tagLoving WivesAlison Wants To Be Bad

Alison Wants To Be Bad

byBig Gunz©

(a continuation of "Alison's Fateful Afternoon" and "Alison's Temptation")

Alison Preece knew that she was weak. She hated herself for it, but truth be told, did not make any extreme effort to overcome her shortcoming. As a matter of fact, deep down inside, a part of her welcomed where her weakness took her... and how it allowed her to convince herself that she was unable to stop what she found herself doing.

She had cheated on her husband twice before and had felt terrible about the betrayal, but could not lie to herself and had to admit that both adulterous slip-ups were by far the most exhilarating sexual experiences of her life.

It had been over a year since her last affair, a naughty piece of business in a hotel room with a former college classmate that had truly opened Alison's eyes as to just what kind of a woman was buried deep inside of her. What had happened between them had both invigorated and frightened her, and she had remained faithful to her husband Philip from then on.

But now, the 32-year-old high school teacher was starting to feel that familiar itch. Despite the guilt and remorse she had felt both time she had strayed from her marriage, and the pledge she had made to herself to never let it happen again, she could feel her resolve fading day by day.

She could not get Grady off of her mind. It had been almost two weeks since she had seen him at a teacher's conference and she had found herself thinking about him every day since. The two had met several years ago at a seminar and she had immediately found him attractive, despite the fact that he was at least 15 years older than she was. But she was happily married and did not act on her attraction to him, or to his not so innocent flirtations.

Seeing him again at the conference, she was still married, but after two affairs, the happily part was certainly shaky, or at the very least, open to question. And the unshakeable fixation with the handsome older gentleman that followed their recent meeting certainly made her question a lot of things.

They had recognized each other right away and greeted each other was pleasant small talk like they would so many others at the event. He still looked good, his brown hair had faded and receded a bit and the once-freckled face was a little more lined but he she could tell that he kept himself in great shape and he oozed confidence in his sharp navy, two-button Calvin Klein suit. They only spoke briefly at the introductory reception, but she could not take her eyes off of him throughout the conference.

After the session had let out, she found herself immediately looking for him, drawn to him despite no real incentive or strategy on her part. She found him speaking with several colleagues, mostly women and approached the group. He held court with a level of self-assurance that bordered on cocky, but clearly captivated the females in the conversation. There was a sensuality about his confidence that was undeniable. She joined the dialogue and could feel her pulse quicken and face flush the entire time she was near him. Her mind raced and she could not help but imagine that he was checking her out as he spoke.

But the conversation broke up, and the convention ended without anything more happening between them. She had honestly thought that they had shared some intimate eye contact at several instances, but she knew that it was probably another one of her vivid fantasies playing tricks on her mind.

Now, nearly two weeks later, she still could not get him out of her thoughts. Initially, she had tried to write off her mindset as an innocent schoolgirl crush on an older man but as days went by and her obsession with him continued, she began to question if there was not something more there.

Alison certainly wanted to think of herself as being happily married to Philip, and she refused to believe that her current fascination with Grady was any sort of reflection of discontent with her husband – or the building blocks for another adulterous venture outside her marriage. she loved her husband, but, despite her best efforts to convince herself that there was absolutely no way she was going to act on her improper feelings, she could not stop thinking about this other man.

More days passed and he was all that was on her mind. Images of him inundated her night and day, and it was becoming increasingly more difficult for her to ignore that those thoughts were quickly turning into fantasies. She did feel horrible about it, but there was no denying that she was now almost constantly fantasizing about him. Every day she found herself stealing more and more minutes to sneak away into solitude, slip an anxious hand down into her panties and slide an eager finger or two into her waiting pussy. She would squeeze her eyes shut and imagine how good his cock would feel inside. Her fingers would glide in and out of her folds as she pleasured herself to these illicit thoughts and came harder than she ever had before.

It was tortuous for her. As much as she was garnering an immense amount of sexual pleasure out of her adulterous thoughts, the guilt she felt for enjoying such satisfaction weighed heavy on her. She loved her husband, but she knew that this overwhelming obsession with this man was something that was not going to go away by just trying to ignore it and get on with her happy little life.

As the weeks ticked by, she wrestled with her conscience about how to deal with her forbidden fixation. She did try to ignore it, which clearly would not work. There was a conscious effort to limit the amount of times she would masturbate to the thought of fucking him, but all that served to do was put her in a state of constantly thinking about when the next acceptable time to do it would be. She even attempted to put her fantasies to work in a way that would benefit her marriage in some way, deciding to allow her adulterous thoughts to fill her head while she made love to her husband one night. Poor, unsuspecting Philip got the fuck of his life, but the guilt she felt afterwards for having multiple orgasms to the thought of another man while in bed with her husband was too much for her to attempt it at second time.

Alison did not know what to do. She thought about looking into going to see some kind of sex therapist, but was far too embarrassed to even put the preliminary research into such a venture. The thoughts of Grady and feelings they elicited in her consumed her night and day. When she was not having the wicked fantasies she was thinking about what they meant or dealing with the related remorse or anxiety they created in her day to day life. She felt like she was already cheating on her husband again without ever having so much as touched this man.

But the strange thing was, for all the confusion and guilt the situation was bringing her, she knew that deep down she really did not want the thoughts to go away. Ever since she had seen him at the conference and he began infiltrating her thoughts and fantasies, she had felt more alive sexually than she had since her last affair. And despite her every moral and principle that told her it was wrong, there was clearly no denying how much physical pleasure she had been deriving from her mental desires.

She was torn. Battling between her desire to be a good wife and virtuous woman by decrying her taboo lusts and her deep yearning to embrace the sexual pleasure of her carnal thoughts and fully explore her mind's adulterous hungers. The longer the struggle continued, the more she realized that the latter was winning the fight.

As her resolve weakened, Alison began to almost welcome and encourage the vivid fantasies of Grady. The more she accepted and gave into her lustful thoughts, the greater the payoff for her. Soon she found herself not only excitedly masturbating to the thought of fucking him on a multiple time a day basis, but all too willingly closing her eyes and enjoying the images of him beneath her as she rode her husband in their matrimonial bed.

Not to say that her adulterous fantasies now existed with no other effect than her primal sexual release. Though she had somewhat come to justify her mindset in terms of her marriage and the guilt she managed to repress, there was another set of emotions brewing within her as a result of her active imagination. She began to wonder just what kind of a woman she had become.

In truth, she felt almost like a slave to her fantasies, but had no desire for freedom. She had come to a point where she fully embraced and nourished them even – wanting more and needing them on an almost addictive level. What kind of a woman lives like this, she wondered to herself. She did not know if she would like the answer to that question, but she did know that she could not lie to herself and say that she did not love how it felt to be that kind of a woman, regardless of what exactly it was.

The longer she contemplated those questions, the clearer the answer seemed to be. What kind of a woman had she become? An incredibly sexual one for starters – one whose wants and desires had grown exponentially and needed to be fulfilled constantly. She had also become a woman whose libido now clearly thrived on the taboo and the illicit. For weeks it had become more and more obvious that the thought of cheating on Philip again was just as big a part of her fantasies as was the idea of who she was picturing doing it with. Sure, Grady was the star of the wicked film playing non-stop in her mind, but the plotline of her straying from her marriage again was just as much of a selling point.

Alison was coming to realize that what she had become was a woman who was infatuated with the idea of being a bad girl. Outside of her two indiscretions, she had considered herself an upstanding, decent wife - a good girl by all accounts. But, it was the idea of that good girl going bad that drove her now. As she began to appreciate just exactly what it was that she had become, she started to fully explore and relish the idea. She began to savour the thoughts of shedding her good girl lifestyle and embracing the fantasy of being a bad girl. Now when she closed her eyes in the throes of sexual pleasure, she was no longer just imagining fucking another man. She was fantasizing about being a dirty little slut. A woman that was pure sexuality and desire that men could not help but lust for. She revelled in the thought of letting Grady do every imaginable thing to her body and wanting more when he was done. Her orgasms multiplied and intensified as she dreamt of being a wanton little whore who cheated on her husband and loved every minute of it.

To be fair, for reasons unbeknownst to him, Philip too was reaping the benefits of his wife's newfound sexual mind-set. She demanded sex on an almost nightly basis, which, though he was all but too happy to oblige, also was wearing him out. Her appetite was seemingly insatiable. Some nights she would be so horny that after her husband's orgasm she would almost immediately begin to attempt to arouse another erection out of him so they could fuck again. When he was unable to rise to the occasion, on more than one instance she would jump in the shower for a lengthy masturbation session until she reached another climax.

She truly had entrenched herself into the fantasy of becoming a bad girl too. For all the nights of raucous lovemaking with her husband, she continued to let her mind wander to dark and depraved places while doing so. She would imagine different scenarios in which she would have a secret little rendezvous with Grady and fuck him for hours on end, begging him to treat her like a filthy tramp and loving it. By now she could not even come close to reaching orgasm unless she was picturing herself in some reprehensible act of sexual fulfilment. Even though she knew it was wrong, even though she would be mortified if anyone ever found out what went on in her head, she absolutely loved how it made her feel. And she knew her desires were only going to continue to grow.

Then, just as her illicit desires were boiling over within her, fate stepped in and made things even more interesting.

It was the end of a long day for Alison, one filled with unruly twelfth graders and naughty ideas - as usual, and she was just about ready to leave the school and head home when who should she run into, but the very star of her frequent fantasies. Her head spun as they conversed and she only partially heard Grady tell her that he was in town for a couple of days doing a guest lecture at the local community college, the rest of her mind swimming with unmentionable ideas.

Just like the last time they had spoken, the way in which he carried himself was magnetic and she found herself drawn even more to him than before. Openly flirting with him, this time there was little doubt in her mind that there was something palpable between them. And when he asked her to meet him at his hotel later that night for a drink, what doubt there was in her mind was immediately erased by her prompt acceptance of the invitation.

She raced home, her mind racing and heart pounding at the thought of what she about to do. The memories of what had occurred the last time she met a man at a hotel flooded over her and, despite the knowledge that it should have caused her to at least stop and think about reconsidering her course of action, they made her tingle all over with anticipation.

Once she arrived home, she quickly set about to the task of preparing for her rendezvous. Wanting to get out of the house before her husband got home from work, she knew she did not have a great deal of time to put into her preparation, so she moved quickly to utilize her limited opportunity. As she stripped out of the outfit she had worn to school that day, she poured through her closet as fast as she could to put together something sexy to wear. She grabbed a lacy white push-up bra and stuffed her ample 38C natural breasts into it before throwing on the matching pair of hip-hugger panties. Next, she selected a sleeveless white cotton, button down blouse that was tight fitting and quite revealing with the top three buttons left open to showcase an impressive amount of cleavage. On the bottom, she picked a simple embroidered knee length, indigo blue skirt that nicely hugged her curvy ass, and coupled it with a pair of four-inch leather wedge sandals.

Rushing to finish off her preparations, she dashed into the bathroom to fix her hair and make-up. She smoothed down the darker roots of her dirty blonde mane and combed in a side part, then dampened her hair with some product and worked vigorously at scrunching her hair until she had achieved her desired result of gorgeous, shoulder length, bouncy curls. A final touch of make-up followed, highlighted by some deep, blood red gloss on her lips, and she was ready to go.

As she headed out the door, she sent Philip a quick text message to let him know that she would be out late celebrating a birthday with a couple of girls from work and apologized for it slipping her mind. The ease with which she lied to her husband amazed even her.

She met Grady at the bar in his hotel and they immediately picked up where they had left off earlier, flirting and checking each other out as they conversed. The spoke softly, almost in whispers, necessitating the other to lean in closer to hear the words, and more often then not brushing up against each other.

"So," he said after awhile, trying to sound nonchalant. "What made you decide to come out on a school night?"

"I think we both know why I'm here." she replied with a coy little smile, as she leaned into him, getting close enough that their bodies were almost touching and he could feel the warmth of her breath as she spoke.

"Is that so?" He asked whimsically, returning her playful smile as her eyes locked on his with a knowing gaze.

As they made their way to the elevator and up to the sixteenth floor, she could feel the anticipation and excitement building within her. And by the time they made it to his room at the end of the hallway, she could already feel the wet spot forming on her panties. Once inside the room, she was so hot she thought she might explode the moment he touched her.

Unable to wait any longer, she suddenly threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips hard against his, her tongue shooting into his mouth and probing deeply as she pressed her writhing body against him. Instinctively his arms wrapped around her body and he pulled her in deeper, his body awash in sexual desire. Slowly she broke their impassioned kiss and pressed her cheek to his, her lips fluttering against his ear.

"Fuck me Grady." She finally said point blank. "I want you to fuck me right here and right now"

A devilish smile crept across his lips as he slowly pulled away from her. His usual air of cockiness seemed to grow exponentially as he sized her, and the situation, up.

"Aren't you married Alison?" He asked coyly as he eyed the wedding band and diamond ring on her left hand.

"That doesn't matter," she smiled in response. "Just fuck me like the little slut I am."

"Oh, but it does matter." He countered. "I think it matters a great deal."

Her eyes widened as she stared back at him, his dark seductive eyes saying even more than his words were.

"What do you mean?" She replied softly, not sure where he was going with the talk of her marriage.

"I think you know exactly what I mean." He replied, his knowing grin growing wider by the second. "It's because you're married that doing this is such a turn on for you."

"I, umm..." she stammered, taken aback by how exact his analysis of the situation was.

"Tell me I'm wrong Alison." He continued, staring deep into her eyes. "Tell me that the idea of cheating on your husband doesn't turn you on just as much as the sex itself."

She shook her head in disbelief, completely stunned by how accurate he was in his interpretation. It made her want him even more.

"It's okay..." he added gently, his eyes still locked on hers. "I like it too."

Her heart pounded as he confirmed his arousal at the fact that she was married. As he stepped closer to her she could sense his confidence growing and her own excitement rising as their bodies came close to touching once again.

"Tell me it turns you on as much as much as it turns me on." He pushed, as his body pressed against hers and his hands brushed the sides of her face.

"You know it does." She whispered, squeezing her eyes shut as she admitted the obvious to him.

Grady did not need any further confirmation or encouragement. Married or not, he was going to give her exactly what he knew she desperately wanted. In a flurry of action, he quickly had her on the bed and they began pulling each others clothing off as fast as they could. Tops and bottoms were flung onto the floor and by the time he was pulling off her panties she was already moaning his name in anticipation of what was to come.

"Eat my pussy Grady," she groaned, her hands on his shoulders pushing him down on her. "Eat that dirty little cunt."

He did exactly as he was told. Without wasting an instant, his hands and mouth convened in between her legs and went to work. His fingers spread her lips and a pair slipped in fast and deep while his tongue began to assault her already rock hard clit.

"Yes! Oh fuck yes!" She wailed, her hands clutching the pillows in immediate reaction to his efforts. "Eat that slutty pussy baby!"

Her words cheering him on, his mouth and hands exchanged places and he began to drive his tongue in and out of her hot, wet hole as his fingers pinched and rubbed her swollen pink nub. It only took a minute or two until her hips began to buck wildly as his efforts were rewarded with her first orgasm of the evening.

Alison had barely come down off of the high from her explosion when he quickly set about repositioning them. His boxers came off and his cock sprang out at attention. Without a word needing to be spoken, she swiftly moved down and in between his legs.

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