tagMatureAlison Furse Rejuvenated Ch. 6 Pt. 2

Alison Furse Rejuvenated Ch. 6 Pt. 2


Chapter 6 Pt. 2: CROMPTON AFFAIR Pt2

Having breakfasted in their room, by 11.00 a.m. Edward and Isabel were ready to place themselves at the disposal of their hosts.

On the stroke of 11.00, Pieter and Giselle van Doorne entered the foyer. Edward knew Pieter van Doorne and the ladies were quickly introduced to the men folk and each other. Mrs van Doorne (call me Giselle) was to take Isabel on a tour of Amsterdam and everyone agreed to meet at the hotel by 4.00 pm. In the evening there was to be a small dinner party at the van Dourne's.

Although Amsterdam is a network of canals, the large cruising canal boats left from just opposite Centraal Station,(the railroad depot) and on being asked Isabel elected to travel down by tram.

On the way down just before crossing the large canal to the station Isabel noticed streets off to the left and the right with international sign for "NO ENTRY" but with children superimposed on the sign. On asking what they meant Giselle informed her that to children and underage teenagers the streets were out of bounds. Apparently the Red Light district where prostitutes actually displayed themselves in the windows, sex shops for books magazines and videos, Adult porno cinemas, Porno night clubs where live sex could be viewed, shops selling lingerie to titillate the most jaded palette together with adult 'toys'. They were all in the area out of bounds to minors. Although the Dutch authorities accepted pornography and had legalized the videos, shows and cinemas, anyone seen with a minor in the area would be arrested. The police frequently patrolled Giselle told her.

The journey through the canals was extremely interesting. Bulb fields were visited as also was a large open air museum dedicated to the second world war. Isabel was interested, she told Giselle that she had been engaged to a paratrooper who had been killed at Arnhem.

After an excellent luncheon during which they had enjoyed several 'Geneva's' the strong Dutch gin, as well as wine with their meal the two women chatted as though they had known each other for years. Eventually Isabel asked about the Adult Area, had Giselle ever visited it.

"Oh yes, goodness me, not only is it an education to watch the women trying to attract the men, and women I must add," Giselle said," If one wants that item of lingerie to remind ones husband that he is red blooded and you are available, that is where to buy it. You must get Edward to take you."

Isabel shook her head. "Oh no, that won't happen, frankly I would love to see it but Edward is far too narrow minded. These days he has absolutely no interest in sex. Oh Sorry, Giselle, I should not be saying such things. Please forgive me, it must be the drink."

"Nonsense, no need for apologies, if you want to go, we will go. Plenty of time to get back to the hotel and if you should purchase something, we will either get it to your room before the men arrive or I shall hide it for you."

"Hmm, I really am tempted, but maybe I am a little too old for shopping in a sex shop."

"Isabel, how old are you, 65, 70? My mother is 80 and although my father is no longer with us, she has bought items in the shops, whether for her own pleasure or to interest someone else, I have never asked but I have actually been with her. In fact I shall make you laugh. I shall show you some of the things my mother bought."

A little later the two women were enjoying the street, Giselle enjoying showing Isabel the naughty places and Isabel enjoying the novelty.

In one shop Isabel spied a pair of ladies knickers with a replica penis sticking up from the crotch. "Surely that should be on the outside, I know about lesbians using artificial penii" Isabel said laughing. "Oh no, that not used to have sex with another woman. When you put those on you introduce the penis inside yourself. It is really quite, how do you say in English, oh yes, quite horny as you walk around."

Isabel was a little aghast. "You mean you have one/"

"Oh yes, and these too" she said pointing at a little box containing two metal spheres joined together with cord. "They are Love Balls, one has liquid mercury inside for the weight, you introduce then into your vagina and as you walk one ball knocks against the other. The sensation is fantastic. However, not really safe to wear outside the house. They can give you quite an orgasm and that could be embarrassing if you are talking to the strait laced parsons wife." Giselle laughed and Isabel could not help joining in.

"Have you got those too? She asked, and I will tell you frankly, mother has both and a vibrator like that one" she said pointing to a very realistic looking flesh coloured artificial penis. "It works with two batteries. Have you never tried a vibrator?" When Isabel shook her head, Giselle suggested that maybe she should start her sexual re-education that afternoon and Isabel agreed. Isabel also bought some very revealing panties and bra's and a red and black foundation garment that enclosed the breasts but had holes for the nipples. She also bought two videos.

She had found the courage to tell Giselle about the film she had seen the night before and they hunted around a video shop until they found two with a similar story line. One where a young man had his mothers best friend and another where on their wedding day the bride passed out and the groom had his mother-in-law then the best man had the bride.

As they arrived back at the hotel with plenty of time to spare, Giselle remarked that it was a pity Edwards was so reserved. Maybe Pieter should slip him something in his drink to make him horny.

"Sounds like a good idea to me" laughed Isabel

"If we did get Edward aroused, would you allow me to seduce him?" asked Giselle.

"Well, yes," said Isabel, her eyes shining, and using a word not normally in her vocabulary added. "Especially if Pieter would be prepared to fuck me."

Giselle smiled and squeezed Isabel's hand. "I think that can be arranged my dear. The director and his wife will be at the dinner this evening but I know that they have an engagement they have to attend afterwards. So, once they have gone. We will make or play."

Just then the door to the suite opened and Edward and Pieter entered the room. Everything that Isabel had bought had been hidden away and when the van Doornes left, Edward asked in rather a bored voice if Isabel had enjoyed her day.

'Oh yes, Giselle showed me some marvelous places, I saw some excellent views and I have certainly learned a lot. It has been a wonderful eye opener and I must say, I believe 'satisfying' will be the word.

However Edward obviously was not listening so Isabel decided to run a hot bath and prepare for the evening...

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