tagCelebrities & Fan FictionAlison Loves A Ch. 01

Alison Loves A Ch. 01


Author's note: This is a story based on Pretty Little Liars and takes place during Series 5, at which point all the characters are 18 or over.


Alison DiLaurentis bit her lip as the cutest ass in Rosewood wiggled in front of her. Not that there had been an official poll or anything, but in her admittedly biased opinion the top five asses in Rosewood went like this: one, Aria Montgomery. Two, Hanna Marin. Three, Emily Fields. Four, Spencer Hastings. Five, Alison DiLaurentis.

The difference was her ass wasn't begging to be fucked, she just had it on the list because in her opinion she and her four friends were the hottest girls in this entire town.

Before she realised she was gay and a bit of an anal sex obsessed freak, so basically before puberty, Alison had befriended the most promising girls in her year and slowly remade them in her image. They were like her little dolls, willing to do, say or wear anything she said.

She had just been trying to be nice and do what's best for them, although that absolute power over them had probably corrupted her. Or at least brought her dark desires to the forefront of her mind, Alison fighting them for as long as she could in the name of being normal, but it was just too much. She couldn't hold back anymore, not when a stupid guy was threatening to come between them. No, Alison had to act now and take what was rightfully hers.

"How about this?" Aria asked brightly, not noticing her friend had completely zoned out.

"What?" Alison murmured before focusing on the latest hideous outfit Aria had chosen before sighing, "God no, that's the worst. Try again."

"That's what you keep saying!" Aria pouted and stomped her foot, "Can't you just pick for me like normal?"

"We've been over this Aria." Alison sighed, "We're probably going to end up scattered next year. So you've got to learn to pick out clothes for yourself."

Again, she'd had the best intentions when she had started choosing exactly what her four BFFs would wear. Yes, she hadn't wanted to be embarrassed by them, but the day Aria walked into school wearing a couple of glass giant spiders as earrings they had all lost the privilege of dressing themselves as far as Alison was concerned.

She had hoped her fashion sense would rub off on them, but they really were hopeless, especially Aria who was utterly failing in this attempt to impress. Although even if she got it spot on she would be constantly changing her clothes for Alison's amusement, the sweet but clueless girl having no idea she was about to be butt fucked into submission by one of her oldest friends who was currently leering at her. And working up the courage to do it already.

Taking a calming breath Alison said almost conversationally, "Soooooooo, tonight's the night, huh?"

"Oh yes." Aria beamed, "I mean, I'm nervous. That's totally natural, right? To be nervous? I think I read somewhere it was, and I am, but it feels normal, and I'm just so glad I finally get to do it, even though you're right, it was totally worth the wait to see if Ezra really loved me."

Yeah, that's why she convinced her to wait, Alison thought with a smirk as she casually mentioned, "I would be nervous too if I were taking it up the butt for the first time."

"What?" Aria exclaimed.

"Well, you know Ezra is a butt guy, right? And you know that butt guys pretty much want one thing." Alison lied.

"Oh, totally." Aria said, trying to sound more worldly than she was, and then after a few seconds of worrying about it mumbled, "But just so I know we're both on the same page, can you remind me?"

Alison sighed and then tried not to smile as she added, "He's going to want anal."

"What?" Aria frowned.

"You know, butt sex. To stick his cock in your butt hole and fuck it as if it were a cheap whore's cunt." Alison explained slowly so there could be no confusion.

Aria just stared in disbelief at her friend for a few long seconds, then relief flooded her face, "Ezra isn't that type of guy."

"I dated him first, remember?" Alison grinned, "I know exactly what type of guy he is."

He wasn't that type of guy, but it was important to imply that he was, Aria obviously buying it hook, line and sinker as she suddenly looked very worried, "Oh God, what am I going to do?"

"Take it up the butt." Alison shrugged as if it was the simplest thing ever, "I mean, have you seen your butt? That thing was definitely made to be fucked."

"Ali!" Aria blushed.

"What? I'm just stating a fact." Alison said, "Your butt is so round and juicy that I'm sure Ezra will propose the second he's balls deep in your little shit chute."

Blushing even more than before Aria stammered, "I, I can't possibly-"

"Don't you want to make him happy?" Alison frowned.

"Of course I do, but I couldn't possibly do that." Aria said.

"Why not?" Alison asked.

"Because it's gross!" Aria exclaimed.

"It's not gross, trust me." Alison sighed, standing up and approaching her friend, "But if you're really worried, maybe I could help you."

"How?" Aria asked.

"By licking you back there." Alison said like it was the most normal thing, and then when Aria gave her a disbelieving look added, "What? How many times have we practiced kissing? This is just like that, except with your butt hole."

Aria stared at her for a long time and then she smiled, "Thanks Ali, you're the best."

Then the stupid bitch hugged her like Alison was doing her the biggest favour in the world, the blonde hugging her tightly back and grinning wickedly. She thought she was going to have to spend a lot longer talking Aria into this, but apparently she overestimated the girls intelligence.

Or perhaps underestimated how much the girl trusted her. Either way Alison was getting exactly what she wanted, the prospect of getting her hands on Aria's perfect ass almost enough to make her squeal with joy.

Aria knew that most best friends didn't go around giving each other rim jobs, but she had understood from a very early age that her relationship with her friends was very different to everybody else. In 'normal' friendships you were an equal, but that wasn't the case with Alison DiLaurentis.

You either fell in-line and did what she said or you were cast out and labelled a loser. It was kind of terrifying, but she could destroy anyone who even thought about messing with you and protected you while making sure you knew just how twisted the world really was, and after years of blind obedience Aria would have probably fallen to her knees and stuck her tongue up Ali's ass if the other girl had asked.

So in a bizarre way this suggestion, which Aria knew was really an order, seemed almost completely normal. Also, of all her friends Ali was the best kisser, and Aria had been wondering for a while now what it would be like to feel that talented tongue of hers somewhere below the neck area.

Ok, her ass hole wouldn't have been her first choice, but as much as the thought of a dick in her ass scared Aria the thought of Alison licking her back there was actually kind of exciting. The only thing that bothered her was the thought of putting Ali through something so gross, Aria not able to imagine what anyone could possibly get out of that.

Biting her lip Aria pulled back and then asked, "Soooooo, how are we going to do this?"

Alison grinned wickedly and decided to push her luck, "You mean where do I want you?"

Aria gulped, but obediently parroted, "Where do you want me?"

Alison giggled, swatted Aria's rump and ordered, "Duh, on your hands and knees on the bed."

There it was, that way Ali had of explaining something to you like it was the most obvious thing and you should have guessed, Aria lowering her head and blushing as she got into position.

Then to make herself feel better, and to distract from her stupidity, she looked back and grinned at her friend before she started playfully wiggling her ass like she was a star in one of those porn movies which Alison had made her, Spencer, Hanna and Emily all watch together for education purposes. Alison had been there too of course, critiquing the performances and somewhat defusing the situation with laughter, although it was still extremely awkward.

This was definitely awkward, although again Ali's giggles helped, the beautiful blonde continuing to smile as she slowly got on the bed behind the brunette, her eyes locked onto Aria's rear the entire time.

Which in turn made Aria stopped laughing, the moment becoming increasingly tense until with one flick of a wrist Alison removed Aria's bra. As she had been in the middle of changing clothes that was all that she was wearing, apart from her panties, so she immediately covered herself with one arm and glared back at her friend.

"Alison!" Aria exclaimed.

"What? We've seen each other naked thousands of times." Alison pointed out.

"Yeah, but-" Aria began.

"Aria!" Alison said firmly, completely cutting off her friend, "I'm going to stick my tongue in your butt hole to try and prepare you for when your boyfriend butt fucks you, and it would really make me a lot more comfortable if you were naked. More importantly, it would help you get used to the idea."

Those words made Aria blush, but they sounded very reasonable to her, so she gave a little nod and then mumbled, "Oh... ok... sorry Ali."

Alison grinned and grinded her teeth to stop herself from laughing. This was embarrassingly easy, but she wasn't about to argue, especially not with Aria's cute little bubble butt directly in her face with only a tiny pair of panties covering up the prizes underneath.

Of course she was only after one of them, for now, Alison taking a calming breath before reaching out, grabbing a firm hold of Aria's panties and then slowly pulling them down, her mouth full open slightly as she slowly revealed that wonderfully thick booty.

For a few seconds she just stared dumbly at those juicy cheeks, then Alison almost literally teared those panties, spread her friend's meaty butt cheeks and then pushed her tongue against Aria's butt hole.

Aria let out the cutest little gasp and tensed, Ali happily leaving her tongue where it was for the few seconds it took her friend to relax, then she slowly started lapping away at that forbidden hole, immediately causing Aria to moan which was a very positive sign.

Of course Alison, probably, wouldn't be doing this if she wasn't convinced she could make Aria love having things in her ass, and Alison really was convinced this beautiful bubble butt had been designed to be fucked so it should be easy.

Sure enough Aria continued to moan softly as Alison gently licked her ass hole over and over again for several long minutes.

Then Alison began swirling her tongue around the hole as well as simple up and down licks, started occasionally wrapping her lips around Aria's back door and sucking it, and eventually let go of the other girl's ass cheeks so she could bury her face in those meaty globes and try and literally force her tongue into Aria's ass hole.

She didn't get very far, but she didn't care, the blonde completely lost in her lust for the brunette's butt for who knows how long.

Then Aria let out a particularly loud cry and Alison grinned against her friend's back hole before briefly pulling away to ask as innocently as she could, "You like that Aria?"

"Oh God yes, please don't stop!" Aria whimpered, letting out a long moan as Alison buried her face in between her cheeks, "MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm yeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, just like that! Lick my ass hole! Please Alison, rim me! Oh my God, I can't believe how good it feels!"

It was a good thing they were home alone, Alison thought. Of course that wasn't a coincidence, Alison planning every moment of this night down to the last detail. So far it was going better than she could have hoped, Alison again allowing herself to become lost in rimming Aria for several minutes, completely going to town on Aria's butt hole with her mouth and tongue.

That included making the rim job even nastier, pulling back in spreading those cheeks so she could spit on her friend's ass hole and then rub that saliva in with her tongue. She even deliberately drooled while her face was buried in between those meaty cheeks, causing her face to become wet with saliva.

Then, unable to resist any longer, Alison pulled her face from Aria's ass cheeks and said somewhat breathlessly, "You know, there are other things I can do to help prepare you for your first time with Ezra."

"Oh God, do whatever you want." Aria moaned.

Biting her lip Alison considered just going for it, but eventually asked, "Are you sure?"

"Uh-huh." Aria murmured, eventually adding, "I trust you."

That almost made Alison feel guilty, but she couldn't resist sticking her finger in her mouth for a brief sucking, and then pulling it out in replying, "Ok, but I want you to remember that, and the fact that I only want what's best for you."

Aria believe that with all her heart, otherwise she wouldn't be in this position. But truth be told she was glad she was, as having THE Alison DiLaurentis eating her ass out was amazing. This was the most popular girl in school, the Queen bee, without a doubt the Alpha female in their group of friends, and she was getting so nasty with her.

Literally pressing her lips and tongue against her ass hole, messily munching that butt, even 'motor-boating' the cheeks at one point which made Aria giggle before she went back to moaning in pleasure as Alison went back to licking her butt hole.

Then came Alison's offer of 'other things' and the next thing Aria knew there was something much harder than a tongue pressed against her back door. Luckily it wasn't very big, but it still caused her to gasp as it penetrated her forbidden hole, stretching that tight ring and going far deeper than Alison's tongue could hope to go.

Then Aria felt something pressing against the flesh surrounding her butt hole and she blushed as she realised what was going on. That her best friend had a finger buried in her butt, Aria both embarrassed at the reality of the situation, and that she hadn't realised sooner.

"Oh God Aria!" Alison practically whimpered, "You're soooooooooo tight!"

Aria blushed, "Erm, thanks?"

Before Aria could figure out what else to say Alison started pumping that finger back and forth, briefly causing Aria as much embarrassment and discomfort as the initial penetration. Then her rectum relaxed and suddenly it felt good. Really good, Aria moaning even louder than when she'd been rimmed, unable to stop thinking about the fact that her best friend was inside her butt.

Alison DiLaurentis was inside her. Didn't that mean they were having sex? That Alison was her first? And that her alleged best friend had seduced her? Because Aria was pretty sure the answers to those questions were yes, but she couldn't be mad because it felt good. And honestly, it felt right. Like Alison should be her first, not that Aria had the guts to admit that out loud.

Then Alison added a second finger, with much the same results, causing Aria to moan, "Did, didn't you just take my anal cherry?"

"No silly. Doctors do this all the time to make sure your healthy back here." Alison giggled, before pretending to think about it, "But I guess it's different with girls, and virgin is a relative term. Some people say you're virgin until your pussy is penetrated by a 'real' cock, but these people are either ignorant or deluding themselves. For me personally, I'd say you're in the clear, but if you want me to take your anal cherry I can. I wouldn't mind, and it would be probably better for you. See, even the nice guys go crazy for a virgin hole, and this has to be the tightest ever. At least with girls they can't really feel it, so they're more likely to go easy on you. Plus I'm your best friend, I love you Aria, and I don't want to hurt you."

Touched by those final words, which she knew were true, Aria eventually mumbled after going back and forth for a few long seconds, "Okay."

"Okay what Aria?" Alison pushed.

"Okay, you can fuck my butt." Aria squeaked, then remembering Alison was doing her a big favour added, "Please pop my anal cherry. Please Ali? Will you do this for me?"

"Oh, anything for you Aria." Alison grinned, quickly removing her fingers from Aria's ass and running towards her backpack.

Missing Ali's fingers and in a daze from what they had done to her Aria looked over her shoulder and blushed as she saw her best friend quickly pulling off her clothes, revealing her slim yet sexy body. She tried to look away, but she was captivated by the sight.

She was then terrified by it as Alison pulled a large dildo out of her bag. One with straps attached, Alison stepping into it quickly, pulling it up her thighs and securing it around her waist before rubbing some kind of liquid into it.

"Wha, what-" Aria began nervously.

"It's my strap-on. I take it with me everywhere. After all, I never know when some cutie is going to offer me her ass." Alison winked playfully, as she slowly approached the bed, "Now, be a good girl and spread your cheeks. Make it easy for me to prepare you for your boyfriend."

Aria did as she was told, as always, slowly reaching back in spreading her cheeks. She trusted Alison completely, even if this was kind of embarrassing and gross. Then again the rim job had felt wonderful, and the fingering had been even better, so... so maybe this wouldn't be so bad. Maybe she would even like it, although Aria wasn't sure that was a good thing.

After all, she was pretty sure enjoying taking it up the butt would make her a total slut, and if she pissed Ali off after this and she told anyone Aria wasn't sure she could live with the shame of it, and she definitely have to move schools if not to another state if it became public knowledge she'd had butt sex.

As Alison pressed the head of that menacing strap-on dildo against her butt hole Aria blushed, and not just because of the action but because of her last thought. Sex! Butt sex! She was about to have butt sex with her best friend!

Somehow almost everything else had just felt like practice, like in the sleepovers she had kissed and fondled Alison and all of her other friends, but this was penetration with a dick, and real or fake it certainly felt like it was going to be her real first time. She was giving her virginity to Ali, and what was really, really weird was that Aria was 100% okay with that. Well, maybe 90%.

Slowly, oh so slowly, Alison started pushing forward, the weapon strapped around her waist forcing Aria's virgin ass hole to slowly stretch. As stated Aria let out a little squeak, dug her fingernails into her ass cheeks and desperately try to relax, while asking herself over and over again if this was how she wanted to lose her virginity.

The simple answer to that was no, but Alison had taught anything it was that life wasn't simple and you rarely got what you wanted. And while Aria had always imagined losing her regular cherry in the missionary position to her Prince Charming with the lights off and both of them under the bed sheets, Ezra never made her heart race like Alison did, and again she would do anything for Ali, and... and in a really weird way, being face down and literally offering her virgin butt hole as a sacrifice to Alison DiLaurentis felt like the most natural thing in the world.

What didn't feel natural was having her virgin ass hole violated, Aria crying out and letting go of her cheeks to grip the bedding as she was robbed of her anal cherry. She tried to pull away but Alison held her firm and softly cooed, "Relax sweetie-"

"Relax!" Aria spat, before whining, "You try relaxing with a dick up your ass!"

"Oh don't be a big baby." Alison scolded, "I bet it feels okay now, right?"

"Yeah, I guess." Aria blushed, "It still doesn't feel great though."

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