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Alison Loves A Ch. 03


Disclaimer: I do not own Pretty Little Liars and have no association with anyone involved in the show.


Alison did her best not to react as Spencer Hastings, one of her best friends, walked into the room and offered her a greeting. Alison then barely offered her a response before continuing to read, giving her restless friend a chance to look around her room, and inevitably see that she had redecorated one of her walls with some very unique pictures.

Pictures which unsurprisingly prompted Spencer to stare at them in disbelief, just like Alison had planned. With a wicked smirk on her face Alison finally put down her magazine and then as slowly and quietly as she could sneak up on Spencer like they were at an art gallery and her friend had just spotted her favourite pieces. Which in a way was true.

"So, what do you think?" Alison asked with a wicked grin.

"Ali! What the hell?" Spencer asked with disbelief after a long pause, and then after another long pause in which Alison just stared at her she asked, "Is that really Hanna and Aria?"

At first Alison just smirked. She had enough photos by now to cover all her walls, but had restricted herself just one of each of her anal sluts. Partly to make sure she could hide them easily behind a poster, or maybe two once she'd completed her collection, but mostly to make sure there was no conclusive evidence that these pictures weren't conclusively her friends.

Sure, each had their names beneath, along with Grade A, but the pictures weren't of their faces, but of their gaping ass holes, Alison a bit distracted by her work before she refocused on her next conquest, who looked on the verge of running away. Which of course was unacceptable.

"I'll tell you, but first, you have to do something for me." Alison revealed, slowly stepping forward.

"What?" Spencer frowned.

"Place your hands against the wall." Alison ordered softly.

There was a pause and then Spencer started, "I don't know about this Alison. It's weird-"

"Hands against the wall!" Alison commanded firmly. There was a long pause, then just as Alison predicted Spencer reluctantly did as she was told, and even better placed her hands besides the pictures without needing to be asked, making the wicked blonde smile and close the distance between them, "That's better..."

Spencer's eyes went wide as she felt hands on the back of her thighs, slowly sliding upwards and cupping her ass, "Ali! What are you-"

"It's a test Spencer." Alison explained, gently squeezing Spencer's butt "You like tests, don't you?"

Glancing at the grading in front of her Spencer quipped, "Did Hanna and Aria pass?"

"Aria wanted to have anal sex with her boyfriend, and Hanna wanted to be punished for gaining weight." Alison explained with a wicked grin, sliding her hands over Spencer's perky little bottom, "But really I was testing to see whether they were anal loving bottoms who desperately needed a butt pounding top to own their ass holes. They both passed while screaming in pleasure, cumming harder than they ever thought possible, and begging to be mine. But they always were. You all are. You've been mine from the beginning. You've just been waiting for me to claim what's rightfully mine."

"That's ridiculous." Spencer scoffed.

"Then why are you still here? Why aren't you miles away, or laughing at me? And why are you doing what I say?" Alison pushed, "It's because it's natural. It's what I've been programming you to do from the start. You can't help it. It feels good to make me happy, doesn't it?"

"Ali..." Spencer whimpered.

"Doesn't it!" Alison smacked Spencer's ass.

"Yes!" Spencer gasped, repeating in disbelief, "Yes?"

"Yeah it does." Alison chuckled gleefully, "But I'm going to give you a test, one which will conclusively prove whether you're a bottom or not. If you fail the test, then you'll leave this room with your ass hole intact. But Spencer, if you pass, and you prove that you're just another bottom begging to be butt fucked, then your ass hole will be just another gaping trophy on my wall! Sounded fair to you? Good, because it's real simple, if you can survive a spanking without getting wet then you're a real woman, but if you're an ass whore you'll get wet. Like you are now! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, I can already smell it. Yeah, when you pass this test Spence, your ass is mine!"

Proving that it basically already was Alison started roughly smacking that ass, causing Spencer to cry out and whimper pathetically, but that was it. No pushing Ali away, no complaining, no pleading for mercy. Fuck, Spencer never even took her hands away from the wall. If anything she seemed to push herself more firmly against it, and more importantly push her ass back even more.

Oh yes, Alison might as well call this a victory already. Just grab her strap-on, pull down Spencer's pants and violate her ass hole nice and hard, really show Spencer who was boss. But no, after all this time Alison wasn't going to rush this conquest. Although there was part of that idea she definitely liked.

"Oh, I almost forgot." Alison chuckled, grabbing hold of the waistband to Spencer's pants, "A proper spanking should always be bare bottom."

With that Alison unceremoniously 'pantsed' her friend, making sure to pull both those pants and Spencer's panties down around her ankles in one quick motion. Alison then briefly paused for a couple of long seconds to stare at her latest prize, literally licking her lips in anticipation of all the nasty things she was going to do to that cute little butt.

Meanwhile Spencer just continued to whimper pathetically, further proving she was nothing but a filthy bottom. Which in turn made Alison chuckled wickedly, and eventually straightening up and continuing the spanking, only this time she wasn't going to hold back and ease Spencer into this. No, she was going to give her everything she had.

Spencer wouldn't have guessed that Alison was holding back. It very much felt like Alison had been giving her everything she had, and was mortified to find out that she had been wrong, especially because of what kind of effect it had on her body.

Of course her mind had been so numb from seeing those pictures, and everything Alison had said, that it was hard for her to think at all, the incredible pain she was given, and the fact that she was staring these pictures in the face, really weren't helping her predicament. In fact, it was only when she realised she was still wet, and even worse actually getting wetter, that Spencer was really able to think again, and those weren't exactly happy thoughts.

Firstly she wondered how this was possible? How she could possibly be enjoying this unspeakable act? How could anybody? And for that matter, how could anyone enjoy being butt fucked? Or at least any girl? And who would willingly display themselves in such a lewd manner that seemingly Aria and Hanna willingly had? Most importantly and worryingly of all, was Alison right? Was Spencer a bottom?

Because it certainly seemed like it now, Spencer unable to even summon the will power necessary to tell Alison to stop, which was just ridiculous. She should have done that, or just push Alison away and left, ages ago. But she didn't. No, she stayed and allowed Alison to abuse her.

Had Alison done something to her? Druged her? Brainwashed her? Cast a spell on her? No, go back! Oh God, all this time Spencer had been cowering behind Alison while she enjoyed her reign of terror over their high school she had thought it was just normal mean girl antics, and sometimes she received a little blowback, but maybe it was something so, so much worse.

Maybe Alison really had been subtly turning them into her sex slaves, a technique which was proving to be very effective, given that Aria and Hanna were now her trophies, and Spencer was well on her way to becoming another. Then somehow things got even worse, at least for Spencer.

"Come here!" Alison yelled, lost in her lust for dishing out some discipline as she grabbed Spencer by the hair and dragged her over to her bed, "Let's do this properly."

Poor Spencer barely had time to cry out in pain at having her hair pulled before she found herself being bent over Alison's knee like a naughty child, making the spanking even more devastating. Oh God, Spencer was literally crying, and her wailing was almost as loud as the smack of flesh on flesh echoing throughout the room as her ass was assaulted.

And yet even as the pain became unbearable Spencer just couldn't get enough of it. And on the bright side, she had passed another test. Oh yes, she had passed this test with flying colours, even if it had disastrous results for her sanity. And her poor little ass hole.

Alison had been confident that Spencer would 'pass' this little test. In her mind she had already won and Spencer's ass was practically graded and on her wall. The spanking was just a formality at this point, which was why Alison didn't spend a moment of time trying to think how she could make this good for Spencer and concentrated on her own selfish enjoyment.

Which mostly meant making those cheeks red and jiggle for her. The latter was only a mild success as Spencer's ass wasn't nearly as meaty as those belonging to Hanna and Aria, but the former was an outstanding success, that pale skin turning red almost instantly, and becoming increasingly bruised and angry as Alison continued assaulting it.

The only downside to that was it soon became hard to kick things up a notch. All Alison could do was bend Spencer over her knee, which was a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand it meant that Spencer, and more importantly Alison, were no longer facing the wall containing the gaping ass holes of Aria and Hanna. The same wall that Spencer would soon be displayed on.

But it did mean Spencer's cunt was pressed against her thigh, meaning Alison had an easy way of knowing just how much her friend was enjoying this, and that beyond a shadow of a doubt she had conquered her. Which only pushed her to end this sooner than she originally intended.

After one final hard strike Alison took a second to compose herself, and then she smiled sweetly, "Congratulations Spence, you passed. Which means your ass is mine."

"Ali, I-" Spencer began with a whimper, before being cut off.

"Shut the fuck up and get on all fours! It's time for you to get your ass owned!" Alison interrupted firmly.

As she spoke Alison unceremoniously pushed Spencer off of her and onto the floor, her friend landing on it with a loud yelp and then glaring up at her with betrayal. Any anger quickly evaporated as Spencer's eyes simply pleaded for mercy, and then when it was clear that Alison would show her none Spencer lowered her head and slowly crawled onto the bed in utter defeat, causing Alison to chuckle softly in triumph.

Then she was presented with her prize again, Spencer's cute little bottom, still very red from the spanking she'd just given it, ready and waiting for her to fuck it. God, this was going to be so much fun.

Licking her lips in a primal hunger Alison took a few steps forwards like a predator stalking its prey. However before she could pounce and devour that ass she quickly reminded herself she needed to get something first, so using all the willpower she could Alison went to her toy drawer and pulled out a strap-on and a bottle of lubricant.

Then, as Spencer showed no sign of objection even though she knew exactly what Alison intended to do to her, the blonde decided to reward her by walking around so she stood in front of the brunette as she slowly began to strip off her clothes, which of course had Spencer staring at her lustfully. Then apprehensively as Alison strapped on the cock and covered it with lube.

Spencer couldn't believe any of this was actually happening, especially the part about her not running away. But she just couldn't. Years of obeying Ali without question catching up with her, and now she was just a little puppet. And her virgin ass hole would be the price. Something which she was briefly distracted from as Alison stripped off her clothes in front of her.

Which of course Spencer had seen before in locker rooms and sleepovers, but this was totally different. Now it was like Alison was inviting her to look at her flawless body, and Spencer found she just couldn't look away, even when Ali was equipping the toy cock which was about to violate her in such an obscene way.

When a smirking Ali disappeared from view Spencer felt as if she was snapping out of a trance. All that was in front of her now was the pictures of her friends' gaped butt holes, and the terrifying knowledge of what was about to happen to her. God, she had to get out of here. She just had too.

But the moment it felt like she had summoned up enough courage to move she felt hand spreading her butt cheeks, making her feel like it was already too late. Instead of at least trying to run her body betrayed her again, causing Spencer to whimper pathetically. Then she cried out in surprise and pleasure as it wasn't the dildo which touched her ass hole, but something a lot softer.

At first the supersmart Spencer Hastings couldn't figure out what it was, but only because the truth seemed absurd. Because surely, Alison DiLaurentis would never allow herself to lick Spencer's butt hole? And yet as she looked back in disbelief it became crystal clear that was exactly what was happening. And it felt good. Fuck, it felt so good to have a tongue caressing her forbidden hole.

Wrong and naughty, and so, so forbidden, but so, so good. Spencer couldn't believe how good it felt, or how much Alison got into it, her dominant friend pushing her face deep into her butt and frantically lapping away at her most private hole. God, Spencer even found herself moaning in pleasure because of it.

For who knows how long Alison gave Spencer a passionate rim job before swapping her tongue for her finger, both 18-year-old girls letting out a sharp cry during the penetration, and when it was complete Alison sighed dreamily, "God, I love virgin ass!"

Instead of finally causing her to tell Alison to stop Spencer just whimpered pathetically and buried her face in the bed sheets as she was anally fingered. At least that part didn't feel good. Not quite as bad as she thought it would, but definitely weird and gross. But then Ali started slowly pumping that finger in and out of her back door, slowly relaxing away the pain and discomfort and replacing it with a weirdly pleasant feeling.

Then this process was repeated as Alison added another lube covered finger into Spencer's ass hole, and through it all Spencer just lay there and took it like the well-trained pet that hadn't realised it was being trained for years, probably just for this moment. Then things got even worse, especially as Spencer became an active participant in her humiliation.

"Oh Spencer, your ass is so sweet. And tight! Mmmmm, I just can't wait any longer. I need to take what's rightfully mine." Alison explained wickedly as she pulled her fingers out, and then smacked that ass roughly to emphasise her next words, "Mmmmm, give me that ass! Spread your cheeks and show me the hole I own! Mmmmm, the one I'm about to fuck! Oh yeah Spence, show me my grade A trophy."

Alison chuckled evilly as almost without hesitation Spencer reached back and slowly pulled apart her ass cheeks, presenting her with her pretty little target. It was a sight Alison savoured for a few long seconds, before placing the head of her cock again at Spencer's virgin butt hole and slowly pushing forwards, causing that vulnerable little hole to start stretching.

This made Spencer gasp and then whimper softly, and then again much louder when her anal ring stretched wide enough to allow the head of Alison's dick to slide through it and into Spencer's virgin ass hole, meaning it was official. Alison had just taken Spencer's butt cherry, adding it to the collection of anal cherries she now had. Just like she would add Spencer to her collection of anal sluts.

Even though they had just taken a very important step in Alison's plan for full domination over her friends they weren't quite there yet given the way that Spencer cried in pain as she was robbed of her anal cherry. But that was okay, because Alison had loved training Aria and Hanna to be addicted to anal sex, and Alison was confident that with enough time, butt-plugs and most importantly plenty of ass fuckings Spencer would be just another trophy on her wall.

Spencer even gave Alison yet more proof of that as she offered up no real protest to be anally violated, and even continued spreading her cheeks as Alison continued that violation. Well, she kept whimpering, gasping and crying out, but that just made it more enjoyable for the ass loving Dom.

That was just background noise though to the heaven that was watching a dildo strapped around her waist disappearing into another girl's virgin butt hole, which again was being displayed by Spencer in an act of total submission. God yes, Ali loved watching her dick conquering a bitch like this. And that's exactly what this was, her dick. In moments like this it truly felt like part of her, which felt overwhelmingly erotic.

Oh yes, she was invading Spencer. Stuffing her most private orifice full of her dick. Making it her fuck hole. No! It was always meant to be her fuck hole, and now she was just claiming it as what it always was, rightfully hers. Just like with Aria and Hanna. And soon enough, with Emily. Then she would have the matching set.

For a few long seconds Alison stopped the anal penetration just so she could concentrate on those wicked thoughts, then she let out a perverted growl, let go of her cock which she'd been guiding into Spencer's butt and wrapped her hands firmly around her friend's hips.

She then buried the last few inches of her dick into Spencer's virgin butt in one hard thrust, causing the most wonderfully loud cry to slip from Spencer's lips. The other girl even let go of her cheeks, place her hands on the bed and lifted herself up. Her eyes probably went wide too, the thought making her giggle a little. Mostly though she glared angrily while roughly smacking that already well beaten ass.

"Did I give you permission to let go of your cheeks?" Alison growled.

"No Ali, sorry Ali." Spencer whined, before quickly returning her hands to her cheeks.

Pathetic, Alison thought with a sneer, before ordering, "Just make sure it doesn't happen again. Oh, and shut up and take it bitch!"

Spencer opened her mouth to confirm that was what she would do, but over the last minute she realised that might mean not doing as she was told. For a moment she was a little confused what Alison wanted, but then realised it didn't matter as seconds later her friend started pulling that telephone pull out of her butt, causing Spencer to groan with relief.

She then gasped and whimpered as Ali pushed that big dildo back in just as slowly and then repeated the process, officially beginning to fuck her ass. Oh God, Ali was fucking her ass! Her best friend Alison DiLaurentis was now officially fucking her in the ass, and Spencer's mind didn't think she could take it, let alone her most private hole.

Luckily she was so overwhelmed by those thoughts her body relaxed, making the sodomy easier on her. Or maybe that was a bad thing, because just as Spencer felt herself returning to consciousness, and seriously consider telling Alison to stop this unbelievable humiliation, Spencer suddenly found herself letting out a moan of pleasure.

Her eyes went wide with horror and her cheeks went bright red because of it, and the fact that she couldn't stop herself from letting out another, and another, and another, as undeniable pleasure started coming from her ass. Which was weird, because it still felt incredibly uncomfortable, but it also felt good. Really good. So good she couldn't hide it from Alison, who delighted in her misery by literally laughing at her.

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