Alisha is sent to the Farm Pt. 01


But it was the cowbell that almost stopped Darius in his tracks. Roughly fashioned out of tin, it swung from a leather collar around Alisha's neck, clanging away as Alisha looked up at them in alarm. How exquisitely deviant of Jacob to have thought of that! Even the real cows in the shed weren't being subjected to such an indignity!

Circling behind, Darius saw that Alisha's ankles were also tightly secured so that her legs were forced wide apart, pulling open her buttocks, and exposing her puckered asshole and the meaty labia beneath. She was so neatly secured that any movement was impossible, save wigging her fingers and toes or shaking her head - which she was currently doing with considerable gusto. "Stop! No! Let me out of here!"

"Struggle to get her in, boys?" asked Jacob as he took the box of suppositories from Alastair and set it on the straw-covered floor.

"Not at all, Pa," Richard said. "She was quite docile until you all arrived."

It came as no surprise to Darius that Alisha should be suffering from a fresh surge of shame now that she was harnessed in the milking shed. He had witnessed this with Annabel on many occasions - no matter how many times they were forced to strip naked and perform disgusting acts in front of strangers, each time a new scenario was created, they would react as if it was the first time. It was like pressing an emotional reset button, and it thrilled Darius no end that these hapless wenches could be put through the same level of humiliation over and over again!

The six cows on the far side of the shed watched their strange new companion curiously as Alisha screamed and bellowed while she struggled against her unforgiving bonds, her pendulous breasts swinging in time with the tuneless bell. Alisha's normally attractive almond-shaped eyes had grown as large as saucers and spittle flew from her curling lips as she vented her disapproval.

Jacob, as ever, quickly found the means of quietening the stricken girl down. He went over to a wall rack adorned with a variety of sinister-looking items that, from their appearance, could have been equally at home in a barnyard or a torture chamber. He returned with a riding crop in one hand and a steel and leather ensemble in the other.


It took just one vicious swipe of the crop across Alisha's buttocks to instantly silence the wretched young woman. Then Jacob crouched in front of her tear-streaked face and waved the other object under her nose.

"This is a steel bridle. We use it to calm down frisky horses. It's much more painful than rubber and it doesn't take long to break even the liveliest of animals. Now if you don't settle down, you'll be wearing this for the rest of the night - and I'll be sure to tie it on extra hard. Now what's it to be? Are you going to behave?"

With a shuddering sniff, Alisha focused her round eyes on the evil contraption and then gave a slight nod of her head.

"Fine. Let's get on with it then," Jacob said, straightening up. "We'll start with her medication, so if you'll all gather round her hindquarters, I'll demonstrate how to administer it."

Darius' cock was jutting against the fabric of his underpants as he joined the rest of them behind Alisha's prone and naked body. He wondered what was going through her mind at this point. On top of the fact that Alisha wouldn't have reckoned on being drugged while she was here, the method of delivery was likely to come as her biggest shock yet!


Standing to one side of the group for a better view, Alastair felt that familiar surge of excitement as Jacob knelt down between Alisha's parted thighs. Trussed up so securely, Alisha was completely at his mercy, and as she waited anxiously to find out what was going to happen, her muscular black thighs began to quiver.

I can't believe she's put up with this much already, Alastair mused. She must be really dedicated to her career!

"Not much to it, really," Jacob said, pointing the tip of the suppository at Alisha's tight asshole. "Need to give it a bit of lubrication first."

Then, to Alastair's surprise and joy, Jacob spat on her opening and then placed the tip of his thumb against it. Alisha's head came up with a gasp as he worked his thumb around her anus and then applied a little more pressure until the tip of the digit was inside her orifice.

"Oh!" Alisha moaned, but somehow managed to refrain from saying anything more.

After working his thumb around for a moment, Jacob put the suppository in place and started to push. Now Alisha did start complaining. "Aah! Stop! Please!"

"Quit your moaning," Jacob said, "or you'll be gagged - painfully!"

Alastair watched entranced, as the inch-thick capsule disappeared slowly inside Alisha's body.

"Got to make sure it's all deep inside to maximize absorption," Jacob said, pressing with both thumbs now. All of a sudden, Alisha's rectum appeared to suck the intruder inside and it was quickly out of sight. At the other end, Alisha emitted an undignified grunt, followed by a groan of despair.

"It will take a day or two for the effects to kick in properly," Jacob said to his guests. "But Dr. Schafer said that the ingredients are fast-acting, so we should see some results before you go home on Sunday."

What had Nash told them earlier? Alastair thought. Increased breast size and milk production mixed with mental confusion, all triggered by a highly addictive chemical compound? The poor girl won't know what has hit her!


Alisha stared rigidly at the shed's main door, trying to avoid their faces as her tormentors returned to the front of the milking stall. Quite apart from the ridiculous and demeaning cowbell chiming away beneath her, she was extremely conscious of the way her large, brown breasts were hanging obscenely downward. On top of that, whatever that bastard Jacob had just inserted into her rectum was making her bowels move and she had to concentrate hard not to push it out. If she disgraced herself in front of them now, that would surely be the end of her!

"Are we going to milk her now, Pa?" asked Richard.

"It's too early for her to be producing," Jacob said. "But it won't hurt for you to get in a little practice. It's exactly the same procedure as with the cows, anyhow. You know where the machine is."

Her mind was in a blur, but even after going through this depraved charade, Alisha couldn't actually believe they were talking about her as if she really were some dumb barnyard animal!

I am Alisha Royce! I am one of the most promising law interns at Bale, Thomas, Farringdon. I am going to be a hotshot prosecutor one day - and when I do, I swear I will come after these sick fuckers!

Her internal mantra was interrupted by the sight of Richard squatting in front of her, an impudent grin on his face. "Ready to go, my little milch cow?"

Alisha drew a breath as two cold steel cups were placed over her dangling teats, and Richard called out, "Fire her up!" There was an electrical whirring sound and immediately the milking cups attached themselves to her nipples and sucked them inside. Richard stood up and wiped his hands together. "All done."

"Very good, son," Jacob said. "Now there's just one more thing to do. Dr. Schafer says that the quality of her milk will be enhanced if she is kept in a state of sexual arousal whilst lactating - so Darius has brought along one of her toys."

My toys? What the hell is he talking about?

The combination of the suction on her sensitive nipples and the plugging up of her rear end, made it difficult to follow the next development, but Nash was only to happy to show her anyway.

"I think you'll have a lot of fun with this tonight, my dear," he cackled, and to her horror, Alisha saw that he was brandishing an enormous pink vibrator!

Chapter Six

The giddy spectacle of his latest human possession bent almost double whilst firmly secured in place, her ass in the air, and stark naked except for the collar and bell, and the milking cups stuck to her breasts, was so crude and arousing for Darius that he could happily have slipped his rock-hard member into Alisha's exposed pussy in front of everyone.

But he had an image to uphold. His guests were always free to play with his young female captives in public - at Darius' discretion, of course - but he himself would only dally with them in private. Besides, even though he enjoyed farming them out to like-minded friends, ultimately Alisha and Annabel now belonged to him - part of a collection of unfortunate young women that he fully intended to expand.

So, horny though he was, he would sit back and continue to let Jacob run the show - the man was a master of his art after all - and remain a witness to her steady demise. His sweet little red-headed Annabel would always be available to provide him with release when he got home.

He handed the gigantic plastic phallus to Matthew and said, "Would you mind doing the honors?"

The young man was looking rather flushed, and Darius suspected that he had taken something of a shine to the unfortunate black girl who was now at their mercy. Hesitatingly, Matthew unwound the electric cord and plugged it into a wall socket. Then he knelt down behind Alisha and placed the tip of the vibrator against her puffy, dark, labia.

"Pull her lips apart, boy," Jacob said. "It'll go in easier."

"He's a bit nervous," Richard giggled. "Hasn't had much experience with women."

"I'm sure he will have learned plenty by the time Alisha's training period is up," said Darius.

Although that's an understatement, he thought to himself In just a few days time, I expect this faltering young man will be penetrating all of Alisha's orifices whenever he feels like it - alongside his older brother!

His eyes wide with curiosity, Matthew slowly parted Alisha's outer labia with his left hand, exposing the pink and glistening interior. As he started to push the enormous dildo inside her, Alisha let out a startled gasp.

"You're a big girl, you can take it!" Jacob chuckled. "Push it in all the way, Matthew."

Giving the dildo a little twist, Matthew worked it in a few inches further, stretching Alisha's cunt wider with its bulbous helmet. Darius had selected the device from the collection he had assembled for Annabel at home, and he remembered how much she had shrieked and squealed when he had used it on her.

Alisha it seemed however, had a more accommodating pussy, and although she was making some rather peculiar noises and strained expressions, Matthew succeeded in inserting the entire ten inches of the vulgar object inside her body.

"Turn it on, boy," Jacob said to his son.

The flat base of the electric dildo immediately began to rotate as the sound of its motor joined the low hum of the milking machine. As it twisted inside her cunt, Alisha opened her mouth and let out a low, tormented moan.

"Full speed, Matthew," Jacob prompted.

The fascinated young man turned the control up to its limit, causing the vibrator to dance crazily inside Alisha's pussy. The mortified woman quickly began to jerk and writhe under her restricting bonds, her face contorting into a mad expression of passion mixed with shame.

"Ooh! No! Please turn it off!"

"As I mentioned earlier, when the lactation medication starts to take effect, the quality of her milk will be increased if she is kept in a constant state of arousal while she is producing," Jacob said, raising his voice over the growing din. "It should sell pretty well."

"Look at the state of her! She's like a bitch on heat!" Tom Craddock laughed, as Alisha moaned and panted, her body starting to glow with perspiration. As she swung her head wildly, the cow bell clanged to add to the growing noise.

"How now brown cow," said Richard. "How about giving us a little 'moo', huh?"

"Yes, good idea!" Tom Craddock clapped his hands in delight. "Tell the other cows how happy you are!"


From somewhere within the confusing mists of humiliation and unwanted lust that had consumed her, the part of Alisha's mind that remained coherent somehow registered the ludicrous and demeaning command. Now outrage joined the myriad conflicting emotions she was experiencing.

Even though the giant plastic vibrator was making her involuntarily grunt and gasp, she was absolutely determined not to comply with Richard's cruel suggestion. To imitate the sound of these farmyard beasts would be like a tacit admission that she really was indeed no longer human! And it was her humanity that she was desperately clinging to now. These vile white men were trying to make her lose her mind, so that when she was allowed to return to the real world, the old, proud, respected, and happy Alisha Royce would cease to exist. Already, she realized, this had come down to a frantic mental battle for survival!

"You heard Richard," Jacob said from behind her. "Start mooing like the milch cow you are!"

I will not! You can't have this from me! Just leave me with something!

"Come on, Daisy!" Tom Craddock laughed. "I would have thought an educated law student would know how to make a simple animal noise!"

Fuck you! I won't do it! Not ever!

"No?" She heard Jacob say. "Well, maybe this will help you."


Without warning, Alisha's buttocks were suddenly on fire!


"Eek!" Alisha's threw her head back and emitted a pitiful wail. The pain was intolerable!


"I'll keep going until you start mooing," Jacob said.

Please stop! ... Please stop! ... Please stop!


Alastair watched in awe as Jacob delivered yet another stinging blow across Alisha's exposed buttocks. It was quickly followed by another, and now her cries had merged into one long bestial howl. Her dark skin was shining with sweat and her breasts swung to and fro, the milking cups clinging determinedly to her nipples as she writhed in pain.

Surely she can't take much more of this! Alastair thought, but right at that moment there was a noticeable change in the pitch of Alisha's cries. Tears flooding down her cheeks, and her eyes wide and crazed, Alisha's trembling lips morphed into a perfect circle as she finally began to low like a cow!

"Moo! Mooo! Moooo!"

With a satisfied grin, Jacob lowered the crop, and said, "Keep it going. Let's hear what a contented milking cow you are."

Alastair watched Alisha's face as she filled the air with her lowing. There was a glazed look in her eyes, although her contorted features gave away the sheer depth of the shame she must have been feeling. Then, quite comically, she went cross-eyed and balled her fists behind her back.

Oh, mercy! She's going to come!

As Alisha's gleaming nude body began to quiver, something quite unexpected happened. Alastair wasn't sure if it was because they could scent Alisha's musk, or whether they really thought she was one of their own, but to everyone's amazement, the other cows in the shed began to low as well!

Jacob's two boys were almost bent double with laughter, but Alastair just stared at the deliciously depraved scene, open-mouthed, while his erection grew even harder.

"Moo! Moo! Moogh! Urgh! Aah!!"

The huge vibrator whirring away inside her had done its job. Alisha groaned loudly as she bucked against her bonds. The other cows kept up their chorus as Alisha raised her head and let out a gargled, anguished scream. It was a bizarre, perverted, display that almost had Alastair coming in his pants!

He was so engrossed with the vulgar spectacle that he was taken quite by surprise when Tom Craddock loomed in front of Alisha with his rock-hard cock in his hand.

Chapter Seven

You dirty old bastard! Darius smiled inwardly. Typical Tom. Always the first one to crack!

At the sight of Tom's cock, Alisha turned her face to the side - and immediately she received another stroke of the crop across her contused rump.

"Moo!" she reflexively shrieked, which sent Matthew and Richard into another round of uncontrollable giggles. As she opened her mouth, Tom quickly slipped his dick inside. Even though she was effectively gagged by his penis, amazingly, Alisha continued to try and make muffled lowing noises around it.!

For Darius, it was a precious 'Kodak moment', and he whipped out his trusty Canon Sure Shot and began adding to his ever growing collection of pictures. As he clicked away, he made a mental note to force Alisha to view all of these shots on a regular basis when she returned to her weekend duty at his house. Not only would that constantly remind her of how far she had fallen - because the young lady would most certainly attempt to block this ordeal out of her mind - but it would also serve as additional blackmail material to ensure her continued cooperation.

Slowly circling the milking stall, he captured every minute detail of her disgusting predicament. First he zoomed in on the metal cups sucking on her elongated nipples. Then he moved around behind her and took a variety of angled shots of the huge pink dildo thrusting and spinning inside her pussy. Here he moved in for a couple of close-ups because her labia was wet and plump and there was a heavenly trickle of her love juice dangling between her parted thighs!

Finally he came back around to the front and immortalized her face pressed up against Tom's belly, her cheeks blown out, and her neck muscles straining, as he pumped in and out of her mouth with increasing rapidity. Making sure he had the humiliating collar and cowbell in the frame, Darius switched to video mode as Tom came with a grunt, and then pulled his cock out in time to shoot a sticky line of semen over her face.

There was a brief look of confusion on the stricken African-American girl's pretty features, followed by a warbled cry as she herself climaxed a second time. Tears of anguish and frustration mingled with the ejaculate dribbling over her nose, mouth and chin, as her whole body shook furiously.

When her delirium finally subsided, she dropped her head in shame, her long, black tresses covering her face, and began sobbing openly, while Jacob's sons continued to laugh hysterically at her miserable plight.

"Well, that should do it for tonight, folks," Jacob said. "We'll leave our horny milking cow trussed up like this until morning. I doubt if she'll get any sleep, but she'll have plenty to ponder in between orgasms. Now, I do believe it's time for dinner."


Alisha gazed mournfully ahead of her at the wooden door. After a couple of hours, the view had already become brain-numbingly monotonous - or would have been if it weren't for the frenzied activity going on between her legs - but the alternative was to look left at the row of cows staring at her with their big brown eyes. Why were they watching her so intently? Because she was different? Or was it because she was sexually climaxing every fifteen minutes in front of them? Maybe they could sense what she was doing!

The revolting vibrator they had left inside her was relentless! She had already experienced at least eight orgasms since the cruel bastards had left her alone with these bovine animals. Each time she had tried to keep her orgasmic cries of pleasure to a minimum - with limited success. It was humiliating enough to have to go through such an intimate and personal act in public, but being compelled to lose control again and again while these dumb beasts observed her with interest was proving to be a soul-crushing experience. And the most devastating part of it was that she was actually capable of deriving physical pleasure from such a depraved and disgusting situation!

Stupid, they may have been, but at least the cows were in control of their bodily functions, and had relative freedom of movement. Alisha was limited to flexing her fingers and toes and moving her head and shoulders. Except of course, when the dreaded orgasms arrived. Then, trying her utmost to ignore the bestial presence beside her, she would be forced to bite her lip as the unwanted euphoria swept through her body, making her quiver and shake so that her cowbell chimed almost mockingly below her. For some reason, her biggest concern was making so much noise that the cows would start mooing again. When that had happened earlier in front of her cruel spectators, she could have died on the spott! Even now, Matthew and Richard's delighted laughter was still ringing in her ears.

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