuck me again, Tom."

I grabbed her waist and lifted her easily off me, set her down on the bed and tugged her hips up, rolled around between her thighs. My cock was half hard again already, and without waiting I gripped it and forced myself inside her from behind. As I plunged into her and started a rhythm I felt myself grow and stiffen, and she felt it too and put her head down and moaned.

I mode no effort to hold back, but it took me longer to cum the second time, and by the time I was emptying myself inside her again Mom was slicked with sweat and had achieved climax twice more, shuddering underneath me as I emptied deep inside her. She collapsed onto her belly and I lay on top, taking my weight on my elbows, and felt her softly wriggle her butt against me.

"This is way too wicked to continue, and way to nice to stop, Tom. Always fuck me like this, promise?"

"Promise," I said, kissing her salty back.

She lifted up and glanced at the clock, pushed me away.

"I'm gonna be late, Tom, and I need another shower now. Get changed while I clean up."

She ran into the bathroom and I rolled off the bed. I was sweaty too, but knew if I went and joined her in the shower she would definitely miss her own wedding. Instead I wiped myself down with a spare towel and pulled on my wedding clothes.

Mom came out after a couple of minutes, drying herself quickly. She unwrapped her special underwear and started to pull it on, and I lay on the bed in my smart suit pants and white shirt and watched as she pulled on the dark cream panties and tugged them snuggly up. I was sure she was displaying for me, so I relaxed and enjoyed the show. She clipped her garter belt around her waist then bent and rolled her cream stockings up her legs. She stood half facing me, her breasts swinging loose as she bent over. She tugged the stockings taut and clipped them to the garter belt, smoothed her hands down her thighs and nodded, satisfied. Only then did she settle her breasts into the matching bra and clip it up. She tugged at the straps, put her hands down inside and settled herself comfortably.

"I hope I haven't work you out too much," I said, "Because Jerry is going to fuck your brains out tonight."

Mom grinned at me. "Oh, I do hope so. Not jealous then?"

I shook my head, and realized I wasn't.

Mom slid the cellophane wrapper off her dress and stepped into it, pulled it up and turned her back to me.

"Zip me up, Tom?"

"Haven't we already been here?" I said, rolling off the bed.

"This time you've got to behave yourself." She said. I glanced at the clock and saw we had five minutes.

I drew her zip up, closed the small catch behind her neck. Mom stepped away, turned.

"Will I do?"

I studied her. She was stunning. The cream dress stopped just level with her knees. The matching stockings showed her legs off to perfection. And I knew everything that lay beneath.

"You look completely wonderful," I said. I wanted to hug her and kiss her, but didn't dare. She had put on her makeup, applied bright red lipstick to her full lips, and I didn't dare risk messing it up.

Instead I picked up my dark red tie and tied it, pulled on my suit jacket and displayed for her.

"Me too?" I asked.

She nodded. "Oh yes, most definitely. She nipped her bottom lip with her top teeth. "Shame we haven't got another hour to spare."

I rolled my eyes, offered my arm. "Come on then, let's get this thing done."

She nodded back and took my arm and I walked with her down the corridor, into the large ballroom where the guests were waiting on chairs. Ali and Sarah were waiting at the front, maids of honor, both dressed in identical dresses, slightly darker cream than Mom's, cut slightly higher on the leg. Jerry was waiting, looking nervous, and I walked Mom down the aisle between the chairs, whispered good luck, shook Jerry's hand and took my seat.

The service seemed over almost before it started, and I was surprised to find it was a quarter of eleven as we made our way out and into the bar. Mom had been relaxed throughout, and I wondered how much of that was because of what had occurred between us just before the service. Jerry had been a bag of nerves, although it was not his first wedding either. He was ten years Mom's senior, a teacher in the High School where Mom worked as a lab technician. His wife had died of cancer six years earlier. Mom and Jerry had always known each other, but I have no idea what sparked the romance that led to their marriage. Maybe, as Mom said, he was a good man, and would be a good Dad for Sarah. I hoped there was more to it than that - that maybe love came into it somewhere.

I grabbed a glass of coke, though most everyone else was drinking champagne, wine or beer. I needed to drive Sarah later and never touched alcohol if I was driving - even more so with a precious cargo like my little sister. Ali nursed a glass of white wine, and I saw her talking to her Dad. I was surprised, because she always told me how much she hated him, but today they seemed to be getting on just fine.

I moved through the room, found Mom and Jerry and shook his hand, told him to look after her and smiled inwardly because it felt like I was acting like Mom's Dad rather than her son. I kissed Mom on the cheek and moved on, spoke with people I knew, spoke with people I didn't know. Many of the families were friend's of Mom's she knew through Sarah, young mothers with high flying husbands. High flying for Denton, anyway.

Around noon we were called in to eat. The wedding breakfast was early, because Mom and Jerry needed to catch a flight at five from BWI and wanted to leave an hour and a half to get there and plenty of time to check in.

I discovered almost as soon as we finished eating that I was meant to make a speech. As stand in giver-away it fell on me to make a short eulogy to my Mom, and I have no idea how it had not occurred to me earlier something like this was required.

I stood with absolutely no idea what I was going to say, wishing I had had a drink after all.

I opened my mouth and said, "I guess the only person here who's know Heather Graham - sorry, Jerry - Heather Wilson, longer than me is my uncle Dave over there," I raised my glass of coke to him and he nodded back. "So it's down to me to tell you what a wonderful woman she is, what a wonderful Mom she is, and what a wonderful wife she's going to make for Jerry..."

I got through it. I kept it short, threw in a couple of funny anecdotes about things that happened when we were kids, kept it light, and as I finished there was applause and when I looked at Mom tears were streaming down her face and she was blowing her nose into a tissue.

I pulled a face at her and she stuck her tongue out and then Jerry's best man rose and made us all laugh.

As Mom and Jerry made their way out to the waiting car quite a little crowd had grown. I had been surprised at how many people had come to the lunch, friends of Mom's and Jerry's, and how many others gathered to see them off. There were maybe forty of us there as Mom looked back coyly and prepared to throw her bouquet over her shoulder. I was standing directly behind Sarah, as planned. There were not that many single women around, but some of the young moms looked ready to leap into battle for the honor of the bouquet.

Ali was at my side and I said, "You gonna go for it, Al?"

She laughed. "And who would I marry?"

"You never know. You'll find some girl, settle down, have kids, a dog, three bedrooms and two cars in the garage..."

She slapped me hard on the arm and from below me Sarah said in a scarily adult voice, "Do you two ever stop arguing?"

I knelt down, put my hands right around her little waist and said into her ear, "Remember the plan, sweetheart?"

She nodded, moving impatiently from foot to foot. I stood again, still with my hands around her waist, and as Mom, as arranged, tossed her bouquet high into the air I lifted Sarah, squealing, and guided her. She raised her arms high and plucked the flowers from the air, far above all other outstretched hands. Even, I noticed, Ali's.

I dropped her down and she held the bouquet up in triumph. Mom turned and mouthed "Thank you" at me, and then she was in the car and it was driving them to the airport. By tonight they would be in San Francisco, and I wondered if Mom would be able to keep her promise, if I would ever get to make love to her again.

Suddenly the day felt drab, all the color leached from it. But I had chores to do, so I pulled myself together and sorted Sarah out, went around shaking hands and kissing cheeks, then Sarah, Ali and I drove back into town. Sarah had changed out of her maid of honor dress into jeans and a sweatshirt, but Ali still wore hers. We pulled up outside Sarah's school where the camp bus was waiting, together with forty extremely loud, extremely excited young girls.

I had been worried Sarah might be feeling emotional. It had been a big day, she was about to go off for her first week without her family, but I needn't have worried. She exploded out of the car and ran to her friends and immediately joined in the screaming.

Ali grinned at me and I smiled back. "You ever go to camp, Al?"

"Once," she said. "I was thirteen, and it nearly killed me."

"How come?"

"There I was, just discovering my sexuality, locked up for a week with a hundred girls the same age. I had so many goddam crushes that week I'm surprised my heart didn't explode."

I laughed. "I'm glad you survived." I reached over and squeezed her hand.

"Me too."

"Oh, and Al, in case I forget to tell you later, you look really fucking gorgeous in that dress."

"Thanks, Tom. I like your suit too."

"I do look good, don't I?"

I retrieved Sarah's bag from the trunk and got it stowed in the big space under the bus, then Ali and I stood around, chatting occasionally to some of the parents I knew. There were some odd looks, those who knew me well not sure what to make of this tall guy in a well cut suit, the babe at his side. One of the bolder ones even asked if we were a couple. I just smiled enigmatically and Ali went along with the deception.

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